• First NH90 delivered to the Spanish Air Force for S&R Misison
    First NH90 delivered to the Spanish Air Force for S&R Misison 15 October 2020
    NHIndustries and its Partner Companies (Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo and Fokker) have delivered the first NH90 to the Spanish Air Force that will boost their search and rescue (SAR) and combat search and rescue (CSAR) mission capabilities. The Spanish Air Force will receive 12 NH90s intended to replace its ageing fleet of AS332 Super Pumas and will be based in Cuatro Vientos, near Madrid. Spain has ordered a total of 45 NH90s in the tactical transport version, to be operated by...
  • Leased Helicopter Era for French Air Force
    Leased Helicopter Era for French Air Force 18 March 2020
    While the Cold War equipment is nearing the end of its economic life, user countries are coming up with new action plans and measures. The French Air Force (Armée de l'Air / ALA) has announced that it will be replace veteran SA330 Puma helicopters, which are nearing the end of their useful life. The force, which plans to lease 20 H225s from Airbus in the first place, plans to use these platforms in missions such as search-rescue and air raid. While the published...
  • AeroVironment Unveils Puma LE
    AeroVironment Unveils Puma LE 16 October 2019
    US Company AeroVironment unveiled its new Puma LE unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) conference. Wahid Nawabi, company president and CEO, said The Puma LE prototype, has already flown multiple times. The aircraft weighs 10.2 kg and can be launched by hand or bungee. It is capable of performing two 5.5 hour missions enabled by a five-minute battery swap at the end of the first mission. The drone has 2.5 kg of total payload capa...
  • Greek Helicopters Landed on Egyptian LHD
    Greek Helicopters Landed on Egyptian LHD 24 March 2019
    According to Naval Analyses, Greek CH-47 Chinook and Apache helicopters landed on Egyptian Mistral-class LHD. Greek and Egyptian military forces attended on bilateral joint exercise “Medousa 6” from June 23 to 29, 2018. The Hellenic Armed Forces participated with two frigates, one submarine, eight F-16 fighters, one AWACS, one Super Puma SCAR helicopter, one Chinook carrier helicopter, two Apache attack helicopters, and SOF team The Egyptian Armed Forces with one Mistral-clas...
  • Royal Aircraft on Shelf
    Royal Aircraft on Shelf 8 January 2019
    UK has prepared a report on the Royal Air Force inventory. The document published by the Ministry of Defence included information on the situation of combat aircraft fleet. Of the 434 aircraft currently available in the UK inventory, 142 were declared unable to fly due to various reasons. According to the statement, only 101 of the 156 Eurofighter Typhoon were in active service. The report was described as shocking for the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the British press, which celebrated...
  • One Third Of German Vehicles Ready For Combat
    One Third Of German Vehicles Ready For Combat 1 November 2018
    Just over a third of the new military equipment delivered to the Bundeswehr by manufacturers in 2017 is fit for service according to a report revealed for the German defence ministry According to the report, of the 71 Puma infantry fighting vehicles delivered, 27 are combat ready. Of the eight new Airbus A400M Atlas military transports, half are fully operational. Just two of the seven Eurocopter Tiger combat helicopters and four of seven NH Industries' NH90 transport helicopter...
  • Unmanned Fleet to Navy
    Unmanned Fleet to Navy 23 October 2018
    The US Navy has announced a new air squadron. This fleet, which is located on the Naval Air Base at Patuxtent River, and different from others.  Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 24 (UX-24) named squadron which started its mission on October 18th, will use Northrop Grumman production MQ-8 Fire Scout, AeroVironment production RQ-20 Puma, Insitu RQ-21 Blackjack and Aeronautics RQ-26 Aerostar vehicles. Squadron will have 23 fixed-wing and rotary-wing UAVs. In April, the n...
  • Puma M36 Mk 6A 6x6 Logistics Support Vehicle Has Completed The Factory Tests
    Puma M36 Mk 6A 6x6 Logistics Support Vehicle Has Completed The Factory Tests 25 September 2018
    South Africa-based OTT Technologies announced that a significant milestone has been left behind. Puma M36 Mk 6A 6x6 logistics support vehicle developed by the company has completed the factory tests. The Puma M36 Mk 6A has a two-men armoured cabin. Thanks to the V-shaped body, the vehicle provides protection against explosions. The platform, which can be configured as right or left-hand drive according to user preference, is built on the Mercedes-Benz Zetros chassis. With the shock ...
  • Puma Getting Strength
    Puma Getting Strength 17 July 2018
    German Army's Puma infantry fighting vehicles will be modernized in two steps. Projekt System & Management GmbH (PSM) is the the contractor of upgrade programme. PSM calls the modernization program Puma S1 and Puma S2. The joint venture of Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), with S1, command control, situational awareness and increased anti-tank capability; S2 will also make improvements in killer-killer capability. In S1 phase, PRC117 embedded satellite r...
  • 100th Puma Rolled Out
    100th Puma Rolled Out 21 May 2018
    The 100th Puma infantry fighting vehicle rolled out of production line. Projekt System & Management GmbH, a joint venture of Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann, rolled out 100th production line at Rheinmetall's Unterluess facility. Bundeswehr 342 ordered Puma. Empty steel chassis enters production line and left this line as an armored combat vehicle 26 days later. Puma deliveries began 2015 and it is planned to last vehicle will be delivered in 2020.
  • German Navy Receives Puma UAV
    German Navy Receives Puma UAV 9 May 2018
    German Navy has acquired the AeroVironment RQ-20B Puma maritime unmanned aircraft system, the company announced on 7 May. The Puma systems will include the Mantis i45 sensor and pocket Remote Video Terminal. Designed as an intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting platform, the RQ-20B has a wingspan of 2,8 metres and weighs 6,3 kg. An optional underwing transit bay easily integrates third-party payloads such as communication relay, geo-location, or...
  • Japan Ordered Additional H225
    Japan Ordered Additional H225 27 April 2018
    Airbus Helicopters has secured an additional order of one H225 helicopter from the Japan Coast Guard (JCG), bringing JCG’s H225 fleet to ten units. CG currently operates three AS332s and five H225s, both from the Super Puma family. The new H225 will join the rest of the fleet in security enforcement, territorial coastal activities, as well as disaster relief missions in Japan. With this new order, the customer’s Super Puma fleet will grow to 13 units by March 2...
  • Bundeswehr Welcomes 'Puma'
    Bundeswehr Welcomes 'Puma' 24 April 2018
    German Army announced that it will receive Puma armored infantry fighting vehicles as the successor to the current Marder.  According to a press release issued on 20 April, one of the most important aspects of Puma is its unmanned turret. Germany plans to add more powerful cameras into the turret and the chassis to ensure "the crew of the Puma will remain under armor protection day and night, while both stationary and moving, with good all-round visibility.&...
  • Latvia To Buy Puma UAS
    Latvia To Buy Puma UAS 28 March 2018
    Latvia is set to receive two RQ-20A Puma UASs from the US under a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract valued at $1,96 million. The sole-source contract that will be awarded on 3 April. The deal also includes spares package, three reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA) kits and contractor support.  The RQ-20A is a small unmanned aircraft system manufactured by AeroVironment which can be deployed in land-based and maritime operation...
  • Egypt to Buy Puma II UAS
    Egypt to Buy Puma II UAS 20 March 2018
    Egypt will acquire RQ-20B Puma II AE tactical unmanned aircraft system (UAS) from the US through a $9,1 million foreign military sales contract. According to the US Department of Defence notice, the UAVs will be delivered by September 2020.  The main contractor of the contract, AeroVironment company, said the Puma II AE small UAS will feature the new Mantis i45 sensor which reduces the likelihood of detection by increasing the distance between the Puma ...
  • Fourth Order On The Way
    Fourth Order On The Way 22 December 2017
    The Romanian government, who inked sales deals for Rafael Spike LR (long-range) missiles and launchers in the last quarter of 2017, is considering increasing the number following recent test-firings in the country. Rafael stated in its press release on 18 December that the Spike LR system was tested in different firing scenarios, including day mode and infrared mode, and was fired against tanks and armoured personnel carriers at different ranges, with all 10 missiles hitting their target...
  • Spike Again
    Spike Again 21 December 2017
    Romania has announced that it is supplying portable Spike LR anti-tank guided missiles with the ICLU (Integrated Control Launch Unit) developed for the use of infantry. Romanians have launched 10 Spike ER missiles during trials. Missiles are purchased for the Romanian Land Forces. Missiles fired from different distances to armored personnel carriers and tanks day and night and they hit the target. The Romanian Land Forces are planning to these missiles for infantry, reconnaissance and mountai...
  • H160 Decision by France
    H160 Decision by France 3 March 2017
    France chose Airbus Helicopters' H160 for its light helicopter programme (hélicoptère interarmées léger/HIL), deliveries of which is planned to begin in 2024. French Defence Ministry said 160-190 helicopters would be acquired under HIL programme to replace various rotorcraft such as the Navy’s Aérospatiale Alouette IIIs, multirole AS365 Dauphin and AS565 Panthers, and the Air Force’s AS555 Fennec light attack rotorcra...
  • ASELSAN's HEWS export to South America
    ASELSAN's HEWS export to South America 20 December 2016
    Chilean Armed Forces has taken delivery of the tenth and final H215M Cougar helicopter in early December. Airbus Helicopters announced the delivery on 19 December. Chile will equip its Cougar and Super Puma helicopters with Turkish ASELSAN’s Integrated Self Protection Systems. ASELSAN HEWS (Helicopter Electronic Warfare System) consist of Radar Warning, Missile Warning, Laser Warning, Radio Frequency Jamming and Chaff/Flare Dispensing Systems. With its open open architecture, indigeniou...
  • Two Contracts in One Go
    Two Contracts in One Go 8 November 2016
    Singapore closed two deals regarding the acquisition of medium and heavy-lift helicopters. Airbus and Boeing were awarded contracts for their H225M and CH-47F, respectively. The Singapore Ministry of Defence decided to replace aging Super Puma and Chinook fleets and provide the air force with better lift capabilities for a wider range of operations, such as Search and Rescue (SAR), Aeromedical Evacuation (AME) and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR).
  • AmSafe, OTT Cooperation on Armor
    AmSafe, OTT Cooperation on Armor 19 September 2016
    AmSafe Bridport and OTT Technologies partnered at the AAD 2016 exhibition to demonstrate one of OTT’s Puma M26 mine and blast protected vehicles fitted with AmSafe’s Tarian anti-RPG protection system. Developed as an alternative to heavy bar armour, this system is suitable for a wide variety of vehicle types, especially for lightweight vehicles. Tarian nets can be mounted externally onto the vehicles to protect them from RPG attacks by crushing the nose cone of the rocket, disabli...
  • Singapore short lists Military Helicopter tender 6 May 2016
    Singapore short-listed companies for $1 billion military helicopter tender. Airbus and the helicopter division of Finmeccanica have been short-listed and are in final discussions before a decision is made. Singapore wants to replace its Super Puma helicopters, which are made by European aerospace giant Airbus. Singapore is seeking around a dozen multi-mission aircraft to deploy off ships and on land.