• Turkish Armoured Vehicles Trust to Domestic Recovery Vehicle
    Turkish Armoured Vehicles Trust to Domestic Recovery Vehicle 10 August 2020
    Armoured recovery vehicles come to the fore as very critical platforms thanks to their ability to pull the destroyed/knocked-out or evacuated vehicles even under fire when necessary, and move them away to the safe zone. Deliveries of M4K (Mayına Karşı Kısmi Korumalı Kurtarıcı / Partially Mine-Protected Recovery), developed within the scope of the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, have been completed. The Presidency of Defence Industries announced the news from...
  • M60TM Modernization Completed
    M60TM Modernization Completed 12 July 2020
    The Fırat Project, which was launched in line with the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, was completed. The upgrade process of M60T Sabra tanks to M60TM level was completed within the scope of the Fırat Project, which was initiated by the main contractor, ASELSAN. President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir visited ASELSAN Facilities and inspected the platform, whose capabilities were improved with domestic facilities. Prof. Dr. Demir, rec...
  • Turkey's Unmanned "Mini Tank" Enters Mass Production
    Turkey's Unmanned "Mini Tank" Enters Mass Production 2 July 2020
      Katmerciler signed a serial production agreement with ASELSAN for the remote-controlled unmanned ground vehicle. Katmerciler developed the entire platform, including the remote control communication infrastructure of the armed unmanned ground vehicle. The vehicle can be used in reconnaissance, surveillance and target detection tasks. Weapons and all kinds of systems can be integrated into the turret. Thanks to satellite communication, it can be commanded remotely. T...
  • Domestic M4K Enters Turkish Land Forces Inventory
    Domestic M4K Enters Turkish Land Forces Inventory 26 May 2020
    M4K (Partially Mine Protected Recovery Vehicle) developed by Konya-based company MPG Makine A.Ş. was delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command (Kara Kuvvetleri Komutanlığı/ KKK). The M4K qualification tests successfully completed in January 2020. A total of 29 M4K will enter the Turkish Land Forces inventory. The vehicle, which is in 8x8 configuration, has KBRN protection system, fire extinguishing and explosion suppression system, as well as shock-damping seats. The platform is ...
  • Sector News - Issue 85 30 April 2020
    Giants of the Sky in Arbitration Demand for Medium Tanks Anti-Ship Missile Test in the Black Sea Nuclear Cruise Missile on its Way Back Akıncı UAV-TFX Partnership ASELSAN Sarp Export    
  • ASELSAN Sarp Export
    ASELSAN Sarp Export 20 April 2020
    Despite the worldwide epidemic and disruptions, ASELSAN continued its operations without slowing down and achieved a new export success. One of Turkey's leading company ASELSAN has added a new one to its export success. The company signed a procurement agreement with Kazakhstan for the SARP DUAL remote-controlled weapon system (RCWS). Achievement announced from company's official social media account with "The leading global technology company Border and Weapon System Solutions from ASELSAN
    Border and Weapon System Solutions from ASELSAN 18 November 2019
    Held in Thailand "Defence & Security" Fair, many companies showed contributions from Turkey. ASELSAN focused on two solutions for Thailand. Thailand presented stabilised weapon systems for the Royal Land and Navy. 12.7 mm and 25 mm stabilized weapon system STAMP with automatic target tracking; STOP is a new generation, cost-effective, medium calibre weapon system for naval platforms fitted with 25mm KBA or 25mm M242 Bushmaster Automatic Cannon; SMASH is a remotely operat...
  • Sarp Is Safer
    Sarp Is Safer 2 May 2019
    ASELSAN's Sarp remote controlled weapon system (UKSS), will provide higher safety to the personnel. The new model, called Sarp Zafer, is on display at IDEF'19. Sarp can be integrated into many vehicles ranging from tactical wheeled armoured vehicles to heavier platforms. It has a widespread use within the Turkish Armed Forces and Turkish law enforcement units. Its new model is displayed on ASELSAN stand. The device is equipped with a sniper detection syst...
  • Yoruk in Serial Production
    Yoruk in Serial Production 30 June 2018
    Nurol Makina started serial production of Yoruk 4x4 tactical wheeled armored vehicle. In the official ceremony held by company the first Yoruk, which rolled out from serial production line, was introduced as a participants. Yoruk is designed for wide variety of missions which can be used in a different tasks from personnel transfer to reconnaissance tasks. The vehicle, which can also serve as a weapon platform if necessary, has a "V" type monocoque...
  • ASELSAN to Produce RCWS in Konya
    ASELSAN to Produce RCWS in Konya 27 June 2018
    C4Defence reached the details of factory to be established in Konya in the partnership of ASELSAN and Konya Defence Industry Corporation. ASELSAN will establish "ASELSAN Weapon Systems Facility" in the region. ASELSAN's Remote Controlledd Weapon Systems (RCWS) will be produced, with a capital of approximately TL 300 million, a machine and equipment of TL 60 million, and a construction investment of TL 85 million. The names of ASELSAN's systems produced by UKSS are as fo...
  • BMC presents its armored land vehicles at Eurosatory Expo.
    BMC presents its armored land vehicles at Eurosatory Expo. 11 June 2018
    BMC Exhibits four new totally six land vehicles at Eurosatory. The company has 700-meter square wide stand for this purpose. BMC, primarily presents mine resistant and multipurpose armoured vehicles Kirpi, Amazon and Vuran and special design armoured truck. BMC presents vehicles equipped with ASELSAN’s remote-controlled weapon system SARP. BMC also demonstrates VURAN with its ALKAR 120 mm automatic mortar, produced for Turkish Gendarmerie.
  • 1000th Sarp Sight Delivered
    1000th Sarp Sight Delivered 8 June 2018
    The 1000th delivery of the ATS70 electro-optic system, which was mass-produced from 2016 and used in Sarp remote-controlled weapons systems, was completed 100th delivery in the past days. The ATS70, which is an integrated electro-optic system that includes thermal and daytime vision cameras and laser rangefinder systems with continuous magnification, is working on the Sarp systems within the General Directorate of Security, General Command of Gendarmerie and Land Forces Command.
  • Fırtına II Ahead Full
    Fırtına II Ahead Full 8 June 2018
    The prototype tests of the next-generation Fırtına howitzer are continuing. According to the news published in the ASELSAN Magazine, the first stage qualification tests have been completed. With the new generation of electronics developed by ASELSAN, the efficiency and accuracy of the system has been increased. In the turret systems of the howitzer, the dependence on the foreign countries has come to an end. The qualification tests of the new generation Fırtına have been completed in Kar...
  • Milrem with remote missile weapon  integration
    Milrem with remote missile weapon  integration 8 June 2018
    Estonian Milrem Robotics and French Nexter have recently teamed up to develop a UGV with a 20mm remote weapon station.  UGV will work in a convoy, to have an overview of the area and clear the way for manned platforms. The Estonian company has also integrated the ST Kinetics ADDER, Aselsan SARP and Kongsberg Protector weapon systems onto the UGV with live firings conducted with several of the systems.
  • "Arlan" Loaded to Turkish A400M Aircraft
    "Arlan" Loaded to Turkish A400M Aircraft 30 May 2018
    At the defence fair KADEX held in Astana which is capital of Kazakhstan, two Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) product 4X4 Arlan armored vehicles loaded into the Turkish A400M transport aircraft. In order to provide technical support to SoloTürk in KADEX, A400M achieved different action. Two Arlan armored vehicles, each 16 tons and 3.4 meters in height, were loaded into the aircraft. Kazakhstan's Aselsan Engineering (KAE), gave SARP which is remote-...
  • 'Tarantula' To Enter Duty Soon
    'Tarantula' To Enter Duty Soon 6 April 2018
    Turkish Undersecreteriat for Defence Industries (SSM) announced on its official Twitter account that Tarantula unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) will enter service with the security forces in the coming days. Weighing 2 tons, Tarantula UGV is equipped with ASELSAN's SARP remote-controlled weapon station and can carry loads up to 800 kilograms. 
  • Turkmenistan Acquires Turkish Armoured Vehicles
    Turkmenistan Acquires Turkish Armoured Vehicles 6 March 2018
    Turkmenistan has acquired two new types of armoured vehicles from Turkey.  A video was released on the internet on 26 February of a recent visit by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to a new border post near Serhetabat, which is close to the border with Afghanistan. The video revealed Turkmenistan's procurement of the Amazon 4x4 and Vuran 4x4 armoured vehicles, produced by Turkish firm BMC. The vehicles were equipped with ASELSAN Sarp Dual Remote Controlled Weapon Station...
  • UKAP Support To Turkish Armed Forces
    UKAP Support To Turkish Armed Forces 23 February 2018
    Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) announced that Turkish Armed Forces will receive KATMERCİLER's 20 Remote Controlled Weapon Platform (UKAP).  SSM has shared video footage of the first prototype of the UKAP on its official Twitter account. According to the information obtained, the technical characteristics of the UKAP changed at some point in the direction of the armed forces' requests but no information was available about these changes. ...
  • Qatar Armed Forces is Ready
    Qatar Armed Forces is Ready 19 December 2017
    Qatar, held a military ceremony on the National Day on December 18th. In this ceremony, Qatar also exhibited its newly supplied vehicles. On the one hand, China made 300 kilometers-range BP-12A ballistic missiles and Leopard 2A7 +; on the other hand, for the first time seen with desert camouflage, the armored Ejder Yalçın and NMS vehicles have contributed to the demonstration of power. Ejder Yalçın and NMS which are procured from Nurol Makina are equipped with ASE...
  • New Weapon System for "Ejder Yalçın III"
    New Weapon System for "Ejder Yalçın III" 11 May 2017
    ASELSAN and Nurol Makina are signing a cooperation agreement at IDEF 2017. Under the agreement, ASELSAN's SARP Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon Platform will be integrated onto Nurol Makina's Ejder Yalcin III tactical wheeled armored combat vehicles. The signing ceremony will be held today at Nurol Makina's stand. Ejder Yalcin offers special solutions to the different operational requirements of users with customizations such as Border Surveillance a...
  • Dual Protection by ASELSAN: SARP-DUAL
    Dual Protection by ASELSAN: SARP-DUAL 9 May 2017
    One of the notable products in IDEF 2017 was ASELSAN's SARP-DUAL Stabilized Advanced Remote Weapon System. SARP-DUAL can be integrated to tactical vehicles for mobile applications against asymmetric threats or it can be used as a stationary weapon system. SARP-DUAL is an extension of the existing SARP system. 7,62mm machine gun, 12,7mm machine gun or 40mm automatic grenade launcher can be integrated to it as a main gun, whereas 7,62mm machine gun can also be integrated to i...
  • National Operating System for SARP
    National Operating System for SARP 21 April 2017
    TUBITAK's nationally developed Real-Time Operating System has been integrated into ASELSAN National Mission Computer to meet all functionality and performance requirements of the National Firearms Control Software and the SARP Remote Controlled National Weapon System. The National Real-Time Operating System (GIS), which was developed within the scope of a memorandum of understanding signed between ASELSAN and TUBITAK in 2015, will be exhibited at the IDEF 2017 fair to be held in May....
  • Tracked SARP by ASELSAN
    Tracked SARP by ASELSAN 22 February 2017
    ASELSAN, which raised its sights in the Middle East market, extends its sphere of influence via its joint venture. The product of the  joint venture IGGASELSAN, established by the United Arab Emirates company International Golden Group (IGG) and Turkish company ASELSAN, attarcted attention at the IDEX 2017 trade show. The SARP-THEMIS armed unmanned land vehicle has been exhibited at IGGASELSAN's stand. SARP-THEMIS, which combines ASELSAN's SARP remote-controlled stabili...
  • Its time for ANKA-B
    Its time for ANKA-B 31 October 2016
    Turkish Aerospace Industries’ MALE class, medium level air platform, which has wide operational range and long endurance, ANKA’s new Synthetic aperture radar-integrated (SARPER) version completed its acceptance tests. A new era had begun for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the scope of 2. Package MALE Development Project, signed on 24 December 2004 between TAI and Undersecreteriat of Defence Industry (SSM). With a new technology that allows radar signals to form a visual image,...
  • Issue 41 Sector News 18 September 2016
    New Aircraft for New Delhi Leonardo to Upgrade Lynx Boeing KC-46 Done with Flight Tests Israeli F-35’s Maiden Flight Rheinmetall’s €400 Million Ammunition Deal Turkey as Regional Support Centre for Airbus CN235 Aircraft TAI #1 Defence Company by Capital 500 One More Export by FNSS STM Liked the Top Rank HAVELSAN, the First Once Again OTOKAR’s SARP Order DETTA De...
  • ASEELSAN Press Release 28 April 2016
    An agreement regarding the sales of SARP Remote Controlled Gun System for the needs of the Turkish National Police, valuing EUR 29.160.000,- has been signed between ASELSAN and Nurol Makina ve Sanayi A.Ş. on 27.04.2016. Within the context of the agreement, the deliveries will be completed in 2016.