• Spain Acquires 24 PC-21 Aircraft
    Spain Acquires 24 PC-21 Aircraft February 1 2020
    Pilatus Aircraft announced that Spain had ordered 24 Pilatus PC-21 single-engine turboprop trainers to replace its obsolete Casa C-101 Aviojets used since 1980. The contract is worth €204.75 million and calls for the first six aircraft to be delivered by March. The Spanish Air Force, Ejército del Aire, is the third European air force to opt for the Swiss-produced PC-21, the Next Generation Trainer.  
  • Wet Contacts from C29
    Wet Contacts from C29 January 29 2020
    The Airbus C295 tactical airlifter has successfully achieved its first wet contacts during an air-to-air- refuelling (AAR) tanker flight test campaign. First dry contacts of this flight test took place in December 2019 and were achieved using a closed ramp configuration. The wet contacts, conducted out of Seville, Spain, took place in January 2020, between one Airbus C295 aircraft in tanker configuration and a Spanish Air Force C295 acting as receiver. In total, the aircraft fitted wit...
  • The Last Tiger of the Spanish Army
    The Last Tiger of the Spanish Army January 29 2020
    Airbus Helicopters has announced that an important milestone has been left behind for Tiger attack helicopters. The delivery phase of Spain's Tiger attack helicopter story, which started in 2003, was completed. The Spanish Army (Ejército de Tierra) received the 18th and last Tiger HAD helicopter after a long delivery phase. Last platform is announced as Tiger HAD (Helicoptero de Apoyo y Destrucción / Support and Destruction Helicopter) H2 varian...
  • Spain allows Navantia to Develop F110 Frigates
    Spain allows Navantia to Develop F110 Frigates December 4 2019
    Spanish Government, the Council of Ministers has authorised the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to sign an agreement with the entity Navantia S.A., for the development program of the F110 Frigates. The program will cost a maximum of 1,638 million euros over seven years (from 2019 to 2025). The F110 frigates project will allow Navantia to be digitised through the Shipyard 4.0 program. With the agreement, Navantia secures the sale of five F110 frigates. ...
  • Spain to Buy 24 Pilatus PC-21 Turboprop Trainers for €205M
    Spain to Buy 24 Pilatus PC-21 Turboprop Trainers for €205M November 29 2019
    Spain will acquire 24 Pilatus PC-21 turboprop training aircraft to replace its Casa Aviojet C-101 jet trainers. Spain’s decision was announced on Nov. 26 on the government’s procurement platform, Plataforma de Contratacion del Sector Publico (PCSP). The first six PC-21s and one simulator are to be delivered by March 2020 to allow training of the first eight instructors. The PC-21 will be known as E.27 in Spanish service. According to PCSP, Pilatus will supply 2...
  • Navantia launches Australia’s second replenishment vessel
    Navantia launches Australia’s second replenishment vessel September 3 2019
    Spanish shipbuilder Navantia has launched the second auxiliary oiler replenishment (AOR) vessel on order for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Minister for Defence Linda Reynolds said the launch of the second Supply class Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) vessel marked an important milestone in Australia’s $90 billion investment in the largest regeneration of Navy since WW2. “The delivery into service of the Supply class replenishment vessels from next year will provide...
  • Spain to Acquire Piranha 5 for €2.1Bn July 16 2019
      The Spanish Council of Ministers has approved the conclusion of a contract for the manufacture of 8x8 wheeled combat vehicles. The object of the contract is the supply of manufacturing of the first production batch of 348 Vehiculos de Combate a Ruedas (8x8 Wheeled Combat Vehicles, VCR 8x8) in 13 different configurations. The contract that has now been authorized has its origins in the decision by the Council of Ministers of November 2, 2007, which approved...
  • Greek Cyprus to Get Leopard 2
    Greek Cyprus to Get Leopard 2 July 11 2019
      The European Defence Agency (EDA) is preparing to launch a programme in 2020 for four member states to upgrade or procure Leopard 2A7 equivalents. EDA is in final consultations with member states Greek Cyprus, Greece, Romania, and Spain to launch a programme in 2020 to modernise or procure Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank (MBT) fleets. According to the agency, the effort will aim at upgrading to Leopard 2A7 equivalents or acquiring them. The program will involve approximately 200 L...
  • New Frigate Agreement Inked
    New Frigate Agreement Inked April 26 2019
    The new frigate project was inked almost a month after the cabinet approval. Under the agreement, Navantia will build five frigates. The ceremony of the project, whose main contractor is Navantia, was held in the Ministry of Defence of Spain building. Spain will procure five frigates, with a total cost of € 4,317 billion. It is reported that 80% of the components required for the platform will be purchased from Spanish companies during the process, which will start in Ferrol fa...
  • Giant Step from Spain
    Giant Step from Spain April 2 2019
    A new step has come from Spain which which has taken action to strengthen and renew its army. The Spanish Council of Ministers approved the construction of five F-110 class frigates.   Spain will procure five F-110s as part of the project, with a total cost of EUR 4,317 billion. The ships to be built in the activities to be carried out in the main contractor of the Navantia Company will replace the F-80 class platforms. The project will offer significant opportunities...
  • Spain gets First Upgraded Tranche 1 Eurofighter
    Spain gets First Upgraded Tranche 1 Eurofighter February 26 2019
    Airbus delivered first upgraded Tranche 1 Eurofighter to Spanish Air Forces. The upgrade was carried out at Airbus facilities in Getafe and involved the introduction of hardware modifications which support the Operational Flight Program 02 (OFP-02) developed by the Armament and Experimental Logistics Centre (CLAEX). The upgrade developed by Airbus includes modifications that integrate Tranche 2 and Tranche 3 equipment on the aircraft, not least a Computer Symbol Generator, Digital V...
  • Second AIM-120 Investigation Concluded
    Second AIM-120 Investigation Concluded February 25 2019
      The second investigation of the accidental AIM-120 AMRAAM launch at last August was also concluded. The second investigation reports are the same as the first.   On 7 August 2018, an AIM-120 AMRAAM air-to-air missile was launched from Spanish Air Force F/A-18 Hornet in Estonian airspace. First, the internal investigation of Spain was completed and the decision was made that the launch was a pilot error. Then the results of the research carried out by ...
  • Naval Group and Damen in the Final in the Netherlands February 20 2019
    German TKMS and Spanish Navantia eliminated, Naval Group and Damen in the final in the Netherlands The Dutch government has decided to eliminate the offers of the German TKMS with the Type 212CD and the Spanish Navantia with the S80, for the replacement of its four class Walrus submarines, leaving the Saab-Damen and the French Naval Group in the final. According to the Dutch government, the German offer was eliminated on the basis of the preservation criteria of the countr...
  • Spain Officially Joins FCAS Fighter Programme
    Spain Officially Joins FCAS Fighter Programme February 15 2019
    The French, German and Spanish defence ministers signed a letter of intent for the FCAS fighter programme. Spain has joined the existing Franco-German effort to develop a future combat air system (FCAS), which is scheduled to enter service by 2040. During a NATO meeting in Brussels on 14 February, Spain's minister of defence, Margarita Robles, signed a letter of intent with her respective French and German counterparts, Florence Parly and Ursula von der Leyen, formalizing Spain&...
  • The Spanish Step On A New Generation Aircraft
    The Spanish Step On A New Generation Aircraft February 13 2019
    Germany and France recently signed a new generation of aircraft development project received a surprise participation. According to a report in the Spanish Press, Spain has taken action to become the third participant of the partnership. The program, which was initiated for the renewal of combat aircraft currently serving in the European Air Force, is also being sought in Spain. The defence ministers of the three countries are expected to sign a letter of intent at the NATO Defence ...
  • Iveco Prefers Allison
    Iveco Prefers Allison February 4 2019
    Iveco Defence Vehicles will support BAE Systems in the frame of their recently-awarded contract to produce the next generation of Amphibious Combat Vehicles. Allison has recently shared a press bulletin to announce that Allison Specialty Series™ transmissions will equip the new generation of Amphibious Combat Vehicles (ACV 1.1) for the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC).   According to bulleting the vehicles are being produced under a four-year, $400 million contract won ...
  • France Conducts Low Visibility Tests Of Neuron Against Airborne Sensors, Ground Radars, And Shipborne Systems
    France Conducts Low Visibility Tests Of Neuron Against Airborne Sensors, Ground Radars, And Shipborne Systems January 9 2019
    French Neuron unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) demonstrator began its low observability test campaign against various operational detection equipment. The fourth low observability campaign aims to study the employment of aircraft like Neuron against airborne sensors, ground radars, and shipborne systems. The The Direction générale de l'armement (DGA), said on January 4th, the campaign will enable it to evaluate ongoing developments in detection equipment. It w...
  • Spain's Frigate Decision is Close
    Spain's Frigate Decision is Close December 7 2018
    Ministry of Defence of Spain has announced that the ongoing procurement process for the F-110 frigates is coming to an end. A total of five frigates were to be procured. The final draft of agreement for the platforms was examined and the signatures were expected to be inked in the coming days. The total cost of the agreement is expected to be 4.3 billion Euros. Upon completion of the draft work, text of the agreement will be submitted for the approval of the cabinet. According to th...
  • Spain is interested in the Future European Fighter
    Spain is interested in the Future European Fighter December 7 2018
    Spanish Minister of Defence, Margarita Robles, has requested Spanish participation into future European fighter. Minister Robles has transferred letters to her French and German counterparts, Florence Parly and Ursula von der Leyen. Letter indicates Spain’s interest in being part of the future European fighter (New-Generation Weapon System /NGWS) being conducted by France and Germany. In her letter, Robles requests that the Spanish participation be formalized by the signature ...
  • Norway and Spain Blame Each Other
    Norway and Spain Blame Each Other December 5 2018
    Norway blames [Spanish shipbuilder] Navantia for the sinking of the frigate KNM Helge Ingstad (F-313) after collusion with an oil tanker on November 8. The Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) claims to have detected a "critical" failure in the design of the ship.  Navantia, however, says that it has not received official communication of the report nor has it been able to participate in the investigation. Spanish military experts question the Norwegian version,...
  • Chinook on Duty
    Chinook on Duty September 25 2018
    The Spanish Council of Ministers approved the modernization of the D variant of Chinook helicopters to the F level in the Spanish Army inventory. With the approval of the budget of € 819,229 million, the heavy transport power of the army will remain active after 2020. Maintenance costs will drop and helicopters will require 56% less maintenance. Modernization works will start in 2018 and the first helicopter will be delivered in 2021. All work will be completed in 2025.
  • Spain Sends Bombs After Saudi Financial Threat
    Spain Sends Bombs After Saudi Financial Threat September 15 2018
    Spain appears to have given up against financial pressure to deliver 400 laser-guided bombs to Saudi Arabia, reversing a recent decision to put the deal on hold. The Socialist administration, which came to power in June, decided last week to halt the shipment, which was part of a €141.7 million arms deal signed in 2015 by the previous conservative government. Current government stated their fears that the weapons could be used against civilians in Yemen. The Spanish f...
  • Bomb Procurement of Saudi Arabia Cancelled
    Bomb Procurement of Saudi Arabia Cancelled September 11 2018
    Spain cancelled the sale of laser guided bombs to Saudi Arabia. The Spanish DMinistry of Defence made a official statement. Agreement cancelled due to allegations that civilian targets were hit during military operations of Saudi Arabia in Yemen. Madrid decided to sell 400 laser-guided bombs under an agreement with Riyadh in the amount of USD 10 million that signed in 2015. While no further information is given about the cancellation, it is known that future sales wil...
  • Saudi Arabia Awards Navantia Shipyards a €1.8 contact
    Saudi Arabia Awards Navantia Shipyards a €1.8 contact July 16 2018
    Spain’s Navantia has been awarded a €1.8 billion contract to deliver five corvettes to the Saudi Navy. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has signed a contract for the construction of five corvettes, an operation that amounts to 1,800 million euros and represents the largest order in the history of Spanish public shipyards from a foreign client. The program will start at the end of 2018 and the last vessel will be delivered in 2022. In addition, Navantia will be respon...
  • Type 26 Frigate wins Australian frigate bid
    Type 26 Frigate wins Australian frigate bid June 29 2018
      BAE Systems’ Type 26 Frigate design wins Australian frigate bid to replace the Anzac-class from the mid-2020s. Three companies were bidding: British BAE Systems, Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri and Spanish shipbuilder Navantia. BAE’s design was picked for its anti-submarine warfare.
  • TCG Trakya, On The Way
    TCG Trakya, On The Way May 22 2018
    As Turkey counts down for delivery of the first F-35 Lightning II aircraft, another development came into light of the Turkish Navy front. According to the information obtained by C4Defence, the service plans to supply a total of 32 short-takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) aircraft. Today, there are two aircraft models with this feature and one is to retire. For this reason, the service is considering Lockheed Martin's F-35B aircraft program. According to t...
  • Steel Cutting Ceremony for the Second Vessel
    Steel Cutting Ceremony for the Second Vessel April 5 2018
    Navantia held the steel cutting ceremony for the second Royal Australian Navy auxiliary and replenishment oiler (AOR) on 4 April at the company’s Fene facility in northwestern Spain. The AOR ships are being built under a contract signed in May 2016 with Australia. The ships are based on the Spanish Navy vessel ESPS Cantabria. The cost of the ship is approximately $640 million.
  • TCG Anadolu To Be Delivered in 2021
    TCG Anadolu To Be Delivered in 2021 March 25 2018
    Sedef Shipyard, who built Turkey's first Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) TCG Anadolu, announced the delivery date of the vessel. Sedef Shipyard Chairman Metin Kalkavan, who participated in the live broadcast of Bloomberg HT, announced that the LHD ship would enter service with the Naval Forces Command in 2021. Kalkavan said TCG Anadolu is able to accommodate 450 personnel and can carry up to 5 thousand people during a rescue mission adding that F-35Bs can take-off and land on the vesse...
  • Thales Boost to Tiger Fleets
    Thales Boost to Tiger Fleets February 15 2018
    Thales has been awarded two contracts by Spanish Army Aviation and German Armed Forces for its 70mm/2.75” rockets, the company announced on 13 February. Spain has ordered 1000 70mm/2.75 rockets, while Germany has ordered 10,000. Both countries will equip their Tiger helicopter fleets with Thales' rocket systems. The German rockets will feature a modified rocket motor FZ90 Mod4 with reduced debris.
  • The Latest Eurofighter Version Delivered
    The Latest Eurofighter Version Delivered January 23 2018
    Airbus Defence and Space has delivered to the Spanish Air Force the first two Eurofighter Typhoons to be produced in the latest configuration with enhanced air-to-surface capabilities. Spanish procurement agency DGAM took delivery of the aircraft on 22 December. The remaining six of the 73 aircraft currently contracted by Spain will be delivered to the same P1Eb FW (Phase 1 Enhanced Further Work) standard during 2018 and 2019. This same configuration is being retrofitted to in-...
  • Spain to boost its defence budget
    Spain to boost its defence budget December 30 2017
    According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Spain will increase its military spending by more than 80 percent over the next six years. Spain has spent 0.92% for its defence budget in 2017. According to article Spain will spend 18 billion euros for its defence budget, accounting for between 1.5 and 1.6 percent of its GDP. Spain’s defence spending is one of the lowest in NATO alliance, alongside Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • An A400M refuelled six F-18 fighters in a single mission
    An A400M refuelled six F-18 fighters in a single mission December 21 2017
    An Airbus A400M has successfully refuelled six Spanish Air Force F-18 fighters in a single mission as part of an air-to-air refuelling (AAR) human factors certification flight. The 13 December mission featured a complex series of AAR scenarios such as changes of area, receivers with unknown priorities, and unexpected increases in numbers of receivers. Through multiple contacts the six aircraft simulated a fleet of eight. The F-18s included the first Spanish operational fighters to be refuelle...
  • Spain Tired of Waiting
    Spain Tired of Waiting December 15 2017
    The Spanish Government has approved another major overhaul for the Navy's S 70-class submarine Galerna on 8 December. Galerna is one of three remaining submarines of a class of four that were originally scheduled to progressively retire as the four S 80s started to enter service from around 2012 onwards. However, delays in delivery of the new submarines forced the Navy to adopt an interim solution. The overhaul project will cost an estimated $50,8 million.
  • "Dynamic Monarch-17" Begins
    "Dynamic Monarch-17" Begins September 8 2017
    Dynamic Monarch-17 military exercise hosted by Turkey has started today with the participation of US, French, UK, Spanish, Italian, Canadian, Norwegian and Polish Naval Forces. Turkish Land, Naval, Air Forces and Coast Guard Commands will be participating the exercise which will continue until 22 September in Aksaz-Marmaris/MUĞLA region. Dynamic Monarch-17 intends to save the submarine personnel who have lost the ability to surface, by performing a multinational ...
  • Spain Set Its Sight On F-35s
    Spain Set Its Sight On F-35s June 6 2017
    The Spanish Air Force and Navy have their sights set on the F-35 Lightning II joint strike fighter to replace the F-18s and AV-8B Harrier IIs starting in 2025. An estimated 45 to 50 aircraft will be required for the Spanish Air Force and another 12 to 15 for the Navy. The country considers joint acquisition to both services in order to strengthen its hands in negotiations.
  • Spain's First S-80 Comes Short of AIP
    Spain's First S-80 Comes Short of AIP January 25 2017
    Spanish Navy's Maritime Action Admiral Manuel de la Puente Mora-Figueroa revealed information on county's first S-80 class submarine to local media. Accordingly, the new submarine will not receive air-independent propulsion (AIP) system due to delay in system development. Admiral added that there was no information about which one of four new submarines will be the first to receive AIP system. The concerns about the completion date of the system fell behind the issues o...
  • Spanish Hornets Will Protect Baltic Airspace
    Spanish Hornets Will Protect Baltic Airspace January 23 2017
    The Spanish Air Force will join a NATO mission, which is to be held in Estonia in April, aimed to strengthen the surveillance of Baltic airspace. Spanish Minister of Defence María Dolores de Cospedal paid a visit to the Base of Zaragoza on 19 January and discussed the details of the mission with the chief of Staff of the Air Force. NATO Baltic Air Policing missions are being covered by member countries in quarterly rotations. The Spanish Hornets has been scheduled to take over the miss...
  • New Investment on Cyber Security
    New Investment on Cyber Security January 13 2017
    Spain is to built a new cyber defence command at the Retamares base located west of Madrid. The Spanish Ministry of Defence approved a $11,2 million budget for the construction of the building and declared that the contract will be open until 21 February. The work on joint cyber-defence command’s (Mando Conjunto de Ciberdefensa/MCCD) new building will be carried out over three years.
  • The First Customer of 'Alakran' Mortar
    The First Customer of 'Alakran' Mortar January 5 2017
    The first production contract for Alakran 120 mm light mortar carrier (LMC) has been awarded to Spanish Everis Group New Technologies Global Systems (NTGS). Covering the production of 100 systems, the contract was signed in mid-December with an undisclosed export customer. The Alakran 120 mm LMCs have been designed to provide rapid intervention purposes. Reportedly, new systems will be integrated onto Toyota Land Cruiser 70 which is one of many wheeled platforms Alakran can be integrated on. ...
  • The First A400M for Spain
    The First A400M for Spain December 9 2016
    The first Airbus A400M Atlas transport aircraft of the Spanish Air Force has been commissioned. The four-engine turboprop military platform will be deployed in Zaragoza Air Base and used in air logistic support, medical evacuation operations, search and rescue missions, humanitarian aid missions and aerial refuelling.