• Modernization Plan for Pakistan Navy
    Modernization Plan for Pakistan Navy 20 October 2020
    Pakistan plans to modernize its navy against the threat of India.  Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi, Commander of the Pakistan Navy, said the Navy's priority was "ready for battle and high attack capability." During his speech, he assured that the priority of the Navy is "combat readiness and offensive capacity.” Accordingly, the number of warships in the Pakistani Navy will be increased to 50. Transfer of a Yuan-class submarine of Chinese origin destined t...
  • Production of three JF-17 Thunder fighters for the Nigerian Air Force is completed
    Production of three JF-17 Thunder fighters for the Nigerian Air Force is completed 15 September 2020
    Pakistani state-owned Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) has completed production of three JF-17 Block.2 Thunder fighters for the Nigerian Air Force. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra completed the first three aircraft of Nigeria deal, NAF-720, NAF-721 and NAF-722. Nigeria is going to pay USD 36 million as partial payment for the three aircraft. The payment will also cover support equipment and spares. This makes Nigeria the first buyer of the type to be officiall...
  • Turkey Lays Keel of Pakistan’s First MILGEM
    Turkey Lays Keel of Pakistan’s First MILGEM 5 June 2020
    In accordance with the needs of the Pakistani Navy, an agreement was signed between Turkey and Islamabad for the supply of four MİLGEM- class vessels. Under the contract, it was decided that two of the platforms would be built at Istanbul Shipyard Command and the remaining two ships in Karachi. The keel laying ceremony of the first MİLGEM type corvette for Pakistan Navy was held on June 4 at Istanbul Shipyard Command. Pakistani media reported that these vessels would contr...
  • Ukraine may Buy JF-17 Block 3
    Ukraine may Buy JF-17 Block 3 3 May 2020
    Ukraine may be the new buyer of JF-17 Block 3, a modernized version of the JF-17 fighter jet jointly developed by China and Pakistan. In March, a delegation from the Ukrainian Air Force (UAF) visited the Pakistani Aviation Complex Kamra. The UAF met with Saab in 2014 to buy fighter jets, but no conclusions were reached. Kiev, which is considering the F-16, may have changed its direction due to budget constraints. Speaking to, a source stated that JF-17 Block 3 can be purchase...
  • Tank Delivery to Pakistan
    Tank Delivery to Pakistan 22 April 2020
    Despite its limited opportunities and virus epidemic, Pakistan continues to work on reinforcing its army and received a new delivery. Islamabad, which received the first batch of modernized T-55 tanks from Serbia in the past weeks, announced that the first VT4s it procured from China arrived in the country yesterday. In 2019, the delivery ceremony was held in mid-April 2020 for the platforms selected by the Pakistani Army, and the platforms set off in the direction of...
  • Pakistan's New Mysterious Submarine
    Pakistan's New Mysterious Submarine 17 April 2020
    Pakistan is thought to have built a small-sized submarine about 17 meters long and two and a half meters wide designed for Special Forces. Us-based Forbes magazine reported that the platform was deployed at PNS Iqbal private naval base in Karachi, Pakistan. The submarine is a small Special Forces type, measuring around 55 feet long by 7 to 8 feet across. That is a fraction of the size of a regular submarine. Its location and size both point to use by the Pakistani Navy's Special...
  • Turkish Ship to Indian Navy
    Turkish Ship to Indian Navy 24 March 2020
    According to allegations published in the Economic Times problems between Turkey and India on vessel procurement, exceeded. TAIS, a joint subsidiary of Sedef, Sefine and Anadolu Shipyards, is preparing to procure Logistic Support Vessel (LSV) to the Indian Navy. TAIS won the tender with 2,3 billion US Dollar package of India to provide technological support for five platforms New Delhi gave hold to the process due to Turkey's close relations with Pa...
  • Pakistan May Prefer Chinese Helicopter Instead of T129 Atak and AH-1Z
    Pakistan May Prefer Chinese Helicopter Instead of T129 Atak and AH-1Z 28 February 2020
    Pakistan may prefer Chinese Z-10ME attack helicopter instead of Turkish T129 Atak and US AH-1Z Viper choppers. Pakistani official gave the signal of some changes in the procurement process. According to a statement from a Pakistani high-rank officer, roadmap of country's attack helicopter acquisition process may change. Struggling with budget issues as well as lack of materials, Islamabad signaled that T129 Atak and AH-1Z Viper procurement could be abandoned. In case of fai...
  • Upgraded JF-17 Fighter Jet Makes Maiden Flight
    Upgraded JF-17 Fighter Jet Makes Maiden Flight 5 January 2020
    The first images of the JF-17 Block 3 ‘4+ generation’ fighter were unveiled on December 28th, with a prototype shown taxiing on a factory runway in China before taking its first flight. The fighter represents the fourth variant of the JF-17, a fighter jointly developed by China and Pakistan from the early 2000s which saw its first flight in august 2003. The JF-17 was designed exclusively for export and does not serve in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, although over 100...
  • Third and Fourth Frigates are being Built
    Third and Fourth Frigates are being Built 4 November 2019
    China has begun work on a third, and fourth Type 054A frigates on order for the Pakistan Navy. A steel cutting ceremony was held for the third and fourth ship at the Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard in China on November 1st. The contract signed between China Shipbuilding Trading Co. Ltd (CSTC) and the Pakistani government for procurement was announced in June 2018. According to Chinese sources, the deal includes four platforms. The class of ships built for Pakistan was named Type 054AP. Almost equal ...
  • Will Nuclear Policy Change?
    Will Nuclear Policy Change? 19 August 2019
    The tension between India and Pakistan continues. India has stuck to its commitment of ‘no first use’ of nuclear weapons but future policy will depend on the situation, the defence minister said on Friday, which analysts said introduced a level of ambiguity in a core national security doctrine.   India had declared itself a nuclear power after conducting underground tests in 1998 and Pakistan responded with own tests shortly afterwards. Since then, nuclear...
  • 700 Million Dollar Missile
    700 Million Dollar Missile 30 July 2019
    Indian Air Force is looking to buy 700 million US dollars worth of both air to air and air to surface  missiles from Russia after the Balakot strike. The order includes R-73 heat seeker missiles with 30km range and active radar guided R-77, which is American AIM-120 AMRAAM’s Russian counterpart, with 80km range. These missiles are designed to arm the Russian-made MiG and Sukhoi aircraft. The order, meant to boost the IAF’s capability, also includes anti radiation missile, the...
  • Contradicting India's Claim: US Count Found No Pak F-16s Missing
    Contradicting India's Claim: US Count Found No Pak F-16s Missing 5 April 2019
    The Indian government had said that a Pakistani F-16 fighter jet was shot down by the Indian Air Force in a dogfight on February 27. US. Foreign Policy Magazine has claimed that claim may not be true; “Did India Shoot Down a Pakistani Jet? U.S. Count Says No.” In a report quoting unnamed US defence officials. "Two senior US defence officials with direct knowledge of the situation told Foreign Policy that U.S. personnel recently counted Islamabad's F-16s and foun...
  • AESA Radar for JF-17 Block 3
    AESA Radar for JF-17 Block 3 12 March 2019
    The development and production of the JF-17 Block 3 leads towards Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar is next step. Yang Wei, a Chinese legislator and chief designer of the China-Pakistan co-developed fighter jet, said, "all related work is being carried out," at a Thursday press conference featuring Chinese legislators and political advisers in aviation, China Aviation News reported Friday. The third block will see the JF-17's informative warfare capabili...
  • First Step for Pakistani Frigate
    First Step for Pakistani Frigate 27 December 2018
    China has started the construction work for the second frigate ordered by Pakistan. Steel cutting ceremony was held at the Hudong-Zonghua Shipyard for the platform. For two frigates, Pakistan signed a supply agreement with China in 2017. In July 2018, an agreement for two additional vessels have signed. All frigates are scheduled to be completed in 2021 following the completion of construction and testing activities. Type 054A platforms serving as general pu...
  • Sino-Turkish Competition at IDEAS
    Sino-Turkish Competition at IDEAS 8 December 2018
    Organised in Karachi, the capital of Pakistan’s Sindh state, IDEAS Defence Exhibition witnessed a veiled competition between Turkey featuring the largest participation in scope and China, which sought benefits from time-honoured relations based on infrastructure.   Suppliers from the two countries not only competed for exhibition area or number of visitors; they also made huge efforts to develop relations. While contracts signed between China Shipbuilding Indust...
  • STM Delivers One Of İts Largest Single-İtem Export Projects: Fleet Tanker To Pakistan Navy
    STM Delivers One Of İts Largest Single-İtem Export Projects: Fleet Tanker To Pakistan Navy 16 October 2018
    The Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker (PNFT), one of the biggest single-item export projects of the Turkish defence industry, was delivered to the Pakistan Navy at a commissioning ceremony held in Karachi.   Pakistani President Arif Alvi, Defence Industries President Professor İsmail Demir, Defence Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. (STM) Chairman İhsan Kaya, STM General Manager Murat İkinci, STM Karachi Director Halil Baş and the military authorities of the two countri...
  • Pakistan Discuss Plan B to for T-129
    Pakistan Discuss Plan B to for T-129 10 September 2018
    Pakistani defence Magazine Quwa brought future of T-129 deal with Pakistan to discussion table. Magazine claims that “current tensions between Ankara and Washington have cast doubt on whether Turkish Aerospace will be able to bring Pakistan’s order for 30 T129 ATAK attack helicopters to fruition. “ Magazine discuss that “the concern stems from the fact that the T129’s engine – i.e. the Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Company (LHTEC) CTS800 turbosh...
  • Russian Convergence at Near-East
    Russian Convergence at Near-East 10 August 2018
    Pakistan has signed an agreement with Russia. Pakistani Army military personnel will train in Russian Federation training facilities. No information was provided about the details of the agreement between the two countries and the agreement signed for the incerasing bi-lateral relations between two countries. Agreement signed at the first meeting of the Russian-Pakistani Joint Military Consultative Committee. Pakistan is taking various steps to increase its cooperation with Rus...
  • ATAK Export Deal Inked With Pakistan
    ATAK Export Deal Inked With Pakistan 25 May 2018
    T-129 ATAK attack helicopter, developed and produced by Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI), was exported to Pakistan. Ongoing talks with Pakistan on the ATAK helicopter resulted positively. It was announced in the defence, aviation and space industry section of Justice and Development Party's Elections Declaration of Presidential and General Elections that a contract was very recently signed for the sale of 30 ATAK helicopters with Pakistan. Two yea...
  • Pakistan Tested 'Babur 1'
    Pakistan Tested 'Babur 1' 17 April 2018
    Pakistan Armed Forces have successfully tested an enhanced version of the locally-developed Babur cruise missile on 14 April. With a range of 700 kilometers, Babur Weapon System-1 is capable of carrying various types of warheads.  Pakistani Navy also recently tested a submarine-launched variant of the Babur missile saying that SLCM Babur was fired “from an underwater dynamic platform” and “successfully engaged its target with precise a...
  • STM-design Replenishment Ship Completed First Cruise
    STM-design Replenishment Ship Completed First Cruise 12 April 2018
    Indigenously designed by Turkish company STM to meet Pakistani Navy requirements and built at the Karachi Naval Shipyard in Pakistan, the fleet replenishment vessel successfully completed its first cruise in the Indian Ocean on 31 March 2018. Apart from the crew and Karachi Shipyard personnel, a total of 30 STM personnel and personnel from other Turkish companies participated the first cruise of the ship. Designated as PNS MOAWIN, the vessel has a length of 158,4 metr...
  • Demonstration Flight by ATAK in Pakistan
    Demonstration Flight by ATAK in Pakistan 24 March 2018
    The T-129 ATAK helicopters developed by the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) are close to being exported to Pakistan. Two A400M transport aircraft belonging to the Turkish Air Force took three T-129 helicopters to Pakistan, although no announcement was made on this issue. T-129 carried out demonstration flights with aircraft and helicopters of the Pakistani Air Force during the inventory parade in Islamabad. Two years ago, TAI took a T-129 helicopter to Pakistan for flight tests. ...
  • ASELSAN's ASELPOD Seen on Pakistani JF-17
    ASELSAN's ASELPOD Seen on Pakistani JF-17 22 March 2018
    ASELSAN's ASELPOD was seen on JF-17 before Pakistan's Military Day celebrations to be held tomorrow. defencedotpk, a popular Twitter account in Pakistan's defence field, has released an image of the Pakistan Air Force's JF-17 flying with the ASELSAN ASELPOD Targeting pod. In the Twitter post, ASELPOD was declared operational. The same pod appeared with the same visual in Turkish media with "tests started" statement. the Pakistan Air Force has...
  • Pakistan, Pleased With JF-17 Live-fire Tests
    Pakistan, Pleased With JF-17 Live-fire Tests 5 February 2018
    Pakistan has completed live firing exercise of a missile from the indigenously built JF-17 Thunder fighter jet at Sonmiani Firing Range and shot down a slow speed target with BVR (Beyond Visual Range) and IR (Infrared) air-to-air missile with pinpoint accuracy at the range near Karachi, the Pakistan Air Force said on Friday. The JF-17 aircraft was inducted into the Pakistani Air Force in 2007 and its five squadrons have been raised so far. The live demonstration was a pote...
  • New Shipyard for Pakistan
    New Shipyard for Pakistan 2 January 2018
    Pakistan will resume a long-delayed project to develop a naval shipyard in Gwadar. The Chief of Naval Staff for Pakistani Navy, Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi announced the plans to restart the programme on 28 December, revealing that the project will commence shortly and be completed in three to five years.
  • USA's Trial with the Drone
    USA's Trial with the Drone 7 November 2017
    The Trump Administration, motivated by internal and external pressures for broader use of drones, may fuel great power conflicts and instability especially in Africa. The United States of America is under pressure from inside and outside to authorise broader use of drones. While drone companies like Kespry, AirMap, Airspace, Measure UAS, Trumbull Unmanned and Precision Hawk keep lobbying for expanded use of drones for commercial purposes, Washington, which seeks establishment of mor...
  • Pakistani PM Will Fly With T-129
    Pakistani PM Will Fly With T-129 21 October 2017
    Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Hakan Abbasi will fly with the T-129 ATAK helicopter developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) tomorrow, according to Prime Minister Abbasi, who came to Turkey for the D-8 Summit, will take-off from Istanbul with TAI test pilot and experience helicopter flight experience. Pakistan's new prime minister has flown with the F-16 in the past few months. TAI developed the helicopter designed by Italian AgustaWestland with th...
  • First Bite At The Cherry
    First Bite At The Cherry 15 August 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) hopes to reap the first fruits of Le Bourget with Pakistan Air Force's close air support aircraft tender. Pakistani officials showed particular interest in Hürkuş and gathered information on the platform during the exhibition in Paris. According to, TAI is to offer Hürkuş C for this tender. The EMB 314 Super Tucano, developed by US-based Sierra Nevada Corporation and IOMAX's Archangel are also expected t...
  • Basic Trainer Purchase 1 August 2017
    Azerbaijan chose Super Mushshak basic trainer for meeting trainer needs. Agreement has inked during visit of Pakistani delegation at July, 27th. Pakistan planned to provide 10 Super Mushshak aircraft and technical and training support to Azerbaijan under agreement.
  • STM Inked Another Contract With Pakistan
    STM Inked Another Contract With Pakistan 28 July 2017
    Turkish STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. has been awarded the Pakistan Defence Production Ministry's 'hydrographic/oceanographic survey and port designing' tender, the company announced on 28 July. The statement said, "Under the project, it is planned that STM would be the one to conduct detailed design studies of the port that includes hydrographic/oceanographic survey modelling studies as well as geological and geotechnic ones, in accordanc...
  • Flights To Begin In September
    Flights To Begin In September 6 July 2017
    Pakistani Navy is getting ready to fly three of its newly acquired former UK military Sea King helicopters in September this year.  Pakistan has purchased a total of eight Sea King's from UK and prepares to fly one Sea King HAR3A and two HC4 'Junglies' in September.  The platforms, which were officially handed over on 24 May, are currently being refurbished by the UK-based Vector Aerospace Corporation. 
  • New Air Defence System to Pakistan
    New Air Defence System to Pakistan 13 March 2017
    Pakistan has taken delivery of LY 80 air defence system on 12 March, according to Inter Services Public Relations press release. The induction ceremony of the system was held at the Army Auditorium. Capable of tracking and destroying variety of aerial targets at low and medium altitude, the Chinese mobile air defence system is expected to increase Pakistani Army’s response capability to current and emerging air threats. The relevant contract,...
  • Thunder Roared In Pakistan
    Thunder Roared In Pakistan 19 February 2017
    The Pakistani Air Force received 16 additional JF-17 Thunder fighters during a ceremony held at Kamra Airbase on Thursday. The aircraft was jointly developed with China and manufactured in Pakistan. The new aircraft will join the 14-Squadron of Pakistan Air Force, who already operates 70 Thunders in its fleet. Pakistan plans to induct a total of 150 JF-17s.
  • Sector News Issue 46
    Sector News Issue 46 18 February 2017
    Heckler&Koch Fights for the Throne Ababeel in Pakistani Skies Japan Adapts to Conjuncture Italian Navy Rejuvenates Cadre German-Viking Collaboration in the North Sea Olive Branch from Warsaw to Paris ASELSAN’s Force of Gravity “Special” Rifle by MKEK TEI’s Engine, Like Clockwork
  • China Secures $54-Billion Corridor
    China Secures $54-Billion Corridor 16 January 2017
    China wants to secure $54-billion 'China-Pakistan Economic Corridor' (CPEC). Thus, Beijing donated two patrol boats to Pakistani Navy. The Chinese patrol boats PMSS Hingol and PMSS Basol were handed over to Pakistan during a ceremony held on 14 January.
  • Pakistan Conducts First Successful Test of Submarine-Launched Cruise Missile
    Pakistan Conducts First Successful Test of Submarine-Launched Cruise Missile 10 January 2017
    Pakistan on Monday successfully test-fired its first Submarine-Launched Cruise Missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead up to 450km from an undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean, giving the country a "credible" second-strike capability, the press service of Pakistan's Armed Forces said in a statement. The missile, Babur-3, was fired from an underwater, mobile platform and hit its target with precise accuracy, the Inter Services Public Relations, the media wing ...
  • Turkish Modernization to Agosta 90
    Turkish Modernization to Agosta 90 27 December 2016
    Having undertaken the modernization work of Pakistan Navy's French-made Halit-class Agosta 90-B submarines, HAVELSAN and STM has reached an agreement. According to the contract signed between two companies on 27 December 2016, HAVELSAN will provide the Pakistani subs with Submarine Integrated Command Control Systems. Thus, HAVELSAN's experience gained naval platforms will be utilized on a foreign underwater platform for the first time. STM and Pakistani Navy has reached an a...
  • Pakistan may Receive Mi-35 Helicopters In 2017
    Pakistan may Receive Mi-35 Helicopters In 2017 22 December 2016
    Pakistan’s Minister of Defence Production (MoDP) Rana Tanveer Hussain reportedly informed Pakistani media that Pakistan will receive its four Mi-35 assault helicopters from Russia in 2017 with the cost of $153 million U.S. Islamabad and Moscow signed the agreement on Mi-35 sale August 2015.   In April 2015, the U.S. State Department cleared the possible sale of 15 Bell AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters to Pakistan. Pentagon awarded Bell a contract to produce 11 AH-...
  • Philippines mulls defence asset imports from Pakistan
    Philippines mulls defence asset imports from Pakistan 10 December 2016
    The Philippines based PhilStar reports that Manilla is bearing in mind the possibility of procuring arms from Islamabad to modernize its armed forces and diversify its supplier pool. The Philippines is looking at importing weapons from Pakistan, to diversify the country's sources from the US. Philippines Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez said that he has spoken with the (Pakistani) Minister of Defence. “My understanding is that the defence industry in Pakistan i...