• SSB: Kirpi II Delivery Continues
    SSB: Kirpi II Delivery Continues 21 September 2020
      The Presidency of Defence Industries  (SSB) announced on its social media accounts that the delivery of Kirpi-II (Hedgehog) Mine-Protected Vehicles to the Turkish Armed Forces continues. The vehicle, which has high protection against mines and ballistic threats, also has an integrated system of different mission equipment. The Kirpi-II vehicle can carry 13 equipped personnel. It has been announced that the vehicle produced by BMC has high manoeuvrability.
  • Greece investigating Dutch Frigates "M"
    Greece investigating Dutch Frigates "M" 21 September 2020
    The Greek Navy has reportedly been involved in a process of official clarification of what is happening with the Dutch "M" (Karel Doorman-class) frigates. The two Dutch ships, which are the next generation of Greek "S",(Elli-class frigates)  are considered as an ideal "intermediate" solution to replace an equal number of non-modernized frigates of the type serving in the Greek Fleet. The Dutch navy has initially...
  • Stirling Solution for Hürjet
    Stirling Solution for Hürjet 19 September 2020
    British Expleo Company announced from its social media accounts that its company Stirling Dynamics has been awarded a new contract from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) to provide technical assistance for the Hürjet, a twin-seat, single-engine supersonic advanced trainer and light combat aircraft. The Stirling Dynamics signed New Loads and Aeroelastics Consultancy Contract. The company made a statement from its website and said; This contract builds on previous su...
  • MAV Surprise from Demir
    MAV Surprise from Demir 17 September 2020
      President of Defence Industries Prof. İsmail Demir announced that the Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV) prototype, which successfully passed the capsize tests, has completed the engineering tests and that the qualification tests will begin. Demir made a statement on his social media account about the latest point reached in the MAV project carried out under the responsibility of the Presidency of Defence Industries, and said, "MAV Continues its Way with Confident St...
  • MAV Passes Capsize Tests
    MAV Passes Capsize Tests 17 September 2020
    An important step has been passed in the Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV) project which is carried out by the Presidency of Defence Industries. Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS Savunma Sistemleri, AŞ.  recently appeared on Bloomberg Television and explained the current workload of the company. Kurt announced that the MAV indigenously designed and developed by the company has successfully passed an important test. C4Defence has reached the details of that test. F...
  • ASELPOD Sharing from MSB
    ASELPOD Sharing from MSB 15 September 2020
    The Ministry of Defense shared information from its social media accounts. and visuals about the tests of the ASELPOD targeting and marking pod developed by ASELSAN. Turkish Air Force 401st Fleet carries out the acceptance test flights of mass production pods. In the published video, F-16 and F-4 planes were switched to flight. The images included a thermal image of the F-4E 2020 Terminator fighter aircraft. These images were taken from the ASELPOD integrated under the engine air in...
  • China's Third Aircraft Carrier May Soon Land in Water
    China's Third Aircraft Carrier May Soon Land in Water 15 September 2020
    China's aircraft carrier construction is "smoothly", and the platform will be submerged at the end of this year or early 2021, ordnance Industry Science Technology said in a report. Chinese media have published photos of the ship taken in September 2020. Satellite images in May and June drew attention to some sections brought to Shanghai-based Jiangnan Shipyard. These sections are estimated to belong to China's third aircraft carrier and were brought in f...
  • Kotil Recovered
    Kotil Recovered 15 September 2020
    Turkish Aerospace General Manager Temel Kotil, who was hospitalized a while ago due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and whose health condition was spoken in the backstage, recovered. Kotil, who shared that he was COVID-19 Positive when he got sick, from his social media account, also shared the information that he overcame the disease on social media.
  • Rafael joy in Greece
    Rafael joy in Greece 14 September 2020
    French involvement in Hellenic Air Force has created an over trust in Greek media. Instead of calling the force Hellenic Air Force (HAF) they mostly call PA which stands Polemikí Aeroporía, (War Aviation) The Greek media writes that "Rafale introduces PA to the AESA radar era." The process for the selection and training of the first group of pilots in France has already begun. The six new aircraft of the PA will be F3R version and the 12 used F3-O4T version a...
  • Greece-Turkey-NATO military level meeting in Brussels on Tuesday
    Greece-Turkey-NATO military level meeting in Brussels on Tuesday 14 September 2020
    According to unconfirmed news from Greek media, the military-level meeting between Greece, Turkey and NATO to continue a discussion on the NATO secretary general's proposals with the Greek side's observations will be held in Brussels on Tuesday, diplomatic sources said. As the news appeared first at the Greek side, the one-sided information indicates that only “Greek side's observations will be held” in Brussels.
  • Iran Deploys Submarine, Cruise Missile in Exercises
    Iran Deploys Submarine, Cruise Missile in Exercises 14 September 2020
    The Iranian navy on Friday deployed home-grown military equipment including a submarine and a cruise missile on the second day of exercises near the strategic Strait of Hormuz. The submarine dubbed the Fateh -- Persian for "Conquerer" -- was seen in action for the first time and sailed up the Indian Ocean, the military said on its website. The near 600-tonne sub is equipped with torpedoes, mines and cruise missiles, and can stay underwater at a depth of more than 200 metres (650 fee...
  • STM Describes Defence Sector
    STM Describes Defence Sector 12 September 2020
    STM is starting to convey its experience to the public through social media. In the digital project named "1: 1 Answers with STM", those who are curious about the defence industry will be answered from A to Z. STM aims to bring the defence industry closer to the public and explain the sector in all its aspects.   STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. begins to explain the defence industry to all of its stakeholders with the concept of &q...
  • Turkish SDB on its Way
    Turkish SDB on its Way 12 September 2020
    President of Defence Industries Prof. İsmail Demir announced on his social media account that the Turkish Small Diameter Bomb is in the test phase. Demir said, “4 bombs can be carried on an F-16 wing with the improved multi-transport area. "We aim to integrate the 145-kg Miniature Bomb, which will be two different warheads with penetrating and particle effect, into our UAVs." ASELSAN is carrying out the Miniature Bomb Development Project, which is the equivalent...
  • Critical Meeting from AKINCI TİHA
    Critical Meeting from AKINCI TİHA 10 September 2020
    Baykar company announced the completion of the Critical Design Review Meeting of BAYRAKTAR AKINCI TİHA (Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) from its social media accounts.   Delegations and teams from the Ministry of Interior, General Staff, Defence Industry Presidency, Gendarmerie General Command, General Directorate of Security, Aselsan, Roketsan and TÜBİTAK SAGE attended the meeting, which took place on September 8-9.   Having made its fir...
  • Aksungur Carrying F-16’s Payload
    Aksungur Carrying F-16’s Payload 10 September 2020
      Aksungur UAV, manufactured by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ), has gained a new capability. The UAV  has flown for 49 hours (2 days and 1 hour), in the past days. Defence Industry President Prof. İsmail Demir reported on his social media accounts that Aksungur UAV successfully tested MK-82 ammunition with Teber laser guidance kit. Thus, Aksungur used the MK-82 ammunition for the combat load of the F-16s. Since the ammunition includes the Teber smart guidance kit pro...
  • Australia buying K9 Thunder
    Australia buying K9 Thunder 9 September 2020
    On 3 September the Australian Department of Defence announced that Hanwha Defence Australia (HDA) under its Protected Mobile Fires Project will provide 30 K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzers and 15 K10 armoured ammunition resupply vehicles.   With this Government announcement, work will commence immediately to implement a plan for the building of facilities and skilling of the local Geelong based workforce. For the Land 8116 program, Hanwha has developed the...
  • Greece to rent Two FREMMs from France
    Greece to rent Two FREMMs from France 9 September 2020
    The French government had proposed two FREMM (FRégate Européenne Multi-Missions later FREgate Multi-Missions) to Greece in 2018. The proposal is again on the negotiation table according to Greek Media. France proposes Alsace (D656) and Lorraine (D657). The Dutch government has two modernized frigates to offer.  According to unconfirmed information, the annual rental cost of the two ships will be 150 million euros with the right to purchase once the lease is comple...
  • ICDDA is Postponed due to Pandemie
    ICDDA is Postponed due to Pandemie 8 September 2020
    OSSA announced Board of Directors decision from social media accounts. The statement said, “Due to increasing number of Covid-19 cases and serious patients in Turkey especially in Ankara and based on the feedback from stakeholders, ICDDA 2020 postponed to a later date. The event was planned face-to-face before COVID, and became hybrid form as a face-to-face and online meeting due to the pandemic.
  • Chinese KJ-600 Performs Maiden Flight
    Chinese KJ-600 Performs Maiden Flight 8 September 2020
      China’s KJ-600 carrier-based Airborne Early Warning (AEW) aircraft performed its first flight on August 28th. China became the second country other than the United States to have successfully developed such a platform. China announced it was developing a sixth AEW&C plane, the KJ-600. China had been working on building its AEW&C jet since the 1960s with relatively little success. Chinese state media confirmed what foreign media outlets and social media...
  • Macron to Meet Miçotakis for Sale of Rafale to Greece
    Macron to Meet Miçotakis for Sale of Rafale to Greece 7 September 2020
    Greek Prime Minister Kiriakos Miçotakis and French President Emmanuel Macron will meet for Rafale warplanes, which are on the agenda that Greece will buy from France. Greece will buy 10 platforms from France, the remaining eight Rafales will be in inventory as grants, Greek local media reported. The 10 Greek Rafales would join the ongoing production of Egypt's 20 aircraft, but as Dassault would have difficulty producing all 30 aircraft in a short time, it is considering r...
  • Hürjet's First Simulator Is Ready
    Hürjet's First Simulator Is Ready 7 September 2020
    Turkish Aerospace and Space Industry (TUSAŞ) announced that a new engineering simulator has been developed for Hürjet's testing and evaluation activities by broadcasting from its social media account. Artificial intelligence, which comes into play with the plane taking off the ground, performs the tasks of preparing the pilot for the air fight with possible threat scenarios in the air. The simulator, which was developed by benefiting from the studies that were previously initiat...
  • Air Force “Mach” One
    Air Force “Mach” One 7 September 2020
    The US Air Force awarded a contract to develop a supersonic passenger plane for US President’s use. The Air Force Life Cycle Management Centre announced on August 31st from official social media account that the service's Presidential and Executive Airlift Directorate has awarded a contract to California-based start-up Exosonic to develop a "low-boom supersonic executive transport aircraft." The platform will be used by "key decision-makers and teams."<...
  • Leopard 2A4 Again with Roketsan
    Leopard 2A4 Again with Roketsan 6 September 2020
    Combining high survivability and mobility in Germany's arrowhead logic, Leopard 2A4 tanks were reborn with the touch of Roketsan. The armour solution package developed by Roketsan was unveiled during August 30th ceremony, last week without any additional information. This armour solution package was named T1. A week after this ceremony, the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) shared information and images about the tank on social media today. According to the information provided by th...
  • North Korea Might be Preparing Launch of Submarine Missile
    North Korea Might be Preparing Launch of Submarine Missile 6 September 2020
    Satellite imagery of a North Korean shipyard on Friday shows activity suggestive of preparations for a test of a medium-range submarine-launched ballistic missile, The Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) reported on Friday. The US think-tank said the images it published on its website of North Korea's Sinpo shipyard showed several vessels within a secure boat basin, one of which resembled vessels previously used to tow a submersible test stand barge out to sea....
  • US Nuclear capacity B-52s in Training with Ukrainian Fighter Jets
    US Nuclear capacity B-52s in Training with Ukrainian Fighter Jets 6 September 2020
    Following a recent spike in airborne confrontations between the U.S. and Russian militaries, three B-52 Stratofortress bombers joined Ukrainian fighter jets for training Friday. The bombers, from the 5th Bomb Wing, Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota, "conducted vital integration training with Ukrainian fighters inside Ukraine's airspace," European Command said in a press release. Officials said the bomber mission, part of a long-planned deployment of six B-52s to RAF F...
  • India’s 2nd Nuclear Ballistic Submarine Waits for The End Of 2020
    India’s 2nd Nuclear Ballistic Submarine Waits for The End Of 2020 3 September 2020
    India’s Second Nuclear Ballistic Submarine INS Arighat is now ready to dive into the sea by the end of this year according to the domestic media in India. It has the code name S The Submarine was launched in 2017 silently and it was never officially acknowledged. INS Arighat has been built under the Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV) project to build nuclear submarines at the shipbuilding centre at Visakhapatnam. India’s first ballistic mi...
  • Eyes of India on US F-35s 3 September 2020
    According to Eurasian Times, India may prefer the US's F-35 to the French Rafael. This controversy started to arise in India when the US started considering selling the F-35 to the UAE. India may want to see fifth-generation fighter jets amid ongoing tension with China. 4.5 generation French Rafale warplanes are known as a powerful aircraft. The twin-engine, canard-delta-wing aircraft is equipped with a wide variety of weapons and has the firepower to perform multi-role air-to-a...
  • Greece to get 18 Rafale Jets, 8 as ‘Donation’ from France
    Greece to get 18 Rafale Jets, 8 as ‘Donation’ from France 1 September 2020
    France and Greece have reached an agreement for the latter to acquire 18 Rafale fighter jets of  which 10 will be sold and the remaining 8 will be given away as ‘donation.’ According to Greek local media reports, the contract between the French and Greek governments is at an advanced stage, which will see the Hellenic Air Force add a whole Rafale squadron to their existing fleet of Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcons, Dassault Mirage 2000s, and McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phan...
  • Antonov completes final assembly of the AN-178 aircraft destined for Peru
    Antonov completes final assembly of the AN-178 aircraft destined for Peru 29 August 2020
      Antonov Company has completed the assembly of the AN-178 fuselage template for delivery under the contract between the Spetstechnoexport Company and the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Peru. On August 21, the aircraft (serial number 006) was introduced to the Ukrainian media by Oleksandr Los, president of the Antonov Company. He spoke about the results achieved in the construction of the AN-178 and expressed thanks to Antonov's team for these highly ...
  • Dog Fight Analysis Over the Mediterranean
    Dog Fight Analysis Over the Mediterranean 28 August 2020
    Turkish Defense Ministry released videos of six Greek F-16s trying to violate the NAVTEX declared.  Turkish fighters carried out "dog fight" with Greek ones and Ministry released the video on social media. Greek F-16s left the region, according to the rules of "dog fight",  Eastern Mediterranean Exclusive Economic Zone dispute between Turkey and Greece, is becoming a tense issue. Turkey declared NAVTEX and Greek F-16s approached this regi...
  • 28 August 2020
    Bahçeşehir University Maritime and Global Strategies Center, whose director was the senior Rear Admiral Cihat Yaycı who resigned from Navy, conducted a public opinion survey on social media. The survey was  in Turkish, English, French and Greek. 8 thousand 523 people answered the survey.  The question was whether Turkey should take Greece serious in the eastern Mediterranean or follow its own path? 85 per cent in the survey 'Turkey and Greece should not take interloc...
  • Havelsan Introduced "ileti"
    Havelsan Introduced "ileti" 28 August 2020
    HAVELSAN company introduced its product called "ileti", developed to provide secure communication. Security white box cryptography is applied in the message, which is aimed to safely meet the communication needs of official institutions. The message provides instant messaging. With the message product, the personnel of the institutions will be able to communicate among themselves. Within this framework, they will be able to send and receive messages, make secure audio and ...
  • First Periscope and Sight Delivery from Aselsan
    First Periscope and Sight Delivery from Aselsan 23 August 2020
      ASELSAN Sivas’ armoured Vehicle Periscope and Pistol Reflex Sight are delivered first time. The periscope is produced for FNSS and pistol sights are produced for Samsun Yurt Savunma. The Defence Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir announced the delivery on his social media account. Demir said, “Good luck with Armoured Vehicle Periscope and Pistol Reflex Sight produced by Sivas ASELSAN. I congratulate everyone who has passed the test. We are expandi...
  • Temel Kotil is COVID-19 Patient
    Temel Kotil is COVID-19 Patient 21 August 2020
    Turkish Aerospace Industry (TUSAŞ) General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil announced on his social media account that he is COVID-19  positive according to a test. Kotil, notified TAUSAŞ personnel about his illness by e-mail. Stating that he was in quarantine for 14 days from his social media account, Kotil said, “My dear friends, the result of my regular Covid-19 test was positive. Thank you, I will be under observation in quarantine, although my general health is good now...
  • Huge Order for F-16 Production Line
    Huge Order for F-16 Production Line 21 August 2020
    F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft; have been serving successfully in the inventory of many countries for years thanks to their performance and the flexibility to offer the user a flexible solution. US Department of Defence (DoD / Department of Defense); announces the massive F-16 Fighting Falcon deal signed with Lockheed Martin. The total cost of the contract, which is stated to be valid for 10 years, was announced as 62 billion USD. According to media reports, the order also includes p...
  • Uzbek Ejder Yalcin Copied
    Uzbek Ejder Yalcin Copied 21 August 2020
    Uzbekistan introduced the Tarlon 4x4 platform, which is allegedly developed with domestic resources, last July. The resemblance of the vehicle to Ejder Yalçın drew attention. C4Defence learnt from Nurol Makina, the producer of Ejder Yalçın 4x4 that there were two MoUs signed with Uzbekistan. One was for production of 1000 Ejder Yalçın within country.  "The MoU made no progress" a Nurol Makina authority explained. Second  MoU was about pr...
  • Arabian Intend for F-35
    Arabian Intend for F-35 21 August 2020
    F-35 Lightning IIs, which are frequently on the agenda with their sensations as well as their equipment and capabilities, has a new suitor. According to a report published in the US media, Washington is evaluating the acquisition of F-35 Lightning II to the Arabian Peninsula. At a press conference held in the White House, President Donald Trump announced that the United Arab Emirates is interested in these aircraft. There is no exact explanation about the number of aircraft requeste...
  • New Anti-Tank to Old Helicopter
    New Anti-Tank to Old Helicopter 18 August 2020
    Anti-tank missiles are the most important punch of helicopters against armoured elements. The systems, which have become an inseparable duo since the day attack helicopters took part in the battlefield, continue to develop. Cameroon reinforces its attack helicopter power with Ukrainian missiles. According to reports in the Russian and Ukrainian media, the country received the Bar'er-V helicopter-launched anti-tank missile from Ukraine. There is information based on open sources ...
  • Korkut at Libya
    Korkut at Libya 18 August 2020
    Domestic systems, which developed in line with the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, take their place in the battlefield. The Korkut self-propelled anti-aircraft gun system is spotted at Libya in the satellite images published on social media recently. Open source photos also featured Hawk launcher units and a camouflaged system thought to be radar. It did not go unnoticed that the coordinates given with the published images belong to Al-Watiya airbase. T...
  • 100th A400M
    100th A400M 17 August 2020
    The A400M, which has a history dating back to the FIMA (Future International Military Airlifter Project) launched in 1982, left behind an important milestone. The 100th A400M Atlas transport aircraft, jointly developed by European countries and manufactured by Airbus as the main contractor, rolled out the production line last month. The aircraft, which entered the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) inventory, will serve there with 54+33 serial number. Within the scope of the process,...

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