• BMC’s MPAV goes to Tunisia
    BMC’s MPAV goes to Tunisia January 4 2020
    BMC, an Izmir-based company, won the "International Armoured Vehicle Tender" of the Tunisian Interior Ministry and signed a contract for the production of nine 4x4 Multi-Purpose Armoured Vehicles (MPAVs). Within the scope of the signed agreement, nine 4x4 Medium Class Multi-Purpose Armoured Vehicles which will be produced entirely for the requests of Tunisian Ministry of Interior will be provided with integrated logistics support solutions.
  • TCG Anadolu is waiting for the end of 2020
    TCG Anadolu is waiting for the end of 2020 November 21 2019
    President of Defence Industry Dr. İsmail Demir said that they would deliver the TCG Anatolian Ship to the Navy towards the end of 2020. The multi-purpose amphibious assault ship (Landing Helicopter Dock /LHD) TCG Anadolu, is under construction in Istanbul Tuzla. Demir has paid a visit to investigate developments in TCG Anatolia. Demir, following visit, made a statement: “Our boat, known to the public as an aircraft carrier, is being carried out very regularly and whe...
  • Tail Rotor Problems at NH-90
    Tail Rotor Problems at NH-90 October 18 2019
    The industry recently pointed out that tail rotor problems can be encountered in the multi-purpose helicopter NH-90. The Bundeswehr and industry are working together to find a solution. The tail rotor blades on all NH-90 delivered before 2018 are being inspected. All affected helicopters will be checked. The material incident will limit the operational readiness of the NH-90 over the next few weeks. The NH-90 helicopters delivered after 2018 do not require inspec...
  • Hyundai to Design Next-Generation Large Transport Ship
    Hyundai to Design Next-Generation Large Transport Ship October 18 2019
      The Korean Navy awarded Hyundai Heavy Industries a contract for the conceptual design of a large ship, dubbed LPH II, capable of operating short take-off and landing fighters.  Hyundai Heavy Industries will work on the concept design of the next-generation large transport ship. Landing Platform Helicopter-II is intended to be able to perform multi-purpose missions, so some parts like the deck, which is a unique material for vertical take-off and landi...
  • Green Light from Greece to France
    Green Light from Greece to France October 15 2019
    Greece has been looking for new frigates in its inventory. While talking about the procure of Adelaide-class guided-missile frigates who retired in the Australian Navy, it was on the agenda to focus on France’s multi-purpose Belharra frigates. Greek Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos said he had signed a statement of intent for the acquisition with his French counterpart. Panagiotopoulos, adding that there was “a long way to go” before an agreement is reached on the requ...
  • Anti-tank Mission to Drone October 12 2019
    At the Arms and Security Defence expo held in Ukraine, Adrones introduced the UAV concept carrying two missiles. The company's multi-purpose UAV is called Demon-E and powered by four electric motors. The UAV flies about 30 minutes and has a range of 20 km. It carries seven kg of payload and reaches a speed of 40 km / h. The UAV has autopilot and remote control modes. No information has been shared about the UAV’s missiles. When launchers are considered, missiles are likely to be RPG...
  • Multi-Purpose, Cost-Effective Solution
    Multi-Purpose, Cost-Effective Solution September 27 2019
    Norwegian-based Kongsberg shared the design of the new naval vessel Vanguard. The boat can be used for both military and civilian operations, such as search & rescue, anti-submarine warfare. Vanguard is designed with a multi-role hangar for air, surface and sub-surface assets. Interchangeable mission modules and extensive use of unmanned vehicles enable quick change of operational roles. Designed as a cost-effective option, the platform's based on civil and commercial ship design with...
  • Inventory is Growing September 24 2019
    The Philippine Navy (PN) will launch new platforms. PN is scheduled to commission three new Multi-Purpose Attack Craft (MPAC) Mk.3 fast boats and four KAAV-7A1 amphibious assault vehicles. The MPAC Mk.3 was made by the joint venture of Taiwan’s Lung the Shipbuilding, and Filipino marine company Propmech Corporation, and will be the 4th batch acquired by the PN from the joint venture. It would be armed with the Rafael Spike-ER missiles fired from the Rafael Typhoon MLS-ER missi...
  • Redesign for F-35B
    Redesign for F-35B August 27 2019
    Japan recently announced plans to convert helicopter carrier JDS Izumo (DDH-183) and her sister JDS Kaga (DDH-184), of the Izumo ‘helicopter destroyer’ class, into light aircraft carriers capable of operating F-35B jets. Japan is completing modifications necessary to support F-35B flight operations from the helicopter carrier, local media have reported. The government has also approved a plan to purchase U.S.-made F-35B fighter jets which have short take-off and vertical landing c...
  • Unmanned Combat Ship Ready for Combat
    Unmanned Combat Ship Ready for Combat August 26 2019
    In February, China's unmanned combat ship, which was exhibited at the 14th International Defence Exhibition and Conference (International Defence Exhibition/ IDEX) in Abu Dhabi, has launched. Jointly developed by No. 716 and No. 702 research institutes under the state-owned China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), the JARI multi-purpose unmanned combat vessel held its launch ceremony. The launch indicates the world-leading combat drone ship has gained initial combat capability, the...
  • First KC-390 to be Delivered to Brazilian Air Force on September 4
    First KC-390 to be Delivered to Brazilian Air Force on September 4 August 20 2019
    The first KC-390 is due to be delivered to the Brazilian Air Force on September 4, according to an Airway source. Manufactured by Embraer, the multi-purpose cargo jet is the largest aircraft ever built in Brazil. If all goes as planned, the ceremony will be held at Anapolis Air Base where Wing 2 is located, which will be responsible for operating the new aircraft. The first KC-390 from Brazil’s 28-unit order was completed late last year and made its first flight in October. Em...
  • Which Frigates will Greece Procure?
    Which Frigates will Greece Procure? August 2 2019
      Greece may include Adelaide-class guided-missile frigates in the inventory of the Hellenic Navy. High-ranking officers from the Greek Navy were hosted onboard HMAS Newcastle as it was docked in Singapore during Exercise Indo-Pacific Endeavour in May. Two months later, the Australian Embassy in Athens requested a meeting with the head of the Greek Agency for Military Procurements, Vice Admiral Kyriakou Kyriakidis. According to a Greek government press release, the conversation...
  • First 6X6 at Trials
    First 6X6 at Trials June 27 2019
        The Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) has taken delivery of the first of four 6×6 protected multi-purpose vehicle (PMPV) from Protolab. PMPV vehicles are currently undergoing operational testing in field conditions. The trials will allow the FDF to assess the performance of the Protolab vehicles. Positioned as a highly manoeuvrable and agile vehicle, the Protolab PMPV is designed to perform mission roles such as patrol, transport, and command post. The 6&tim...
  • Approval from Marine Corps
    Approval from Marine Corps June 10 2019
    The US Marine Corps (USMC) has announced that the approval of mass production has given for new radar system. The mass production phase of the AN / TPS-80 system, also known as G / ATOR (Ground / Air Task-Oriented Radar System) is a significant milestone is for the program. G / ATOR, which will provide instant data transfer to Common Aviation Command and Control System, Composite Tracking Network, and Advanced Field Artillery Data System, incorporates a common software-based operati...
  • The Coast Guard Getting Stronger
    The Coast Guard Getting Stronger May 31 2019
      The Canadian government announced new coast guard shipbuilding plan. Within the scope of this plan, which includes the construction of 18 new vessels, The Coast Guard is set to receive two new Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS), modified for Coast Guard missions. Irving Shipbuilding is already building a fleet of six AOPS for the Royal Canadian Navy. The 5,200-ton ships are 103.6 meters long and have an open-water speed of 17 knots and a range of 6,800 nautical miles. ...
  • TCG Anadolu to Be Launched
    TCG Anadolu to Be Launched May 1 2019
    Turkey's first Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) TCG Anadolu (L400) will be launched on 4 May 2019. According to the information obtained by C4Defence, a launch ceremony is not planned. The ship will not be launched using slideways as is the tradition. TCG Anadolu is currently balanced on wedges called “Keel Blocks” in a dry dock. This dry dock will sink into the water and the ship will meet the sea. However, after this process, TCG Anatolia will be taken back to the dry dock...
  • Russia Prepares Higher and Heavier Jump for Paratroopers
    Russia Prepares Higher and Heavier Jump for Paratroopers February 22 2019
    Russia prepares new special-purpose parachute systems with oxygen equipment for Airborne Force high-altitude jumps. Airborne Force Commander Andrei Serdyukov made public information about oxygen gear. "As part of the experimental design work that has been carried out, new special-purpose ‘wing-type’ parachutes with oxygen gear have been developed for landing from high altitudes," the general said. Since 2018, Russia has also been developing a parachut...
  • Indigenous ÇAFRAD at Sea Trials
    Indigenous ÇAFRAD at Sea Trials November 28 2018
    Aselsan's ÇAFRAD system, which was developed by Aselsan, was launched. The system was placed on Gabya class TCG Goksu (F-497) frigate for marine tests. In the photo taken by the aviation photographer Zafer Buna, the system, is seen to be installed on the helicopter platform of the ship, will be tested in sea conditions. Aselsan developed multi-purpose phase array radar combines Solid state transmit / receive modules, advanced Digital Signal Processing architectu...
  • Corvette Decision is Soon
    Corvette Decision is Soon October 23 2018
    Romania is close to deciding for its new multi-purpose corvette. The Bucharest administration, which received the latest offers at the beginning of October, said they are close to the conclusion of the proposals. Three participants submitted bids to the tender for the selection of ships to replace the two old Type 22 class frigates procured from the Royal Navy. Naval Group from France, Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding from the Netherlands and Fincantieri from Italy took part in the ...
  • New Tilt-Rotor UAS from Bell
    New Tilt-Rotor UAS from Bell September 28 2018
    Bell introduced a mock-up of its new product at the USMC Tech Expo in the US. The V-247 Vigilant was developed to meet the needs of the US Marine Corps's vertical take-off multi-purpose combat UAS. In March, the Marine Corps issued an request for information document for the USMC Task Force Unmanned Aircraft System Expeditionary (MUX). According to Bell's statement, the platform was developed with the experience gained from V-22 Osprey and V-280 Valor. In addition ...
  • Israeli F-16 Barak Fighter Jets Visited Croatia
    Israeli F-16 Barak Fighter Jets Visited Croatia August 5 2018
    Three Israeli F-16 Barak multi-purpose combat aircraft landed at the 91st air base of the Croatian Air Force in Pleso on 2 August. Aircraft took place at the celebration of the 23rd anniversary of Operation Storm which ended Croatia’s 1991-95 war of independence. Israeli aircraft F-16D Barak fighters from Ramat David Air Base were visited and inspected by Prime Minister Andrej Plenković. After the celebration, the three F-16D Barak fighter jets will fly back to Ramat...
  • Seahawk Deliveries Finished
    Seahawk Deliveries Finished August 2 2018
    Royal Danish Air Force received its last two MH-60R Seahawk helicopters. Denmark, which procured 12 helicopters to replace the Lynx helicopters in the Danish inventory, took delivery of the first three Seahawk helicopters in June 2016. The MH-60R Seahawk helicopter is a multi-purpose naval helicopter, can carry out anti-submarine warfare (ASW) with 324 mm torpedos and anti-surface warfare (ASuW) with Hellfire missile. In addition, helicopters can&n...
  • Portuguese Navy Growing
    Portuguese Navy Growing July 31 2018
    Portugal is planning to supply new vessels. A statement was made at the name ceremony for Viana do Castelo (Oceanic Patrol Vessel / OPV) class NRP Sines (P363). Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa, who made the statement, announced that a multi-purpose logistical support vessel would be built for the Portuguese Navy. It is also mentioned that the new platforms will be built in local facilities. In addition, six new OPVs will be built on the West Sea-Estalei...
  • MRV 6.2 Ready
    MRV 6.2 Ready June 20 2018
    Mercedes Benz introduced the MRV 6.2 multi-purpose vehicle. Vehicle which developed through LAPV 6.1 is production ready. MRV 6.2, which is built on the components of the G-Class 461 series vehicles, has a uprated ladder frame chassis for multirole vehicle. It has has the same V-6 185-horsepower engine same as the OM642DE30LA, W5A 580 automatic transmission and VG 150E-3W transfer case, emission level of vehicle is between EURO 3 and 5 standards according to the ...
  • Remote-controlled AMAZON in Efes'18
    Remote-controlled AMAZON in Efes'18 May 8 2018
    BMC exhibits 12 vehicles with two new configurations in the Efes 2018 military exercise, one of the most comprehensive activities of the Turkish Armed Forces. One of the most remarkable vehicles was the unmanned remote-controlled multi-purpose armored vehicle 'Amazon'. AMAZON 4x4 can be remote-controlled from five kilometres within sight and one kilometres out of sight. The vehicle cannot be intervened even if third persons are rushed into the vehicle as the c...
  • Senator APC In Serial Production
    Senator APC In Serial Production April 20 2018
    Canada’s Roshel Defence Solutions has started serial production of its recently developed and tested multi-purpose Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), Senator. According to the company, Roshel Senator features a high level of maneuverability as well as advanced off-road capabilities, making it efficient in accomplishing its missions in urban and cross-country terrain. The vehicle can be reconfigured depending on necessity to conduct Medical Evacuation, Anti-riot, Command & Control Cen...
  • Saudi Contribution on An-132D
    Saudi Contribution on An-132D March 6 2018
    Ukrainian Antonov, Saudi Arabian Taqnia Aeronautics and Wahaj companies have signed a Memorandum of Understating to jointly manufacture the An-132D multi-purpose transport aircraft. The agreement was signed during the Armed Forces Exhibition for Diversity of Requirements and Capabilities AFED-2018 held in Riyadh on February 25 - March 3, 2018. At this stage Antonov will be the prime contractor, TAQNIA and WAHAJ will construct components and units according to the coop...
  • VAB Found Its Light Successor: VBMR Léger
    VAB Found Its Light Successor: VBMR Léger January 15 2018
    It is a major event that occurred recently in France when Nexter, part of the French-German KNDS company, has won the Light VBMR (VBMR Léger) contract for the Armée de Terre (French Army).  The contract, worth more than one billion Euros, includes the procurement of around 1500 vehicles, the ILS, and the development and qualification of a dozen of versions. Renault Trucks Defense was the favourite, since Light VBMR is in the core business of the Volvo subsidiary. ...
  • Capability Demonstration by HERO 400EC
    Capability Demonstration by HERO 400EC January 10 2018
    Israeli UVision has successfully demonstrated the Hero-400EC extended-range loitering system for a strategic customer. The demonstration, which took place in southern Israel in December 2017, proved the tracking and lock-on capabilities along with mission-abort and high-precision capabilities. The new electric engine of the munition with much lower acoustic and thermal signatures provides advantage regarding high-speed transit and low-speed loitering. Being able to neutralize b...
  • Contracts Will Have To Wait
    Contracts Will Have To Wait December 26 2017
    The new Czech defence minister, Karla Slechtova requested thorough evaluation reports for the upcoming military procurements. appointed to her post on 13 December, Slechtova said she wanted to have "everything fully verified before signing anything,” referring to the previously prepared contracts which wait for the minister's signature. She will firstly focus on large-scale purchases such as the procurement of light multi-purpose helicopters.
  • Israel To Begin Delivery to Philippines
    Israel To Begin Delivery to Philippines November 21 2017
    Philippines will receive Rafael Advanced Defense Systems’ Spike ER (extended range) missile systems before the end of this year. Philippine Navy announced on Monday that it would install the system on three of its brand new multi-purpose attack craft (MPAC).  The Philippine Navy chief said a pre-delivery inspection was already scheduled and the tentative fitting of the missile system would be in December. The relevant contract is worth $...
  • Su-35 Has Artificial Intelligence
    Su-35 Has Artificial Intelligence November 14 2017
    Sergey Çemezov, president of the Russian defence company Rostec, stated that Su-35 can prioritize threats by itself. Çemezov noted that the aircraft had artificial intelligence, and the aircraft could choose its primary targets with its intelligence. The multi-purpose fighter jet, Su-35, took its place at the Dubai Airshow 2017 for the first time, attracting attention with its exceptional maneuverability. Çemezov said the aircraft could track six different targets simulta...
  • Ansat Pushes For +50°C
    Ansat Pushes For +50°C November 3 2017
    The Russian Helicopters Holding Company started testing light multi-purpose Ansat helicopter in Pakistan. The objective of testing is to prove the ability to use the machine in high temperatures. It is planned to expand Ansat's temperature regime to +50° Celsius. Thus, its temperature range will be from -45° to +50° Celsius.  The company's Deputy CEO for marketing and business development Alexander Shcherbinin revealed their target market by saying flig...
  • New Order for Spike LR II
    New Order for Spike LR II October 26 2017
    Israel has ordered more than 1,000 Spike LR II missiles according to Rafael Advanced Defence Systems announcement on 24 October. “The addition of the Spike LR II will enhance both its infantry engagement range and its lethality against a large variety of targets,” the company said.  The Israeli company's Internet-connected 5G missile can be fired from land, a helicopter, or a ship. When fired from land, it can strike targets at a range of 5.5 kilo...
  • M60 Solution by Leonardo
    M60 Solution by Leonardo October 19 2017
    Leonardo presented the M60A3 overhaul and upgrade solution at BIDEC 2017. The company offers improved lethality, mobility and crew survivability through a modular solution which integrates a new 120/45 mm main gun with a Fire Control System (FCS) featuring day and night 3rd generation thermal imagers, a set of modern protection systems and an upgrade of the power pack. The solution also integrates a new multi-purpose, combat-proven, stabilized Remote Control...
  • Gremyashchy Floated Out
    Gremyashchy Floated Out June 30 2017
    Russia has launched the first-of-class Project 20385 corvette Gremyashchy at the Severnaya Verf Shipyard in St. Petersburg on 30 June. Armed with the Kalibr-NK missile complex, Gremyashchy class is an advanced variant of Steregushchy class (Project 20380) multi-purpose corvettes. The corvette will start undergoing trials in August and expected to be handed over to Russian Navy in 2018.  Designed by Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, the corvettes are i...
  • ALAS Demonstration by Serbia
    ALAS Demonstration by Serbia May 5 2017
    Serbia has demonstrated its ALAS (Advanced Light Attack System) long-range multipurpose fibre-optic guided missile system during a rehearsal for the upcoming Victory Day celebrations. ALAS is a 55 kg, turbojet powered, camera-guided missile with a top speed of around 640-740 kmh. The main ceremony, titled "Steel 2017", will be held with special emphasis on the stage of development of arms and military equipment by the Military Technical I...
  • ZAHA Received Start Signal
    ZAHA Received Start Signal March 8 2017
    The Undersecretariat for Defence Industry announced yesterday on its official twitter account that the ZAHA Armored Amphibious Assault Vehicle project has been kicked off. Designed to carry troops deployed on multi-purpose amphibious assault ships (LHD) to land, ZAHA's domestic design and production contract was signed on Tuesday with Turkish defence company FNSS. SSM also shared an image of the vehicle's design on twitter.
  • The First Multi-purpose Frigate of Thailand Launched
    The First Multi-purpose Frigate of Thailand Launched January 23 2017
    Republic of Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) has launched Royal Thai Navy’s (RTN’s) first multi-purpose frigate on 23 January. The relevant contract was signed in August 2013 and has a total value of $410 million. 122,5 metre-long platform has a displacement of 3 thousand 650 tonnes and is able to accomodate a crew of 136.
  • Argentina Upgrades Multi-purpose Helis
    Argentina Upgrades Multi-purpose Helis January 20 2017
    Airbus Helicopters will upgrade three AS365N2 helicopters operated by the Argentinian Coast Guard to AS365N3+. Under the $25,47 million contract, the company will equip the helicopters with new engines, new four-axis automatic pilot, and improved all-weather day/night digital electronics suite.