• Rheinmetall and Thales to Guide Hydra Rockets
    Rheinmetall and Thales to Guide Hydra Rockets January 10 2020
    Rheinmetall and Thales have signed an agreement to support together with the future developments, qualification and production of the 70mm (2.75”) guided and unguided rockets solutions for helicopters as well as potentially other new platforms in Germany. Two international groups will propose complementary capabilities for the Tiger MK3 program. The Thales 70mm (2.75”) rocket systems are currently operated on UHT Tiger and under certification on Airbus Helicopters H145M....
  • 2023 Targets Revised:
    2023 Targets Revised: November 30 2019
    Defence Industry President Professor Ismail Demir announced that the defence industry export targets of $ 25 billion for 2023, previously announced, were revised to 10.2 billion. The Global Strategies Conference in Defence and Aviation Industry was held in Antalya. Speaking at the opening of the conference Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Assocıatıon (SSI) Chairman Latif Aral Aliş said they had to increase exports, the rate of export growth between 2012-2018 is 6...
  • Morocco to buy 36 Apache
    Morocco to buy 36 Apache November 21 2019
    Morocco has been cleared to buy up to 36 Boeing AH-64E Apache Guardian attack helicopters for an estimated value of USD 4.25 billion. US State Department has approved a possible Foreign Military Sale to Morocco of 36 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters and related equipment for an estimated cost of $4.25 billion.  The Defence Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale on November 19, 2019. The Government of M...
  • Croatia buys two more Black Hawks
    Croatia buys two more Black Hawks November 1 2019
      US Government cleared two Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk utility helicopters sale to Croatia. The country will have four Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters in inventory. The US State Department approval, announced on 30 October, covers a pair of the latest-variant UH-60Ms, along with other equipment, spares, weapons, training and support. The estimated value of the Foreign Military Sale (FMS) is USD115 million. The helicopters will join a pair of UH-60Ms t...
  • Fifth Ship Works Started at MİLGEM
    Fifth Ship Works Started at MİLGEM October 15 2019
    Signatures were signed for the fifth ship of the MİLGEM program of the Turkish Naval Forces and the first ship of class I. The fourth ship of the ADA class submarine defence warfare corvettes was signed on September 29th with the delivery ceremony of TCG Kınalıada. In the design of the fifth ship class, I air defence frigate, Defence Technologies Engineering Inc. (STM) will serve. The company had previously installed the design of four Ada classes. The ships were built under the command of th...
  • US Army Inks Iron Dome Deal
    US Army Inks Iron Dome Deal August 15 2019
    US Army has signed a deal to acquire two Iron Dome systems for the U.S. Army’s interim cruise missile defence capability. Iron Dome was co-developed by American company Raytheon and Israeli defence firm Rafael. It is partly manufactured in the United States. The agreement to buy two Iron Dome batteries for $373 million was first speculated in January, with the system reportedly beating out Norwegian and American alternatives for short-range air defence in a Pentagon review.
  • VT5 Becoming Safer
    VT5 Becoming Safer August 9 2019
    The VT5, Republic of China's made-for-export light tank, is expected to be equipped with an active protection system which will enable the thin-armoured tank to expand its defence capability. An active protection system could detect incoming hostile projectiles before firing interception rockets to detonate them before they hit the tank. The VT5, also named Type 15 or ZTQ-15 has a weight from 33 to 36 tons depending on the armour fitted to the tank. With this weight, the tank of...
  • Israel Tested Arrow-3 in Alaska
    Israel Tested Arrow-3 in Alaska July 29 2019
      Israel’s Arrow-3 missiles were tested for high-altitude, hit-to-kill engagements at the Pacific Spaceport Complex-Alaska in Kodiak. The tests were a joint effort between the Israel Missile Defence Organization of the Directorate of Defence Research and Development and the U.S. Missile Defence Agency. The Arrow weapon system, which intercepts missiles outside of the atmosphere, is part of Israel’s layered defence system that includes Iron Dome, David&rsqu...
  • Indian First AH-64Es Reaches Home on Jul. 27
    Indian First AH-64Es Reaches Home on Jul. 27 July 21 2019
    The first batch of AH-64E Apache attack helicopters for the Indian Air Force (IAF) will reach Hindon Airbase in Ghaziabad on Jul. 27. It is likely that there will be three to four helicopters in this consignment. But the deployment of Apache's first squadron in Pathankot will take another month. India has purchased 22 Apache helicopters from the United States. The first squadron of the Apaches will be stationed at Pathankot and the first Commanding Officer will be Grou...
  • Greece to get Romeo
    Greece to get Romeo July 13 2019
        The State Department approved a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Greece of MH-60R Multi-Mission Helicopters with support for an estimated cost of $600 million.  The Defence Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale on July 12, 2019. The Government of Greece has requested to buy up to seven MH-60R Multi-Mission Helicopters equipped with 10 APS-l 53(V) Multi-Mode R...
  • Satellite Launch Systems July 11 2019
    ‘’Apart from spacecrafts and ground units, another main part of space operations is launch system. Launch systems function is to lift-off spacecraft, carry it out of the atmosphere and position it in the orbit. Launch system exists of launch vehicle and launch facility.’’ Launch vehicle is actually a rocket that shows different properties like size, stages according to launch mission and carried spacecraft. Apart from rockets there have been some other p...
  • Approval from Marine Corps
    Approval from Marine Corps June 10 2019
    The US Marine Corps (USMC) has announced that the approval of mass production has given for new radar system. The mass production phase of the AN / TPS-80 system, also known as G / ATOR (Ground / Air Task-Oriented Radar System) is a significant milestone is for the program. G / ATOR, which will provide instant data transfer to Common Aviation Command and Control System, Composite Tracking Network, and Advanced Field Artillery Data System, incorporates a common software-based operati...
  • Sakarya At Sea
    Sakarya At Sea May 30 2019
    Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher Systems (MBRL) used by Turkish Land Forces Command were moved to the sea at Deniz Kurdu Naval Drill  2019. ROKETSAN is producing the MBRL  system which is fired from a navy LST platform. 107 and 122 mm rockets and 122 mm missiles are used in the new generation models. The MPRC system generates fire support missions on the target up to a range of 40 km from the nearest battlefield. The Turkish Land Forces Command uses the 122mm system in long-range artill...
  • US Approves MH-60R Sale to India
    US Approves MH-60R Sale to India April 3 2019
      The US government has approved the sale of the Lockheed Martin MH-60R Seahawk maritime multisession helicopter to India. The US State Department has cleared India to procure 24 MH-60R helicopters, as well one MH-60B/R Excess Defence Article (EDA) helicopter from the US Navy that will likely be used for training. In addition to the helicopters, the proposed package includes related anti-submarine warfare equipment and weapons, anti-surface warfare weapons, ...
  • New Radar 1L221E Radar from Ukraine
    New Radar 1L221E Radar from Ukraine February 13 2019
      The Ukrainian defence industry claims a share of the international market with new products such as the 1L221E artillery detection radar of state-owned SpetsTechnoExport, which is part of UkrOboronProm. The new system was presented at Aero India 2019 in Bangalore, India, consisting of two vehicles, the folding antenna vehicle and the control vehicle, and was designed to detect munitions, artillery rockets, and artillery shells. The new radar features an ac...
  • APKWS to Nigeria
    APKWS to Nigeria February 7 2019
    The United States has announced the approval of a new military sale. The US Department of Defence announced that Nigeria will procure APKWS. The total cost of the agreement is $ 225 million. It is reported that the systems will be used in 12 EMB-314 Super Tucanos ordered in 2017. APKWS is a guidance kit for Hydra 70 rockets. System has 1.8 kilograms high explosive warhead and guided with with a semi-active laser guidance kit.
  • V-2 Missile and the Start of Space Race January 10 2019
    The Second World War set the stage for major revolutions in every area of military technology. Combatants from each side pushed the limits of their respective scientific and technological capacities. One of the most telling examples of these efforts revealed itself in developments in the area of rocket and missile. Used heavily by the Germans in the last stage of the war, the V-1 and V-2 type rockets heralded a new era in the conduct of war and military technologies. The impact of t...
  • Iomax Markets Archangel for FMS Deal in Egypt
    Iomax Markets Archangel for FMS Deal in Egypt December 9 2018
    Archangel, a low-cost, long-endurance armed surveillance aircraft ensuring six hours time on station in the armed configuration and 10 hours in the ISR configuration was presented in Egypt by Iomax. The Archangel can currently be armed with GBU-12/58 Laser Guided Bombs, AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, and ROKETSAN Cirit 2.75” Laser Guided Rockets. Egypt has defined a requirement for 12 aircraft through the FMS process.
  • Azerbaijan Liked Polonez
    Azerbaijan Liked Polonez September 28 2018
    Azerbaijan received the new party Polonez surface-to-surface missile system. According to the statement made by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, the agreement reached with Belarus, the Baku received in the delivery of new systems.   Eight 301 mm MLRS rockets or two 750 mm missiles can be launched from platforms Polonez has 250-kilogram conventional warhead and system is effective at 250 kilometers and can affect different types of enemy elements.  ...
  • Romania Ordered New MLRS System
    Romania Ordered New MLRS System August 10 2018
    Lockheed Martin, M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket (High Performance Artillery Rocket / HIMARS) has received orders. The ordering country will supply 18 M142 HIMARS with an agreement amounting to US $ 218 million. At Lockheed Martin's HIMARS, six guided artillery rockets or one tactical missile can be fired from each vehicle. In August 2017, the US approved a possible HIMARS sale to Romania of $ 1.25 billion.
  • Ukraine Continues Modernisation, UkrOboronProm
    Ukraine Continues Modernisation, UkrOboronProm August 3 2018
    Ukraine-based UkrOboronProm has announced that it has modernized two MiG-29s and delivered them to the Ukrainian Air Force. Airplanes upgraded to the MiG-29MU1 configuration. Aircrafts underwent modernization works at the Lviv Aircraft Repair Plant. Within the scope of the work, the aircraft were equipped with more powerful radar, system and engine tehnical condition monitoring and recording systems. The MiG-29MU1 has 3,000 kilogram ammunition capacity. Besides, it can sto...
  • Longbow Missile to Middle East
    Longbow Missile to Middle East August 2 2018
    Kuwait continues to its arms procurement. Kuwait,  requested 300 Lockheed Martin AGM-114R Hellfire and this request was approved by the United States. In the statement made by DSCA (Defense Security Cooperation Agency), Kuwait will pay 30.4 million US Dollars for 19 M261 launchers for 70 mm rockets, 300 AGM-114R Hellfire, spare parts training and support services specified. Kuwait already hasd 96 laser-guided AGM-114K and 288 radar-guided AGM-114L missi...
  • Republic of China Deployed Cavalry Brigade
    Republic of China Deployed Cavalry Brigade July 18 2018
    Taiwan's Ministry of National Defence commissioned its air brigade equipped with AH-64E helicopters. Deployment of 29 AH-64E Apache Guardian in the Taiwan inventory a brigade named 601st Air Cavalry Brigade, which has been completed. The brigade has two Apache squadrons. The second squadron of the brigade completed the combat readiness training last year. Brigade is operates under the Army Aviation and Special Forces Command and is deployed to Taouyan's Longtan Dis...
  • Czech Nominee for Light Attack
    Czech Nominee for Light Attack July 17 2018
    Aero Vodochody announced that the new variant of L-159 jet trainer is developing. The platform, called F/A-259 Striker, is being developed for the USAF for OA-X light attack aircraft. In June, the company signed a cooperation agreement with IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) for the development of an advanced variant of the L-159, the new platform will be ready for delivery in 2020. This platform will be equipped with a fourth generation avionics suite. Company also noted that t...
  • Nigeria Overhauled First Mi-35
    Nigeria Overhauled First Mi-35 June 19 2018
    The Nigerian Air Force completed the first Mi-35 overhaul process under the Mi-35 (NATO Code: Hind) overhauling project, which was carried out with individual resources. Foreign technical specialists also attended the handover ceremony held at the 115th Special Operations Group in Port Harcourt. Speaking at the delivery ceremony, it was emphasized that the contribution made by the project to economy and the technical capability Nigeria has gained. Nigeria ha...
  • Yugoimport presents X-01 Strsljen armed VTOL UAV
    Yugoimport presents X-01 Strsljen armed VTOL UAV June 16 2018
    Serbian defence company Yugoimport company has unveiled the X-01 Strsljen (Hornet) vertical take-off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle (VTOL UAV) at the Eurosatory 2018. The X-01 Strsljen has been developed by another Serbian firm EDePro and is being marketed by Yugoimport. The aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 750 kg and can carry a payload of 350 kg including fuel and weapons. X-01 Strsljen may fly up to 4 hours and has 4,000 m service ceiling. The air vehicle ...
  • Golan-1000 in Field
    Golan-1000 in Field May 21 2018
    Syria's new multiple launch rocket system is unveiled. System was first seen during the attacks on the southern part of Damascus, consists of a three-barrel rocket launcher which is integrated on T-72 tank locally. It is reported that the system fires 500-millimeter rockets via a remote control, but there is no explanation as to how many pieces are produced with the range of the platform.
  • Derivatsiya-PVO SPAAG Will Begin State Trials in 2018
    Derivatsiya-PVO SPAAG Will Begin State Trials in 2018 May 15 2018
    The Derivatsiya-PVO self-propelled anti-aircraft gun (SPAAG) will enter state trials later this year, a Russian defence industry source has told Jane’s. He added that a prototype of the newest 57 mm SPAAG developed by the Nizhny Novgorod-based Burevestnik institute, a subsidiary of Rostec’s Uralvagonzavod (UVZ), had already been manufactured and sent for preliminary trials. Developed based on the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle, Derivatsiya-P...
  • Algeria is the New Customer for TOS-1A
    Algeria is the New Customer for TOS-1A May 15 2018
    Algeria has acquired 220 mm TOS-1A multiple rocket launchers from Russia. The country confirmed the purchase after a footage of an exercise on 12 May was released. The system consists of a launcher for 24 thermobaric or incendiary rockets mounted on a T-72 hull. The range of the system is 6 kilometres. 
  • US Navy Ordered More Than 7,000 APKWS
    US Navy Ordered More Than 7,000 APKWS May 9 2018
    The US Navy ordered more than 7 thousand Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) Laser-Guided Rockets from BAE systems under a $175 million contract.  The APKWS technology transforms standard 2.75-inch (70-millimeter) rockets into precision munitions by simply installing the guidance kit between the warhead and engine of an unguided rocket. The company expects additional orders to bring the total number of units for this production lot to 17,500. ...
  • CIRIT Launch by Archangel
    CIRIT Launch by Archangel April 13 2018
    IOMAX, a USA based aerospace systems integrator, has released a footage of an Archangel aircraft launching Cirit missile.  Cirit was developed by Turkish ROKETSAN company. Archangel is capable of employing GBU-12/58 Laser Guided Bombs and AGM-114 Hellfire other than CIRIT 2.75” Laser Guided Rockets.
  • Qatar Requests APKWS II
    Qatar Requests APKWS II April 11 2018
    Qatar has requested 5 thousand Advanced Precision Kill Weapon Systems (APKWS) II Guidance Sections from the US, The Defense Security Cooperation Agency announced on 9 April. The Congress was notified regarding the possible sale which also includes 5 thousand MK66-4 2.75-inch rocket motors and 5 thousand high explosive warheads for airborne 2.75-inch rockets. If the Congress approves, Qatar will pay approximately $300 million under the Foreign Military Sales contract. ...
  • The First T-129 ATAK of Gendermarie Delivered
    The First T-129 ATAK of Gendermarie Delivered February 23 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) announced on Twitter that the first T-129 ATAK helicopter produced for the Gendarmerie General Command was delivered. The helicopter was registered under the name J-Fatih 1453 and seen carrying 2,75 Hydra rockets as well as a Gatling gun.
  • Indonesia Finalized Su-35 Order
    Indonesia Finalized Su-35 Order February 22 2018
    Indonesia has placed a firm order to Russia for 11 Sukhoi Su-35S multirole fighters. The country revealed its intentions for this acquisition in 2016. A $1,14 billion contract was signed recently, finalizing the order. Two units of Sukhoi jets will be delivered in August 2018 and six more would be delivered 18 months after the contract becomes effective, and the remaining three would be delivered five months after that.  Su-35S was selected in a competition ...
  • Thales Boost to Tiger Fleets
    Thales Boost to Tiger Fleets February 15 2018
    Thales has been awarded two contracts by Spanish Army Aviation and German Armed Forces for its 70mm/2.75” rockets, the company announced on 13 February. Spain has ordered 1000 70mm/2.75 rockets, while Germany has ordered 10,000. Both countries will equip their Tiger helicopter fleets with Thales' rocket systems. The German rockets will feature a modified rocket motor FZ90 Mod4 with reduced debris.
  • Laser-guided Rocket Trial by H145M
    Laser-guided Rocket Trial by H145M February 6 2018
    Airbus Helicopters has for the first time conducted a rocket firing from an H145M fitted with the company’s new HForce generic weapon system (GWS).  In a recent press release, the company announced the trials had taken place in Sweden in early December 2017. The trial demonstrated the ability of its HForce-equipped H145M helicopter to launch the Thales FZ275 laser-guided rocket. Final qualification of the ballistic HForce system on the H145M is schedul...
  • H145M Armed
    H145M Armed February 1 2018
    Airbus Helicopters announced the successful launch of a 70 millimeter laser-guided rocket from the H145M helicopter. Integration was based on possible needs of the military services that are considering arming the rotary wing aircraft. The equipment, called the HForce Gun Package, was tested in Alvaden Test Area located in Sweden. Thales FZ275 LGR laser-guided rocket and L3 Wescam  MX-15D electro-optic were preferred as hardware. Rockets offer a high-precision solution to minim...
  • Retired Kiowa Warriors To Boost Greek Army
    Retired Kiowa Warriors To Boost Greek Army January 24 2018
    Greece expects to conclude administrative work related to its planned acquisition of 70 Bell Helicopter OH-58D Kiowa Warrior armed reconnaissance helicopters which were retired from the US Army before the end of this year.  The Kiowas will be sourced through the Excess Defense Articles (EDA) program. Greek Government approved the purchase on 9 January, allocating $54 million for training flight and technical personnel, restoring the aircraft to act...
  • US Offers 'SuperCobra'
    US Offers 'SuperCobra' January 18 2018
    The US Government decided to offer surplus Marine Corps Bell AH-1W SuperCobra attack helicopters to international customers from February.  The helicopters entered service with the USMC in 1986. Powered by twin General Electric T700-GE-401 engines, the AH-1W has a top speed of 147 kt, a range of 256 n miles (474 km), and a service ceiling of 18,700 ft (limited to 10,000 ft by oxygen requirements), all in a basic combat configuration.  The platform is equippe...
  • US Seeks More Than 100 Light Attack Helos
    US Seeks More Than 100 Light Attack Helos January 12 2018
    The US Army has issued a request for information (RFI) for up to 120 Boeing AH-6 light attack and reconnaissance rotorcraft for Saudi Arabia and other undisclosed customers. The relevant notification published on 9 January on Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) website covers the manufacture and delivery of the ‘Little Bird’ helicopters in the AH-6SA (Saudi Arabia) and AH-6i (International) configurations. The contract will also include weapons such as M260 ...