• Thales Mortar for SCORPION
    Thales Mortar for SCORPION January 31 2020
    The sixth procurement contract was announced in the SCORPION Program, which was launched by the France to meet modern battlefield requirements and to adapt its configuration to network-centric warfare. Under the agreement, called MEPAC and signed on December 30, 54 Griffon VBMRs equipped with a mortar will be supplied for the French Army. Within the SCORPION Program, DGA plans to procure 1872 Griffons by 2025. The armoured mortar vehicle variant of the Griffons, will be equippe...
  • Brasil Released Strategic Plan
    Brasil Released Strategic Plan January 20 2020
    Brazil, which has been carrying studies for a long time to improve the defence industry infrastructure of the country, has published its strategic plan in this field. The document, which covers the plans and objectives of the country's defense and industry, especially the Brazilian Armed Forces, consists of 34 measures in 15 main actions. In these sections, acquisition of howitzer, personnel equipment, unmanned ground and air vehicles, armoured boats, transport and att...
  • Ukraine Receives First Bars-8MMK
    Ukraine Receives First Bars-8MMK September 30 2019
    Ukrainian forces have received their first Bars-8MMK (mobile mortar complex) vehicles from Ukroboronservice, Ukroboronprom announced on its website on 25 September. The mortars are built using NATO-compatible components within the framework of Ukraine's 2017 state defence order, which aims to modernise the Ukrainian armed forces. The platform has a 120 mm smoothbore mortar supplied by Ukraine, and the Alakran mount enables it to be deployed and ready to fire within 35 ...
  • Australia Will Move on with SAAB
    Australia Will Move on with SAAB August 26 2019
    The Australian Army signed an agreement with SAAB. Under the agreement, the company will continue to provide support for Ground-Based Air Defence Radar (GBAD) and Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortar (C-RAM) systems until 2022. The deal, which is worth around 19 million US Dollars, includes the support for Giraffe Agile Multi-Beam Radar and RBS-70 short-range air defence systems. Modern versions of the RBS-70 platform, whose predecessor variants are limited to five kilometres range ...
  • Mobile Mortar for Taiwan
    Mobile Mortar for Taiwan August 22 2019
    A new armoured mortar carrier was unveiled at the TASTE 2019 in Taiwan. The platform, carries an 81 mm mortar inside a CM-32 Clouded Leopard 8x8 armoured vehicle, can start firing after opening the two-piece opening at the roof. The CM-32 provides protection against bullets with a diameter of 7.62 mm from the sides and 12.7 mm from the front.
  • Poland Choose HSW
    Poland Choose HSW August 20 2019
    The Polish Armament Inspectorate signed a 32.8 million US Dollar contract with HSW (Huta Stalowa Wola) on 13 August for the delivery of 24 AWA ammunition supply vehicles for SMK 120, which is internationally known as Rak M120, self-propelled mortar companies in 2019-2020.   The AWA vehicle is based on the Jelcz 882.52 8×8 chassis, featuring a STANAG 4569 level-1 two-man armoured cabin and platform-equipped with six pallets for 120 mm mortar ammunition.
  • Two in One Mortar
    Two in One Mortar August 16 2019
    Rheinmetall has developed a new 60mm mortar for infantry and special forces. The RSG60 weapon system, which stands out with it is very light and easy to handle design, can turn into commando version, which weighs 6.8 kg, from standard infantry version, which weighs 15.8 kg, with few manual adjustments without any tools.   With a carbon fibre-coated steel barrel of about 70 cm in length, the system is thirty per cent lighter than conventional mortars and can be ready t...
  • China Retires Three Jianghu II-Class Frigates to Replace With Type 054A Frigates
    China Retires Three Jianghu II-Class Frigates to Replace With Type 054A Frigates July 23 2019
    China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) retired three of their older frigates on 13 July 2019. The frigates were assigned with the PLAN’s South Sea Fleet. The frigates, all ships of the Type 053H1 Jianghu-II class are the Taizhou (533), Jinhua (534), and Linfen (545), all built made in Hudong and were commissioned in June and December 1982, and September 1987, respectively. The frigates are commonly equipped with two 100mm naval guns, four twin 37mm ...
  • Approval from Marine Corps
    Approval from Marine Corps June 10 2019
    The US Marine Corps (USMC) has announced that the approval of mass production has given for new radar system. The mass production phase of the AN / TPS-80 system, also known as G / ATOR (Ground / Air Task-Oriented Radar System) is a significant milestone is for the program. G / ATOR, which will provide instant data transfer to Common Aviation Command and Control System, Composite Tracking Network, and Advanced Field Artillery Data System, incorporates a common software-based operati...
  • Alkar Gets Smaller
    Alkar Gets Smaller May 2 2019
    ASELSAN's 120-mm automatic mortar system, Alkar, got smaller. The system was also adapted to 81 mm mortars. Alkar 81 mm, which has a shock absorption system, can absorb the recoil of 30 tons of 81 mm mortars used on the ground and reduce it to 6 tons. In addition to its very small structure, the system can be used on 4x4 tactical wheeled vehicles. Thanks to its modular structure, the system can be adapted to different types of 81 mm mortar guns and requires very small modificati...
  • 120mm Mortar Surprise from MKEK
    120mm Mortar Surprise from MKEK April 30 2019
    Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company (Makina ve Kimya Kurumu Endüstrisi Kurumu/MKEK) will introduce the 120 mm Automatic Mortar System Development Project to the public at IDEF. MKEK has kicked off the project in order to design, manufacture, test and qualify the product. MKEK worked on five alternatives designs within the framework of the project and a solution was reached by analysing technological feasibility, production feasibility, availability, modularity, ease of use...
  • IDEF Opens its Doors April 30 2019
    Turkey's biggest defence expo IDEF begins today. More than 800 company and institution attend to the expo. First day is preserved for opening ceremony and delegation visits. TUSAS’ AKSUNGUR UAV,  FNSS’ ZAHA, MKEK’s 120 mm automatic loading mortar, OTOKAR’s Akrep II, BMC’s Altay MBT, Roketsan’s Atmaca Missile are among exhibited products. ASELSAN will present GÖKDENİZ Project today.
  • New Mobile Mortar from STC Delta
    New Mobile Mortar from STC Delta February 17 2019
    Georgian State owned company Delta State Military Scientific-Technical Centre unveiled a new mobile mortar system at the IDEX 2019 defence exhibition in Abu Dhabi. The new weapon system is a Didgori Meomari armoured vehicle equipped with an integrated hydro-pneumatic mechanism for 120mm mortar.  The mortar is mounted on an open turntable at the rear of the vehicle, in fire position.
  • Thales Develops a New Multi-Mission Radar
    Thales Develops a New Multi-Mission Radar February 15 2019
    Thales has developed, in collaboration with the Dutch Army, a multi-mission radar system to enhance air defence capabilities. Thales announced on February 12 that it has developed a radar system in collaboration with the land forces of the Netherlands. This multi-mission MMR radar helps strengthen air defence by monitoring airspace and detecting and tracking aircraft, missiles and other air targets that may be present. "The MMR radar is able to track and record in real time any type of t...
  • Extra Strength to Russian Soldier: Exoskeleton
    Extra Strength to Russian Soldier: Exoskeleton January 27 2019
    Russian media has released photos of an advanced military exoskeleton, designed to help soldiers carry heavy equipment. According to images published by RIA Novosti news agency, the equipment is designed for army engineers and sappers but may be used by other troops as well. The exoskeleton helps soldiers to carry heavy objects as it protects their joints and spine, effectively absorbing most of the weight, the designers say. After field testing, the exoskeleton ...
  • SERHAT II in Inventory
    SERHAT II in Inventory January 2 2019
    ASELSAN's SERHAT II mortar detection radars produced within the framework of Mobile Mortar Detection Radar System have entered TSK inventory. According to the news published in ASELSAN's monthly A Bulletin, acceptance tests of the first delivery party SERHAT radars were successfully completed under the contract signed between the Ministry of National Defense and ASELSAN on June 28, 2018. The radar was delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces. The current SERHAT Radars, which ASELSAN...
  • Issue 68 Sector News
    Issue 68 Sector News December 8 2018
    Ukraine’s 120mm Mortar Test Tilt-Rotor UAV by Academy Rheinmetall Commenced Deliveries Korea’s $557m Order Belgium Said “SkyGuardian” Atmaca Time in the Sea ASELSAN’s Albatross in Çanakkale STM in “Deep Quest” BMC Gets Altay TRMotor has Project  
  • US to Proceed 100 kW Laser
    US to Proceed 100 kW Laser August 8 2018
    US Army has signed an agreement with Dynetics and Lockheed Martin. With the agreement, the companies will proceed to the next phase of the HEL TVD (High Energy Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstrator) development process. HEL TVD program aims to develop a 100 kW class laser weapon system. In this context, the first phase was left behind and Lockheed Martin completed the System Requirements Review.  Design review phase will begin in January 2019. The HEL TVD...
  • Hungary to Procure Mortar
    Hungary to Procure Mortar July 21 2018
    Hungary has decided to change the mortars. Hungarian National Defence Ministry opened an 81 millimeter mortar and round procurement tender in this context. Hungary, which wants to replace 50 Soviet-produced 82 mm BM-37 mortars in its inventory with new generation systems, has set 40 mortars with additional 20 options. 24 fire control systems along with mortars and necessary logistic package are among the requests. Hungary also will procure with 36 classroom cutaway training munitions,&nb...
  • News from Expo issue 63
    News from Expo issue 63 July 9 2018
    New Jaguar, Greets Visitors ASCOD Family is Growing Digital Touch on the CV90 Lightweight yet Robust Avoiding Friendly Fire Augmented Reality New Hunter on Stage: Pars Protective Shield from Israel Harmony of Colours by Saab Gilboa is Doubly Dangerous! Otokar’s Serial Hunter French Infantry Rides German Horse KMW’s Amphibious Move BMC will Hit with Mort...
  • Russia Re-Activates Nuclear Artillery
    Russia Re-Activates Nuclear Artillery July 9 2018
    The Russian Armed Forces are re-activating heavy artillery. 203 mm 2S7M Malka self-propelled howitzer and 2S4 Tyulpan 240 millimeter mortar vehicles will be removed from storage and delivered to the army after overhauling. In this context, the Central Military District in the Kemerovo Region received 12 units of 2S7M. In the statement, it was stated that the vehicles were heavily overhauled and inner surfaces of the barrels were restored, in addition, system is linked to the 1V...
  • 1L220UK to Detect Artillery
    1L220UK to Detect Artillery June 26 2018
    Ukraine has introduced a new artillery detection system. Ukroboronprom's subsidiary SE Iskra developed the the 1L220UK mobile artillery detection radar. The system developed for the protection of civilians and military units against artillery fire and destroying threat battery can detect threats (rocket or artillery shells, mortar rounds, missiles). The platform, which is resistant to counter-fire and electronic warfare, has low visibility. Platform can detect threats 10 kilomet...
  • Elbit Touch on Philippine M113's
    Elbit Touch on Philippine M113's June 19 2018
    Elbit will upgrade capabilities of the M113A2 vehicles in the Philippines Army inventory. Under the agreement signed between Philippines and Elbit, 44 M113A2 will undergo upgrade. Among these enhancements will be the integration of Elbit production Dragon 12.7 millimeter remote controlled weapons station and Combat NG Battlefield Management System (BMS). Soltam Cardom 81 mm mortar system will be integrated to five of the 44 vehicles In the inventory of the Philippine Army ...
  • Patria 6x6 Unveiled
    Patria 6x6 Unveiled June 13 2018
    Patria, based in Finland, has introduced the new armored personnel carrier (APC) called Patria 6x6 in Eurosatory 2018. The vehicle weighs 24 tons. Patria 6x6 can carry up to 8,5 tons payoad. According to the statement made by the company, vehicle can be equipped with a wide range of weapons, including the AMOS 120 millimeter mortar system, which is already in is use Finnish Army mounted on the AMV vehicles. In the version of Patria 6x6 introduced in the Eurosator...
  • Mortar Collaboration at Eurosatory
    Mortar Collaboration at Eurosatory June 13 2018
    Singapore-based ST Engineering and Hirtenberger Defense Systems (HDS) from the U.K. have signed a cooperation agreement at Eurosatory. The agreement includes the introduction of ST Engineering's Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System (SRAMS) combined with HDS’ mortar fire control system and 120mm ammunition into the European market. SRAMS was unveiled in 2001 and its development tests were completed in 2006. It is an automatic 120 millimetre mortar system. According to...
  • BMC presents its armored land vehicles at Eurosatory Expo.
    BMC presents its armored land vehicles at Eurosatory Expo. June 11 2018
    BMC Exhibits four new totally six land vehicles at Eurosatory. The company has 700-meter square wide stand for this purpose. BMC, primarily presents mine resistant and multipurpose armoured vehicles Kirpi, Amazon and Vuran and special design armoured truck. BMC presents vehicles equipped with ASELSAN’s remote-controlled weapon system SARP. BMC also demonstrates VURAN with its ALKAR 120 mm automatic mortar, produced for Turkish Gendarmerie.
  • New Armored Morter Carrier Unveiled
    New Armored Morter Carrier Unveiled May 20 2018

    A new Type 05A armored mortar carrier was shown on a television program broadcast in China.

    The platform consists of a 20-ton class Type 04 armored combat vehicle and a 120-millimeter turreted mortar system. Direct or indirect shots can be made with the turret equipped with 120 millimeter mortar.

  • Czechia In Search of New Mortar System
    Czechia In Search of New Mortar System March 15 2018
    The Czech Republic will begin a search for a new 120 mm mortar system. According to a statement by the Army of the Czech Republic, the tender process is expected to commence in May 2021 with a potential contract signature late in 2021. The country plans to acquire 62 mortar systems with an expected delivery period between 2023-2025. Patria 120mm NEMO turreted mortar system, AMOS 120mm Self-Propelled Mortar System and HSW Rak 120mm self-propelled mortar system are...
  • Towed Mortar “Stuck”
    Towed Mortar “Stuck” December 20 2017
    The modernization request for the increasing capability and effectiveness of the Expeditionary Fire Support System, is stuck. EFSS which is a 120-millimeter mortar system used by the US Marine Corps. Corps’ request for modernisation is denied due to budget. In the early 2000s, the high mobility system, which was designed to fit into the cabin of the V-22 Osprey can shoot six kilograms of ammunition to 16 kilometers.
  • Turkish Mortar Passed Qualification Tests
    Turkish Mortar Passed Qualification Tests December 5 2017
    ASELSAN has completed the qualification tests of indigenously developed ALKAR, a modern automatic mortar system with 360-degree fire capability. Thanks to its unique recoil mechanism, ALKAR can be mounted on both wheeled and tracked vehicles. Designed for use in all kinds of terrain and weather conditions, day and night, the system can be integrated with Fire Support Command Control System ADOP-2000 of Turkish Land Forces Command.
  • Russia Received Modernized Mortars November 21 2017
    The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced on 13 November that the armed forces have received a batch of modernised 2S4 Tulpan self-propelled mortars.  The modernised mortars have been equipped with modern communications and control systems and passed acceptance trials.
  • 55. Issue Ukraine Fair News
    55. Issue Ukraine Fair News November 7 2017
    ASELSAN: The Star of Ukraine Satellite Leap by ROKETSAN New Move by Taxila WB Electronics Merciless to UAVs Modernized T-72 On Display Ukraine Suppresses by Automatic Mortar
  • New Mortar by Korea
    New Mortar by Korea October 30 2017
    South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) is developing a new 120 mm self-propelled (SP) rifled mortar system. Speaking at the Defence IQ Future Mortar Systems conference, the Director of the Armoured Project Team at DAP revealed that a 120 mm mortar system that features improved accuracy, range, and rate of fire is being developed for the Republic of Korea Army (RoKA). The system is expected with a unit cost of under $1,5 million.
  • 54. Issue Exhibition News
    54. Issue Exhibition News October 2 2017
    New Task for Gripen Nexter’s Exclusive Solutions for Global Market Leonardo Joined the Team Rolls-Royce Looks Beyond the Horizon Rafael Solutions Move to London UK Dragonfire Self-confident MBDA Left Its Mark in London Elbit's Mortar at DSEI AJAX in Progress Ironclad UGV to Become Autonomous Special Boat for Special Forces Anti-UAV Solution by AUDS QinetiQ Returns ...
  • Otokar Will Exhibit Key Products In London
    Otokar Will Exhibit Key Products In London September 12 2017
    Turkish defence company Otokar will participate the defence and security fair to be held in London between 12-15 September. Otokar will exhibit its own design armoured vehicle ARMA 8x8 and UCOK turret system at DSEI 2017 fair. ARMA 8x8, a modular multi-wheeled vehicle with superior tactical and technical features, is available in various types of configurations such as Personnel Carrier, Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Fire Support Vehicle, Mortar Carrier, Short and Medium Rang...
  • First Export Customer for Lockheed's Radar
    First Export Customer for Lockheed's Radar June 6 2017
    Saudi Arabia wants to acquire Lockheed Martin AN/TPQ-53 counter-battery radar for border security requirements, to modernize its armed forces with a more current capability to locate and counter the source of incoming ballistic artillery, rockets, and mortars and enhance interoperability with the US and other allies.The US Defence Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress on the potential $662 million deal on 5 June, covering 26 radar systems, ammunition for live fire ...
  • ASELSAN 120 mm Mortar System, IDEF '17
    ASELSAN 120 mm Mortar System, IDEF '17 May 9 2017
    ASELSAN displays its 120 mm Mortar System AHS-120, originally designed entirely by ASELSAN including sub-systems, at IDEF 2017 which opened its doors today. The weapon system integrated on a turret equipped with Automatic Barrel Lying System, Automatic Ammunition Loading System, Recoil Mechanism and Fire Control Systems. Recoil Mechanism reduces the force transferred to the platform during shooting which increases the variety and number of platforms that system can be integrated. Automatic Am...
  • Azerbaijan, Turkey To Conduct Tactical Drills
    Azerbaijan, Turkey To Conduct Tactical Drills May 1 2017
    The live-fire joint tactical exercises of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and Turkey has begun on May, 1st. Two countries aim to improve coordination, combat readiness and interoperability of the military units through the exchange of experience and joint headquarters planning.  Shceduled to be completed on May, 5th, the joint drill will include armored vehicles, artillery launchers and mortars, utility and transport helicopters of the Air Force, as...
  • 5kW Laser Demonstration by the US
    5kW Laser Demonstration by the US March 24 2017
    The US Army demonstrated its 5kW Mobile Expeditionary High Energy Laser 2.0's (MEHEL 2.0's) capabilities during the Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) Hard Kill Challenge. Organized by Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO), the challenge is aimed to provide JIDO, United States Central Command (USCENTCOM), Program Directorate Counter-Rocket Artillery Mortar Missiles (PD C-RAM), DoD agencies, and U.S. Government agencies and coalition partners an opportunity t...
  • Greenlight for Singapore's Inquiry
    Greenlight for Singapore's Inquiry March 15 2017
    Singapore is to purchase 2 thousand XM395 Precision Guided Mortar Munitions from the US through a Foreign Military Sales contract, with an estimated value of $66 million. The prime contractor will be Orbital ATK. The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified the Congress of this possible sale on March 13, 2017.