• Singapore's First Invincible Class Submarine Begins Tests
    Singapore's First Invincible Class Submarine Begins Tests 7 September 2020
    Singapore's first Invincible-class submarine has begun naval testing. Singapore bought two Invincible class "Type 218SG" submarines in 2014 for use in ocean patrol missions. The platforms, built under the main contractor of Germany-based ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, were developed based on the Type 214 submarine in line with the needs set by the Singapore Navy. Equipped with an air-independent drive system, the submarine will be called the RSS Invincible. The...
  • Singapore and Israel Work on New Missile
    Singapore and Israel Work on New Missile 29 July 2020
    Proteus Advanced Systems was established with a partnership of Singapore-based company ST Engineering and Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI). ST Engineering and IAI, which meet the growing demand for guided munitions, will conduct the marketing of naval munitions systems, including a next-generation anti-ship missile. According to ST Engineering's Defence News, the company has been working with IAI for several years for an anti-ship missile called Blue Spear.
  • Pentagon Awards Raytheon $392M for Sidewinders
    Pentagon Awards Raytheon $392M for Sidewinders 22 March 2020
    The Pentagon has awarded Raytheon a $392.4 million modification contract to supply tactical missiles to the US military, Turkey, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other countries. The deal modifies an earlier contract, awarded in September 2018, for the repair of Air Intercept Missile (AIM)-9X Tactical and Captive Air Training Missiles (CATMs). The governments of Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Japan, Morocco, the Ne...
  • Singapore Show Interests in AH-64E Apaches
    Singapore Show Interests in AH-64E Apaches 17 February 2020
    Boeing has confirmed at the Singapore Air Show 2020 that the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) has expressed its interest to rebuild 12 of its 20 existing AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopters to the latest AH-64E Apache Guardian variant. The RSAF currently has 12 AH-64D Apache Longbows based in Singapore as part of the 120 Squadron, while eight aircraft are based in Silverbell Army Heliport in Marana, Arizona and used for training as part of the Peace Vanguard detachme...
  • Singapore to Acquire F-35s
    Singapore to Acquire F-35s 16 February 2020
    Singapore’s Air Force chief Maj. Gen. Kelvin Khong has given green light for F-35 fighter jet even though he acknowledged that logistics remain as a problem to be solved. In a written reply to questions by the media, Maj. Khong said that the first four F-35Bs that Singapore is looking to buy would be located in the continental United States for initial training and testing. Khong said that although most of the F-35’s developmental issues have been resolved in r...
  • Singapore gets the green light to buy F-35s
    Singapore gets the green light to buy F-35s 10 January 2020
    The U.S. government on Thursday formally approved Singapore to become the next customer of the F-35 joint strike fighter. Singaporean Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen announced that the country would submit a letter of request to the U.S. government to purchase four F-35B, with the intention of a total of 12 B models with at an estimated cost of $2.75 billion, according to the Defence Security Cooperation Agency. Singapore typically buys its fighter aircraft in small batches.
  • Stratotanker Fleet Retires
    Stratotanker Fleet Retires 12 November 2019
    The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) confirmed that they have retired its fleet of four Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker aerial refuelling and cargo aircraft last June 2019. The last flight was conducted on 26 June 2019.  RSAF purchased six of the A330 MRT tankers and transport aircraft, which were able to refuel with both the boom and hose-drouge method. In June 2019, three aircraft were delivered to the RSAF.   Singapore supplied the KC-135A Stratotanker platforms u...
  • NMS In the Hind- Pacific Area 3 October 2019
    USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS 10), a part of the US Navy's coastal combat fleet, performed a successful manoeuvre and launched the NSM (Naval Strike Missile) missile during the Pacific Griffin exercise in early October. The Pacific Griffin exercise takes place every two years around Guam jointly with the Singapore Navy. NSM has met with Independence-class for the first time in 2014 with the USS Coronado (LCS-4). NSM is an advanced missile system that meets the US Navy's long-range strik...
  • Which Frigates will Greece Procure?
    Which Frigates will Greece Procure? 2 August 2019
      Greece may include Adelaide-class guided-missile frigates in the inventory of the Hellenic Navy. High-ranking officers from the Greek Navy were hosted onboard HMAS Newcastle as it was docked in Singapore during Exercise Indo-Pacific Endeavour in May. Two months later, the Australian Embassy in Athens requested a meeting with the head of the Greek Agency for Military Procurements, Vice Admiral Kyriakou Kyriakidis. According to a Greek government press release, the conversation...
  • Safti:  Mock-up City 3 July 2019
    The Singapore Ministry of Defence has announced that a new urban training complex will be built for the Singapore Armed Forces by 2023. Safti City will feature mock-ups of the city’s streetscapes and commercial-residential areas for soldiers to train under real-life scenarios. These include an integrated transport hub with a bus interchange, a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station with multiple surface exits, high-rise interconnected buildings, dense building clusters, multiple road networks...
  • New AFV Introduced
    New AFV Introduced 12 June 2019
    Singapore Armed Forces introduced a new generation armoured fighting vehicle. Vehicle named as Hunter and it has a completely digital infrastructure. Singapore Ministry of Defence said in a statement that the new vehicle has higher firepower than its predecessors. The vehicle is said to be one of the core of the Singapore Army's transformation into a new generation of structure and is reported to be faster, smarter and more effective than the M113 Ultra vehicles that it will rep...
  • US Presents Greece, Romania, Spain and PolandaAs Potential New Operators Of the F-35
    US Presents Greece, Romania, Spain and PolandaAs Potential New Operators Of the F-35 5 April 2019
    Director, Joint Strike Fighter Program, Vice Admiral Mathias W. “Mat” Winter, told U.S. lawmakers that “future potential Foreign Military Sales customers (for the F-35) include Singapore, Greece, Romania, Spain and Poland.” Confronting with Turkey, for S400 Air Defence System, The United States is considering expanding sales of LM’s F-35 fighter jets to five new nations including Romania, Greece and Poland as European allies bulk up their defences in th...
  • Type 218SG Launched
    Type 218SG Launched 20 February 2019
    The first submarine of Singapore has ordered and which has been developed in line with the needs of this country has been launched. Singapore Minister of Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen attended the ceremony at the ThyssenKrupp Shipyard's facilities in Kiel. Defence Minister's wife, the Chief of the German Navy and the Singapore Navy Commander participated in the ceremony, Type 218SG’s class name in the Singapore Navy was announced. Submarines, will be called Invincible Class, w...
  • The South of Asia-Pacific is on the Move: INDODEFENCE 2018
    The South of Asia-Pacific is on the Move: INDODEFENCE 2018 8 December 2018
    Organised in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta on 7-10 November, IndoDefence 2018 was significant for demonstrating not only local defence requirements but also consequences of Chinese-centred mobility observed recently in the Asia-Pacific region.   Composed of a thousands of islands scattered along the intersection point of the Pacific and the Indian oceans, the highly-populated Indonesia suffers mainly from marine-based security problems just like the neig...
  • Details About the F-15X That Boeing is Pitching the U.S. Air Force
    Details About the F-15X That Boeing is Pitching the U.S. Air Force 30 July 2018
    The new F-15 combat aircraft that Boeing is pitching to the U.S. Air Force would host of new weapons, including anti-ship missiles, according to US based Defence One magazine. The Air Force and Boeing have been talking about how new F-15Xs would be cheaper to operate than the current fleet of F-15s.  The X variant would benefit from upgrades funded by countries who have bought F-15s: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore and Republic of Korea. Compared to the Air Force’s existin...
  • Mortar Collaboration at Eurosatory
    Mortar Collaboration at Eurosatory 13 June 2018
    Singapore-based ST Engineering and Hirtenberger Defense Systems (HDS) from the U.K. have signed a cooperation agreement at Eurosatory. The agreement includes the introduction of ST Engineering's Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System (SRAMS) combined with HDS’ mortar fire control system and 120mm ammunition into the European market. SRAMS was unveiled in 2001 and its development tests were completed in 2006. It is an automatic 120 millimetre mortar system. According to...
  • Fifth LMV Delivered to Singapore
    Fifth LMV Delivered to Singapore 30 April 2018
    The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has taken delivery of its fifth Independence-class Littoral Mission Vessel (LMV), RSS Indomitable,  on 27 April. The vessel was ordered under a 2013 contract signed with ST Marine covering a total of eight ships. RSS Indomitable was launched in September 2016. The first three of the Independence-class ships, RSS Independence (15), RSS Sovereignty (16) and RSS Unity (1...
  • Malaysia Ordered Nexter's Artillery Systems
    Malaysia Ordered Nexter's Artillery Systems 20 April 2018
    Malaysia ordered 18 units of 105LG1 artillery systems from Nexter under a contract signed at DSA fair. This 3-year contract will start by November 2019 with the first delivery of 6 light guns and the last delivery is due to take place in February 2020. The system has a maximum range of 17 kilometres and can be transported by air thanks to its light weight of approximately 1650 kg. Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Belgium, Canada and Colombia are also among customers of Nexter’s 105LG1.
  • Additional M-346s for Poland
    Additional M-346s for Poland 27 March 2018
    Leonardo will deliver four additional M-346 aircraft to Poland by 2020, increasing the number of the aircraft in service from 8 to 12.  Leonardo and the Armament Inspectorate of the Polish Ministry of National Defense have signed a contract to supply four additional M-346 Advanced Jet Trainers (AJT) that will join the Polish Air Force’s existing fleet of eight aircraft by 2020. The contract, worth more than 115 million euro, includes a support package and an opt...
  • Singapore Launched Sixth LMV
    Singapore Launched Sixth LMV 27 March 2018
    Singapore has launched its sixth Independence-class Littoral Mission Vessel (LMV), the future RSS Fortitude, on 24 March at ST Marine’s facilities in Benoi. The vessel is a part of the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) order for eight LMVs, the contract of which was signed between ST Marine and the Singapore Ministry of Defence in 2013. The first vessel of the class, RSS Independence, was commissioned in 2017. So far, three LMVs were commissioned w...
  • MiG fraud in Sri Lanka revealed 19 March 2018
    Sri Lanka’s daily Sunday Times has uncovered about alleged corruption on the purchase of MiG-27s from Ukraine. A three-year investigation by the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) into the procurement of MiG-27 fighter jets for the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) has bared some details. A document signed between Ukraine’s arms export company Ukrinmarsh and the Sri Lanka Air Force has turned out to be a fraudulent one. It was supposed to be a Government-to-Government agreeme...
  • Singapore Deploys MBDA’s Aster 30
    Singapore Deploys MBDA’s Aster 30 9 March 2018
    Singapore announced that MBDA's Aster 30 air defence system has been operationally deployed. Singapore Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen confirmed the delivery of the system, which was ordered in 2013, in a speech to Parliament’s defence committee on 2 March. The Aster 30 will replace the aged I-Hawk, which has a 40-km range. MBDA's system has the capability to intercept targets at altitudes from 50 m to 20 km in a range of up to 70 kilometres. This ...
  • Last Delivery To Italy
    Last Delivery To Italy 28 February 2018
    Leonardo announced on 27 February that it delivered the 18th and last Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master training aircraft to the Italian Air Force. The M-346, designated the T-346A in Italy, was also ordered by Republic of Singapore Air Force, Israeli Air Force and Polish Air Force.
  • China's New Unmanned Helo, at Singapore Airshow
    China's New Unmanned Helo, at Singapore Airshow 9 February 2018
    Collective Wisdom Technology exhibited a new multimission rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at Singapore Airshow 2018. The 1,2 m-long 'Spider 103' is a high-altitude monitoring platform with 2-hour endurance and can maintain an effective data link 50 km away from its main signal control point. The UAV can reach a maximum speed of 90 km/h and has a maximum take-off weight of 65 kg.  
  • Israel's New Decoy Unveiled in Singapore
    Israel's New Decoy Unveiled in Singapore 8 February 2018
    Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) unveiled a new self-protection towed decoy electronic warfare system which provides an added layer of self-defence for aircrafts.  Developed by  IAI's intelligence subsidiary ELTA Group, is towed by the aircraft, and providing protection it by luring radar-guided missiles. The new ELL-8270 towed decoy is being displayed at Singapore Airshow 2018. According to the company, ELL-8270 is completely autonomous, does not ...
  • China's New UAV Concept Unveiled in Singapore
    China's New UAV Concept Unveiled in Singapore 7 February 2018
    China's new low-observable surveillance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Star Shadow concept has been unveiled at the Singapore Airshow 2018. Envisioned to have a maximum take-off weight of 4,000 kg, the UAV will have a length of 7,3 metres and a wingspan of 15 metres. According to the Chengdu-based developer of the UAV, Star UAV System Co Ltd, Star Shadow will feature a radar cross section characteristic in the range of 0.1 m².&nb...
  • Thailand Opted For Russian Rifles
    Thailand Opted For Russian Rifles 6 February 2018
    Russia and Thailand have signed an agreement at the Singapore AirShow regarding delivery of Russian Kalashnikov assault rifles to Thai Armed Forces. Although the type and number of the rifles were not disclosed, TASS reports that it might be the AK-100 series. 
  • TAI Will Attend Singapore Airshow
    TAI Will Attend Singapore Airshow 2 February 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) revealed its 2018 exhibition calendar. The company will demonstrate all its products in Singapore and will carry out negotiations at Singapore Airshow particularly regarding UAV “ANKA” and Multirole Utility Helicopter “T625”. TAI, which is ambitious in the Asian market, will also exhibit models of T625, ANKA, ATAK, HÜRKUŞ and MMU during the exhibition. In 2018, the company's exhibition schedule, which was ...
  • TAI Announcement
    TAI Announcement 1 February 2018
    Between February 6-11, 2018 Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) will attend Singapore Airshow, one of the most important Asian fairs. TAI, which is ambitious in Asian market, will demonstrate all its products in Singapore and will carry out negotiations at Singapore Airshow particularly regarding UAV “ANKA” and Multirole Utility Helicopter “T625”.
  • New Submarines Launched
    New Submarines Launched 16 January 2018
    The Singapore Ministry of Defense has announced two additional Type 218SG air independent submarines have laid down. The steel cutting ceremony of the new submarines held 12th January. The contract for additional submarine construction was signed in May 2017. It is stated that the first two submarines ordered in 2013 and they will be delivered in 2021 and 2022, and the construction processes of the platforms continuing at different levels. Additional submarines will be delivered in ...
  • TAI Shows Off In Bangkok
    TAI Shows Off In Bangkok 7 November 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) participated in the Bangkok Defense & Security fair held between November 6-9, 2017 with HURKUŞ, T129 ATAK, MMU and ANKA. TAI General Manager Temel Kotil emphasized the importance of the Thai market and added that the meetings and visits were fruitful. The Turkish Ambassador to Thailand, Evren Dağdelen Akgün, visited the TAI booth and received information about the projects in the region and in Thailand. In addition, negotiations were...
  • Warthog Substitute Readied
    Warthog Substitute Readied 25 September 2017
    Singapore Technologies Kinetics has completed development of the latest Bronco all-terrain tracked carrier variant, Jane's reports. Bronco 3 ATCC is now ready for demonstration to potential customers with its two pre-production vehicles. The Bronco 2, which constitutes the baseline of Bronco 3, is known as Warthog in British Army service and has a higher level of ballistic and mine protection. The original Bronco, developed to meet the operational requirement...
  • Warfare Management Under Single Roof
    Warfare Management Under Single Roof 5 July 2017
    The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is getting ready to integrate C4 and cyber defence operations under a new command. Aiming to enhance coordination between military command and control networks and cyber defence capabilities, Singapore decided to establish a new unit called 'C4 Command' which will be inaugurated in November 2017. According to the country's Ministry of Defence, C4 Command will comprise of two departments being the C4 Operations Group (C4OG) ...
  • Singapore Raised Order to Four Platforms
    Singapore Raised Order to Four Platforms 16 May 2017
    Singapore Ministry of Defence announced on 16 May, during the IMDEX 2017 exhibition that the country will purchase two more air-independent propulsion (AIP)-equipped Type 218SG diesel-electric submarines under a contract signed with ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS). Together with two other submarines of the same class that were ordered previously and expected to be delivered in 2021 and 2022, the platforms will complement each other in maintenance, logistics and operatio...
  • First LMV in Pacific
    First LMV in Pacific 8 May 2017
    The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has commissioned its first Littoral Mission Vessel, RSS Independence with pennant number 15, on 5 May at Changi Naval Base. The 80 m platform is the first of eight 1,250-tonne LMVs that are set to replace Singapore's 11 Fearless-class patrol vessels. Armed with one Oto Melara 76 mm main gun, two Oto Melara Hitrole 12.7 mm remote-controlled weapon stations, one Rafael 25 mm Typhoon gun system and MBDA's VL Mic...
  • The US-Singapore Cooperation in Flight Training
    The US-Singapore Cooperation in Flight Training 17 April 2017
    The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) is deploying six F-15SGs and about 100 personnel from 142 Squadron to Andersen Air Force Base in Guam for fighter flying training with the United States Pacific Air Forces' 44th Fighter Squadron from 10 April to 11 May 17. Aimed to enhance the interoperability and people-to-people ties between the two air forces, this is the first time Singapore has deployed fighters there.
  • New-Gen Armored Vehicle to Singapore
    New-Gen Armored Vehicle to Singapore 23 March 2017
    Singapore Technologies Engineering has been awarded a contract for the production and supply of its Next Generation Armored Fighting Vehicle to provide Singapore’s armored forces with enhanced firepower, protection, mobility and situational awareness. The new vehicle is expected to enter service by 2019, replacing the upgraded M113A2 Ultra Armored Personnel Carriers. According to data released by Singapore’s defense ministry, the new vehicle is powered by a 711...
  • Israeli UAV Begins Duty
    Israeli UAV Begins Duty 16 March 2017
    Singapore has declared full operational capability (FOC) on its fleet of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Heron 1 medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on 15 March during a ceremony held at the Republic of Singapore Air Force's (RSAF's) UAV Command in Murai Camp. Heron 1s have been progressively replacing the service's Searcher UAVs.  Having an operational range of over 200 km and an endurance of 24 hours, Hero...
  • Greenlight for Singapore's Inquiry
    Greenlight for Singapore's Inquiry 15 March 2017
    Singapore is to purchase 2 thousand XM395 Precision Guided Mortar Munitions from the US through a Foreign Military Sales contract, with an estimated value of $66 million. The prime contractor will be Orbital ATK. The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified the Congress of this possible sale on March 13, 2017.
  • Early Parting in Pacific
    Early Parting in Pacific 9 March 2017
    Singapore has decommissioned its Fearless-class patrol vessel, RSS Independence (87), on 8 March during a ceremony at Tuas Naval Base. The 55-m vessel was launched in April 1998 and assigned in maritime surveillance, patrol, and escort operations as part of the Maritime Security Task Force (MSTF). The Fearless-class vessels have been operational since 1996. The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) has been gradually retiring these vessels to replace them wi...