• Will Charles de Gaulle achieve "Balance" in the Eastern Mediterranean?
    Will Charles de Gaulle achieve "Balance" in the Eastern Mediterranean? 3 February 2020
    Charles de Gaulle, France's aircraft carrier, turned its direction to the Eastern Mediterranean to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Paris, which wants to increase its military presence in the region, will deploy Charles De Gaulle at Limassol port in Greek Cypriot for several days next month. French Ambassador to Greek Cyprus Isabelle Dumont told the News Agency the aircraft carrier would arrive in the region in "just a few days" to take part in coalition operations against ISIS in ...
  • Russia’s New Sea Tanker to Enter Service
    Russia’s New Sea Tanker to Enter Service 17 January 2020
    Russia’s new sea tanker Academician Pashin will join the Northern Fleet’s logistics and rear support forces in late January, the Northern Fleet’s press office reported on Thursday. "On January 21, a solemn ceremony of hoisting the flag of the Navy’s auxiliary fleet will take place aboard the new sea tanker Academician Pashin at the Northern Fleet’s main base of Severomorsk. This day will become the date of officially accepting the vessel for servic...
  • Nuclear Submarine Test Started
    Nuclear Submarine Test Started 6 December 2019
    Designed by the Russian-based Malakhit Marine Engineering Bureau, the latest Project Yasen-M multirole nuclear-powered submarine Kazan, test-fired torpedo weapons from its submerged position in the White Sea. According to the Russian Northern Fleet, the torpedo test-fire passed successfully. Tested in the White Sea, torpedoes successfully destroyed the underwater target. The fleet also announced that they would continue to test Kazan in the White Sea in the coming days. It was laid ou...
  • US’ Second Ford-Class Aircraft Carrier to Enter the Water
    US’ Second Ford-Class Aircraft Carrier to Enter the Water 30 October 2019
    The US Navy’s second Ford-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, John F Kennedy (CVN 79), is set to enter the water for the first time. The dry dock where the vessel’s keel was laid in 2015 is currently being flooded in phases with over 100 million gallons of water. Several tests will be carried out during the flooding process. CVN 79 will be put through more tests in November. The vessel will be named in a ceremony on 7 December. The Geral...
  • ICBM Drill From Russia
    ICBM Drill From Russia 18 October 2019
    The Russian nuclear forces have terminated their annual readiness exercise, dubbed “Grom [Thunder] 2019,” which will involve 12,000 troops, 213 intercontinental-range ballistic missile launchers, up to 105 aircraft and around 20 warships, according to the Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD). Two RSM-50 [NATO reporting name: SS-N-18 Stingray] ballistic missiles were launched towards the Chizha firing range. The exercise took place from October 15 to 17 in all...
  • Korea re-runs for Nuclear-Powered Submarine
    Korea re-runs for Nuclear-Powered Submarine 11 October 2019
    The Republic of Korea is considering to own nuclear-powered submarine. According to the Korea Herald, the Navy is running a task force on the potential construction of nuclear-powered submarines. ROK pushed to build such submarines in 2003 behind the scenes as part of its long-term military build-up program.  The project was suspended about a year later after it was disclosed in a media report. Then in 2017, the defence ministry researched the matter through private e...
  • Ballistic Response from Russia : Bulava, Sineva
    Ballistic Response from Russia : Bulava, Sineva 25 August 2019
    The USA had tested a medium-range cruise missile last week. Russia has test-fired two submarine-based ballistic missiles in response to US tests. The U.S. Defence Department had announced on Monday the test of a medium-range ground-launched cruise missile. The missile was launched on Sunday from the U.S. Navy-controlled San Nicolas Island off the coast of Los Angeles. In response, Russia tested missiles on Saturday, a week after US tests. "On August 24, in accordance with the c...
  • Nuclear Breaker to Arctic Regions
    Nuclear Breaker to Arctic Regions 11 August 2019
    FSUE ATOMFLOT continues to procure nuclear-powered icebreakers. Russia's Baltic Shipyard (Baltiysky Zavod) announced they have inked a 1.5 Billion USD contract with FSUE ATOMFLOT for the construction of the fourth and fifth Project 22220 class nuclear-powered icebreakers.  Delivery of both vessels is planned for 2024 and 2026 . The first ship of the class; Arktika was laid down at the Baltic Shipyard in November 2013. The second one; Siberia was laid down in May 2015. T...
  • First Suffren Received 12 July 2019
      Jane’s reported that France received the first of its new generation Suffren class (Barracuda) nuclear-powered attack submarine for its Navy. Suffren’s drydock will not actually be flooded until the end of July. Harbour trials are planned to start on 13 July and will continue until the second quarter of 2020, after which at-sea trials will begin. The loading of the nuclear core of the reactor is planned for September 2019, and the reactor is expected to go critica...
  • Poseidon under US Scrutiny
    Poseidon under US Scrutiny 26 March 2019
    According to CNBC, an underwater drone armed with a nuclear warhead is scheduled to join Russia's arsenal no earlier than 2027. CNBC’s claims are based on U.S. intelligence. Russia is working on a nuclear-powered system, dubbed "Poseidon," which can navigate autonomously, and travel continuously after launching from a submarine. Russian state media has previously announced that the Russian navy will place at least 30 Poseidon drones on combat duty. The ...
  • India Signs Over $3 Billion Deal with Russia for Nuclear Submarine
    India Signs Over $3 Billion Deal with Russia for Nuclear Submarine 9 March 2019
    India has for the third time signed an agreement to lease a Russian Akula-class nuclear-powered attack submarine according to Times of India. New nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN), will be available by 2025, after a comprehensive refurbishment at a Russian shipyard. The agreement will be realised despite the threat of US financial sanctions looming over the earlier $5.4 billion contract inked for Russian S-400 Triumf missile systems in October last year. This submarine will rep...
  • Pentagon Plans to Retire USS Harry S. Truman
    Pentagon Plans to Retire USS Harry S. Truman 28 February 2019
    U.S. Navy intends to retire its nuclear-powered Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman in the next decade. The ship was supposed to undergo a Refuelling & Complex Overhaul (RCOH) in 2024. The service plans to skip that in order to save money. The move could save more than $30 billion over 25 years to invest in high-tech weapons. The on-board nuclear reactor will then be allowed to run down. This will keep the aircraft carrier in service between mid to late 2020s. ...
  • Brazil to Join Nuclear-Powered Submarine Club
    Brazil to Join Nuclear-Powered Submarine Club 15 December 2018
    Brazil launched the first of five attack submarines built with French technology in a $8.9 billion program planned to end in 2029 with delivery of a nuclear-powered submarine. The 1,700-ton submarine "Riachuelo", built by the submarine development program (PROSUB). İs lowered into the sea at a Rio de Janeiro naval base The submarines being built by the Brazilian Navy in partnership with France’s defence company Naval Group, are a modified version of the Sco...
  • Deal Inked for 7th Astute Class Sub
    Deal Inked for 7th Astute Class Sub 16 May 2018
    The UK Ministry of Defence has signed a £1,5 billion contract with BAE Systems to build a seventh and final Astute Class submarine for the Royal Navy. The submarine will be called Agincourt and will become the sixth vessel in the Royal Navy to be named after the Battle of Agincourt of 1415.  The first three submarines in the Astute class, HMS Astute, HMS Ambush and HMS Artful, are already in service with the Royal Navy. The fourth, fifth and sixth submarine...
  • India Deployed Nuclear-capable B05 Missiles on INS Arihant
    India Deployed Nuclear-capable B05 Missiles on INS Arihant 15 May 2018
    India has joined the countries that have fully operational submarine-launched strategic missile systems capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. India has deployed the submarine-launched version of the indigenous B05 missiles at INS Arihant, India’s first nuclear-powered submarine. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) tested B05 missiles from a submarine after successful trials in 2013. The missiles are claimed to have ...
  • Poseidon Will Be Under Water by 2027
    Poseidon Will Be Under Water by 2027 15 May 2018
    The Russian Navy will get the Poseidon nuclear-armed unmanned underwater vehicles as part of the current State Armament Program for 2018-2027, a source in the military-industrial complex told TASS. "The Poseidon system has been included in the State Armament Program until 2027 and is due to come operational within the Navy before the end of the program. It includes several high-speed deep-water torpedoes with a small nuclear-powered unit," he said. TASS has no of...
  • Project 955A Sub To Be Delivered in 2019
    Project 955A Sub To Be Delivered in 2019 8 May 2018
    The Russian Navy will get improved Borei-II-class strategic nuclear submarine Knyaz Vladimir in 2019. The submarine will undergo a wide range of trials before delivery.  The vessel was laid down in 2012 and floated out on 17 November 2017. Knyaz Vladimir is the first Borei II-class (also designated Borei-A) nuclear-powered submarine being built under the modernized Project 955A program. 
  • Second Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier To Be Delivered in 2022
    Second Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier To Be Delivered in 2022 2 May 2018
    Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) announced on 30 April that the United States Navy’s (USN's) nuclear-powered aircraft carrier future USS John F. Kennedy (CVN 79) is 75 percent structurally complete and might be launched three months earlier than scheduled. The keel of the ship was laid in August 2015. USS John F. Kennedy is the second vessel of Gerald R. Ford class carrier being built for the USN. A third key milestone also was achieved recently when the ...
  • Russians Chose The Names For Weapons
    Russians Chose The Names For Weapons 26 March 2018
    Russians have chosen names for the country’s newest weapons by participating in a nationwide competition on the Defense Ministry’s website. The competition began after Russian president Vladimir Putin State of the Nation Address to the Federal Assembly on 1 March. “Burevestnik” (Stormbringer) was chosen as the name for the state-of-the-art nuclear-powered cruise missile after 34,8 percent of participants voted for it. T...
  • Record Pursue by Akula
    Record Pursue by Akula 19 March 2018
    A new information emerges every other day about Russia's Project 971 Shchuka-B (NATO reporting name: Akula) class nuclear-powered submarines. Speaking to Russian Defence Ministry television Zvezda, an official said that they followed an adversary submarine for days unnoticed at the Barents Strait. The Russian officer said, "We have been following for days since the first contact without being noticed which means a record for Russian naval capabilities in terms of pursue."
  • Russian Nuclear Sub Tests US Borders
    Russian Nuclear Sub Tests US Borders 19 March 2018
    It was announced that a Russian submarine performed a military exercise near a US Naval base. No information was given about the location and timing of the classified drill. According to the statement of a Russian commander who spoke to the Russian Defense Ministry's official television Zvezda (Star), the Russian nuclear-powered submarine carried out a military exercise near a US naval base. The submarine fleet Commander Sergey Starshinov, speaking on a ...
  • Russia Developed Nuclear-Powered Missile
    Russia Developed Nuclear-Powered Missile 6 March 2018
    Russia has developed a miniaturized nuclear power unit to be installed on cruise missiles which will provide an unlimited flight range and invulnerability to missile and air defence systems. Russian President Vladimir Putin said the launch of the missile and the tests on the ground allow for starting work to create a fundamentally new type of weapon; a strategic nuclear missile equipped with a nuclear power plant.  TASS reported the trials of the miniaturize...
  • Iran May Plan to Build Nuclear-Powered Submarine
    Iran May Plan to Build Nuclear-Powered Submarine 27 February 2018
    Iran has disclosed plans to develop nuclear reactors for ships. According to German Radio, Tehran has told United Nations nuclear inspectors of its plan to build nuclear reactors for ships. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Iran had informed the agency in January by a letter of a “decision that has been taken to construct naval nuclear propulsion in future.” The original nuclear deal — signed by Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, al...
  • Outer Hatch of the Sub Left Open
    Outer Hatch of the Sub Left Open 9 January 2018
    India's indigenously-constructed nuclear submarine INS Arihant has reportedly suffered a major damage due to human error and been under repair for almost 10 months. According to the local news outlet, the outer hatch of the submarine is believed to have been left accidentally open, leading to ingress of seawater into the vessel.  Commissioned into service in August 2016, 6000-ton nuclear-powered submarine is armed with 12 K-15 missiles with a r...
  • Submarine Move by Korea
    Submarine Move by Korea 13 November 2017
    The Republic of Korea and the US reached an agreement during their summit in Seoul regarding acquisition and development of cutting-edge weapons that would include nuclear-powered submarines and surveillance assets.  Reportedly, The Republic of Korea tends to purchase second-hand nuclear-powered submarines instead of building a new one.
  • Granit Trial by Russian Sub
    Granit Trial by Russian Sub 5 July 2017
    Russian Northern Fleet announced on wednesday that its Smolensk nuclear-powered submarine has conducted a successful test launch of a cruise missile while submerged. The fleet's spokesperson stated that a Granit missile was fired against a combined sea-based target at a distance of about 400 kilometers in the Barents Sea.  A Project 949A Antei nuclear-powered attack submarine (SSN), K-140 Smolensk was commissioned on March 14, 19...
  • Russian Sub Test-fires ICBM
    Russian Sub Test-fires ICBM 28 June 2017
    Russian Navy has carried out a successful test-firing of Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missile on Monday from Yuri Dolgoruky nuclear-powered submarine, the country's Ministry of Defence announced. "The Project 955 Borei-class underwater missile cruiser Yuri Dolgoruky has made a successful launch of a Bulava intercontinental ballistic missile from the designated area of the Barents Sea towards the Kura practice range in Kamchatka. The launch was made from the submerged...
  • The US' Nuclear-Powered Sub, Deployed Off Korean Peninsula
    The US' Nuclear-Powered Sub, Deployed Off Korean Peninsula 25 April 2017
    The US Navy's Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarine USS Michigan (SSGN-727) is set to join USS Carl Vinson this week to participate military exercise off the Korean Peninsula. The submarine will also reportedly conduct surveillance missions once it joins the carrier strike group.  Ohio-class submarines are fitted with up to 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles and can carry 24 Trident II submarine-launched ballistic missiles. They are also come armed with fo...
  • HMS Agamemnon Received Start Signal
    HMS Agamemnon Received Start Signal 20 April 2017
    BAE Systems has been awarded a $1,8 billion contract by the UK’s Ministry of Defence for the delivery of Royal Navy's sixth Astute class nuclear-powered attack submarine, HMS Agamemnon. The first three Astute class submarines HMS Astute, HMS Ambush and HMS Artful are currently in service with the Royal Navy. The service will take delivery of a total seven submarines of the same class. Having six 533mm torpedo tubes, the Astute-class submarines are ...
  • Russian Missile 8 Times Faster Than Sound
    Russian Missile 8 Times Faster Than Sound 17 April 2017
    Russia's newest Tsirkon 3M22 hypersonic anti-ship missile has reached Mach 8 during the most recent tests, according to local media reports on Saturday. Designed to be carried by advanced and modernized warships and submarines, Tsirkon missiles will first be installed on the Admiral Nakhimov and the Pyotr Veliky nuclear-powered missile cruisers. fifth-generation Husky-class nuclear submarines are also expected to be armed with Tsirkon 3M22. Having a range of&...
  • Second 'Yasen' Launched
    Second 'Yasen' Launched 31 March 2017
    The second of Yasen-class (Project 885) nuclear-powered multipurpose attack submarines, Kazan has been launched at the Sevmash shipyards today. Having been under construction since 2009, the submarine is also the first upgraded submarine of Project 885M. Kazan is scheduled to be delivered to the Navy’s Northern Fleet in 2018. Yasen-class submarines were designed by Malakhit Central Design Bureau. These are the first Russian Nuclear-powered Guided Missi...
  • Bulava-M ICBM to Nuclear-powered Sub
    Bulava-M ICBM to Nuclear-powered Sub 17 March 2017
    Russia's first Borei II-class nuclear-powered submarine being built under the modernized Project 955A program, Knyaz Vladimir, will be floated out before the end of June this year, the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) revealed today. The modernization programme includes new weapon systems to be integrated on the submarine, such as enhanced Bulava-M sea-launched intercontinental ballistic missiles. Russian Navy currently operates four Borei-class sub...
  • Unexpected Issue of US Sub
    Unexpected Issue of US Sub 14 March 2017
    An unexpected issue has came to light concerning the US submarine which has been commissioned in 2012 and plan to keep in service until 2070. The new generation nuclear-powered Virginia class submarines of the US, also known as SSN-774 class, can be located under water. It has been revealed that the underwater sound isolation material is peeling off of the platform. The US Navy's submarine USS Mississippi has been submerged at its homeport in Pearl Harbor. The images reveal...
  • Bluff Drill to North Korea
    Bluff Drill to North Korea 10 March 2017
    The US is conducting joint drills with Japanese Forces in the in the East China Sea. The exercise was launched on Tuesday and aimed to show strength and presence against North Korean agressive demeanor in the region. A US Navy carrier strike group, including the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, and Japanese destroyers participate the military drill.  North Korea had launched four missiles in the past few days, angering both US and Japan.&nb...
  • Kalibr Reinforcement to Nuclear-powered Subs
    Kalibr Reinforcement to Nuclear-powered Subs 9 March 2017
    Russian Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov revealed on Tuesday that the Project 949A Antey nuclear-powered submarines will be rearmed with Kalibr missile systems. Accordingly, the Zvezda shipyard has been carrying out modernization the nuclear submarines, including the replacement of navigation, life support and other systems as well as the replacement of armament with the Kalibr missiles. Russia currently has eight operational Project 949A Antey submarines, armed with 2...
  • Japan Confidence Subcontract Intelligencer
    Japan Confidence Subcontract Intelligencer 25 February 2017
    Japan is aiming to increase its intelligence on nuclear-powered missile tests conducted by North Korea. According to local media yesterday's report, the Japanese government has taken precaution to detect and monitor North Korea's nuclear tests. Japan has transferred about $ 2.43 million to the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO).The Organization will spend the fund from Japan to increase the verification capacity of missile tests a...
  • Russian Submarine Returned to Home
    Russian Submarine Returned to Home 17 February 2017
    Russia's Delta III (Project 667BDR) class nuclear-powered submarine  Ryazan has returned to home. the renovation and modernization activities has completed for five years in Zvezda Shipyard, Bolshoy Kamen. Russian Defence Ministry confirmed that Ryazan nuclear submarine returned to its homeport in Vilyuchinsk, Kamchatka. Ryazan, one of the three Submarines of the Project 667BDR in use, is capable of diving to a depth of 400 meters. The 160 meter-long submarine has four 533 mm an...
  • The First Nuclear-Powered Carrier Ship Retires
    The First Nuclear-Powered Carrier Ship Retires 29 January 2017
    The world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise will be retired on 3 February at Newport News Shipbuilding, where the carrier was built. The US Navy ship was taken from service in 2012. Decommissioning ceremony will be closed to the public. 
  • The Fourth Yasen-class Sub Passed Hydraulic Tests
    The Fourth Yasen-class Sub Passed Hydraulic Tests 24 January 2017
    Russia’s fourth Yasen-M class (Project 885) multipurpose nuclear-powered submarine ‘Krasnoyarsk’ successfully completed hydraulic tests of the pressure hull and its structures, announced by Sevmash Shipyard press office. Designed by Malakhit Marine Engineering Design Bureau, the first Project 885 submarine Severodvinsk was delivered to the Russian Navy on June 17, 2014. 
  • Russia Completes Its Nuclear Submarine Fleet
    Russia Completes Its Nuclear Submarine Fleet 28 December 2016
    Russia laid the keel of country’s eighth and final nuclear-powered Borei-class submarine, named Kniaz Pozharsky on 23 December during a ceremony at the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk. Designed by Rubin Marine Equipment Design Bureau, the first Borei-class (Project 955) submarine Yuri Dolgorukiy entered service in 2013. Since then, Russian Navy received three submarines of the same class in total, and another four modernized submarines were built at the Sevmash shipyard.  P...