• TB2 Drones Cause "Concern" in Russia
    TB2 Drones Cause "Concern" in Russia 24 November 2020
    Ukraine flew Bayraktar TB2 armed drones in its inventory for about four hours at the Shirokiy Lan training ground in the Nikolaev region. The Ukrainian Air Force was said to have flown TB2s for exercise purposes, while the Russian press called the flight "dangerous." "Bayraktar is dangerously close to the Crimean border," Russian media said, noting that the drone flew for reconnaissance and observation purposes. The allegations, based on military sources in ...
  • China Bids Again for Motor Sich Shares
    China Bids Again for Motor Sich Shares 24 November 2020
    China re-applied to the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) for Motor Sich shares. China-based Beijing Skyrizon Aviation made a bid for Motor Sich shares on September 23rd with the support of DCH Group, owned by Ukrainian businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, the European Centre for Policy Analysis (CEPA) said in a report. Skyrizon's previous offers were rejected at AMCU, but CEPA reported that Ukraine is close to selling shares, taking into account China's new o...
  • Russia Offers Aircraft Maintenance Centre to Argentina
    Russia Offers Aircraft Maintenance Centre to Argentina 23 November 2020
    The Argentine Air Force wants to buy a total of 20 assault helicopters. Considering the options offered by different companies, Argentina wants the construction of a local logistics centre for the maintenance and repair of helicopters to be commissioned and the transfer of know how.  According to Argentine media reports, Russia has proposed the sale of 20 Mi-171Sh helicopters to the Argentine Defence Ministry and the opening of a maintenance centre, where different logistical o...
  • Sitara to Start Spin Test Again After Four-Year Break
    Sitara to Start Spin Test Again After Four-Year Break 23 November 2020
    The Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT) HJT-36 Sitara, developed for India under the main contractor of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), will be tested again four years later. In 2016, the HJT-36 Sitara had problems with spin tests in which the aircraft was removed from normal flight conditions, put into abnormal flight situations and determined exit techniques from these dangerous situations. Afterwards, the Sitara plane project was suspended. With help from the U.S. the t...
  • Turkey Produced Its Own Submarine Data Distribution System
    Turkey Produced Its Own Submarine Data Distribution System 23 November 2020
    HAVELSAN has managed to produce the Submarine Data Distribution System (Denizaltı Bilgi Dağıtım Sistemi/ DBDS) for new types of submarines under development.
    Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industries, announced the news on his social media account: "In our new Type Submarine Project, all DBDS productions were successfully carried out."
    The system is planned to be produced with a 70% share of indigenousness, while this ra...
  • Israel Offers Kfir to Argentina
    Israel Offers Kfir to Argentina 20 November 2020
    The agreement reached between the Argentine Air Force and the Korean Aerospace Industries (KOREA Aerospace Industries /KAI) for the FA-50 light assault aircraft was blocked from London. Israeli media reported that the sale of Israeli planes to Argentina would help break the UK-imposed embargo. Argentina, which announced last year (2019) that it would buy 10 FA-50s worth USD 200 million from the Korea-based firm, was expecting the delivery of the first platforms in 2020. Su...
  • Japan to Import Link 22 from Greece
    Japan to Import Link 22 from Greece 20 November 2020
    Japan will buy the Link 22 system from Athens, Greek media reported. Japan has signed a purchase agreement for the Tactical Data Link system, which enables Tactical Data Exchange using HF and V/UHF radios developed by Greece-based firm SCYTALYS. The data link is actively used in the network-centric communication of the Armed Forces. Japan is predicted to use Link 22 in the Navy. At the beginning of July, SCYTALYS signed a contract worth US$49 million, including t...
  • MBDA's New Ammunition for Tiger Helicopter
    MBDA's New Ammunition for Tiger Helicopter 14 November 2020
    The MBDA and the French government have reached an agreement to develop a new generation of anti-tank missiles to be used in Tiger attack helicopters. During a visit to the firm on November 13th, French Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly announced that the government had chosen MBDA for the Future Tactical Air-to-Surface Missile programme. MBDA proposed a long-range MHT missile for the project. According to the company, the missile has a range of eight kilometres and is ...
  • Qatar and Italy's Partnership Strengthens
    Qatar and Italy's Partnership Strengthens 12 November 2020
    According to Italian media reports, Qatar may soon sign an agreement with Italy to buy the Aermacchi T-346 Master training aircraft. "Defence is a key element to strengthening the deep friendship between Italy and Qatar. I will meet with my counterpart Al Attiyah to discuss military and industrial cooperation and training programmes in Doha," Italian Defence Minister Lorenzo Guerini, who visited Doha on Tuesday (November 10th) said. The Italian Embassy in Qatar i...
  • Romania Awaits Court Decision on Construction of New Corvettes
    Romania Awaits Court Decision on Construction of New Corvettes 29 October 2020
    Romania has restated its commitment to a 1, 2 billion Euro contract with Naval Group. Romania, which opened a new corvette construction tender last year (2019), announced it would work with France-based Naval Group.  Naval Group announced that it would build four Gowind-class corvettes under the contract and modernize existing Type 22 frigates in the Romanian Navy inventory. However, no contract was signed between the parties. Italian Fincantieri and Dutch Damen shipy...
  • Israel Wants F-22A Raptor from U.S.
    Israel Wants F-22A Raptor from U.S. 27 October 2020
    Against the sale of F-35 Lightning II aircraft to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Israel has asked the United States for the F-22A Raptor aircraft. After a meeting between Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz and US Defence Secretary Mark Esper, the parties approved the sale of the F-35 to the UAE. Israeli media reported that raptor planes were requested from the United States in response to the "concession". Raptors, which are not currently in production, are of...
  • Competition in CTF Moved to Cyber
    Competition in CTF Moved to Cyber 23 October 2020
    Capture The Flag-CTF, organized by STM for the sixth time this year, will begin on October 30 this year. In the two-day event, which is organized completely online, including the organization, STM will introduce a new product for the cybersecurity field this year as in previous years.   Organized by STM to raise awareness in the field of cybersecurity and improve its human resources, CTF is open to young people and cybersecurity researchers who want to pursue a career...
  • NATO's Space Centre in Germany
    NATO's Space Centre in Germany 20 October 2020
    The US-owned Ramstein Air Base, in Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate state, will host the new NATO space centre, German media reported. The establishment of the centre, which is scheduled to be on the agenda of the alliance's defence ministers' meeting on October 22nd, has emerged due to the dissolution of space capabilities among global powers. The United States, Russia and China have invested he greatly in space technology in recent years, but most do not share ...
  • Myanmar's First Submarine from India
    Myanmar's First Submarine from India 17 October 2020
    India will give the Kilo-class submarine INS Sindhuvir, which it bought from Russia in the 1980s, to the Myanmar Navy this year. Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava said INS Sindhuvir would be the first submarine of the Myanmar Navy. Myanmar wanted to add submarines to its inventory for training purposes. The platform is currently being modernised in the city of Vizag under the contracting of Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL). Indian media reported that the necessa...
  • TULPAR Completed Shooting Tests
    TULPAR Completed Shooting Tests 14 October 2020
    Otokar's TULPAR Armored Combat Vehicle (ACV) firing tests were completed. In the post on the company's social media account, images of the vehicle's firing tests performed in Şereflikoçhisar took place. In the images, it was seen that the vehicle fired at the target with its 25mm diameter ball while advancing in terrain conditions.
  • DOD, Works on Fast Cargo Delivery Through Space
    DOD, Works on Fast Cargo Delivery Through Space 14 October 2020
    DOD partners with SpaceX to provide military cargo delivery anywhere in the world within an hour. General Stephen Lyons, head of US Transportation Command, said that the initial tests can be expected by as early as 2021. According to We are the U.S. Government's Asia Pacific Media Hub twitter account; “Think about moving the equivalent of a C-17 payload anywhere on the globe in less than an hour,” Lyons said at a National Defence Transportation Association event. &ld...
  • Taiwan Tensions Between U.S. and China
    Taiwan Tensions Between U.S. and China 13 October 2020
    China continues to warn countries selling military systems to Taiwan. China has issued a warning to the United States after White House officials said the sale of three weapons systems to Taiwan was close to being edict. As the Oval Office increased pressure on China, foreign media reported in Early September (2020) that the United States was entering into an agreement with Taiwan as part of seven arms system exports.  "To ensure that it does not seriously harm cross-Strai...
  • SSB Presented MUKAS
    SSB Presented MUKAS 10 October 2020
    The Defence Industries Presidency shared information on the Communications Jamming and Deception Simulator (MUKAS), which is used in the electronic warfare training of the TAF, via social media. The system developed by ASELSAN provides electronic warfare and communication system operators with a realistic operating environment. Combining all electronic support and electronic attack capabilities in communication bands on a single vehicle, MUKAS has been designed with local and national facilit...
  • Greece Privatizes its Biggest Shipyard
    Greece Privatizes its Biggest Shipyard 10 October 2020
    The Greek finance ministry on Friday launched an international tender for the privatization of Skaramangas Shipyards, the biggest shipyard in the country. In the announcement, the ministry said that "the New Democracy government, steadily focused on its reform work, restructures and reactivates significant enterprises facing chronic problems to achieve high and sustainable growth and the creation of new job positions". According to Greek media reports, the sale i...
  • Germany's Heckler & Koch Pushes for New Tender
    Germany's Heckler & Koch Pushes for New Tender 10 October 2020
    German gun manufacturer Heckler & Koch (H&K) company that lost the major tender to provide the German military's new standard assault rifle pushes for a new tender. Heckler & Koch has recently failed to win the contract to make the German military's standard assault rifle. The company has been one of the German military's main suppliers since 1959 but most recent rifle G36's accuracy in high temperatures destroyed his legacy. German Defence Ministry decid...
  • Qatar Applies for F-35
    Qatar Applies for F-35 8 October 2020
    Qatar has submitted a formal request to the United States to buy F-35 fighter jets according to Reuters' exclusive report. A U.S. State Department spokesman said, “As a matter of policy, the United States does not confirm or comment on proposed defence sales or transfers until they are formally notified to Congress.” The Qatari embassy in Washington, D.C. did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Establishing diplomatic relations with ...
  • TUSAŞ writes Software
    TUSAŞ writes Software 7 October 2020
    Turkish Aerospace Industry (TUSAŞ) announced a new study from its official social media accounts. TUSAŞ reported that the firm's engineers developed software called IMODE. Thanks to IMODE, the design of aircraft cockpit systems will now be created with local and national source codes. IMODE will be used first at the design of Hürjet aircraft.
  • Serbia Considers Buying Turkish Armed UAVs
    Serbia Considers Buying Turkish Armed UAVs 7 October 2020
    Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told media on Monday evening that his country is interested in buying Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). President Vucic praised Bayraktar combat drones, noting that Serbia is very interested in drone systems and will certainly buy more of them in the future. "We will see whether we will reach an agreement with the Turkish side. In any case, these are very good drones. I have to give the Turkish manufacturers their due,&qu...
  • TEBER at Final Acceptance Tests
    TEBER at Final Acceptance Tests 4 October 2020
    The Ministry of Defence announced that the 1st Main Jet Base Command carried out a firing mission with two F-16 aircraft as part of the TEBER Acceptance Test activity. According to a statement published on social media account, the Ministry said, "Our 1st Main Jet Base Command carried out a firing mission with two F-16 aircraft as part of the TEBER Acceptance Test activity. General-purpose bombs integrated with the Roketsan TEBER Laser Guidance Kit hit targets."
  • UkrOboronProm Accuses Former Administration of Robbery
    UkrOboronProm Accuses Former Administration of Robbery 1 October 2020
      Ukrainian Defence companies’ administration UkrOboronProm has a complaint and accusation about former administrations. Konstantin Bushuyev Deputy General Director for Security of UkrOboronProm wrote an article about former administrations and UkrOboronProm announced the article from its official social media accounts. The article is in Ukrainian. According to unofficial translation, Mr Bushuyev claims that “state defence companies were robbed” and explains &...
  • Göktuğ Continues Test Flights
    Göktuğ Continues Test Flights 27 September 2020
      The Ministry of National Defence announced Turkey's first air-to-air missile project Göktuğ the test flight continues. The ministry's statement on social media accounts is, "GÖKTUĞ Air-Air Missile Test Flights continue to be carried out by the 401st Test Fleet Command with the support of the 101st Air-Refueling Fleet Command." TUBITAK SAGE developed Turkey's first air-to-air Göktuğ Project. Infrared Image seeker head (IIR) 25 k...
  • Turkey Talks with France for Eurosam SAMP-T
    Turkey Talks with France for Eurosam SAMP-T 25 September 2020
    Earlier this week (September 21, 2020) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron spoke by phone about regional developments, mainly in Turkey-France and the Eastern Mediterranean. In a telephone conversation, according to foreign media reports, President Erdogan asked France to ren out of its opposition stance in the Eurosam SAMP-T agreement. In 2018, a joint French-Italian consortium, Eurosam, signed a cooperation agreement to work ...
  • Taiwan's Cruise Missile Response to China
    Taiwan's Cruise Missile Response to China 23 September 2020
    Taiwan has launched an air-to-ground attack cruise missile developed by local sources. Munitions developed by the National Chungshan Institute were also on display during Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen's visit to Magong air force base on Penghu island. The missile, which can only be used on Taiwan Air Force jets, has a range of about 200 km. GPS-guided missiles are capable of hitting Chinese air bases, barracks and fortifications in Fujian and Guangdong pro...
  • Germany Calls On Greece to Demilitarise Islands Near Turkey
    Germany Calls On Greece to Demilitarise Islands Near Turkey 23 September 2020
      ESTIA, the oldest newspaper in Greece still in circulation, had a headline claiming that Germany wants Greece to demilitarise its islands close to Turkey. The call later appeared at middleeastmonitor and became internationally known. Speaking about the visit of the German Ambassador Ernst Reichel to the Greek parliament on Thursday, the newspap...
  • SSB: Kirpi II Delivery Continues
    SSB: Kirpi II Delivery Continues 21 September 2020
      The Presidency of Defence Industries  (SSB) announced on its social media accounts that the delivery of Kirpi-II (Hedgehog) Mine-Protected Vehicles to the Turkish Armed Forces continues. The vehicle, which has high protection against mines and ballistic threats, also has an integrated system of different mission equipment. The Kirpi-II vehicle can carry 13 equipped personnel. It has been announced that the vehicle produced by BMC has high manoeuvrability.
  • Greece investigating Dutch Frigates "M"
    Greece investigating Dutch Frigates "M" 21 September 2020
    The Greek Navy has reportedly been involved in a process of official clarification of what is happening with the Dutch "M" (Karel Doorman-class) frigates. The two Dutch ships, which are the next generation of Greek "S",(Elli-class frigates)  are considered as an ideal "intermediate" solution to replace an equal number of non-modernized frigates of the type serving in the Greek Fleet. The Dutch navy has initially...
  • Stirling Solution for Hürjet
    Stirling Solution for Hürjet 19 September 2020
    British Expleo Company announced from its social media accounts that its company Stirling Dynamics has been awarded a new contract from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) to provide technical assistance for the Hürjet, a twin-seat, single-engine supersonic advanced trainer and light combat aircraft. The Stirling Dynamics signed New Loads and Aeroelastics Consultancy Contract. The company made a statement from its website and said; This contract builds on previous su...
  • MAV Surprise from Demir
    MAV Surprise from Demir 17 September 2020
      President of Defence Industries Prof. İsmail Demir announced that the Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV) prototype, which successfully passed the capsize tests, has completed the engineering tests and that the qualification tests will begin. Demir made a statement on his social media account about the latest point reached in the MAV project carried out under the responsibility of the Presidency of Defence Industries, and said, "MAV Continues its Way with Confident St...
  • MAV Passes Capsize Tests
    MAV Passes Capsize Tests 17 September 2020
    An important step has been passed in the Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV) project which is carried out by the Presidency of Defence Industries. Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS Savunma Sistemleri, AŞ.  recently appeared on Bloomberg Television and explained the current workload of the company. Kurt announced that the MAV indigenously designed and developed by the company has successfully passed an important test. C4Defence has reached the details of that test. F...
  • ASELPOD Sharing from MSB
    ASELPOD Sharing from MSB 15 September 2020
    The Ministry of Defense shared information from its social media accounts. and visuals about the tests of the ASELPOD targeting and marking pod developed by ASELSAN. Turkish Air Force 401st Fleet carries out the acceptance test flights of mass production pods. In the published video, F-16 and F-4 planes were switched to flight. The images included a thermal image of the F-4E 2020 Terminator fighter aircraft. These images were taken from the ASELPOD integrated under the engine air in...
  • China's Third Aircraft Carrier May Soon Land in Water
    China's Third Aircraft Carrier May Soon Land in Water 15 September 2020
    China's aircraft carrier construction is "smoothly", and the platform will be submerged at the end of this year or early 2021, ordnance Industry Science Technology said in a report. Chinese media have published photos of the ship taken in September 2020. Satellite images in May and June drew attention to some sections brought to Shanghai-based Jiangnan Shipyard. These sections are estimated to belong to China's third aircraft carrier and were brought in f...
  • Kotil Recovered
    Kotil Recovered 15 September 2020
    Turkish Aerospace General Manager Temel Kotil, who was hospitalized a while ago due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and whose health condition was spoken in the backstage, recovered. Kotil, who shared that he was COVID-19 Positive when he got sick, from his social media account, also shared the information that he overcame the disease on social media.
  • Rafael joy in Greece
    Rafael joy in Greece 14 September 2020
    French involvement in Hellenic Air Force has created an over trust in Greek media. Instead of calling the force Hellenic Air Force (HAF) they mostly call PA which stands Polemikí Aeroporía, (War Aviation) The Greek media writes that "Rafale introduces PA to the AESA radar era." The process for the selection and training of the first group of pilots in France has already begun. The six new aircraft of the PA will be F3R version and the 12 used F3-O4T version a...
  • Greece-Turkey-NATO military level meeting in Brussels on Tuesday
    Greece-Turkey-NATO military level meeting in Brussels on Tuesday 14 September 2020
    According to unconfirmed news from Greek media, the military-level meeting between Greece, Turkey and NATO to continue a discussion on the NATO secretary general's proposals with the Greek side's observations will be held in Brussels on Tuesday, diplomatic sources said. As the news appeared first at the Greek side, the one-sided information indicates that only “Greek side's observations will be held” in Brussels.
  • Iran Deploys Submarine, Cruise Missile in Exercises
    Iran Deploys Submarine, Cruise Missile in Exercises 14 September 2020
    The Iranian navy on Friday deployed home-grown military equipment including a submarine and a cruise missile on the second day of exercises near the strategic Strait of Hormuz. The submarine dubbed the Fateh -- Persian for "Conquerer" -- was seen in action for the first time and sailed up the Indian Ocean, the military said on its website. The near 600-tonne sub is equipped with torpedoes, mines and cruise missiles, and can stay underwater at a depth of more than 200 metres (650 fee...

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