• Anti-Ship Missile Approved
    Anti-Ship Missile Approved 31 August 2020
    Land based anti-ship systems replaced coastal artillery in coastal defence; which provides to armies important opportunities such as flexible usage, mobility and surprise attack. In this way, countries can meet their homeland security requirements by engaging hostile elements from any point of the coastline from long range. The Neptune anti-ship missile, which Ukraine has been working on for a while, has come to a happy end. Defence Minister Andriy Taran announced that the first ado...
  • Stealth Black Hawk
    Stealth Black Hawk 12 August 2020
    Stealth aircraft is an issue that many states have been working on with serious resources since the Second World War. Osama Bin Laden, the ringleader of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, was killed in May 2011 in an operation to his home in Bilal Town, Abbotabad City, Pakistan. In the operation carried out by SEAL (Sea, Air, Land), a special unit of the US Navy with a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that had undergone special modifications also known as EH-60 shot down. The plat...
  • Neptune's Launching Tests to Be Completed on May 30
    Neptune's Launching Tests to Be Completed on May 30 30 May 2020
    The launching tests of the RK-360MTS Neptune coastal defence system cruise missile system, developed by Ukraine with local facilities, are continuing. The second test phase of the system began at the Alibey Training Area in the south of the country. Neptune, which is ready for fire in about 15 minutes, can be used against surface targets. With a maximum range of 280 kilometres, the system can reach its target at an altitude of 3 to 10 meters by conducting surface tracking.
  • Anti-Ship Missile Tests Continues
    Anti-Ship Missile Tests Continues 28 April 2020
    Faced with Russian pressure in the eastern part of the country and in the Black Sea, Ukraine continues its missile tests despite the epidemic conditions. Kyiv carried out a new launch test as part of its steadily progressing precision-guided missile program. The trial, held on April 27, conducted at the Alibey Proving Ground, based in the southern part of the country. During the activity in which the Neptune coastal defence system was tested, the radio frequency communication module...
  • Anti-Ship Missile and Torpedo Approval
    Anti-Ship Missile and Torpedo Approval 15 April 2020
    In parallel with the increase in marine platforms, investment in the naval aviation field is also growing. Another procurement news came for India, which has recently made significant investments in naval aviation. US gave the green light for the acquisition of anti-ship missiles and torpedoes that New Delhi requested. In this context, possible sale of  the Indian Navy, possible sale of 10 AGM-84L Harpoon Blok II air-launched anti-ship missiles,&nb...
  • Anti-Ship Missile Test
    Anti-Ship Missile Test 6 April 2020
    The anti-ship missile density is increasing in the Black Sea. Within the scope of one of the new projects, a test launcht was carried out recently. Ukraine, which has an important technological infrastructure in missiles, improves its capability to defend against the Russian threat. A test launch was made on 2 April as part of the Neptune missile program, which started in line with the country's coastal defence requirement. In the trial conducted at Alibey Proving Grou...
  • Land Based Neptune OK
    Land Based Neptune OK 9 October 2019
    The test and development process for the Neptune Navy missile system, which was the first test launch in the last period, is ongoing. Deaigned as a land-based naval anti-ship missile system, Neptune's development process is progressing rapidly towards the second trial launch. A new trial was planned towards the end of 2019 and the test and evaluation phase will be completed. Next up is the test launch from the ship. The missile, which has a warhead of 145 kilograms, we...
  • Neptune Fleet Growing
    Neptune Fleet Growing 27 June 2019
    Boeing continues its P-8 Poseidon sales with full speed. The company announced the approval of a new P-8 Poseidon sale. After the Indian Ministry of Defence approved the procurement of additional Neptune (Poseidon's name in India), the procurement process began on the aircraft. In addition to the existing platforms in the inventory, India will procure 10 P-8 Neptune directly from Boeing, and the equipment, radar and weapon systems of the aircraft will be obtained through Fo...
  • Neptune Ready for Service
    Neptune Ready for Service 26 April 2019
    It has been announced that the final trials of the land-based missile Neptune have been completed and the system is ready to enter service with the naval and land forces. It has also been stated that the cruise missile, which was indigenously developed by Ukraine, will soon be distributed to the units. The system was developed to protect Ukraine’s coastal areas. Four missiles are carried ready to fire on a KrAZ-7634HE 8x8 truck. Each vehicle is operated by three personnel. The...
  • Ukrainia Presents "Neptun" and "Vilkha" at IDEX
    Ukrainia Presents "Neptun" and "Vilkha" at IDEX 21 February 2019
    Ukranian Spetstechnoexport Company, part of the State Concern Ukroboronprom, presented for the first time the new models of the cruise anti-ship missile system "Neptun" and high-precision multiple rocket launching system "Vilkha" at the international Defence exhibition IDEX-2019 in the UAE. Neptun was first tested in 2018. The combat units for both systems were developed and produced by the State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch.” Local media reports say the ...
  • Ukraine Tests New or Modernized Missiles
    Ukraine Tests New or Modernized Missiles 9 December 2018
    Ukraine has successfully tested a new anti-ship cruise missile, ‘Neptune’ and a modernized S-125 surface-to-air missile system, at a firing range in the Odesa Oblast Wednesday. Olexandr Turchynov, the chairman of Ukraine’s Defence and Security Council was quoted as saying during a press briefing after the tests by Kyivpost Thursday. “The task put today before cruise missiles was to check the range and accuracy of hitting surface targets”, adding that th...
  • Neptune Announcement
    Neptune Announcement 28 August 2018
    Announcement came from Ukraine about some details of the new anti-ship missile, called Neptune. National Security and Defence Council Oleksandr Turchynov shared some details about the system from his official Twitter account. The turbojet engine-driven missile was said to be capable of targeting targets within a range of 300 kilometers. The missile is attacking the target using the active radar system and radar altimeter at the final stage of the flight. It is said that the system, ...
  • Ukraine's 'Neptune' Successfully Tested
    Ukraine's 'Neptune' Successfully Tested 31 January 2018
    Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov announced that a new Ukrainian ground-based cruise missile underwent a successful test launch on 30 January. The name of the missile was not disclosed in official statements, however, Turchynov said the missile was indigenously designed by Ukraine's Luch defence development bureau in cooperation with Ukrainian state and private defence enterprises.  Local media reports say...
  • Boeing Support For Indian Navy
    Boeing Support For Indian Navy 22 June 2017
    Boeing has been awarded a three-year contract to continue it's logistics support of the Indian Navy's P-8I maritime patrol aircraft fleet. The Indian Navy operates eight P-8I Neptune long-range maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft and will receive a further four with deliveries set to begin in 2020.   
  • India signs $1 billion deal with Boeing to buy four P-8I aircraft
    India signs $1 billion deal with Boeing to buy four P-8I aircraft 29 July 2016
    India has inked a billion-dollar deal with Boeing to buy four maritime surveillance planes to counter China in the Indian Ocean. The deal for four P-8I Neptune aircraft follows India’s earlier purchase of eight of the planes in 2009. India has already deployed its original eight long-range P-8I aircraft to track submarine movements in the Indian Ocean. Neptune is a customized export variant of the P-8A Poseidon for the Indian Navy manufactured by Boeing.
  •  Australia’s first P-8A conducts maiden flight 24 May 2016
    Australia Royal Australian Air Force’s (RAAF) first Boeing P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft has completed its maiden flight. The aircraft, is based on the 737 commercial aircraft. As with P-8As operated by the US Navy and P-8I Neptunes operated by the Indian navy, the aircraft’s mission system will be installed at Boeing Field. It will fly to Australia in late 2016. Australian government ordered eight P-8A and It has options for four additional examples.