• Russia's Plan B for Amphibious Assault Ship
    Russia's Plan B for Amphibious Assault Ship 14 July 2020
    After France cancelled the delivery of a Mistral-class amphibious assault ship in 2015, Russia decided to address the need for the navy with domestic sources. According to Russian military sources, Moscow has signed a contract to build two new amphibious assault ships and work will begin next week.  Nevsky Design Bureau runs the UDC 23900 Surf project.  The value of the ships stated to be built at Zaliv Shipyard in Kerch is about 100 billion Rubles. In 2011, the ...
  • Short List on MANPADS Tender
    Short List on MANPADS Tender 27 January 2020
    The Philippines, which has reducing its soldier number and equipments until 2014, when the radical religionist terrorist organization ISIS began to grow stronger in the region, continues its re-armament process. A short list was announced in the tender for the short-range air defence system (MANPADS / Man Portable Air Defence System), which is one of the procurement projects launched for the reconstruction and equipment of the armed forces. French MBDA and Korean LIG Nex1 ...
  • Missile Modernisation for Greek Cypriots
    Missile Modernisation for Greek Cypriots 27 January 2020
    Due to the oil and gas deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean and the increased Turkish Navy existence in the region, Greek Cypriots have decided to increase its missile capability. According to publishing in Greece, the Greek Cypriot  government decided to increase its air and coastal defence capability. Accordingly, the coastal MM40 Exocet surface-to-surface missiles on the island will be modernised. What kind of improvements will be made withi...
  • Russian Firepower Power to Egyptian Ships
    Russian Firepower Power to Egyptian Ships 8 January 2020
    Egypt comes to the fore with the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean, the training and exercise activities carried out with different countries in the region. The Cairo government, which acquire currency with its collaborations in the region, published new images from the navy. In the images published from the Egyptian Navy deploying different aircraft on the platform, it was determined that the country also deployed Russian-made aircraft on the ships. The Navy, which playe...
  • Leonardo’s M-40 Target Drone Used to Prove Latest Mistral Missiles
    Leonardo’s M-40 Target Drone Used to Prove Latest Mistral Missiles 25 December 2019
    Leonardo has demonstrated its new M-40 target drone against MBDA-made Mistral surface-to-air missile, in Italy. Leonardo has concluded a series of flights with its M-40 target drone as part of a trials campaign in Italy. This saw the drones simulating modern airborne threats, allowing for the realistic demonstration of MBDA’s latest surface-to-air Mistral missile. The missile intercepted the target, proving its capabilities and allowing MBDA to collect valuable dat...
  • MBDA Signs Agreement with India
    MBDA Signs Agreement with India 20 September 2019
    MBDA, has signed an agreement with Bharat Dynamics Limited of India. The agreement involves the advanced short-range air-to-air missile (ASRAAM) and Mistral missiles, and covers final assembly, integration and testing, says MBDA. The ASRAAM will be used by New Delhi's fleet of Sepecat/Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) Jaguar ground attack jets. It will also see service with the Tejas Mk-1A, a combat-capable of the version of the Hawk Mk132 called Hawk-India, and the Sukhoi Su-30MKI. A...
  • Serbia Prefers French Missiles
    Serbia Prefers French Missiles 17 July 2019
    Serbia signs for the acquisition of Mistral 3 short-range air defence systems with MBDA. During  French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Serbia, MBDA announces the signing of a contract for Mistral 3 short-range air defence systems . Serbia becomes the 32nd customer country for the Mistral missile. This will allow Serbia to benefit from the shared user experiences from the many forces operating and to contribute to the definition of the future developments of the weapon systems...
  • Egypt Prefers Italy Over France
    Egypt Prefers Italy Over France 26 April 2019
    According to unconfirmed reports in the press, the Egyptian Navy will procure 20 AW149 helicopters produced by the Italian company Leonardo. The production contract, which has not been announced officially, was first published by La Tribune, a French news website. Leonardo has not made a statement yet. Egypt last week announced that it was not going to purchase the NH90 helicopters of the French company NH Industries because of the cost and instead was going to award Leonardo. Egypt...
  • Greek Helicopters Landed on Egyptian LHD
    Greek Helicopters Landed on Egyptian LHD 24 March 2019
    According to Naval Analyses, Greek CH-47 Chinook and Apache helicopters landed on Egyptian Mistral-class LHD. Greek and Egyptian military forces attended on bilateral joint exercise “Medousa 6” from June 23 to 29, 2018. The Hellenic Armed Forces participated with two frigates, one submarine, eight F-16 fighters, one AWACS, one Super Puma SCAR helicopter, one Chinook carrier helicopter, two Apache attack helicopters, and SOF team The Egyptian Armed Forces with one Mistral-clas...
  • New Air Defense System to the Navy 19 February 2019
    MBDA introduces a new ship-based air defence system in NAVDEX. The platform called SPIMM (Self Protection Integrated Mistral Module) was developed on SIMBAD-RC. SIMBAD-RC is a ship-mounted turret system, has two ready-to-launch missiles. Thanks to the 360-degree infrared panoramic imager, SPIMM can detect air and surface targets. The remote commanded SPIMM is controlled by two operators. The system, which can carry four spare missiles, can be effective against anti-ship missiles, ai...
  • Sector News Issue 70 7 February 2019
    Mistral Blows by the Sea Rio’s Airspace Entrusted to SAAB Spain Relieved with Resources Printed Parts for Nuclear Ship HAVELSAN Features 8x8 Simulator İŞBİR’s First Step to Investment BMC Launches “Next 50 Years” Flag Race at Meteksan Sefine’s Business Partnership Model for DİMDEG Internal Appointment at STM 43rd ATAK in the Inventory ASELSAN Back to its ...
  • Mistral Missile Has Anti-Surface Capability
    Mistral Missile Has Anti-Surface Capability 11 January 2019
    MBDA has successfully demonstrated the use of the Mistral missile against Fast Inshore Attack Crafts (FIAC)s at the end of last year. A number of foreign delegations attended the demonstration firing that was performed from a SIMBAD-RC automated naval turret firing from the land against a fast moving remotely-controlled semi-rigid boat more than 3 kilometres off the coast. The scenario was intended to be representative of the self-protection of a vessel against an asymmetric threat. In its la...
  • India to Buy Russian Igla-S MANPADS Missiles
    India to Buy Russian Igla-S MANPADS Missiles 21 November 2018
    India plans to purchase Russia's man-portable air defence missile system (MANPADS), the Economic Times reported on Tuesday. According to media outlets, Russia and its man-portable air defence system Igla won a tender in India to deliver $1.5 billion worth of short-range air defence systems, competing with Sweden's SAAB RBS70 NG and France's MBDA Mistral The Indian media further reported that the new missiles should replace the Russian Igla-M systems. The Igla-S...
  • French Missile to Indigenous Helo
    French Missile to Indigenous Helo 21 September 2017
    India will equip its indigenously developed and manufactured Rudra light combat helicopter fleet with MBDA's Mistral air-to-air missiles. The Rudra is currently armed with only a forward mounted machine gun and rockets. The Indian Air Force has called French missile manufacturer MBDA for final cost negotiations to supply the Mistral missile for the fleet. The country head of MBDA Loic Piedevache said the contract negotiation committee would start in a few days and...
  • Spain to 'evolute' Mistral air defence assets
    Spain to 'evolute' Mistral air defence assets 19 November 2016
    The Spanish Ministry of Defence (MoD) has ordered a study for the 'evolution of Mistral 1 to Mistral 3' for its future very short-range air defence requirements. Spanish Armed Forces currently operate Mistral 1 and Mistral 2 SAM systems.A sole source, $589 million contract was awarded to MBDA Spain on 8 August 2016 and released to public recently, under which MoD's Directorate for Armament and Materiel Defence commissioned the study. Under the programme, S...
  • Turkish Frigate Gemlik in NATO Operation
    Turkish Frigate Gemlik in NATO Operation 10 November 2016
    NATO commenced a maritime security operation dubbed ‘Sea Guardian’ in the Mediterranean Sea today. Italian frigate ITS Aviere, Bulgarian frigate BGS Verni, Turkish frigate TCG Gemlik, Greek submarine HS Papanikolis and the Spanish submarine ESPS Mistral undertook the first patrol mission. Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey will also be supporting Sea Guardian with rotational maritime patrol flights. Informinf the first patrol is to continue until 17 November, the officials ...
  • Russian MoD: Denied Claims of Buying Mistral Ships From Egypt
    Russian MoD: Denied Claims of Buying Mistral Ships From Egypt 21 October 2016
    The Russian Defence Ministry denied on Friday claims by the Polish defence minister alleging the sale of two Mistral-class helicopter carriers by Egypt to Russia for $1, calling them 'nonsense.' Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz claimed Friday that Egypt had resold the two Mistral aircraft carriers it bought from France to Russia for the symbolic price of $1. Egypt named ships after former presidents Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar al-Sadat.
  • New Catamaran by French Manufacturer
    New Catamaran by French Manufacturer 19 October 2016
    A new variant of shore-to-shore L-CAT fast amphibious landing catamaran has been unveiled by the manufacturer CNIM at Euronaval 2016. The catamaran is able to raise or lower a pontoon deck so as to comply with changing missions and optimised for independent amphibious, logistics and humanitarian relief operations. French Navy already operates a ship-to-shore variant of the L-CAT which are operated from multipurpose amphibious ships Mistral, Tonnerre, and Dixmude. 
  • First Mistral Warship Arrived In Alexandria 26 June 2016
    The Mistral-class Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) warship Gamal Abdel Nasser, which Egypt procured from France, reached Alexandria after a 14-days journey. Egypt received two Mistral warships earlier this month from France in a ceremony. The second Mistral warship, Anwar Sadat, will be in Alexandria in September after its crew is trained. France had initially built LHDs for Russia but refused to deliver them claiming Russia to attack to Ukraine.
  • France delivers first Mistral helicopter carrier to Egypt 3 June 2016
    France has delivered Egypt one of the two Mistral amphibious assault ships initially built for the Russian Navy.  Mistral Class ship, originally built for Russia, has been named ENS Gamal Abdel Nasser 1010 in honour of Egypt’s second president. France handed over ship to Egypt at France’s Atlantic port of Saint Nazair.  The helicopter carrier will leave the port and set course towards Egypt. France concluded a contract with Russia for building two Mis...
  • Egypt receives first Mistral by June-September 11 April 2016
    Paris will deliver Cairo’s Mistral-class Landing Helicopter Carrier (LHD) June-September 2016 the French ambassador in Cairo Andre Parant declared. Russia and France officially terminated the 1.3-billion USD contract on the delivery of the Mistral-class warships in August 2015. Moscow has received some 1 billion USD in compensation. France and Egypt signed a contract in October 2015 originally built by France for Russia.