• China tested a new heavy-duty drone with three engines
    China tested a new heavy-duty drone with three engines January 18 2020
    According to Chinese media, on January 16, 2020, a heavy three-engine unmanned aerial vehicle developed by the Chinese company Tengoen Technology made its maiden flight at one of the airfields in southwest China. The Chinese company Tengoen Technology (also known as Tengdun) was founded in 2016. The new unmanned aerial vehicle is a three-engine UAV built on a two-fuselage scheme. Its wingspan is 20 m, length - 10, height - 3.3 m. The maximum take-off weight reaches 3200 kg, with a payloa...
  • Russia’s New Sea Tanker to Enter Service
    Russia’s New Sea Tanker to Enter Service January 17 2020
    Russia’s new sea tanker Academician Pashin will join the Northern Fleet’s logistics and rear support forces in late January, the Northern Fleet’s press office reported on Thursday. "On January 21, a solemn ceremony of hoisting the flag of the Navy’s auxiliary fleet will take place aboard the new sea tanker Academician Pashin at the Northern Fleet’s main base of Severomorsk. This day will become the date of officially accepting the vessel for servic...
  • Greece Ships Patriot to Saudi Arabia
    Greece Ships Patriot to Saudi Arabia January 16 2020
    According to Greece base internet publication Militaire News, Greece will send  Greek Patriot to Saudi Arabia. The demand is coming through the US who want to create a "multinational umbrella" in-country. The Greek Foreign Ministry has responded to that request. Greek Patriots will not engage in Saudi Arabia's conflicts with countries in the region. The Saudis will bear the financial cost of the shipment.
  • Replecement Time to Beretta 92 of France
    Replecement Time to Beretta 92 of France January 16 2020
    France continues the replacing process of firearms with pistols. In 2017, the Paris government began replacing FAMAS with HK416F infantry rifles and now, launched a procurement process for the armed force's pistols. Beretta 92FS pistols, which have been in service with the name PAMAS G1 for about 30 years, will be replaced by Glock 17 Gen 5s. The French Army will procure 74,559 Glock 17 in the first phase. The total cost of weapons which expected to be delive...
  • Mi-35s Arrived Uzbekistan
    Mi-35s Arrived Uzbekistan January 16 2020
    Russia continues to deliveries in parallel with arms sales. Two Mi-35 helicopters were delivered to the end user. Mi-35M (NATO Code: Hind-E) helicopters continue to arrive new users. In this context, the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan received four platforms ordered from Russia. The delivery news was recently aired on a local television station. According to the sales announcement announced in March 2018, Uzbekistan will receive a total of 12 Mi-35M deliveries.
  • Boeing Participates at Germany’s Heavy Lift Helicopter Tender
    Boeing Participates at Germany’s Heavy Lift Helicopter Tender January 16 2020
    Boeing has submitted its response to the STH invitation to tender for Germany’s New Heavy Lift Helicopter program, also known as Schwerer Transporthubschrauber (STH). Boeing has offered its CH-47 Chinook to the German Army’s tender for a heavy-lift helicopter to replace its Sikorsky CH-53Gs. The STH invitation to tender was issued on 24 June 2019 by the German procurement authority, specifically, the Federal Office of Equipment, Information Technology and I...
  • Eurofighter Typhoon Tests for Finland
    Eurofighter Typhoon Tests for Finland January 14 2020
    Finland, which has announced procurement programs for the replacing of aging platforms in inventory, has started to looking for alternatives for the F/A-18 Hornets. In this context, the test phase has started in the HX Program, which is planned for the trial and evaluation process of the candidate aircraft. Within the scope of the HX Program, whose total cost is estimated to reach 10 billion Euros; invitation for tender letters have been sent for Lockhe...
  • New Trucks for Bundeswehr
    New Trucks for Bundeswehr January 14 2020
    The German Army has recently announced a new procurement agreement, which has received budget approvals for new procurement and modernization programs. With the 382 million Euro agreement, the logistics infrastructure of the German Land Forces will be reinforced. With the agreement signed in the last days of 2019, new trucks will be entered in the inventory of the German Army (Bundeswehr). 1000 logistics trucks will be purchased in the scope of framework contract which sig...
  • AQS-24 Continues
    AQS-24 Continues January 13 2020
    Northrop Grumman made statements about AQS-24 sonar tests. Tests were carried out with Mine Countermeasures Unmanned Surface Vessel (MCM USV). Tthe AQS-24 system completed the initial sea trials. It was stated that the tests performed according to the new generation Deploy and retrieval system were finalized in the planned direction. AQS-24B, which is used in minesweeping tasks, is capable of real-time detection, localisation and classification. Effective ag...
  • U.S. Army Apaches being armed with Spike NLOS
    U.S. Army Apaches being armed with Spike NLOS January 12 2020
    The U.S. Army is buying an unspecific number of Israeli-made, Spike Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) missiles for its Apache helicopters. An Army Requirements Oversight Council decision has authorised the service to acquire missiles current and future aviation. The service fired the Spike NLOS missile from AH-64E Apache attack helicopters both in Israel and at Yuma Proving Ground, Arizona, last year.  Defence News witnessed the demonstration flights; The AH-64 hid behind 1,60...
  • $ 1worth laser sword for Israeli air defence
    $ 1worth laser sword for Israeli air defence January 10 2020
    Israel Defence Ministry announced that they had developed a new laser system missile. According to the statement of the Ministry, a recent technological development made this system possible. The futuristic defence system is still under development and will be tested throughout the year and will not be operational in the short term. Just like the Iron Dome, the development of a laser defence system to complement it cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but the latter will ...
  • Rheinmetall and Thales to Guide Hydra Rockets
    Rheinmetall and Thales to Guide Hydra Rockets January 10 2020
    Rheinmetall and Thales have signed an agreement to support together with the future developments, qualification and production of the 70mm (2.75”) guided and unguided rockets solutions for helicopters as well as potentially other new platforms in Germany. Two international groups will propose complementary capabilities for the Tiger MK3 program. The Thales 70mm (2.75”) rocket systems are currently operated on UHT Tiger and under certification on Airbus Helicopters H145M....
  • World-First Electrical Technology from Rolls-Royce for Tempest Programme
    World-First Electrical Technology from Rolls-Royce for Tempest Programme January 9 2020
    British engine company Rolls-Royce released a press bulletin stating that they are developing world-first electrical technology for next-generation Tempest programme. To make the engine more electric, more intelligent and to harness more power, Rolls-Royce started to work to solve unprecedented levels of electrical power demand and thermal load; all need to be managed within the context of a stealthy aircraft. Rolls-Royce started to address the demands of the future in 2014. That ye...
  • Order Time for Iron Fist
    Order Time for Iron Fist January 9 2020
    Due to the increasing asymmetric threat, the use of active protection systems is becoming common. Elbit Systems has announced an order for the Iron Fist active protection system. A new step has come from Israel to increase the survivability of the new generation Eitan 8x8 wheeled vehicles. Elbit Systems has announced an agreement with the Israeli Defence Forces to procure Iron Fist active protection systems. The number of systems to be procured was not announced under the ...
  • Modernised M80AB1 Unveiled
    Modernised M80AB1 Unveiled January 9 2020
    Important milestone passed for modernisation project of BVP M80 platforms, whixh are developed during the Cold War and active since the late 1970s. Serbia introduced the first modernised prototype. The firepower of the platform, which renamed as M80AB1 after modernisation studies, was increased by a one-man turret. System is equipped with a 30 mm main weapon. It was seen that the platforms which increased the situational awareness with the new generation electro-optics were equ...
  • Russian Firepower Power to Egyptian Ships
    Russian Firepower Power to Egyptian Ships January 8 2020
    Egypt comes to the fore with the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean, the training and exercise activities carried out with different countries in the region. The Cairo government, which acquire currency with its collaborations in the region, published new images from the navy. In the images published from the Egyptian Navy deploying different aircraft on the platform, it was determined that the country also deployed Russian-made aircraft on the ships. The Navy, which playe...
  • US Air Force Considers Adding Communications Node to Tankers
    US Air Force Considers Adding Communications Node to Tankers January 7 2020
    The Air Force’s tanker fleet has logged hours transferring fuel, transporting troops and serving as flying ambulances. If the new concept of the US Air Force’s becomes real, they will help during combat.  US Air Force, Air Mobility Command leaders are exploring whether aerial refuelling aircraft could become a communications node in the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS).  ABMS is considered as the foundational technology to connect its air, space and...
  • Upgraded JF-17 Fighter Jet Makes Maiden Flight
    Upgraded JF-17 Fighter Jet Makes Maiden Flight January 5 2020
    The first images of the JF-17 Block 3 ‘4+ generation’ fighter were unveiled on December 28th, with a prototype shown taxiing on a factory runway in China before taking its first flight. The fighter represents the fourth variant of the JF-17, a fighter jointly developed by China and Pakistan from the early 2000s which saw its first flight in august 2003. The JF-17 was designed exclusively for export and does not serve in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, although over 100...
  • Greece cornering itself with F-35
    Greece cornering itself with F-35 January 4 2020
    Greece’s one of most selling newspaper Ta Nea wrote Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ desire to acquire F-35 aircraft. "If the fiscal conditions allow, we will seriously consider buying the F-35 because it is the most up-to-date and up-to-date market." With this phrase at the established celebration lunch with reporters, Kyriakos Mitsotakis put officially on the table the issue of reinforcing Air Force with the 5th generation American fighter aircraft F-35. O...
  • Pentagon Wants to Retire Truman Despite Trump Administration
    Pentagon Wants to Retire Truman Despite Trump Administration January 3 2020
    During recent budget negotiations, the Pentagon again tried to retire the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) 25 years early, Defence News reported. According to the magazine, this time the plan was withdrawn from the White House. The White House's Office of Management and Budget told the Pentagon that the Navy's budget submission did not include refuelling the Truman or maintaining its air wing and directed it to come back with a budget that restored funding to bo...
  • New Appointment to Military Factories
    New Appointment to Military Factories January 3 2020
    Veysel Unverdi is appointed as General Manager of Military Factories of the Ministry of National Defence according to the decision dated January 3, 2020 and published in the Official Gazette no. 30997, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appointed Veysel Ünverdi to the General Directorate of Military Factories of the Ministry of National Defence, which was available position.
  • Enforcer Order
    Enforcer Order January 3 2020
    Bundeswehr, which received budget agreements from Bundestag for vehicle modernisation and new system procurement, ordered another new missile system.  According to a statement from the Germany's Federal Office for Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw), office signed an agreement with the MBDA for Enforcer missile system procurement. Systems purchased within the scope of the Leichtes Wirkmittel 1800+ requirement of t...
  • $7bn to Maintain 195 F-22 on Air
    $7bn to Maintain 195 F-22 on Air January 3 2020
    Pentagon awarded Lockheed Martin a five-year contract worth $7 billion for maintenance of the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter. This additional five-year contract will extend the service’s contract work with Lockheed Martin through 31 December 2032. Work will be performed at a variety of operational bases, wherever the F-22 is deployed, according to the Pentagon. Lockheed Martin produced 195 examples of the F-22, with the last stealth fighter rolling off its production li...
  • ADVENT Integration Starts to TCG Anadolu
    ADVENT Integration Starts to TCG Anadolu January 2 2020
    TCG Anadolu, which has been launched in last weeks and will constitute an important power multiplier when it is started to use continues its integration activities. TCG Anadolu, which will be the largest ship of the Turkish Navy when it put in inventory, will not only be largest in size. The platform will be able to carry 1 amphibious battalion for the operation in open seas without the main base support, with the necessary combat and support vehicles, to perform...
  • Brexit Aftermath NATO: Status of Scotland
    Brexit Aftermath NATO: Status of Scotland January 2 2020
    Even though the Brexit referendum was about the European Union, the negative result has new scenarios on the agenda. The poll in the United Kingdom shows that England wants to leave the Union while other member Scotland wants to stay. Scotland may pursue an independent path to remain in Union but it has to declare independence. In that case, Scotland will not be a member of NATO either. NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg has confirmed that an independent Scotland would have to ...
  • Agressor Ban to LRIP F-35A Aircraft
    Agressor Ban to LRIP F-35A Aircraft January 2 2020
    The US Senate halted plans temporarily LRIP F-35A Lightning aircraft using as Aggressor. With the modern aircraft development projects in Russia and China with low radar cross-sectional area, the US Air Force began preparations to take measures against the fifth generation threats coming from the east. In this context, the plan of using LRIP F-35A Lightning IIs as "Aggressor" missions has been temporarily suspended. The decision of the F-35As, which was postponed to a late...
  • Goksungur Waits 2020
    Goksungur Waits 2020 December 31 2019
    Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAŞ) General Manager Professor Temel Kotil announced that Turkey’s first supersonic UAV Göksungur will perform its maiden flight in 2020. Kotil made an exclusive statement to C4Defence. Kotil expressed the latest developments about Aksungur and Göksungur UAVs. Kotil reminded that they were interested in Aksungur during 2019, that Aksungur was produced in a short period such as 18 months and that the time gained was shortened every time. &nb...
  • ASELSAN Closes 2019 with Record
    ASELSAN Closes 2019 with Record December 31 2019
    ASELSAN increased its turnover in both Turkish Lira and USD in 2019 thanks to indigenous products in the defence industry. With an export value of 50 per cent, the company surpassed the US $ 327 million and continued to receive new orders for the coming years in the last quarter of the year. These orders reached approximately USD 700 million in the last three months of 2019.   Turkey's top R & D spending, one of the firms in ASELSAN, R & D spending by the ...
  • New Country in Middle East Dilemma: Japan
    New Country in Middle East Dilemma: Japan December 30 2019
    Japan is being added to the Middle East chaos. After the tension between Washington and Tehran, the Tokyo Government decided to send the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) to the Middle East with an intelligence-gathering mission. The cabinet of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe approved a Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) mission that will see several assets, including a helicopter-carrying destroyer, two maritime patrol aircraft, and 260 personnel being despatched to the Mid...
  • First Piece at TF-X
    First Piece at TF-X December 30 2019
    Professor Temel Kotil, the General Manager of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS), informed C4Defence about new developments in the Turkish Fighter Programme (TF-X). Kotil stated that TUSAŞ and TUBITAK BILGEM have started to work on the reflection of radar waves from aircraft. Kotil said, “We started cutting the air inlets, we make the first air inlets. We began to work on their electromagnetic reflections with TÜBİTAK BİLGEM. The first air intake is now at TÜBİTAK. We want t...
  • Russian Su-57 to Get New Weapons
    Russian Su-57 to Get New Weapons December 30 2019
    The head of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has revealed that they are developing new, advanced weapons for Su-57 stealth fighter jet. Yury Slyusar, the director-general of UAC, was quoted as saying by Sputnik on Monday; “The Su-57 will be able to use many new means of destruction - some of them have already been created, others are being developed. Tests will continue consistent with the new functions and new goals.” Earlier this month, a senior official fro...
  • UK Sets its own “DARPA”
    UK Sets its own “DARPA” December 30 2019
    British PM Boris Johnson will spend £18 billion within five years in research and development, to promote a “new wave of economic growth” after Brexit. According to The Times, British PM will spend £800m for defence agency, a scientific research body modelled on US’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The “advanced research projects agency” will be based outside the golden triangle of London, Oxford and Cambridge. It also wants to set ...
  • Turkey is Likely to Purchase Another Batch of S-400
    Turkey is Likely to Purchase Another Batch of S-400 December 29 2019
    Russia hopes that Turkey will purchase another batch of air defence systems S-400, Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov told the television news channel Rossiya-24 in an interview. "It is very likely they will use this option and keep working with us. We do hope for this," he said.  
  • Russia claims its new hypersonic weapon “Avangard” is in inventory
    Russia claims its new hypersonic weapon “Avangard” is in inventory December 29 2019
    Russia’s defence minister Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Friday declared a new hypersonic weapon is in inventory. Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces chief, Gen. Sergei Karakayev, added that Avangard was put on duty with a unit in the Orenburg region in the southern Ural Mountains. Avangard can travel at least five times the speed of sound, or about one mile per second. Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled Avangard in March 2018 and clai...
  • Philippines Receives Offshore Patrol Vessel from OCEA
    Philippines Receives Offshore Patrol Vessel from OCEA December 29 2019
    The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) received on 18 December 2019, an offshore patrol vessel BRP Gabriela Silang (OPV-8301) from French shipbuilder OCEA. The ship will arrive in the Philippines by February 2020. The ship is based from OCEA's OPV-270 design and with a length of almost 84 meters, the largest monohull patrol boat in the world made of aluminium, and is expected to be the PCG's newest flagship and largest patrol vessel. The ship will host 40 offic...
  • Upgrading of F-16 Begins
    Upgrading of F-16 Begins December 28 2019
    Greece says it has signed an agreement with U.S. defence contractor Lockheed Martin that will allow a major upgrade of its F-16 fighter jet fleet over the next seven years. The defence ministry procurement agency announced Friday that the deal was signed Tuesday finalising details of Lockheed's use of a Greek subcontractor. The defence minister, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, told parliament earlier this month that 84 F-16 jets would be upgraded by 2027 to the advanced-tech Viper class ...
  • Okinawa Base Transfer Costs More Than Expected
    Okinawa Base Transfer Costs More Than Expected December 28 2019
      The US Defence Ministry said Wednesday it now estimates the costs to relocate the Futenma Air Station to the coastal area of Henoko will more than double the current budget to $8.5 billion and the construction period needs to be extended to over nine years. Washington plans to push ahead with the relocation of a U.S. air base within Okinawa Prefecture despite the overwhelming public opposition expressed in a referendum on Sunday, recognising the outpost's strate...
  • Armoured Vehicle Reinforcement to Haftar Forces
    Armoured Vehicle Reinforcement to Haftar Forces December 27 2019
    Clashes continue between Libyan National Army forces under the command of Khalifa Haftar and the Government of National  Accord. Despite the UN's arms embargo on Libya, Haftar forces were reinforced with new armored vehicles. A news published in Jane's, it was seen that Libyan National Army forces equipped with Terrier LT-79 armoured vehicles. It was also attended that the vehicle is in new condition and despite harsh environmental conditions, exterior of the LT-79 was ...
  • Indonesia to Acquire Two Squadrons of New F-16s
    Indonesia to Acquire Two Squadrons of New F-16s December 27 2019
    Indonesian Air Force wants to acquire both US and Russian aircraft in the inventory. According to Indonesia’s next five-year strategic plan, running from 2020-2024, the country will pursue the goal of acquiring both F-16 Block 72 and Su-35. The chief of the Indonesian Air Force Air Marshal Yuyu Sutisna talked to state-owned national news agency Antara, about the southeast Asian nation plans to submit a request to buy two squadrons of Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 72 fighters...
  • Ukraine and US signed new contract for Javelin missiles
    Ukraine and US signed new contract for Javelin missiles December 27 2019
    The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine signed a contract with the US Government to supply to Ukraine the second batch of  FGM-148 Javelin anti-tank missiles. On October 3, the State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Ukraine for one hundred fifty (150) Javelin missiles and related equipment and support for an estimated cost not to exceed $39.2 million. The Government of Ukraine has requested to buy 150 Javelin missiles and 10 Javelin C...