• Domestic Holografic Sight and Flip-Up Magnifier to Domestic Rifle
    Domestic Holografic Sight and Flip-Up Magnifier to Domestic Rifle 31 May 2020
    The Turkish Armed Forces continues its efforts for a more modern and capable structure by modernizing its inventory of domestic weapons and equipment. As part of the efforts to equip the armed forces with domestic and modern equipment, Fotoniks delivered holographic sight and 3x flip-up magnifier to the PResidency of Defence Industries. The Presidency announced the news from its official social media accounts with "The deliveries of holographic sight and 3x magnifier&...
  • NATO User of National Infantry Rifle
    NATO User of National Infantry Rifle 27 April 2020
    Turkey continues its military and medical material support to the friendly and allied countries despite the epidemic. The Ministry of National Defence has signed a protocol with NATO ally Albania. In this context, 30 MPT-55 and MPT-76 infantry rifles will be donated to the Republic of Albania. Ministry announced the agreement from official social media accounts. Ministry said, "The Ministry of National Defence signed protocol for 30 MPT-55 and MPT-76 type light i...
  • Domestic Weapons of Turkey at Operation Spring Shield: Part-1 Small Arms
    Domestic Weapons of Turkey at Operation Spring Shield: Part-1 Small Arms 5 March 2020
    The use of domestic weapons in Operation Spring Shield is a success story for the Turkish defence industry. However, this situation has a different meaning. Turkish Armed Forces (Türk Silahlı Kuvvetleri / TSK) used foreign weapons for many years in the Internal Security Operation. Turkey, which provided feedback about materials to manufacturers and has played an important role in the product development process with continuous feedback. For this reason, the fact that ...
  • Sector News Issue 71 16 March 2019
    Daewoo, Back to Roots Leonardo’s Cyber Signature on NATO The USA Said “Gustav” India Seeks Thales’ Hydras Sikorsky’s Two-in-One: HH-60W METEOR Shower beyond the Horizon Ambitious Missile by Rafael  “METE”s in the Inventory MKEK to Supply 50,000 MPT-76  Meteksan’s Kement Launches from the Ground F-16 Fitted with ASELSAN Armour F...
  • KNT-76 is More Ergonomic
    KNT-76 is More Ergonomic 22 February 2019
    An exhibition area was established in Kars in the scope of Winter 2019 Exercise. Exhibitors have had the opportunity to exhibit local products in this field. MKEK exhibited KNT-76 with its new stock in the exhibition stand. KNT-76 is a DMR version of MPT 76 and designed to share many sub-parts with the MPT-76 in order to reduce costs and provide logistical advantages. One of these components, telescopic buttocks, was changed according to the feedback received from the Turkish Armed ...
  • National Sniper from MKEK: KNT-76
    National Sniper from MKEK: KNT-76 12 September 2018
    Mechanical and Chemical Industry Institution (MKEK) developed the Sniper Rifle KNT-76 from the National Infantry Rifle MPT-76 and rifle is under serial production. KNT-76 is produced in Kırıkkale Arms Factory like MPT-76. The rifle with the same " Gas Operated Rotary Bolt Action” mechanism can fire semi-automatically. The MPT-76 could fire fully automatic and semi-automatic. Tigger sensitivity in the KNT was reduced by five Newtons. This allows the trigger to move with less pressur...
  • SATEK ARGE's Target: Indigenous Design 16 August 2018
    With a mission to develop indigenous and national products, SATEK ARGE is a recently founded yet widely acknowledged company of outstanding designs. Attaching primary importance to meeting the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces in terms of design and product, the Company seeks to carve out a space for itself in the sector, with its rotating-barrel Gatling weapon system. General Manager Şenel Canik briefly summarised the Company’s strategy. SATEK ARGE is a new entrant; ho...
  • Altay Contract Is Close
    Altay Contract Is Close 18 May 2018
    Turkish Undersecretary for Defence Industries, Prof. Ismail Demir, said as the negotiations continue with BMC, they were close to signing a contract regarding the serial production of Altay tank project during his speech at the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Defence Industry and Sector Council. Demir said that more than a thousand Kirpi as well as more than 300 Cobra and Ejder Yalcin entered the inventory while the ongoing projects of the guiding ki...
  • Defence Day in YTU
    Defence Day in YTU 3 May 2018
    The Defence Industry Days, held at Yıldız Technical University, started on May 2. Turkey's Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corps' (MKEK) MPT-55 and MPT-76 rifles exhibited on the first day of the event in the context of the Land Systems Panel with the participation of MKEK, BMC and ASELSAN. On the second day of the event, HB Strategy co-founder Haluk Bulucu and ASELSAN gave presentations. Today's panels are as follows; UAV Technologies, National Combat Aircraft, In...
  • Effectiveness of MPT-55 Increasing
    Effectiveness of MPT-55 Increasing 25 April 2018
    The Machinery and Chemical Institution Institute (MKEK) develops 5,56 milimeters ammunition for the National Infantry Rifle (Milli Piyade Tüfeği) MPT-55. In accordance with the information obtained from C4Defence, polimer tip is added to bullet with the demand from the Turkish Land Forces Command. The results of the test with new bullets were presented to the Turkish Land Forces Command. The MPT-55, which was lighter than the MPT-76 with 5.56-caliber ammunition, prefe...
  • MKEK Ready to Complete MPT-76 Delivery
    MKEK Ready to Complete MPT-76 Delivery 30 March 2018
    It was learned that 13 thousand 500 7,62 mm National Infantry Rifles (MPT-76) produced by Mechanical and Chemical Industry Company (MKEK) were delivered to Turkish Armed Forces. According to the information provided by C4Defence, MKEK's contract covers production of 20 thousand rifles and the company plans to deliver remaining 6,500 rifles by May at the latest depending on the service’s demand. Thus, MKEK will complete its delivery program before reaching the second half of 2018.
  • Sarsılmaz's MPT-76 is Ready
    Sarsılmaz's MPT-76 is Ready 10 January 2018
    First prototype of Sarsılmaz’s MPT-76’s which is Turkey's National Rifle first prototype is appeared. With the appointment of the Defense Industry Executive Board, Sarsılmaz was working rifle production Sarsılmaz undertook the production of 10 thousand rifles. It was learned that Sarsılmaz produced a prototype and continued to work. The prototype of the rifle was the first to appear in the Sarsılmaz calendar, which was distributed for 2018. Machinery and Chemical Industry Agen...
  • MKEK Kept Its Promise
    MKEK Kept Its Promise 6 December 2017
    Turkish Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) will deliver 13 thousand 7.62x51mm MPT-76 National Infantry Rifles until the end of April 2018. MKEK, which has produced 7,000 MPT-76 to date, has delivered 6,500 of them to Turkish Armed Forces; whereas 500 rifles were delivered to relevant institutions to meet various needs. When the delivery of 13 thousand rifles planned to be completed by April is realized, the order of 20 thousand MPT-76 will be completed...
  • 5K MPT-76 In Inventory
    5K MPT-76 In Inventory 30 November 2017
    A new batch of the 7.62x51mm MPT-76 National Infantry Rifle, produced by the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK), was delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command. According to the information obtained by C4Defence, with this last delivery, the number of MPT-76 in the inventory reached 5 thousand. On the other hand, the process of serial production of the 5.56x45 mm MPT-55, which will be supplied to the close protection officers of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, wil...
  • Hybrid Era for MKEK
    Hybrid Era for MKEK 7 November 2017
    Serving the Turkish defence industry since the Ottoman times and having accomplished many tasks up to the present, MKEK (Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution) proceeds silently yet modestly and decisively as a state economic enterprise. The Institution is in the process of shedding its skin with respect to its structure and areas of concentration.    Until very recently, MKEK has represented an institution, which only deals with arms and various ammunition sales. La...
  • Second Batch of MPT-76 Delivered
    Second Batch of MPT-76 Delivered 5 July 2017
    Turkish Ministry of National defence announced today on its official twitter account that 2 thousand MPT-76 rifle have been delivered to Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). The first batch of 500 rifles were handed over to TSK in January this year during a ceremony held at the manufacturer Turkish Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation's (MKEK's) facility.  Thus, a total of 2 thousand 500 rifles are delivered to Turkish forces in the past six months. 
  • SSM's 'Sarsılmaz' Decision
    SSM's 'Sarsılmaz' Decision 17 February 2017
    With the agreement signed today by Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industry (SSM), Sarsılmaz will produce 10 thousand units of MPT-76 for the use of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). ccording to Turkish Defence Industry Executive Committee decisions dated January 7, 2015, Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation  and KaleKalıp would produce 35 thousand National Infantry Rifle MPT-76.   
  • MKEK's MPT-55 Counts Days
    MKEK's MPT-55 Counts Days 6 February 2017
    Already began delivering the National Infantry Rifle MPT-76's to Turkish Armed Forces, the manufacturer Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) achieved a significant advancement in this new project. MKEK has manufactured the first prototype of a lower 5,56 calibre rifle after 7,62 mm MPT-76, which was developed for Special Forces and designated as MPT-55. Since NATO commonly prefers 5,56 calibre rifles, MPT-55 will be an alternative in export market.
  • MPT-76 handed over to TuAF
    MPT-76 handed over to TuAF 11 January 2017
    Turkish Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) has delivered the first batch of Turkish National Infantry Rifle MPT-76 to Turkish Armed Forces (TuAF) today. Minister for National Defence Fikri Işık, Commander of the Turkish Land Forces, General Salih Zeki Colak, Undersecretary for Defence Industry Prof. Dr Ismail Demir and General Manager of MKEK Ahmet Taskın participated the handover ceremony of the first batch consisting of 500 rifles. General Çolak, who received the MPT-...
  • MPT-76 Being Delivered Tomorrow
    MPT-76 Being Delivered Tomorrow 10 January 2017
    Turkish Ministry of National Defence announced the delivery of the national infantry rifle MPT-76 on its official twitter account. The ministry also shared an introduction video for the rifle.
  • First Delivery of MPT-76 from MKEK
    First Delivery of MPT-76 from MKEK 9 January 2017
    Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) completed the acceptance tests of the first batch of
    Sector News Issue 38 7 June 2016
    US Anti-Tank Missiles for the Middle East MAN Selected for Second Krabi Sweden Authorises Gripen Upgrade CV90 Set Eyes on Czech Republic Navantia Left its Mark on Australia Boeing Delivered both Good and Bad News AAD Test-fired Successfully Lockheed Martin to Equip MK 48 ViaSat’s KOR-24A SST Selected for CP-140 Precision Optics Officially Launched MKEK Proud of MPT-76 in Efes STM Launched Cyber Fusion Centre Pa...
  • KALEKALIP signed "riffle" agreement 16 December 2015
    Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) and Kalekalıp Machinery and Mould Industry Corporation have signed an agreements on the production of Modern Infantry Rifles. KALEKALIP is awarded 60 million TL for serial production of 15 thousand 14 MPT-76. SSM will buy 35 thousand 14 MPT-76 for to be used by Turkish Land Forces, Turkish Navy, General Command of Gendarmerie. The Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution (MKEK) have signed an agreement with SSM for the production of 20 thousand ri...