• Russia Draws Attention to Su-35’s First Flight that Took Place 12 Years Ago
    Russia Draws Attention to Su-35’s First Flight that Took Place 12 Years Ago February 22 2020
      Russian state-owned company Rustec made a presentation about its aircraft Su-35S on its social media account.  The presentation was in Russian and stated that this aircraft has long-range air-to-air missiles, the possibility of launching missiles at supersonic speeds, super manoeuvrability and powerful electronic warfare means. The first model of a combat vehicle was assembled in 2007 at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant, and already in 2011, the serial pro...
  • Robots Competing
    Robots Competing February 21 2020
    Turkey's first and most established organisation of robotic competitions 17th  International METU Robotics Days, taking place on 22-23 February in STM's primary sponsor. Middle East Technical University Robot Society set the completion for the first time in 2002 as Robot Days, and it became an international completion in 2008. The competion will be held at METU Culture and Congress Centre (KKM). METU Robot Days aim to popularise robotics in Turkey. There are s...
  • Layoffs to Start on Airbus
    Layoffs to Start on Airbus February 20 2020
    France-based multinational Airbus has decided to save on budget in its subsidiary, Airbus Defence and Space. The company, which went to restructuring due to the failure to meet the financial targets and deferred contracts, is expected to lay off a total of two thousand 362 employees at the end of 2021. As a result, 829 people in Germany, 357 in the UK, 630 in Spain, 404 in France and 142 from other countries will be laid off. The need for restructuring was first announced in December 2...
  • Fighting Flares in Eastern Ukraine
    Fighting Flares in Eastern Ukraine February 18 2020
    The conflict between Ukrainian troops and Russian-backed forces in eastern Ukraine arose.  Heavy fighting erupted in eastern Ukraine, the country's military said, while separatists blamed Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said he would convene a national security council meeting to discuss the latest flare-up in the country's Donbass region. "This is not just a cynical provocation... it is an attempt to disrupt the peace process in the Donb...
  • Kuwait Declines Receipt of Caracal Helicopters
    Kuwait Declines Receipt of Caracal Helicopters February 18 2020
    Kuwait is due to receive 30 H225M helicopters, but it will not do so until Airbus investigates problems with the first two and reports its findings to the country's MoD. Airbus says the Kuwaitis have told it no such thing. A Kuwaiti Ministry of Defence (MoD) says that it had refused to receive two Airbus Helicopters H225M Caracal medium-lift rotorcraft on account of technical malfunctions has been denied by the manufacturer. On 12 February the Kuwaiti MoD said that it ...
  • Australian Disappointment at $80 Billion Submarine Program
    Australian Disappointment at $80 Billion Submarine Program February 15 2020
    Relations between the Australian Federal Government and the French company designing future submarines have hit a new low, with the Australian Defence Minister declaring she will hold the group to account on its local industry commitments. France-based Naval Group questioned the capability of local suppliers and suggested Australian businesses may not get half of the value of contracts under the $80 billion program. Naval Group Australia chief executive John Davis told The...
  • Pentagon to Transfer F-35s budget to Trump’s Border Wall
    Pentagon to Transfer F-35s budget to Trump’s Border Wall February 14 2020
    The Pentagon is seeking to divert $3.8 billion, mainly from its fiscal 2020 weapons procurement budget, to fund President Donald Trump’s border wall. The plan, which came from the Department of Homeland Security in January, will be officially released by the Office of the Secretary of Defence. A list of talking points was sent across the Pentagon earlier today, noting that the money will go toward funding a 230-mile long wall. The biggest item on the list is a $650 million Ame...
  • Logistics Problem of the Polish Air Force
    Logistics Problem of the Polish Air Force February 6 2020
    With the transition from the Warsaw Pact to the NATO Pact, Poland is facing great difficulties in terms of logistics. It is stated that the Polish Air Force has a problem with the operationalities of the F-16 and Mig-29 fleets. It is stated that only 30-40 per cent of the fleet is in service with the difficulties in bringing the platforms into operation. The Onet news website, which researches the subject, spoke about the complexity with the Polish Parliament MP Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska. Kluz...
  • Second Phase of ASELSAN "ATOM" Completed
    Second Phase of ASELSAN "ATOM" Completed February 5 2020
    ASELSAN continues to delivery process of the indigenous products as well as R&D activities and sales. Within the scope of the delivery process of ATOM 35 mm Particle Ammunition, the second batch product was taken to the Turkish Armed Forces inventory at the Karapınar Test and Evaluation Group Command of the Ministry of National Defence. Presidency of Defence Industries (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı / SSB), which responsible for acquisition and r&D processes of a...
  • New FREMM to Egypt
    New FREMM to Egypt February 4 2020
    FREMM (Fregata Europea Multi-Missione) platforms built in Fincantieri Shipyard for the Italian Navy became the topic of the Italian-based press organizations where the platforms can be sold to Egypt. Last year, Italy offered B1 Centauro armoured combat vehicle to Brazil and two FREMMs of under construction. The problem was the price: the ships would together cost 1.5 billion Euros. Therefore, Brazil rejected the offer. In a related context, the Italian news agency Il Sole 24 ORE Rad...
  • Will Japan Afford to Break the U.S. Alliance?
    Will Japan Afford to Break the U.S. Alliance? January 30 2020
    In the 1980s and ‘90s Japan licensed aspects of Lockheed Martin’s iconic F-16 fighter design and produced the F-2, a Japanese F-16 variant with bigger wing and better electronics. Japan plans to choose a partner as early as this summer for development of its successor to the F-2 fighter jet, weighing a proposal from the U.S., its closest ally, against a British offer that would give Tokyo greater control. While the design to be developed by working with another country provides ac...
  • Retirement Season in Navy
    Retirement Season in Navy January 30 2020
    Philippine Navy entered a period of change and innovation. The Philippine Navy formally decommissioned two naval combat assets during ceremonies held on 29 January 2020 at its naval base in Cavite City. During the ceremonies, PN chief Vice Adm. Robert Empedrad said that the PN needed to retire these ships as they have become more difficult to maintain. The Rizal-class patrol vessel BRP Rizal (PS-74) has been decommissioned after serving the PN for more than 54 years. The former US Nav...
  • Qatar’s New Partner
    Qatar’s New Partner January 27 2020
    The Italy-based Fincantieri company, which is making new strides to strengthen its position in the Middle East, has reached a new agreement with Qatar. Fincantieri and the Ministry of Defence of Qatar through Barzan Holding, a company wholly owned by the Qatari Ministry of Defence and responsible for empowering the military capabilities of the national armed force in the state, signed a Memorandum of Understanding, aimed at strengthening their strategic partnership through the evaluation and ...
  • Canadian Armed Forces get New Machine Guns
    Canadian Armed Forces get New Machine Guns January 26 2020
    The Canadian Government purchased 3,626 new C6A1 FLEX General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMG) from Colt Canada. The Department of National Defence procured As the current C6 machine guns were over 30 years ago, and it needs to replace those removed from service due to wear and tear and others that are reaching the end of their service life. This acquisition supplements the 1,148 machine guns that were acquired in 2017, which featured a durable polymer buttstock instead of the ...
  • National Server Computer Ready for Work
    National Server Computer Ready for Work January 24 2020
    Design, prototype production and performance tests of GÖREVSAYAR 40S, National Server Computer developed within the scope of Electronic Warfare Command, Control and Coordination System (WWCCCS) and Network Enabled Capability (NEC) were completed. It is foreseen that national server computer, which is developed to be utilised in Command Control Systems, Signal Processing Systems, Data Centres, Tactic Cloud Structures and High-Performance Storage Systems, will also be used intensely in fut...
  • "Mare Nostrum" Our Sea Imagination from Greece
    "Mare Nostrum" Our Sea Imagination from Greece January 23 2020
    A remarkable article was published in Ptisi & Diastima Magazine, which publicates in the defence sector in Greece. Greek-Turkish relations, which increasing tension due to oil and natural gas deposits in Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey-Libya mutual exclusive economic zone were discussed in the article. Outlines of the offensive plan that could be implemented in a possible conflict were examined in the text. Turkey's radar and electronic support capabilities, as well as Greece...
  • Greece invites Turkey to Defence Exhibitions in Athens
    Greece invites Turkey to Defence Exhibitions in Athens January 22 2020
    After more than ten years absence, Greece returns to international defence exhibitions, by the organisation of DEFEA-Defence Exhibition Athens. The organisation got in contact with Greek Defence ministry for the official invitation of Turkey, C4Defence learned. DEFEA will take place in Athens, from 22 to 24 June 2020 at the Metropolitan Expo. It is organised by ROTA SA and the Union of Greek Manufacturers of Defence Material (SEKPY). It is under the auspices of the Ministry of Natio...
  • Support from the Netherlands for Transatlantic Power
    Support from the Netherlands for Transatlantic Power January 22 2020
    The Royal Netherlands Army has deployed Panzerhaubitze (PzH) 2000 self-propelled howitzers to Lithuania for the first time as part of the German-led NATO Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP) battlegroup, the Dutch Ministry of Defence announced on its website. The SPHs will spend half a year in Lithuania, mainly to exercise and exchange experience with the Lithuanian army, the ministry said. NATO has increased its presence in the east by forming an alliance group with EFP and Estonia, Lat...
  • Russia Might Be Tracking F-35s
    Russia Might Be Tracking F-35s January 18 2020
    Acting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that there is unverified information that at least six American F-35 jets were “in the Iranian border area” at the time when Iran accidentally downed Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 last week. “This information has yet to be verified, but I’d like to underline the edginess that always accompanies such situations,” he said on Friday. Lavrov said these words to understand the context...
  • The second Squadron of F-35I Adir for Israeli Air Force
    The second Squadron of F-35I Adir for Israeli Air Force January 17 2020
    The 116th "Lions of the South" squadron will join the 140th "Golden Eagle" unit to become the Israeli Air Force’s (IAF) second official group of F-35I Adir stealth fighter jets. With the arrival of the first two F-35I aircraft for the 116th Fleet to Nevatim base in November 2019, the total number of F-35s in Israel reached 20. The government has currently received 20 of the 50 F-35I variants from Lockheed Martin required to bring both squadrons to capacity....
  • Greece Ships Patriot to Saudi Arabia
    Greece Ships Patriot to Saudi Arabia January 16 2020
    According to Greece base internet publication Militaire News, Greece will send  Greek Patriot to Saudi Arabia. The demand is coming through the US who want to create a "multinational umbrella" in-country. The Greek Foreign Ministry has responded to that request. Greek Patriots will not engage in Saudi Arabia's conflicts with countries in the region. The Saudis will bear the financial cost of the shipment.
  • Rheinmetall and Thales to Guide Hydra Rockets
    Rheinmetall and Thales to Guide Hydra Rockets January 10 2020
    Rheinmetall and Thales have signed an agreement to support together with the future developments, qualification and production of the 70mm (2.75”) guided and unguided rockets solutions for helicopters as well as potentially other new platforms in Germany. Two international groups will propose complementary capabilities for the Tiger MK3 program. The Thales 70mm (2.75”) rocket systems are currently operated on UHT Tiger and under certification on Airbus Helicopters H145M....
  • MEHS for Turkish Navy
    MEHS for Turkish Navy January 7 2020
    Another program launched for the locally-built critical sub-components of the platforms operating in the Turkish Navy is finished. In this way, the electronic warfare capability of the Turkish Naval Forces has been increased. In the statement made by the Presidency of Defence Industries; ASELSAN's MEHS (Milli elektronik Harp Suiti / National Electronic Warfare Suite) integrated third and fourth Yavuz Class frigates and platforms delivered to the Navy. Under the co...
  • BMC’s MPAV goes to Tunisia
    BMC’s MPAV goes to Tunisia January 4 2020
    BMC, an Izmir-based company, won the "International Armoured Vehicle Tender" of the Tunisian Interior Ministry and signed a contract for the production of nine 4x4 Multi-Purpose Armoured Vehicles (MPAVs). Within the scope of the signed agreement, nine 4x4 Medium Class Multi-Purpose Armoured Vehicles which will be produced entirely for the requests of Tunisian Ministry of Interior will be provided with integrated logistics support solutions.
  • New Appointment to Military Factories
    New Appointment to Military Factories January 3 2020
    Veysel Unverdi is appointed as General Manager of Military Factories of the Ministry of National Defence according to the decision dated January 3, 2020 and published in the Official Gazette no. 30997, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appointed Veysel Ünverdi to the General Directorate of Military Factories of the Ministry of National Defence, which was available position.
  • Indonesia Unveiled ’Black Eagle" UAV
    Indonesia Unveiled ’Black Eagle" UAV January 2 2020
    Indonesia's National aviation company PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) introduced the prototype of Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle produced within domestic facilities. A roll-out ceremony was held at the PTDI facilities in Bandung for the combatant UAV called the Black Eagle (Elang Hitam). The prototype did not include a weapon station, but the promotional brochure showed two generic weapons. Speaking at the ceremony, BPPT General Manager Hammam Riza ...
  • Dangerous Interaction at Black Sea
    Dangerous Interaction at Black Sea December 31 2019
    Russia continues dangerous contacts with the units it considers as risk in the seas. Russian forces, which came to the agenda frequently with their activities in the international waters, conducted mock attacks on the destroyer of the US Navy cruising at the Black Sea. In a statement issued by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Su-27 and / or Su-30 escorted two Su-24s of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted dangerous training scenarios on Black Sea. Within the scope of th...
  • ROKAF receives first Global Hawk UAV
    ROKAF receives first Global Hawk UAV December 28 2019
    Republic of Korea Ministry of National Defence (MND) confirmed that the Korean Air Force (ROKAF) received the first of four Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Block 30 Global Hawk high-altitude, long-endurance (HALE) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on 23 December 2019. The UAV arrived at Sacheon Air Base in South Gyeongsang Province. The three remaining platforms are expected to be delivered in the first half of 2020, although this could change depending on situations.
  • Okinawa Base Transfer Costs More Than Expected
    Okinawa Base Transfer Costs More Than Expected December 28 2019
      The US Defence Ministry said Wednesday it now estimates the costs to relocate the Futenma Air Station to the coastal area of Henoko will more than double the current budget to $8.5 billion and the construction period needs to be extended to over nine years. Washington plans to push ahead with the relocation of a U.S. air base within Okinawa Prefecture despite the overwhelming public opposition expressed in a referendum on Sunday, recognising the outpost's strate...
  • Armoured Vehicle Reinforcement to Haftar Forces
    Armoured Vehicle Reinforcement to Haftar Forces December 27 2019
    Clashes continue between Libyan National Army forces under the command of Khalifa Haftar and the Government of National  Accord. Despite the UN's arms embargo on Libya, Haftar forces were reinforced with new armored vehicles. A news published in Jane's, it was seen that Libyan National Army forces equipped with Terrier LT-79 armoured vehicles. It was also attended that the vehicle is in new condition and despite harsh environmental conditions, exterior of the LT-79 was ...
  • Indonesia to Acquire Two Squadrons of New F-16s
    Indonesia to Acquire Two Squadrons of New F-16s December 27 2019
    Indonesian Air Force wants to acquire both US and Russian aircraft in the inventory. According to Indonesia’s next five-year strategic plan, running from 2020-2024, the country will pursue the goal of acquiring both F-16 Block 72 and Su-35. The chief of the Indonesian Air Force Air Marshal Yuyu Sutisna talked to state-owned national news agency Antara, about the southeast Asian nation plans to submit a request to buy two squadrons of Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 72 fighters...
  • TAI at Pakistan
    TAI at Pakistan December 25 2019
    TUSAS increasing its industrial investments at Pakistan. The company established an office in the National Science & Technology Park, which aims to make significant contributions to the country's technological development. National Science & Technology Park is the the first technopark in Pakistan. Country aims to increase its investments in domestic technology as well as to strengthen its qualified personnel infrastructure. TUSAS aims to deepen i...
  • Leonardo’s M-40 Target Drone Used to Prove Latest Mistral Missiles
    Leonardo’s M-40 Target Drone Used to Prove Latest Mistral Missiles December 25 2019
    Leonardo has demonstrated its new M-40 target drone against MBDA-made Mistral surface-to-air missile, in Italy. Leonardo has concluded a series of flights with its M-40 target drone as part of a trials campaign in Italy. This saw the drones simulating modern airborne threats, allowing for the realistic demonstration of MBDA’s latest surface-to-air Mistral missile. The missile intercepted the target, proving its capabilities and allowing MBDA to collect valuable dat...
  • Trump Admin Fights Bill Punishing Turkey
    Trump Admin Fights Bill Punishing Turkey December 24 2019
    According to The Daily Beast, The US State Department laid out the administration’s opposition to sanctions on Turkey in a seven-page memo sent to the Senate. In an exclusive report from the Daily, it is stated that the Trump administration sent a detailed memo to senators. The administration is fighting a bill that would punish Turkey for buying S-400 Russian air defence missiles. The administration claims that the legislation would drive the countries closer together. ...
  • Trump Signs $738B Defence Bill Including Sanctions Targeting Turkey
    Trump Signs $738B Defence Bill Including Sanctions Targeting Turkey December 21 2019
    US President Donald Trump signed off the sprawling 2020 National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) earlier Friday, authorising a top-line budget of $738 billion that includes $635 billion for base Pentagon spending. Trump signed the bill at a ceremony at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. The bill includes the building of 100 new F-35 jets, 155 Army helicopters, 165 Abrams tanks, two new Virginia-class submarines, among others. The NDAA also renewed a decision to exclu...
  • Greece wants to Build US Ships in Greek shipyards
    Greece wants to Build US Ships in Greek shipyards December 20 2019
    Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will visit the US, and he is expected to discuss building US Ships in Greek shipyards. Navy is in discussions with the US on its frigates cogeneration, on the platform of American frigates LCS (Freedom-class littoral combat ship) The proposal seems to meet the requirements set by the Navy for the development of a new vessel, based on the US LCS platform, but with Greek demands being met and at a more economical price than the French...
  • DARPA Head Resigns, Moving On to Industry
    DARPA Head Resigns, Moving On to Industry December 18 2019
    Steven Walker, the director of the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency, announced his resignation Dec. 17, a DARPA spokesman said. Walker’s resignation is effective January 10, 2020. Walker succeeded Arati Prabhakar, who left the agency in January 2017. Walker will move on to a position in the industry, though a DARPA spokesman did not reveal where. DARPA Deputy Director Peter Highnam, a former director of research at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency...
  • “Symbol of China's Status”
    “Symbol of China's Status” December 18 2019
    China's second aircraft carrier was commissioned into the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) on 17 December in a ceremony held at the Sanya-Yulin naval base and was given the name Shandong. The carrier's base-port of Sanya-Yulin is on the northern shores of the South China Sea, which gives a pointer to where the carrier is likely to operate in the immediate future. Shandong was built by Dalian Shipbuilding International Corporation (DSIC) and was launched on 26 April 2...
  • US Considers Purchasing Turkish F-35A Fighter Jets
    US Considers Purchasing Turkish F-35A Fighter Jets December 11 2019
    U.S. lawmakers propose buying Turkish F-35A fighter jets by American Air Forces, due to Turkey's acquisition of Russian missile system. The National Defence Authorization Act for the fiscal year 2020, proposes the allocation of a $440 million fund for the Pentagon to purchase F-35 aircraft ordered by Turkey, as part of the modernisation of national defence. "The conferees support the removal of the Government of Turkey from the F-35 program due to its purchase of ...
  • Milsoft Presents Link-M at GDA
    Milsoft Presents Link-M at GDA December 10 2019
    Milsoft attends with its Link-M product to the Gulf Defence & Aerospace Exhibition (GDA) held in Kuwait. Link-M is an Indigenous Tactical Data Link System which enables tactical data exchange amongst land, naval and air platforms using existing or new HF and V/UHF Radios. It makes it possible to use the most advanced tactical data elements employed for tactical operations available today. It means Link-11 and Link-16 communication systems can be used at the same environment. It ...