• $ 1worth laser sword for Israeli air defence
    $ 1worth laser sword for Israeli air defence January 10 2020
    Israel Defence Ministry announced that they had developed a new laser system missile. According to the statement of the Ministry, a recent technological development made this system possible. The futuristic defence system is still under development and will be tested throughout the year and will not be operational in the short term. Just like the Iron Dome, the development of a laser defence system to complement it cost hundreds of millions of dollars, but the latter will ...
  • CV90 is More Lethal with Spike
    CV90 is More Lethal with Spike January 8 2020
    CV90’s firepower which more than 1200 platforms in use in different countries, has increased. BAE Systems made a statement about the development studies to increase the firepower of vehicles to a longer range. Standing out with its survivability, firepower and high mobility, the CV90 met long-range precision strike capability. BAE Systems made statements about the integration of Spike missiles into the platform. The company said a Spike LR missile was launched in the northern ...
  • Bundeswehr orders Spike launchers and 1500 missiles
    Bundeswehr orders Spike launchers and 1500 missiles November 19 2019
    Rafael Advanced Defence Systems has signed a contract to sell Spike missiles and launchers to the German Army through a joint venture (JV). Germany's Federal Office for Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support, (Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr /BAAINBw) ordered 1,500 Spike missiles and hundreds of Integrated Control Launch Unit (ICLU) dismounted missile launchers from Eurospike for the German Army in early Novem...
  • Rafael and Leonardo Delivery
    Rafael and Leonardo Delivery October 22 2019
    Leonardo and RAFAEL announced that the partners have delivered on time the first Trophy Active Protection Systems to defend the US Army’s M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks against a variety of anti-armour threats. This delivery marks the first of several that will ultimately outfit four brigades of tanks. The deliveries are the culmination of a multi-year qualification process. A joint team of government and industry from both the U.S. and Israel worked together to adapt and integ...
  • Inventory is Growing September 24 2019
    The Philippine Navy (PN) will launch new platforms. PN is scheduled to commission three new Multi-Purpose Attack Craft (MPAC) Mk.3 fast boats and four KAAV-7A1 amphibious assault vehicles. The MPAC Mk.3 was made by the joint venture of Taiwan’s Lung the Shipbuilding, and Filipino marine company Propmech Corporation, and will be the 4th batch acquired by the PN from the joint venture. It would be armed with the Rafael Spike-ER missiles fired from the Rafael Typhoon MLS-ER missi...
  • Bunker Buster Delivered
    Bunker Buster Delivered September 16 2019
    Israel has completed the delivery of the first batch of a new version of Spice-2000 bunker-buster bombs to the Indian Air Force (IAF). “Israel has started the delivery of the Spice-2000 bombs to India and the first batch of these bombs was received recently,” IAF sources said. The Israeli-based Rafael company developed the bombs, which will be supplied under the emergency procurement contract, worth approximately $ 44 million. The bombs will be delivered along with Mark 84 warhead...
  • Integrated System by Rafael
    Integrated System by Rafael September 10 2019
    Israel-based Rafael takes part in Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition (DSEI 2019) hosted by London. Rafael Advanced Defence Systems is showcasing its complete all-in-one Samson 30mm remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS), integrated with two Spike missiles and the Trophy Active Protection System (APS). Trophy is in service with the Israel Defence Forces on the Merkava Mk 3 and 4 main battle tanks (MBT) and on the Namer heavy armoured personnel carrier, with more...
  • US Army Inks Iron Dome Deal
    US Army Inks Iron Dome Deal August 15 2019
    US Army has signed a deal to acquire two Iron Dome systems for the U.S. Army’s interim cruise missile defence capability. Iron Dome was co-developed by American company Raytheon and Israeli defence firm Rafael. It is partly manufactured in the United States. The agreement to buy two Iron Dome batteries for $373 million was first speculated in January, with the system reportedly beating out Norwegian and American alternatives for short-range air defence in a Pentagon review.
  • Towards Autonomous Tanks
    Towards Autonomous Tanks August 6 2019
    Israel’s Ministry of Defence wants to procure an armoured vehicle that can be operated by two soldiers instead of four with the hatch closed. The ministry tasked three Israeli companies, Israel Aerospace Industries and Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, along with Elbit Systems to complete the task. Three companies demonstrated options for the project to US army representatives on Sunday at an army base in northern Israel. The so-called Carmel project, launched three y...
  • SAR Integration from Rafael
    SAR Integration from Rafael June 13 2019
    Rafael has signed a new collaboration with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Within this scope, the company will carry out synthetic aperture radar integration studies. One of Rafael's most advanced targeting pods, the Litening 5 and Reccelite XR pods, will feature synthetic aperture radar (SAR) capabilities. The Litening 5 is equipped with wide-span mid-wave infrared and short-wave infrared sensors and includes a laser designator. Reccelite XR weighs 250 kilograms. The system,...
  • Sector News Issue 71 March 16 2019
    Daewoo, Back to Roots Leonardo’s Cyber Signature on NATO The USA Said “Gustav” India Seeks Thales’ Hydras Sikorsky’s Two-in-One: HH-60W METEOR Shower beyond the Horizon Ambitious Missile by Rafael  “METE”s in the Inventory MKEK to Supply 50,000 MPT-76  Meteksan’s Kement Launches from the Ground F-16 Fitted with ASELSAN Armour F...
  • Rafael Unveils "Rocks" - A Long Range Stand-Off Air-To-Surface Missile
    Rafael Unveils "Rocks" - A Long Range Stand-Off Air-To-Surface Missile February 21 2019
    Rafael Advanced Defence Systems has unveiled a new, advanced stand-off high-speed air-to-surface missile (ASM) at the Aero India Air Show in Bengaluru, India, this week. Dubbed simply "Rocks," the ASM can be armed with a penetration warhead or blast explosive warhead depending on whether targets are beneath the surface or above ground. The weight class of the warhead has not been disclosed. 'Rocks', the new missile is furnished with a single-stage solid rocket motor develope...
  • “Spike” Power to Light Vehicles
    “Spike” Power to Light Vehicles February 6 2019
    Rafael announced the new application for the Spike family, which offers an effective solution in a wide range of areas. Company has integrated the long-range Spike NLOS (Non-Line of Sight) system into light vehicles. Spike NLOS integration provides a great firepower for light vehicles. In this way, a highly efficient, cost-effective solution which can even attack to main battle tanks. Rafael make its experience from TOMCAR platform. The launcher used during the test weighed 1350 kil...
  • U.S. Army Seeking Two Iron Dome Units
    U.S. Army Seeking Two Iron Dome Units January 17 2019
    News reports says the U.S. Army is asking Congress for $373 million to buy the two Iron Dome missile interceptor batteries, developed and manufactured by Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd. According to “Inside Defence”, US Army acquisition executive Bruce Jette told Congress that the key benefits of the Iron Dome is its magazine depth of 20 interceptors and is proven in combat. The US Army is seeking to have them delivered by 2020.
  • Boxer Programöe Takes Final Shape
    Boxer Programöe Takes Final Shape December 17 2018
    Europe's Boxer Program will take final shape with offers to the UK and Slovenia. A statement was made by the Eastern European Sales Agency of Artec, a joint venture of Rheinmetall and Krauss Maffei-Wegmann. It is stated that negotiations with the UK Department of Defense continued through the OCCAR (Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation). The UK plans to supply Boxer in four different variants, including armored personnel carrier, C4I post, ambulance and armored repair vehicle. It w...
  • Rafael Unveils Spike ER2
    Rafael Unveils Spike ER2 August 31 2018
    Israeli Defence Company Rafael Advanced Defence Systems has disclosed development of a new, fifth-generation, enhanced stand-off evolution of its 170 mm Spike-ER multipurpose precision-guided missile system, designated Spike ER2. The new Spike ER2 retains the same weight, airframe, surface geometries, and propulsion unit as the Spike ER, but features a significant range enhancement and other capability augmentations. The introduction of a new real-time lightweight radio frequency (R...
  • RADA’s Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar Wins UK MoD Tender
    RADA’s Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar Wins UK MoD Tender August 23 2018
    On August 21, Israeli RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. announced that its Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radars (MHR), which are embedded in the Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Drone Dome counter-drone solution, will be delivered to the British Army in the coming months. Deliveries of this program are expected to be concluded within 2018. The British Army will be the first customer to implement the Drone Dome, to protect sensitive facilities and military infrastructure of drones. "Th...
  • IAI To Provide Barak-8 Missiles to Israeli Navy
    IAI To Provide Barak-8 Missiles to Israeli Navy August 16 2018
    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has been awarded a contract by the Israeli Ministry of Defence (MoD) to supply the Barak-8 weapon system for the Israeli Navy’s four future Magen-class corvettes. The new corvettes are being acquired under the provisions of an agreement between Israel and Germany that was finalised in May 2015. The systems will be used to protect Israel's exclusive economic zone and strategic facilities. The Barak-8 system was chosen after it was demonstra...
  • First Operational Use Of Israel's David's Sling System
    First Operational Use Of Israel's David's Sling System July 24 2018
    Israel’s David’s Sling anti-ballistic missile system made its combat debut on Jul. 23 when two interceptors were fired when a pair of Syrian OTR-21 (NATO: SS-21) ballistic missiles were detected approaching Israel’s border. Israel has used its David's Sling missile-defence system for the first time in battle, firing at two Syrian surface-to-surface missiles Monday morning, the military said. One of the interceptor was ordered to self-destruct after it...
  • Modular Solution to Spike NLOS
    Modular Solution to Spike NLOS July 4 2018
    Rafael Advanced Defence Systems announced the completion of the development phase of the new low weight integrated SPARC remote controlled launch system for Spike NLOS. The system, developed for a undisclosed special forces customer, has been specially optimized for light all terrain vehicles. The concept was exhibited for the first time at the Eurosatory 2016, the launcher on the Polaris MRZR-4 type vehicle, two  ready to launch missiles , and two clip-on loading addition...
  • Smart Solutions for Battlefield
    Smart Solutions for Battlefield June 11 2018
    Rafael has unveiled two new products that will offer smarter solutions to the battlefield. One of these solutions is FireFly, a loitering munition. The platform weighs three kilograms, suitable for carrying and using a single soldier. Developed as a member of the Spike family, the vehicle has the ability to target tracking. System can be managed by the tablet can provide instant data transfer thanks to the two way data link. FireFly, which has duration 15 minutes, has...
  • Continent Preferred Spike LR2
    Continent Preferred Spike LR2 May 21 2018
    Australia chose the Spike LR2 missile for Army. Spike, who competed with the MBDA's MMP (Missile Moyenne Portée) ATGM during the purchase process, was Australia's choice after Latvia. In this choice, compatibility with the Elbit production battle management system already used by Australia and the combination of the Boxer-Spike are said to be effective. Production of Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Spike anti-tank missile can engage to main battle tanks from 4,00...
  • Locally-built Peruvian LPD Passed Initial Trials
    Locally-built Peruvian LPD Passed Initial Trials May 10 2018
    The Peruvian Navy's first domestically built landing platform dock (LPD) BAP Pisco (AMP 156) has successfully completed its initial sea trials in April, Peruvian Ministry of Defence announced on 7 May.  122 metre-long vessel was built by SIMA-Peru Marine Industrial Services. The vessel has a displacement of approximately 11,390 tons which makes it one of the biggest ships in the Peruvian Navy. The ship can accommodate 157 cr...
  • SPICE 1000 Declared IOC
    SPICE 1000 Declared IOC March 8 2018
    Rafael SPICE 1000 guided bomb reached initial operational capability (IOC) on F-16C/D Barak fighter aircraft, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) announced on 7 March.  According to the announcement, the tests were completed successfully in August 2017 and the munition was officially integrated into operational activity. SPICE 1000 guided bombs will soon be integrated on IAF's F-16I and F-15 squadrons.
  • UK Army Unveils Sky Sabre Air Defence System
    UK Army Unveils Sky Sabre Air Defence System February 7 2018
    The UK Army has unveiled Sky Sabre air defence missile system on 5 February at the home of 16 Regiment Royal Artillery, Baker Barracks on Thorney Island.  Sky Sabre is due in service in 2020 and will prove to be a step change in the UK’s air defences, taking it from short to medium range capability. This was the first time that the three principal components of the system had come together; the MBDA launcher that fires the CAMM missile, the Saab radar ...
  • India Cancelled 'Spike' Order
    India Cancelled 'Spike' Order January 4 2018
    The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has changed its plans to purchase a $500 million worth of Spike missile from Israel. According to a statement made by Israeli defence company Rafael on January 3rd, India abandoned its plan and cancelled the order. The procurement plan was announced in March 2017 and covered 321 Spike ATGM launchers, 8 thousand 356 missiles, 15 training simulators and associated equipment. The contract included an option to build another one thousand 500 lau...
  • Fourth Order On The Way
    Fourth Order On The Way December 22 2017
    The Romanian government, who inked sales deals for Rafael Spike LR (long-range) missiles and launchers in the last quarter of 2017, is considering increasing the number following recent test-firings in the country. Rafael stated in its press release on 18 December that the Spike LR system was tested in different firing scenarios, including day mode and infrared mode, and was fired against tanks and armoured personnel carriers at different ranges, with all 10 missiles hitting their target...
  • 56th Issue Fair News
    56th Issue Fair News December 11 2017
    Target in Thailand: Artillery No Surveillance, No Artillery A First by Japan China, Active in Thai Market Surprises in Thailand Continue Things are Going Well for Daewoo Indian Industry, Strong in Bangkok Israel, Undoubtedly Bangkok’s Favourite Rafael, in Australia to Stay Thailand, in Search of New Infantry Rifle China Wants Quick Entry to Submarine Market Leonardo Response to ...
  • Successful Interception by C-Dome
    Successful Interception by C-Dome November 29 2017
    Israel has conducted a successful “Iron Dome” interception test from an Israeli Navy vessel on 20 November. During the test, three missiles were launched towards a naval vessel equipped with an “Iron Dome” system. These missiles simulated “Grad” missiles, threatening Israeli gas platforms.  One of the targets launched as part of the test did not require interception, while “Iron Dome” combatants successfully in...
  • Israel To Begin Delivery to Philippines
    Israel To Begin Delivery to Philippines November 21 2017
    Philippines will receive Rafael Advanced Defense Systems’ Spike ER (extended range) missile systems before the end of this year. Philippine Navy announced on Monday that it would install the system on three of its brand new multi-purpose attack craft (MPAC).  The Philippine Navy chief said a pre-delivery inspection was already scheduled and the tentative fitting of the missile system would be in December. The relevant contract is worth $...
  • New Order for Spike LR II
    New Order for Spike LR II October 26 2017
    Israel has ordered more than 1,000 Spike LR II missiles according to Rafael Advanced Defence Systems announcement on 24 October. “The addition of the Spike LR II will enhance both its infantry engagement range and its lethality against a large variety of targets,” the company said.  The Israeli company's Internet-connected 5G missile can be fired from land, a helicopter, or a ship. When fired from land, it can strike targets at a range of 5.5 kilo...
  • Cheap Israeli Solution for Subs October 5 2017
    Pasific 17 defense fair held in Australia presents new solutions to users especially in maritime area. Israel's Rafael company has introduced a low-cost solution to the communication problems of submarines with a system called FloatLink. Using the company's solution, the submarine can communicate with the surface level without rising to the periscope level. The system comes in three versions; one which floats to the surface and transmits a pre-recorded message, one which allows t...
  • 54. Issue Exhibition News
    54. Issue Exhibition News October 2 2017
    New Task for Gripen Nexter’s Exclusive Solutions for Global Market Leonardo Joined the Team Rolls-Royce Looks Beyond the Horizon Rafael Solutions Move to London UK Dragonfire Self-confident MBDA Left Its Mark in London Elbit's Mortar at DSEI AJAX in Progress Ironclad UGV to Become Autonomous Special Boat for Special Forces Anti-UAV Solution by AUDS QinetiQ Returns ...
  • Smart Missile by Rafael
    Smart Missile by Rafael May 30 2017
    Rafael Advanced Defence Systems unveiled a new variant of the SPIKE Family which will be showcased for the first time at the Paris Air Show in June. 5th generation SPIKE LR II has a range of 5,5 km when fired from ground launchers, one kilometer longer than its predecessor SPIKE LR, and up to 10 km when fired from a helicopter. The missile is capable of carrying warheads in two different configurations, being a Tandem HEAT warhead and a multipurpos...
  • First LMV in Pacific
    First LMV in Pacific May 8 2017
    The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has commissioned its first Littoral Mission Vessel, RSS Independence with pennant number 15, on 5 May at Changi Naval Base. The 80 m platform is the first of eight 1,250-tonne LMVs that are set to replace Singapore's 11 Fearless-class patrol vessels. Armed with one Oto Melara 76 mm main gun, two Oto Melara Hitrole 12.7 mm remote-controlled weapon stations, one Rafael 25 mm Typhoon gun system and MBDA's VL Mic...
  • New Delhi Said 'Spike'
    New Delhi Said 'Spike' March 28 2017
    The Indian Ministry of Defence (MoD) has settled on the acquisition of Spike anti-tank guided missiles. An official from MoD said that the offer has been forwarded to the Cabinet Committee of Security and the contract is expected to be signed after April. Under the deal, the Indian Army will procure 321 Spike ATGM launchers, 8 thousand 356 missiles, 15 training simulators and associated accessories from Rafael on a single-vendor basis. The contract also has an op...
  • Boxer To Knock-out With MK44
    Boxer To Knock-out With MK44 March 20 2017
    Lithuania will arm its ARTEC Boxer 8x8 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), ordered as a replacement of currently in service M113 armoured personnel carriers, with Orbital ATK Armament Systems' 30 mm MK44 dual-feed cannon. The deliveries of MK44 cannons, which are to be mounted on Rafael Advanced Defense Systems' Samson Mk II remote weapon stations, will begin in mid-2017. 
  • 'Spike' Test by USV
    'Spike' Test by USV March 9 2017
    Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has conducted a live firing test with a naval variant of its Spike missile, launched from the Protector unmanned surface vessel (USV). This was the first-ever missile firing from an operational, remote-controlled USV. The missiles were launched by Rafael’s Mini Typhoon stabilized weapon station moounted on the rear of the USV. The recent test brings to an end the operational integration process of Protector's entire suite o...
  • US Navy Prepares to Take Delivery of DDG 115
    US Navy Prepares to Take Delivery of DDG 115 January 8 2017
    General Dynamics announced on Jan 4th that Rafael Peralta (DDG 115) returned to the Bath Iron Works shipyard Dec. 16 after successfully completing a nearly week-long series of demonstrations for Navy reviewers. Based on the performance during the sea trials, the Navy’s Board of Inspection and Survey recommended DDG 115 join the U.S. Navy fleet. DDG 115 is the first Arleigh Burke-class destroyer built by Bath Iron Works after a four-year break in the Navy’s DDG 51 pr...
  • Two Contracts to Elbit Systems
    Two Contracts to Elbit Systems January 5 2017
    Israeli Elbit Systems has been awarded two contracts by Rafael Advanced Defence Systems to provide airborne laser designators for the use of two undisclosed Asia-Pacific nations. Announced on 3 January, the contract is worth $35 million. The targeting systems being produced are designed to provide operators with precise target designation. Work on the contract is expected to take place over a three-year period.