• Problems for F-35 in Turkey
    Problems for F-35 in Turkey 17 July 2019
      S-400 air defence systems that Turkey had purchased from Russia, arrived in Turkey. Missiles, which form the strike force of the system, are expected to arrive by navy soon. With these developments, Turkey, is progressing step by step in the supply route maps previously announced. In other side, the US, that openly opposed to Turkey to acquire these systems, and announced the roadmap as precaution. In the US’ roadmap, priority is given to F-35 aircraft. At pre...
  • Confusion on F-35
    Confusion on F-35 26 June 2019
    The US has released the F-35 roadmap, which is planned to be implemented as of July 31st. Turkey is a Level 3 Partner of F-35 Lightning II Program and Turkey's unwinding is confusing in both industry and operational areas. The United States, the main contractor of the program according to the roadmap, will follow these steps. Pilot and Maintainer Training There are currently 42 students attending F-35 training in the U.S. at Luke Air For...
  • Japan Chose Norwegian JSM for F-35A
    Japan Chose Norwegian JSM for F-35A 12 March 2019
    Norwegian Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (KONGSBERG) was selected by Japan to equip F-35 fighter jets with Joint Strike Missile JSM. The JSM development started in 2008 and was completed in mid-2018 after successful certification trials. The JSM missile is one of the two anti-ship missiles to be equipped with the US F-35 fighter, the other being the SOM-J Turkish rocket. The JSM missile is made of composite materials that reduce its electromagnetic trace, its design incorporat...
  • Bozok and SOM-J Passed Recent Tests Successfully
    Bozok and SOM-J Passed Recent Tests Successfully 29 July 2018
    Developed for the F-35 aircraft, the SOM-J and the Laser-guided Bozok munitions developed for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles successfully passed the recent tests. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank shared from his social media account that the first tests of Precision Guided Stand-Off Missile SOM-J and the Laser Guided Miniature smart bomb Bozok are successfully completed. SOM-J, the variant of SOM for the F-35, developed by TUBITAK SAGE and produced by ROKETSAN, wa...
  • ROKETSAN Reached Target
    ROKETSAN Reached Target 11 May 2018
    “Climbing up the hills” for decades to design Turkey’s national weapons ROKETSAN now runs on a “straight path”, having commenced serial production. As conveyed by ROKETSAN’s General Manager Selçuk Yaşar, the Company now focuses on high value-added business, attaches importance to design and integration, and produces mainly national products using indigenous resources in close collaboration with business partners and subcontractors. 
  • SOM-J Displayed on F-35 Internal Bay
    SOM-J Displayed on F-35 Internal Bay 7 March 2018
    Lockheed Martin has released an animated video introducing the SOM-J, developed for the F-35 aircraft. Developed by TUBITAK SAGE and manufactured by ROKETSAN, SOM (Stand Off Missile) is an air-to-ground missile. The A and 1B variants of SOM is being carried under-wing of Turkish F-16 and F-4 aircraft. The SOM-J, developed for the F-35, will be carried inside the airframe to maintain the low radar signature (stealthiness) of the aircraft. Lockheed Martin described the use of SOM-J in...
  • Turkish SOM on American F-35?
    Turkish SOM on American F-35? 16 December 2017
    The ROKETSAN company, which manufactures SOM for the Turkish Air Force, announced that it could export the same product to the USA. Speaking to the US magazine "National Defense Magazine," ROKETSAN officials noted that the SOM-J missile developed for the F-35 could also be sold to the US. An interview with the company's production engineer Esin Dağ was published under the title "Turkish Missile Could Be Integrated on F-35". It is pointed out in the ...
  • ROKETSAN's SOM Family At IDEF'17
    ROKETSAN's SOM Family At IDEF'17 28 April 2017
    Among the Turkish defence industry products to be exhibited in IDEF 2017, ROKETSAN's new generation cruise missile, Stand Off Ammunition "SOM" is on the forefront. The first flight test of SOM was performed in 2011 and serial production was started in 2013 under the contract between ROKETSAN and Turkish MoD. As part of the serial production frame the production line qualification has been completed and the first batch of missile deliveries with the components of the SO...
  • ROKETSAN's SOM-J goes to Australia
    ROKETSAN's SOM-J goes to Australia 1 March 2017
    According to the news featured on CNNTurk TV, ROKETSAN is preparing to sell SOM-J missiles to Australia. The television, which broadcasted news from the International Aviation Fair Avalon Airshow 2017 in Geelong, Australia, met with ROKETSAN officials here. ROKETSAN Engineering Director Cenk Önen announced that they were about to start sales of SOM-J missiles to Australia's new generation F-35A fighter aircraft. ROKETSAN's SOM missiles have already e...
  • Lockheed Martin and Roketsan Join Forces To Develop The SOM-J Missile For The F-35 Program
    Lockheed Martin and Roketsan Join Forces To Develop The SOM-J Missile For The F-35 Program 13 July 2016
    Lockheed Martin and Roketsan have signed a follow-on contract to finalize development of the Stand Off Missile-Joint Strike Fighter (SOM-J) cruise missile for the Turkish F-35 program.   The SOM-J is a medium range, air-to-surface missile designed for use against heavily defended, high-value land and sea targets, such as surface-to-air missile sites, exposed aircraft, strategic assets, command and control centers, and naval vessels.  The missile’s modular d...
  • Fair News 10 May 2016
    ADUNOK-W Landed on Malaysia Indonesia to Receive AS565 MBe Panther Soon AKSA’s Solution for Flat Tyres ASELSAN Seeks Local Partnerships Azerbaijan Demonstrates New Weapons Malaysia Intends to Upgrade Hawks BrahMos too Close to Export WJ-600 UAV Ready to Meet Customers Point Defence from China to Indonesia Malaysia: Denel’s Gate to the Asia-Pacific<...
  • Roketsan Press Release 17 September 2015
    Roketsan’s press release about contract with Lockheed Martin on target="_blank">SOM-J.SOM-FINAL-Sep16