• Domestic Battery for ASELSAN Products
    Domestic Battery for ASELSAN Products March 26 2020
    The studies carried out for the transition to domestic sub-components from the foreign one, which used in domestic products continues. ASELSAN recently made an important announcement from its official social media account. "Our activities for the production of materials used in ASELSAN products domestically are continues. Finally, Li-Ion battery blocks acquired from foreign suppliers were localized through TSKGV affiliate ASPİLSAN." announcement made. Thus, elect...
  • Turkish Black Hawk on Trials
    Turkish Black Hawk on Trials March 25 2020
    The T70 Utility Helicopter Program, which was launched for the utility helicopter requirement of the Turkish Armed Forces and the fire fighting helicopter need of the General Directorate of Forestry, continues its progress. Presidency of Defence Industries (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı / SSB), which is the military acquirement corporation of Turkey, shared an information from its official social media accounts about the testing activities of the platform. In the statement, &...
  • Turkish Indigenous Pistol METE: SAR9 Mete
    Turkish Indigenous Pistol METE: SAR9 Mete March 19 2020
    The Presidency of Defence Industries launched the Domestic Pistol Development Project in 2019 to equip the security forces with a modern and lightweight, effective gun. In this context, it was announced that more than 200,000 weapons were delivered to the users in the past days. In the tender, hard specifications determined. These were 12 cm spread shooting from 25 meters, preserving effectiveness at high temperature, suitable for use in low temperature conditions and barr...
  • Turkish Indigenous Pistol METE: TP9 SF Mete
    Turkish Indigenous Pistol METE: TP9 SF Mete March 19 2020
    The Presidency of Defence Industries launched the Domestic Pistol Development Project in 2019 to equip the security forces with a modern and lightweight, effective gun. In this context, it was announced that more than 200,000 weapons were delivered to the users in the past days. In the tender, hard specifications determined. These were 12 cm spread shooting from 25 meters, preserving effectiveness at high temperature, suitable for use in low temperature conditions and barr...
  • US Will Produce Autonomous Submarine
    US Will Produce Autonomous Submarine March 18 2020
    The cost-effective solution provided by UAVs and minimizing the human factor causes new developments. The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has awarded contracts to three companies that will help come up with a design for a long-duration unmanned underwater vehicle. Within the scope of the Manta Ray Program, autonomous platforms that require minimum logistic support and can remain operational for a long time will be produced. The contract was signed with Lockheed Martin High T...
  • India and Russia Partnership Continues
    India and Russia Partnership Continues March 17 2020
    According to the Military Balance 2019 handbook published by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, over 1,025 T-90S tanks are operational in the Indian Army at present. As a result of the agreement reached with Russia, it was announced in February that the contract for the platform produced under the license will be extended until 2028. Thus, India, which can produce 400 more tanks, is planned to sign the agreement in the next few months. Russia's Feder...
  • Colombia May Acquire Gripen Fighters Produced in Brazil
    Colombia May Acquire Gripen Fighters Produced in Brazil March 16 2020
    Colombian Air Force is considering ordering 15 units of aircraft to replace its Israeli Kfir If Colombia decides to purchase Saab Gripen fighters, aircraft production may take place in neighbouring Brazil. That’s what the Swedish manufacturer’s new CEO, Micael Johansson, told a Brazilian newspaper. Johansson said that the pool of Brazilian companies that today is responsible for part of the supply of fighter jets to the Brazilian Air Force could be used as a pl...
  • New Sa'ar 6 Underway Trials
    New Sa'ar 6 Underway Trials March 12 2020
    Waters do not cool in the Eastern Mediterranean. New ships will be added to the region where the navy platform density is one of the highest in history, has been intense. The first Sa'ar 6 class corvette built for the Israeli Navy began maritime trials. The platform, which is considered to be INS Magen, was seen by ship spotters during the test run in Kiel. The ships built in Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems facilities have a hull structure that reduces the radar cross sect...
  • Modernised SVD Unveiled
    Modernised SVD Unveiled March 8 2020
    SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova / Dragunov Sniper Rifle), which was first produced by the Soviet Union first, showed its new face. SVDs, commonly known as "Kanas" in the Turkish Armed Forces and used by irregular elements as well as many regular armies, have been modernised. The face of the rifle changed with the study initiated by Kalashnikov, which is a subsidiary of Rostec. The flash hider of the gun, which was equipped with a heavier barrel than its...
  • Domestic Weapons of Turkey at Operation Spring Shield: Part-1 Small Arms
    Domestic Weapons of Turkey at Operation Spring Shield: Part-1 Small Arms March 5 2020
    The use of domestic weapons in Operation Spring Shield is a success story for the Turkish defence industry. However, this situation has a different meaning. Turkish Armed Forces (Türk Silahlı Kuvvetleri / TSK) used foreign weapons for many years in the Internal Security Operation. Turkey, which provided feedback about materials to manufacturers and has played an important role in the product development process with continuous feedback. For this reason, the fact that ...
  • Navy Integrate Laser Weapon to Destroyers
    Navy Integrate Laser Weapon to Destroyers March 3 2020
    An issue that unmanned aerial vehicles are a threat to surface elements due to ease of production, low costs and technologies such as artificial intelligence, and this issue will often become more and more complicated in the future, which will keep the defence lobbyists busy. The widespread use of systems prompts the navies to take technological measures such as laser weapons. In the face of the rising threat multiplier of drones, the United States announced that the ODIN (Opti...
  • AV8 Simulator from HAVELSAN
    AV8 Simulator from HAVELSAN February 16 2020
    HAVELSAN announced on social media accounts that it has completed the installation of the AV8 Armoured Ground Vehicle Simulator developed for the Malaysian Armed Forces. HAVELSAN has developed a simulator for 8 × 8 vehicles designed by FNSS and produced with its Malaysian partner DEFTECH. HAVELSAN's simulator emerged as a result of approximately three years of work in line with the demands of the customer and vehicle manufacturer. HAVELSAN produces simulators in many ...
  • Iran Unveiled New Ballistic Missile
    Iran Unveiled New Ballistic Missile February 13 2020
    Iran, which has frequently come to the fore with its nuclear studies and ballistic missile programs, unveiled a new ballistic missile. At the ceremony organized by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the Raad-500 surface-to-surface ballistic missile and new generation rocket engines were introduced. It was stated at the ceremony, which was also broadcasted on Iran State Television, that the new rocket engines were suitable for use with ballistic missile and satellite carrier rocket sys...
  • Spain Acquires 24 PC-21 Aircraft
    Spain Acquires 24 PC-21 Aircraft February 1 2020
    Pilatus Aircraft announced that Spain had ordered 24 Pilatus PC-21 single-engine turboprop trainers to replace its obsolete Casa C-101 Aviojets used since 1980. The contract is worth €204.75 million and calls for the first six aircraft to be delivered by March. The Spanish Air Force, Ejército del Aire, is the third European air force to opt for the Swiss-produced PC-21, the Next Generation Trainer.  
  • Will Japan Afford to Break the U.S. Alliance?
    Will Japan Afford to Break the U.S. Alliance? January 30 2020
    In the 1980s and ‘90s Japan licensed aspects of Lockheed Martin’s iconic F-16 fighter design and produced the F-2, a Japanese F-16 variant with bigger wing and better electronics. Japan plans to choose a partner as early as this summer for development of its successor to the F-2 fighter jet, weighing a proposal from the U.S., its closest ally, against a British offer that would give Tokyo greater control. While the design to be developed by working with another country provides ac...
  • Lockheed Martin Space Mesh Against Hypersonic Threats
    Lockheed Martin Space Mesh Against Hypersonic Threats January 29 2020
    Upon increasing hypersonic speed ballistic threats, Lockheed Martin announced that a new low-orbit space mesh system for observation missions was developed and the first prototype was placed in orbit. Within the scope of the program called Pony Express 1, which reached the prototype phase in a short period of nine months, it was announced that the first system was placed in orbit in December 2019. The study, which is expected to attract the attention of the Pentagon, ...
  • ASELSAN Communication Suites for Modernised Tanks
    ASELSAN Communication Suites for Modernised Tanks January 29 2020
    ASELSAN product communication suites, which procures digital radio equipments many countries including Turkey, began to be used in the modernized T-72 tanks. ASELSAN, which has been exporting digital communication systems to Ukraine since 2017, reaching wider use in the Ukrainian Army. Kiev Management preferred ASELSAN-produced digital communication systems as well as Ukraine-based Lybid K2 radio stations for the communication systems of modernised T-72AMT tanks, which wer...
  • Saab Starts T-7A Aircraft Production
    Saab Starts T-7A Aircraft Production January 26 2020
    Saab has started assembly production of its section of the T-7A aircraft, the advanced trainer developed and produced together with Boeing for the United States Air Force. Saab is responsible for the development and production of the aft fuselage section for the advanced trainer. Boeing is the designated prime contractor for the T-7A advanced pilot training system acquisition by the U.S. Air Force. Saab and Boeing developed the aircraft with Saab as a risk-sharing partner.
  • M4K Recovery Vehicle Passed Tests
    M4K Recovery Vehicle Passed Tests January 24 2020
    M4K (Partially Mine Protected Recovery Vehicle), which will perform a recovery mission for wheeled vehicles, has completed its qualification tests. The Presidency of Defence Industries made an announcement in its official accounts, "The qualification tests of thePartially Mine Protected Recovery Vehicle, which produced by MPG indigenously, has been completed qualification tests succesfully." A total of 29 M4K will put into Turkish armed forces inventory....
  • New Trucks for Bundeswehr
    New Trucks for Bundeswehr January 14 2020
    The German Army has recently announced a new procurement agreement, which has received budget approvals for new procurement and modernization programs. With the 382 million Euro agreement, the logistics infrastructure of the German Land Forces will be reinforced. With the agreement signed in the last days of 2019, new trucks will be entered in the inventory of the German Army (Bundeswehr). 1000 logistics trucks will be purchased in the scope of framework contract which sig...
  • BMC’s MPAV goes to Tunisia
    BMC’s MPAV goes to Tunisia January 4 2020
    BMC, an Izmir-based company, won the "International Armoured Vehicle Tender" of the Tunisian Interior Ministry and signed a contract for the production of nine 4x4 Multi-Purpose Armoured Vehicles (MPAVs). Within the scope of the signed agreement, nine 4x4 Medium Class Multi-Purpose Armoured Vehicles which will be produced entirely for the requests of Tunisian Ministry of Interior will be provided with integrated logistics support solutions.
  • $7bn to Maintain 195 F-22 on Air
    $7bn to Maintain 195 F-22 on Air January 3 2020
    Pentagon awarded Lockheed Martin a five-year contract worth $7 billion for maintenance of the F-22 Raptor stealth fighter. This additional five-year contract will extend the service’s contract work with Lockheed Martin through 31 December 2032. Work will be performed at a variety of operational bases, wherever the F-22 is deployed, according to the Pentagon. Lockheed Martin produced 195 examples of the F-22, with the last stealth fighter rolling off its production li...
  • Indonesia Unveiled ’Black Eagle" UAV
    Indonesia Unveiled ’Black Eagle" UAV January 2 2020
    Indonesia's National aviation company PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) introduced the prototype of Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle produced within domestic facilities. A roll-out ceremony was held at the PTDI facilities in Bandung for the combatant UAV called the Black Eagle (Elang Hitam). The prototype did not include a weapon station, but the promotional brochure showed two generic weapons. Speaking at the ceremony, BPPT General Manager Hammam Riza ...
  • Goksungur Waits 2020
    Goksungur Waits 2020 December 31 2019
    Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAŞ) General Manager Professor Temel Kotil announced that Turkey’s first supersonic UAV Göksungur will perform its maiden flight in 2020. Kotil made an exclusive statement to C4Defence. Kotil expressed the latest developments about Aksungur and Göksungur UAVs. Kotil reminded that they were interested in Aksungur during 2019, that Aksungur was produced in a short period such as 18 months and that the time gained was shortened every time. &nb...
  • Khan, Exported to Bangladesh
    Khan, Exported to Bangladesh December 18 2019
    Electroland Defence company developed and produced Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Robot especially for Bangladesh armed forces. Robots were tested under the supervision of military commission from Bangladesh. Robots passed the tests successfully, and acceptance tests are completed. Thus, the KHAN EOD Robot is exported for the first time. Bangladesh is the first recipient of five robots. Following the tests, the Water Jet Disrupter, which can be optionally mounted on the robot, wa...
  • Elektroland Defence Prepares for Delivery
    Elektroland Defence Prepares for Delivery December 15 2019
    Elektroland Defence is preparing to deliver its bomb destroying barrels to Bangladesh. They are entirely designed and produced by Elektroland Defence. Delivery is expected on Wednesday. Established in 1996 as an electronic card repair and reverse engineering centre, the company produced products such as remote-controlled portable x-ray control system and remote-controlled robotic vehicles for TAF and EGM. The Company tested the barrel with 4 kg TNT on October 11th. 
  • Zigana to Pass by Kuwait
    Zigana to Pass by Kuwait December 10 2019
    Trabzon Silah Sanayii (TİSAŞ) products are exhibited at The Gulf Defence & Aerospace Exhibition (GDA) held in Kuwait. TİSAŞ officials who opened a stand in GDA pointed out that the company has achieved many firsts in the sector with its technical infrastructure and quarter-century experience. Underlining that they have exported to more than 50 countries, TİSAŞ aims to increase its market share in the developing defence industry and to become a brand in the world with its quality. The comp...
  • First Modernized Tu-160M Enters Trials
    First Modernized Tu-160M Enters Trials November 30 2019
    The modernized variant of the strategic bomber Tu-160 (Blackjack) in Russia's production, with a variable arrow angle wing structure, has been tested. Tu-160M was transferred to Kazan Aviation for ground and flight testing. The platform, which was put into service in 1987, was stopped due to financial reasons due to the collapse of the Soviet Union. After strained relations with the West, the production line of Tu-160 reopened. After the ground tests are over, the Tu-160M will ent...
  • Meteor Missile to KF-X
    Meteor Missile to KF-X November 26 2019
      MBDA has been awarded a contract from Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) for the integration of the Meteor beyond visual range air-to-air missile onto the KF-X future Korean fighter aircraft the contract includes integration support to KAI, transfer of know-how and manufacture of test equipment for the KF-X integration and trials campaign. Following a joint development agreement signed in 2015, some 168 units of KF-X aircraft are to be produced, with Republic of Korea...
  • Bundeswehr orders Spike launchers and 1500 missiles
    Bundeswehr orders Spike launchers and 1500 missiles November 19 2019
    Rafael Advanced Defence Systems has signed a contract to sell Spike missiles and launchers to the German Army through a joint venture (JV). Germany's Federal Office for Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support, (Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr /BAAINBw) ordered 1,500 Spike missiles and hundreds of Integrated Control Launch Unit (ICLU) dismounted missile launchers from Eurospike for the German Army in early Novem...
  • "Synthetic Production in Multiple Media"
    "Synthetic Production in Multiple Media" November 19 2019
    Nowadays, when it is possible to enter it on the Internet, with the infiltration of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity is now essential for companies and governments. The cybersecurity firm Zemana set up in 2007 to protect against identity theft, financial and spyware. Three years ago, the company entered the market in Turkey. Orhan Akyürek, General Manager of the company, said that they are currently exporting products to 135 countries; At the press conference, he said they aim to s...
  • 15-Year Development Process Concludes
    15-Year Development Process Concludes November 11 2019
    India’s first indigenous beyond visual range air-to-air missile Astra is now finally ready for duty after 15  years of development. Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of India expecting the Indian Air Force to initially order at least 200 missiles for its Sukhoi-30MKI jets. DRDO is trying to increase the current range of the missile from 110 kilometers to 160 kilometers. With a weight of 154 kg and a length of 3.57 meters, the Astra flies more than four times the ...
  • Russia to Receive First Serial-Produced “Felon” before 2020 November 9 2019
    The Russian Air Force is expected to receive the first serial-produced Su-57 fighter aircraft by the end of 2019. Deputy Defence Minister, Alexei Krivoruchko, told that The Su-57 is “almost ready” to be handed over to the air force on November 8 by news agency RIA Novosti. Su-57 is recently named the “Felon” by NATO. The service was expected to take delivery of two Su-57s in 2019 and two more in 2020. The Russian government announced in late July th...
  • Atmaca Firing from Kinaliada
    Atmaca Firing from Kinaliada November 4 2019
    President of Defence Industry İsmail Demir shared the latest news about Atmaca surface-to-surface cruise missile from his twitter account. Demir said, “We have realised the first national missile fire from our national ship”. Demir’s statement is; “First national maritime cruise missile ATMACA, which was developed and produced by Roketsan, was successfully launched from TCG Kınalıada. We aim to enter the inventory of ATMACA in the second half of 2020 ”.
  • Radar and Border Security at Ankara November 1 2019
    The unstable environment of the countries in the region and the problem of refugees caused by the civil war in Syria is growing day by day. This situation makes it even more critical border security of Turkey, which fighting with terrorism for decades.   The 2nd Military Radar and Border Security Summit was held on October 2-3, 2019 in Ankara, where the most current solutions on military radar and border security produced in our country were exhibited.  Domestic ...
  • Taiwan Retires 49-year-old UH-1H
    Taiwan Retires 49-year-old UH-1H October 30 2019
    The Republic of China Army retired its UH-1H fleet today and declared the UH-60M fleet fully operational. A ceremony was held at Tai Chung Lung Hsiang base to mark the event. The UH-1H utility helicopter was in service for military training or in the relief operations of mountain rescue and natural disasters. Army Aviation Special Operations Command held a "de-settlement ceremony" on the 30th of this month due to the absence of parts and shortage of spare parts. Its air tr...
  • Second Altimeter Export from METEKSAN
    Second Altimeter Export from METEKSAN October 17 2019
    Meteksan Defence exported its radar altimeter developed for aerial platforms to an Asian country. The company announced its contract that took place in September with a press release. The radar altimeters are designed, developed and produced by Meteksan Defence in accordance with military standards. They are operated at aircraft, helicopters, UAVs and guided projectiles, for as low altitude, high-speed flights. Altimeters require low input power, operate in a wide frequency band and...
  • Fifth Ship Works Started at MİLGEM
    Fifth Ship Works Started at MİLGEM October 15 2019
    Signatures were signed for the fifth ship of the MİLGEM program of the Turkish Naval Forces and the first ship of class I. The fourth ship of the ADA class submarine defence warfare corvettes was signed on September 29th with the delivery ceremony of TCG Kınalıada. In the design of the fifth ship class, I air defence frigate, Defence Technologies Engineering Inc. (STM) will serve. The company had previously installed the design of four Ada classes. The ships were built under the command of th...
  • ASELSAN Opens Production Facility in Ukraine October 10 2019
    ASELSAN continues to expand its production facilities. Since 2017, ASELSAN has been supplying software-based tactical radios to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The company opened a local production facility in Kyiv, Ukraine. Radios will now be produced locally in Ukraine. A memorandum of understanding was signed between ASELSAN and Ukrainian STE for the production of ASELSAN military radio and intercom systems in Ukraine at the Arms & Security Exhibition held in Kyiv, Ukraine between 09-12 Oc...
  • Kinetic Bombardment October 4 2019
    A kinetic bombardment is essentially a form of ground attack, firing off a solid, monolithic mass from orbit to the earth, the destructive effect of the kinetic energy it will access due to its speed and mass complete the mission. In almost all of the projects thought for this purpose, it is envisaged that a core produced from heavy metals, which is high in weight in comparison to its size, is thrown from an orbital launcher. In other words, kinetic bombardment can also be described...