• KC-46 Suffers Again
    KC-46 Suffers Again April 1 2020
    KC-46 Pegasus, struggling with the problems since the project was announced, did not surprise again. The US Air Force said in a statement that the fuel leak problem, which detected in July 2019, is more critical than expected. For this reason, the problem was redefined as First Level, the most critical level. In the announcement made by the KC-46 Program Office, it was stated that all the platforms delivered will also be reviewed, the inspection at the required stages will be tighte...
  • Final Tejas, First Flight
    Final Tejas, First Flight March 18 2020
    Having an adventure full of problems and failures within the scope of the domestic aircraft production program, Tejas is on its way to be operational. LCA Tejas (Light Combat Aircraft), developed by indigenously, has left an important milestone behind. According to Indian officials, the platform is the SP-21 model, which is the Final Operational Clearance (FOC) standard. There are some improvements in this model compared to the predecessor LCA prototypes. These improvements include ...
  • Israel to Deliver Surprise from Longer Distance
    Israel to Deliver Surprise from Longer Distance March 4 2020
    Israel launched the strategic plan to restructure its army. In line with the plan, it continues to acquire equipment to improve its operational capabilities. Tel Aviv, which announced that it has initiated CFT (Conformal Fuel Tank) development studies for the F-35I Adir aircraft in the previous periods, will also increase its aerial refueling capability. In this context, the USA has approved the possible sale of new platforms, which will replace the KC-707 Re'em aircraft that ar...
  • Second Tanker Arrived To France
    Second Tanker Arrived To France February 14 2020
    The second delivery of the tankers ordered to replace the existing aerial refueling aircraft that have reached the end of their economic life has been completed. Lockheed Martin completed the delivery of four C-130J Super Hercules ordered in 2016 by France. The company announced that the delivery process with two KC-130J Super Hercules.  The French Air Force (Armée de l'air / ALA), which accepted the first platforms in 2017 and 2018, received the KC-13...
  • Pentagon Wants to Retire Truman Despite Trump Administration
    Pentagon Wants to Retire Truman Despite Trump Administration January 3 2020
    During recent budget negotiations, the Pentagon again tried to retire the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) 25 years early, Defence News reported. According to the magazine, this time the plan was withdrawn from the White House. The White House's Office of Management and Budget told the Pentagon that the Navy's budget submission did not include refuelling the Truman or maintaining its air wing and directed it to come back with a budget that restored funding to bo...
  • Restriction of KC-46 Lifted
    Restriction of KC-46 Lifted December 25 2019
    Cargo ban of the KC-46, which was struggling with problems in the development process and in the post-delivery, has been lifted. About three months ago, it was found that the floor cargo locking components on the floor suffered mechanical problems. After the first inspection, the transportation of personnel and cargo was banned in KC-46A Pegasus for detailed research. In the inspections, it was found that the mechanisms that had to be locked automatically were not locked d...
  • Flight Training from Private Ventures
    Flight Training from Private Ventures October 22 2019
    The United States turned to the private sector in order to carry out its pilot trainings in the most realistic manner. Preparatory work, which has been carried out in this context for a while, has recently been finalized with an agreement. The Washington administration signed agreements with seven companies totaling $ 6.4 billion. US-based private aviation companies have been procuring retired aircraft for some time to train pilots to best suit combat conditions. The platforms,...
  • Lockheed Martin and Airbus Sign MoU on Aerial Refueling
    Lockheed Martin and Airbus Sign MoU on Aerial Refueling December 6 2018
    Lockheed Martin and Airbus have signed an agreement to jointly market Airbus A330 MRTT tanker for U.S. defence customers.  The companies will seek to provide aerial-refueling services to address any identified capacity shortfall and to meet requirements for the next generation of tankers capable of operating in the challenging environments of future battlespace.  "Reliable and modernized aerial refueling is an essential capability for our customers to mainta...
  • Strategic Force to Far-East October 15 2018
    Chinese State Media confirmed the existence of a new aircraft program. In this program, Beijing is conducting a long-range stealth strategic bomber development. The name of the program was announced as Hong-20 in the news published in State Television. There was no detailed information about the program. The first flight date of the aircraft is estimated by Western experts, depending on the capability of the Chinese military aviation industry, early 2020s. A senior Chinese general a...
  • KC-46 Completed FAA Certification
    KC-46 Completed FAA Certification September 9 2018
    Boeing has announced that the KC-46 aircraft has completed the FAA certification process. During the certification, the aircraft passed tests including a series of labs, ground and aerial refueling experiences. Prior to the first delivery planned in October, the FAA certification is an important milestone. During the tests, six different aircraft took 3,500 hours of flight. 1361 tons of fuel was transferred to different types of aircraft on these flights. During the F...
  • US Navy Selects Builder For New MQ-25 Stingray Aerial Refueling Drone
    US Navy Selects Builder For New MQ-25 Stingray Aerial Refueling Drone September 3 2018
    The US Navy has awarded Boeing Defence an $805.3 million contract to develop four MQ-25A Stingray carrier-based unmanned refuelling aircraft. Boeing will design, develop, produce, test, deliver and support the MQ-25A unmanned air vehicles, including integrate into the carrier air wing for an initial operational capability by 2024. Besides Boeing, Lockheed Martin and General Atomics Aeronautical Systems were competing. Boeing manufactured a full-scale and functional aircraf...
  • L-159T2 Made Maiden Flight
    L-159T2 Made Maiden Flight August 13 2018
    Czech Aero Vodochody announced that the T2 model of the L-159 advanced jet trainer made its maiden flight. The first flight of the 6028 tail numbered flight lasted 30 minutes. In the T2 model, the front and center fuselage hass been renewed. Improvements were made to the fuel system. Indicators became suitable with NVG (Night Vision Goggle). Two MFDs (Multi Function Display) integrated to each cockpit. Ejection seats were replaced with a more advanced model of the VS-...
  • Israel Poised to make $11 Billion Aircraft Deal with Boeing
    Israel Poised to make $11 Billion Aircraft Deal with Boeing July 28 2018
    Israel negotiates with Boeing to get $11 billion worth air platform package. The deal includes the purchase of new F-15 fighter jets for its air force as part of the largest defence deal in Israel's history according to Israeli Hayom daily. The deal with Boeing is likely to include three main components: A fleet of fighter jets, a fleet of transport helicopters and aerial refueling tankers. Israeli Air Force's existing transport helicopters and refueling planes require immed...
  • Czech Nominee for Light Attack
    Czech Nominee for Light Attack July 17 2018
    Aero Vodochody announced that the new variant of L-159 jet trainer is developing. The platform, called F/A-259 Striker, is being developed for the USAF for OA-X light attack aircraft. In June, the company signed a cooperation agreement with IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) for the development of an advanced variant of the L-159, the new platform will be ready for delivery in 2020. This platform will be equipped with a fourth generation avionics suite. Company also noted that t...
  • KC-46 Tests Finished
    KC-46 Tests Finished July 17 2018
    The KC-46 Pegasus aerial refueling aircraft also completed its final tests. Boeing KC-46 program manager Mike Gibbons stated that completing tests before the planned in October is a great success for the Boeing Air Force Team. Tests for receiver certification, which began in April 2018, have been completed with the last flight in the past days. Aerial refueling was carried out at different altitudes and speeds to the A-10 Thunderbolt II, F/A-18 Hornet, KC-46...
  • China Increased Production Rate
    China Increased Production Rate July 9 2018
    China is increasing the production volume of its Y-20 transport aircraft. The image captured by a commercial satellite on July 12 revealed that the production rate of the aircraft has rised. In addition to the nine newly produced Y-20s, six newly painted Y-20s and several engine-assembled yet unfinished Y-20s appear in photo. According to some reports, some of these flights will be converted into AEW aircraft and some will be converted into aerial refueling aircraft. ...
  • Vulcano Launched
    Vulcano Launched July 5 2018
    The Fincantieri Shipyard launched the new logistic support ship of the Italian Navy. The ship named Vulcano (A 5335) floated at the Muggiano shipyard in La Spezia. The European defense procurement organization, OCCAR, ordered the May 2015 in the name of Italian Ministry of Defence, and the hull parts of the platform were built at different shipyards and consolidated at Muggiano. The system integration efforts of the ship will continue until December, and Vulcano will begin...
  • Light at the End of KC-46 Tunnel
    Light at the End of KC-46 Tunnel June 21 2018
    Boeing signed the first KC-46 Pegasus tanker delivery contract to the US Air Force (USAF). According to the agreement, the first aircraft will be delivered in October 2018. This agreement is the prodorm of the end of tough process, which began 16.5 years ago after the US Senate approved the decision to replace the KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft. The USAF expects the first 18 KC-46s to be delivered by April 2019. Boeing reported that 43 of the KC-46s were in different production phases and ...
  • A400M passes Rafale refueling tests
    A400M passes Rafale refueling tests June 10 2018
    The Airbus A400M airlifter has successfully completed in-flight refueling trials with the Rafale fighter using underwing pods. Directorate General of Armament (DGA)  expects to issue clearance “very shortly,” allowing the French Air Force to work up on this new capability.  A400M refuels by two alternatives; refueling pod attached under the wing (for fighters) or by a fuselage-mounted HDU (Hose Drum Unit) refueling unit for transport aircraft and fighters. An f...
  • MQ-9 Block 5 Will Have Extended Range
    MQ-9 Block 5 Will Have Extended Range May 18 2018
    General Atomics Aeronautical Systems has been awarded a $206 million contract to retrofit 122 MQ-9 Block 5 aircraft, the US Department of Defence announced on 16 May. Work is expected to be complete by 20 June 2024.  General Atomics will retrofit the MQ-9 Block 5 Reaper drones with extended-range, beyond-line-of-sight, and Barrett asymmetrical digital datalink computer (BADDC) router modification kits. These upgrades will enable the ...
  • Germany Gets Greenlight for C-130J Buy
    Germany Gets Greenlight for C-130J Buy May 7 2018
    The US State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Germany of three C-130J-30 aircraft and three KC-130J aircraft for an estimated cost of $1,40 billion. The German Air Force will use these aircraft to conduct airlift, air refueling, and air drop missions as part of a French-German allied squadron based in Evreux, France.  The Government of Germany has also requested to buy eight AN/ALE 47 Electronic Countermeasure Disp...
  • KC-46 Completed FFA Certification Tests
    KC-46 Completed FFA Certification Tests April 27 2018
    Boeing's KC-46 aerial refueling aircraft completed all required Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) flight tests following a successful refueling/communications flight with a C-17 Globemaster III.  The STC is one of two required FAA airworthiness certifications. Boeing previously received its Amended Type Certificate from the FAA for its core 767-2C configuration in December 2017. As part of STC testing, the combined Boeing/Air Force team had to validate...
  • The First KC-390 of Brazil To Be Delivered in 2018
    The First KC-390 of Brazil To Be Delivered in 2018 April 3 2018
    Brazilian Air Force is to receive the first KC-390 aircraft from Embraer in the second half of this year. Before the aircraft is handed over, flight refueling, cargo handling and release testing and self-defence systems test flights will be carried out in several regions of the country. 
  • Lockheed Delivered 400th Super Hercules
    Lockheed Delivered 400th Super Hercules February 13 2018
    Lockheed Martin has realized the delivery of its 400th C-130J Super Hercules aircraft on 9 February. This Super Hercules is an MC-130J Commando II Special Operations aircraft that is assigned to the U.S. Air Force's Special Operations Command (AFSOC). The C-130J supports 17 different mission configurations to include transport (military and commercial), firefighting, search and rescue, Special Operations, weather reconnaissance, and aerial refueling. <...
  • Countdown for KC-46
    Countdown for KC-46 January 27 2018
    The US Air Mobility Command made statement on the KC-46 Pegasus aerial refueling tanker. In the statement, it was stated that 94% of the tests required for military certification of the aircraft were completed. It was also stated that if everything went well and the weather was convenient, all the tests could be completed in less than 60 to 70 days. In December, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified the Boeing 767-2C which KC-46 Pegasus is based on. The 767-2C is equip...
  • Russia's New Tanker Conducted First Flight
    Russia's New Tanker Conducted First Flight January 26 2018
    Russia’s latest Ilyushin IL-78M-90A aerial refueling aircraft has performed its debut flight, the Ilyushin Aircraft Company revealed on Thursday. "Today, on January 25, the flight prototype of the advanced tanker IL-78М-90А has made its first flight." the company said in a statement. The flight lasted 35 minutes. The new plane differs from its predecessor, IL-76MD-90A, by its modified wing, new engines, new control and navigation systems. The new ...
  • First At-sea Refueling by MV Asterix
    First At-sea Refueling by MV Asterix January 24 2018
    Canada’s newest support tanker, MV Asterix, has successfully conducted its first at-sea fuel transfer to a Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) ship.  MV Asterix (formerly MS Amorito, MS Neermoor and MS Cynthia) is a commercial container ship, leased by Federal Fleet Services for five years with a five-year option afterwards, as part of Project Resolve, that is being converted into a supply ship for the Royal Canadian Navy. The Project Resolve vessel made its first transfer of fuel ...
  • Boeing Receives Contract for Japan KC-46 Tanker
    Boeing Receives Contract for Japan KC-46 Tanker December 22 2017
    Through the Foreign Military Sale process, the U.S. Air Force has awarded Boeing  a $279 million contract for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s (JASDF’s) first KC-46 tanker and logistics support, marking the aircraft’s first international sale.Japan Air Self-Defense Force became first international KC-46 customer Japan chose Boeing’s KC-46 tanker over competitors following its KC-X aerial refueling competition. The KC-46 adds to the JASDF’s c...
  • 12th 'Atlas' For French Air Force
    12th 'Atlas' For French Air Force December 7 2017
    The French Air Force has taken delivery of the twelfth A400M Atlas military transport aircraft on November 22, which is also the first A400M equipped with underwing hose-and-drogue refueling pods. Other aircraft in the fleet will be progressively equipped with this capability during retrofit campaigns. France will have received 15 A400Ms by 2019.
  • Refuelling Completed Among KC-46s
    Refuelling Completed Among KC-46s October 12 2017
    A Boeing - US Air Force test team recently completed a KC-46 to KC-46 refueling for the first time. In a statement made on 11 October, Boeing said during the four-hour flight, the two aircraft successfully refueled each other and achieved the maximum fuel offload rate of 1,200 gallons per minute. The fuel capacity of the aircraft is 96 thousand 265 kg. So far, KC-46 test aircraft have completed 2,000 flight hours and more than 1,300 contacts during refueling flights w...
  • German Troops Left Incirlik Base
    German Troops Left Incirlik Base October 6 2017
    Germany’s military has finished its withdrawal from Turkey’s airbase İncirlik. The last German troops have left the base on 27 September.  German parliament decided to leave İncirlik base in June due to Ankara’s refusal to allow visits by German parliamentarians and to deploy the Bundeswehr's Tornado reconnaissance jets, a refueling aircraft, logistical equipment and 260 personnel to Jordan's al-Asrak airbase. 
  • Lisbon Resolved on KC-390
    Lisbon Resolved on KC-390 June 12 2017
    Portugal has decided to proceed with the purchase of five KC-390 aircraft to replace its C-130s. Portuguese government gave the green light to start negotiations with Embraer with an option for a sixth aircraft, a flight simulator  for installation and operation in national territory. The negotiations will also include the "logistical support" of the aircraft, with specific technical and operational configurations defined by the Air Force. The new aircraft will be used for tran...
  • Dumping Surprise to Boeing
    Dumping Surprise to Boeing June 9 2017
    Canada has decided to pull back external link from its plan to procure 18 F/A-18 Super Hornet fighters as an interim replacement for its CF-18 successor program. Instead, the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau has unveiled a new defense plan which calls for 88 new fighters for the Royal Canadian Air Force – an increase from the previous government’s plan to purchase 65 jets – and to recapitalise the Lockheed Martin CP-140 Aurora anti-submarine warfare and surveillance flee...
  • One and Only
    One and Only June 5 2017
    Alaska Air National Guard accepted the first HC-130J Combat King II, becoming the first US Air Guard unit to receive the aircraft, Lockheed Martin announced. Planning to take delivery of a total four aircraft, the Alaska Guard will replace its FHC-130Ps with HC-130J. The new aircraft will act as aerial refuelers for the Sikorsky HH-60 Pave Hawk search and rescue helicopter. HC-130J is the only dedicated fixed-wing personnel recovery platform in the Air Force inve...
  • $1 Billion Overhaul for Refuelling Aircraft Engine
    $1 Billion Overhaul for Refuelling Aircraft Engine March 8 2017
    Kelly Aviation Center LP has been awarded a $1 billion contract to provide overhaul services for US Air Force KC-10 refueling and cargo aircraft engines. The US Department of Defence announced the contract on Tuesday, stating that the expected completion date of relevant work as March 6, 2026.
  • 'Pegasus' Fell Behind Schedule
    'Pegasus' Fell Behind Schedule January 17 2017
    Boeing’s KC-46A Pegasus tanker programme fell behind schedule, according to latest reports. The US Air Force planned to complete over 60 percent of testing by the end of engineering, manufacturing and development phase of the refueling platform, however managed to reach only 30 percent. The initial production phase began in August 2016, after the KC-46 successfully refueled a A-10. 
  • Tactical A400M Delivery To French Air Force
    Tactical A400M Delivery To French Air Force January 13 2017
    Airbus Defence and Space delivered the first retrofitted tactical A400M to French Air Force on 9 January, announced by the French Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA) procurement office. Reportedly, the company missed the deadline for six aircraft, comprising of three retrofits and three new aircraft, which were scheduled to be handed over in 2016. Retrofitted A400M’s will be capable of parachute drops, use relatively shorther runways, refueling fighter and transpo...
  • Washington, Tokyo Discuss Resuming Osprey Training
    Washington, Tokyo Discuss Resuming Osprey Training December 29 2016
    The US intends to resume aerial refueling training missions for the MV-22B starting from 19 January. The US Government informed Tokyo that it wanted to resume refueling training after completing re-education of the pilots, the confirmation of training procedures, and flight simulation exercises on the ground. In response, Japan requested the US government to provide information on safety measures.  The US Army restarted flights of Ospreys on 19 December.
  • Flight Clearance to Osprey Angered Japan
    Flight Clearance to Osprey Angered Japan December 19 2016
    The US military in Japan decided to resume tiltrotor Osprey operations. Following the incident on 13 December, the US forces grounded the entire MV-22 fleet deployed in Okinawa. However, the provided flight clearance less than a week after the incident caused negative reactions. Approving one MV-22 Osprey to return the US for maintenance work, Japanese government has been heavily criticized by both locals and Okinawa Prefectural Governer. The US side, on the orther hand, stressed that ...
  • Innovative Systems for Aerial Refuelling
    Innovative Systems for Aerial Refuelling October 31 2016
    Cobham Mission Systems is to develop the V-22 Aerial Refueling System (VARS) for the US Marine Corps’ Bell Boeing MV-22B Osprey tiltrotor aircraft. The company announced the contract on 25 October, stating that the system will reach operational capability in 2018. VARS is a palletised aerial refuelling system, based on a modernized version of Cobham FR300 Hose Drum Unit.