• Argentina Will Not Buy FA-50 from KAI
    Argentina Will Not Buy FA-50 from KAI April 8 2020
    The damage caused by the coronavirus in the defence industry is beginning to be revealed day by day. FA-50 Fighting Eagle light attack aircraft, which Argentina plans to buy from Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), has been suspended for viruses. A KAI official was quoted by local media news agencies as saying that the coronavirus pandemic has had an adverse effect on Argentina's economy and that its bid to sell FA-50s to the country had been delayed indefinitely. "It wil...
  • Explosion in Roketsan
    Explosion in Roketsan April 7 2020
    An explosion occurred in Roketsan's facilities in Elmadağ district. While the images related to the explosion are on social media, the President of Defence Industry Professor. Dr. İsmail Demir said on Twitter, "There is no loss of life according to the first findings we made about the explosion in Roketsan”. According to the Ankara Governor's statement, the explosion occurred at Roketsan's fuel tanks around 14:47. It was stated that three employees were slight...
  • Aircraft Carrier Crew Sleep Here
    Aircraft Carrier Crew Sleep Here April 6 2020
    There is a new photo from USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier. After the captain Brett Crozier, who reported the increasing coronavirus incident on the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier, a new image spread on social media. Captain Crozier, wrote a letter to the Pacific Fleet to report the incident of coronavirus on board, said, "We are not in war and the staff do not have to die." Before the letter appeared, the Pentagon announced that three staff tested positive...
  • Capt. Brett Crozier's Duty on the Aircraft Carrier Has Been Terminated
    Capt. Brett Crozier's Duty on the Aircraft Carrier Has Been Terminated April 4 2020
    Brett Crozier, Captain of the aircraft carrier (U.S. rank O-6) USS Theodore Roosevelt, was dismissed from the ship. The subject took its place in the media after the article of Crozier, who wrote a letter to the Pacific Fleet to report the incident of coronavirus on board, leaked to the internet. Captain, who asked for the evacuation of the crew in the letter, said, "We are not in war and the staff do not have to die." US Defence Secretary Mark Esper's statem...
  • Russian Vehicles Stucked into Mud
    Russian Vehicles Stucked into Mud April 3 2020
    The Russians got stuck in mud in Syria. On Monday (March 30th), US troops experienced some problems Russian soldiers. According to unconfirmed claims, Russian soldiers wanted to cross the borderline they set with US and perform patrols in oil fields under the control of the separatist terrorist organization in the northeastern part of the country. The USA then blocked the road used by Russian troops in patrol missions and did not allow passage through the region. In the im...
  • New Alarm and Monitoring for Kılıç
    New Alarm and Monitoring for Kılıç March 29 2020
    Yaltes has modernized Alarm and Monitoring System of Kılıç Class Fast Patrol Boat of the Turkish Navy by using PIKET3000 System. The modernisation includes power management systems. The whole activities have been completed within 90 days as it was committed The company announced this development from its social media accounts. 
  • Domestic Battery for ASELSAN Products
    Domestic Battery for ASELSAN Products March 26 2020
    The studies carried out for the transition to domestic sub-components from the foreign one, which used in domestic products continues. ASELSAN recently made an important announcement from its official social media account. "Our activities for the production of materials used in ASELSAN products domestically are continues. Finally, Li-Ion battery blocks acquired from foreign suppliers were localized through TSKGV affiliate ASPİLSAN." announcement made. Thus, elect...
  • Turkey-Ukraine Cooperation Being Tracked
    Turkey-Ukraine Cooperation Being Tracked March 26 2020
    Turkey-Ukraine cooperation in defence sector is become wider day by day. This situation draw attention of the foreign press. "The National Interest", operating in the USA, published an article about an Akkor Pulat system, which was integrated into the M60T tanks with Fırat modernisation. The media, which gave the news with the title "Ukraine Developed a Shield for Turkish Tanks", through the Akkor Pulat and Zaslon systems; underlined the increasing Turkish-U...
  • Turkish Black Hawk on Trials
    Turkish Black Hawk on Trials March 25 2020
    The T70 Utility Helicopter Program, which was launched for the utility helicopter requirement of the Turkish Armed Forces and the fire fighting helicopter need of the General Directorate of Forestry, continues its progress. Presidency of Defence Industries (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı / SSB), which is the military acquirement corporation of Turkey, shared an information from its official social media accounts about the testing activities of the platform. In the statement, &...
  • FNSS' STAs at Serial Production
    FNSS' STAs at Serial Production March 23 2020
    Defence Industry Presidency (SSB) has announced an important development on the Weapon Carrier Vehicles-STA Project, from its social media accounts. SSB noted that after the delivery of the first vehicles, delivery in the mass production period began. Within the scope of the project, FNSS Savunma Sistemleri will produce 260 KAPLAN and PARS.
  • Ares to Build 122 Patrol Boats for Turkish Coast Guard
    Ares to Build 122 Patrol Boats for Turkish Coast Guard March 21 2020
    Ares Shipyard is providing 122 fast patrol boats (FPB) to the Turkish Coast Guard as part of a programme according to shepherd media. The program is nearing the end of design validation, with planned production expected in second quarter of 2020. The Ares 35 FPB is a new design with a maximum speed of 35kt and a range of 160 nautical miles. It will be manufactured using carbon-reinforced advanced composites with two inboard diesel engines and water jets. Utku Alanc, CEO of...
  • USA's New Ally: Indonesia
    USA's New Ally: Indonesia March 20 2020
    Indonesia, which had close relations with the former Soviet Union in the early periods of the Cold War, converged to the USA in the 1960s with the anti-communist policies of the country's President Suharto. It is unclear how Indonesia will take the supply of Su-35 nowadays in order not to be in conflict with the USA. Jakarta, which has been negotiating with Russia for the platform since 2017, will cancel its supply due to the pressure of the White House and sanctions planned aft...
  • Domestic Armoured Vehicle to Turkish Armed Forces
    Domestic Armoured Vehicle to Turkish Armed Forces March 20 2020
    The Turkish Armed Forces continues to meet the need for armoured vehicles from domestic sources, as in other areas. Within the scope of the agreement signed with BMC in the past years, Vuran deliveries continue. The Presidency of Defence Industries has announced the delivery with the "#Vuran deliveries to our security forces within the scope of the "Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles (Taktik Tekerlekli Zırhlı Araç / TTZA) Project, 🔹 Manufacturer: BMC". words fr...
  • Will Indonesia Buy Su-35?
    Will Indonesia Buy Su-35? March 17 2020
    In the past few days, Bloomberg had quoted an unnamed official "familiar with the matter" on 12 March as saying that Jakarta had recently decided against moving ahead with the plan to procure the 11 fighter aircraft for about USD1.1 billion. The director of Russia's Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSVTS), said on 16 March, denying media reports that Jakarta, under US pressure, has dropped a deal to buy 11 of the Russian-made fighters. "There is no offici...
  • The Pulse of Energy Will Beat at MC2 Haber
    The Pulse of Energy Will Beat at MC2 Haber March 14 2020
    Today is one of the most prominent scientists in humanity, Albert Einstein's birthday. The theory of relativity, which brought him, Nobel, comes to life in the sister organization that now writes energy news. Einstein's famous equation, E = mc² 'MC² Haber, will bring a new breath to the energy environment. As with traditional energy sites, there is domestic and foreign company news in MC2 News. This news includes both fossil fuels and renewable energy. <...
  • Production of F-35 Will Be Stopped Due to Coronavirus
    Production of F-35 Will Be Stopped Due to Coronavirus March 7 2020
      Coronavirus measures around the world caused the cancellation of various fairs. The virus also caused production lines to be stopped. The number of virus cases in Japan surpassed a thousand people on March 4, according to reports from the World Health Organization and local media. Lockheed Martin and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries plan to shut down production at the F-35’s Final Assembly and Check-Out facility in Nagoya, Japan the week of 9-13 March due to fears ...
  • FNSS Celebrates Women’s Day
    FNSS Celebrates Women’s Day March 6 2020
    FNSS celebrated 8 March Women's Day with a video. The company shared a video from social media accounts; the idea of #defendequality was expressed to emphasize the equality of women and men. The expression “like a girl” was used in response to the “like a man” discourse. An armoured vehicle from the latest products of FNSS was used in the image. FNSS's 8X8 Pars armoured vehicle is driven by a woman and the car travelled mountain. Along with the images, male-dom...
  • "Kor" Step from SAGE
    "Kor" Step from SAGE March 5 2020
    TÜBİTAK SAGE announced the new domestic thermobaric explosive from its corporate social media account. Sage's new ammunition is called “Kor” (glowing fire) and “it is a new thermobaric explosive with high impact and temperature efficiency in closed areas. According to the information given by SAGE, KOR provides four times higher temperature efficiency than traditional explosives.
  • Homemade Engine for China's J-10C fighter jet
    Homemade Engine for China's J-10C fighter jet March 4 2020
    China’s newly built J-10C fighter jet is reportedly equipped with a domestically developed WS-10 Taihang engine and it ready to join military service.  Previous J-10s were installed with Russian-made AL-31 engine. China will no longer rely on foreign fighter jet engines and the more advanced J-20 fighter jet could also start to use homemade engines soon. The WS-10 Taihang is China's first high-performance, high-thrust turbofan engine with intellectual proper...
  • Eagle Illuminated F-16 Fighting Falcon
    Eagle Illuminated F-16 Fighting Falcon March 2 2020
    An important procedure took place in Operation Spring Shield, which was launched after the attack by the Syrian Army in Idlib. The Turkish Armed Forces (Türk Silahlı Kuvvetleri / TSK) announced that all aircraft approaching the Turkish operation area will be intercepted within the framework of the engagement rules. In this context, yesterday, two Su-24 (NATO Code: Fencer) belonging to the Syrian Air Force which entered the region threatening the security of Turkish pe...
  • NATO Council Meet Today Upon Turkey's Request for Article 4
    NATO Council Meet Today Upon Turkey's Request for Article 4 February 28 2020
    The North Atlantic Council, which includes the ambassadors of all 29 NATO Allies, will meet on Friday 28 February, following a request by Turkey to hold consultations under Article 4 of NATO’s founding Washington Treaty on the situation in Syria. Under article 4 of the Treaty, any Ally can request consultations whenever, in the opinion of any of them, their territorial integrity, political independence or security is threatened. All NATO decisions are made by consensus, a...
  • EO/IR Targeting Pod Step of ASELSAN
    EO/IR Targeting Pod Step of ASELSAN February 26 2020
    ASELSAN adds new one to its efforts to develop new technologies with Turkish defence acquisition instute, Presidency of Defence Industries (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı /SSB). Workshop on Development of New Generation EO / IR Targeting Pod for the use of Turkish Security Forces was organized in collaboration with ASELSAN and SSB. Presidency of Defence Industries announced the workshop form its official social media accounts with "The Workshop on Development of a New Generati...
  • Russia Draws Attention to Su-35’s First Flight that Took Place 12 Years Ago
    Russia Draws Attention to Su-35’s First Flight that Took Place 12 Years Ago February 22 2020
      Russian state-owned company Rustec made a presentation about its aircraft Su-35S on its social media account.  The presentation was in Russian and stated that this aircraft has long-range air-to-air missiles, the possibility of launching missiles at supersonic speeds, super manoeuvrability and powerful electronic warfare means. The first model of a combat vehicle was assembled in 2007 at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant, and already in 2011, the serial pro...
  • NATO Celebration for Turkey
    NATO Celebration for Turkey February 21 2020
    NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), has celebrated the 68th anniversary of joining of Turkey's to the alliance with a video published by the official social media accounts. Video includes some images from Turkey as well as Turkish Armed Forces elements. Colonel Leman Bozkurt Altınçekiç (Ret) who is the first female pilot of the Turkish Air Force and NATO also referred. Lieutenant Colonel Esra Özatay, who is jet pilot duty in Turk...
  • Indigenous Guidance Kit Delivery to Turkey
    Indigenous Guidance Kit Delivery to Turkey February 20 2020
    Indigenous guidance kits, which are frequently using in counter-terrorism operations, continues to consolidate its position in the Turkish Armed Forces. The Turkish Armed Forces has taken delivery of indigenous guidance kits. Turkish defence acquisition agency, Presidency of Defence Industries made a statement about deliveries from official social media accounts with "The new deliveries of our Indigenous Guidance Kits have been completed. We will c...
  • Unidef's Tower Solution is Qualified
    Unidef's Tower Solution is Qualified February 20 2020
    Unidef company unveiled its protection solution for VIP convoys at IDEF 2019.  The answer is adapted to the van and provides effective defence for the security of convoy. A Remote Controlled Weapon Station ( RCWS) is mounted on the roof of the van. The basket is hidden inward under the two-piece hatch. The system is invisible from outside unless it is operational and it facilitates loading ammunition from the inside. If desired, 7.62 X 51mm calibre Profense M134 Minigun or 5.56 X 45mm Pr...
  • AV8 Simulator from HAVELSAN
    AV8 Simulator from HAVELSAN February 16 2020
    HAVELSAN announced on social media accounts that it has completed the installation of the AV8 Armoured Ground Vehicle Simulator developed for the Malaysian Armed Forces. HAVELSAN has developed a simulator for 8 × 8 vehicles designed by FNSS and produced with its Malaysian partner DEFTECH. HAVELSAN's simulator emerged as a result of approximately three years of work in line with the demands of the customer and vehicle manufacturer. HAVELSAN produces simulators in many ...
  • Singapore to Acquire F-35s
    Singapore to Acquire F-35s February 16 2020
    Singapore’s Air Force chief Maj. Gen. Kelvin Khong has given green light for F-35 fighter jet even though he acknowledged that logistics remain as a problem to be solved. In a written reply to questions by the media, Maj. Khong said that the first four F-35Bs that Singapore is looking to buy would be located in the continental United States for initial training and testing. Khong said that although most of the F-35’s developmental issues have been resolved in r...
  • ASELSAN March
    ASELSAN March February 13 2020
    Turkish defence company ASELSAN, which has frequently announcing with its investments and innovative steps as well as R&D and product studies, shared different images from usual this time from its social media accounts. ASELSAN Anthem composed for the company was shared on ASELSAN's official social media accounts. The video, accompanied by images captured in different parts of the company, aroused great interest.
  • New Vehicle Delivery to Indonesia
    New Vehicle Delivery to Indonesia February 12 2020
    Indonesia continues to taking delivery of new military platforms. Images of new vehicles arrived to the country were published on social media. In the images published on social media, it was determined that the Indonesian Army (TNI-AD) received new systems. In the first batch deliveries, five CAESAR 155 mm self-propelled howitzers were received. Within the scope of the new batch shipment that reached the country by the sea a few days later, four M3 amphibious rigs and an unkno...
  • FNSS MAV on Sea Trials
    FNSS MAV on Sea Trials February 10 2020
    ZAHA (Zırhlı Amfibi Hücum Aracı / Armored Amphibious Assault Vehicle), developed by FNSS with domestic capabilities, is stepping towards its mission in TCG Anadolu. FNSS company shared images of ZAHA's sea trials on its official social media account. In the first image, the movement of the platform on the soft ground on the shore, while in the second photo, ZAHA was seen during swimming. At the 8th Marine Systems Seminar held last October, C4Defence has released i...
  • Logistics Problem of the Polish Air Force
    Logistics Problem of the Polish Air Force February 6 2020
    With the transition from the Warsaw Pact to the NATO Pact, Poland is facing great difficulties in terms of logistics. It is stated that the Polish Air Force has a problem with the operationalities of the F-16 and Mig-29 fleets. It is stated that only 30-40 per cent of the fleet is in service with the difficulties in bringing the platforms into operation. The Onet news website, which researches the subject, spoke about the complexity with the Polish Parliament MP Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska. Kluz...
  • Belarussian Flute
    Belarussian Flute February 4 2020
    State Military-Industrial Committee of Belarus held the meeting. The new tactical CNRA (Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher) system was introduced at the event held in the capital Minsk. According to the news published in the country media, the launching tests of the system, which was unveiled during exhibition, continue. The platform consisting of SHTS (Silach) 4x4 armored tactical vehicle mounted 80 mm rocket launcher system developed over the GAZ-3308 Sadko chassis is called "...
  • Armed Drone Delivered to Turkey
    Armed Drone Delivered to Turkey February 3 2020
    Turkey continues studies on many different types of unmanned aerial vehicle projects and put a new one into inventory. Presidency of Defence Industries announced that the Songar armed drone system was delivered to the security forces. Instution announced the delivery with "Songar armed drone systems developed as part of our Armed Mini / Micro UAV Project were delivered to our security forces." expression from the official social media accounts. Developed to ...
  • Israel Approved Readiness Plan
    Israel Approved Readiness Plan January 28 2020
    The Ministry of Defence Ministry announced that the five-year "Momentum Plan" developed for the Israel Defence Forces has been approved. The study is aimed to increase the Israeli Army's mobility. Within the framework of the plan called "Tenufa" in Hebrew, Israeli troops and the necessary military equipment are aimed to be transferred to the required areas quickly. The plan, developed as a result of the work of the Israeli Chief of General Staff, General...
  • New Ballistic Missile from India
    New Ballistic Missile from India January 28 2020
    India has successfully tested its new nuclear-equipped ballistic missile K-4 in the Bay of Bengal. The new indigenously-built K-4 intermediate-range submarine-launched ballistic missile has a maximum range of 3,500 kilometres. Indian officials believe that the K-4’s accuracy is far better than any Chinese ballistic missile. India’s Defence Research and Development Organization is said to proceed next to develop a longer-ranged SLBM with a maximum range, using knowledge and experie...
  • Modernised T-72 for Ukraine
    Modernised T-72 for Ukraine January 28 2020
    In order to modernize the army and improve its capabilities, Ukraine continues its modernization and procurement activities. In this context, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received additional modernised main battle tanks. In the official social media account of the Ukranya Logistics Command, it was announced that the army received 15 T-72 tanks, which were modernized and upgraded to T-72AMT level. The Kiev government plans to receive 10 additional tanks by the end of January. Wit...
  • Boeing Drops Out Experimental Spaceplane Program
    Boeing Drops Out Experimental Spaceplane Program January 23 2020
    Hypersonic vehicles are becoming a high priority for weapons development due to their theoretical ability to evade air defences. China and Russia are developing hypersonic weapons, and the U.S. military is scrambling to keep pace. Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced the XS-1 program in 2013 as a way of supporting the development of responsive, reusable launch vehicles. DARPA selected Boeing in May 2017 for Phases 2 and 3 of what was initially called the XS-1 pro...
  • New APFSDS to Russian Tanks
    New APFSDS to Russian Tanks January 21 2020
    Russia, which is carrying out new system procurement projects in addition to modernization activities to improve the capabilities of the army, does not neglect the ammunition area. The Russian Ministry of Defence announced that new armor-piercing ammunition was ordered for tanks using 125 mm barrels. According to a report published in the Russian media, the Russian Ground Forces will supply a new generation of armor-piercing ammunition. The new ammunition, described as 3BM44M &...
  • The ALACA Period at Sea
    The ALACA Period at Sea January 18 2020
    Meteksan Defence Company announced on the social media account that the Radar Cross-Sectional Measurement system, which is designed and developed for the Naval Forces Command, was delivered to the force. ALACA 35 GHz Radar Cross Section Measurement System was developed to increase the survivability of the platforms in inventory. The contract for the design, development and production of "Millimetre Wave Radar Cross-Sectional Measurement System" with entirely local faciliti...