• India tested its anti-radiation missile RUDRAM
    India tested its anti-radiation missile RUDRAM 10 October 2020
     New Generation Anti-Radiation Missile (RUDRAM) was successfully Flight tested today a radiation target located on Wheeler Island off the coast of Odisha. The missile was launched from SU-30 MKI fighter aircraft. The RUDRAM is a first indigenous anti-radiation missile of the country for Indian Air Force (IAF), being developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).  The missile is integrated on SU-30 MKI fighter aircraft as the launch platform, having the ...
  • Su-30SM2 with new Engine to fly before end of 2020
    Su-30SM2 with new Engine to fly before end of 2020 10 September 2020
    The modernized Su-30SM2 fighter will make its first flight by the end of 2020. The aircraft will be powered up with Su-35s AL-41F1S engine "product 117S".  AL-41F-1S has all-aspect thrust vector control. The service life of the aircraft engine is two times higher than that of the Saturn AL-31FP, Su-30’s former power plant. The new Su-30SM2's onboard electronics, radar, optical location station will be improved, and the range of weapons wi...
  • India To Buy Extra Fighter Jets from Russia
    India To Buy Extra Fighter Jets from Russia 26 August 2020
    India is set to buy additional Su-30 and MiG-29 aircraft from Russia by the end of the year. "We know that due to objective reasons, the Indian leadership has decided to accelerate the allocation of funds for the purchase of this aircraft. Negotiations are already underway. We look forward to signing contracts, including for 6 Kamov Ka-31 Helix Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW & C) helicopters, by the end of 2020," Russian officials said.  Kamov K...
  • Range Increased BrahMos To Begin Tests
    Range Increased BrahMos To Begin Tests 25 August 2020
    New tests are on the agenda for the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile developed with a joint subsidiary of India and Russia. The range of the cruise missile will undergo various modification tests by 2020.  BrahMos-A, equipped with aircraft, was successfully fired from the Su-30 MKI aircraft in 2019. At the beginning of June (2020), the air variant of the cruise missile successfully completed certification tests in India. New Delhi aims to increase its effectiveness in the Indi...
  • Russia to Introduce 50 New Weapon Systems to Market
    Russia to Introduce 50 New Weapon Systems to Market 24 August 2020
    Alexander Mikheyev, CEO of the Russian Defence Export Authority Rosoboronexport, made the remarks ahead of the 2020 International Military and Technical Forum event. Mikheyev said they plan to introduce nearly 50 new weapons systems to the world market. "In the next five or six years, Rosoboronexport plans to deliver almost 50 new weapon systems to the international arms market. These are final products involving air defence systems, combat and military transport aircraft, and ...
  • Nuclear Su-30
    Nuclear Su-30 17 August 2020
    A new step has come from Russia, which has a very large nuclear arsenal and is working to integrate it with its deep strike capability. Moscow has been conducting a number of studies for a while to develop new cruise missiles and to improve the capabilities of existing systems. With the new move in this area, the Su-30 (NATO Reporting Name: Flanker) aircraft may gain nuclear deep strike capability. Russia has announced that it plans to integrate Kh-32 cruise missiles on some platfor...
  • Armed Patrol Record
    Armed Patrol Record 7 August 2020
    China, which has made great strides especially on sea power recently, has achieved a record recently. A Su-30 (NATO Code: Flanker-C) affiliated to the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Eastern Theatre Command Naval Air Regiment broke an armed patrol record. The patrol flight over the islands and reefs farthermost from the mainland in the South China Sea lasted 10 hours. Successful completion of a challenging mission for both challenging for pilots and aircraft is said to be an...
  • Additional Su-30MKI Procurement
    Additional Su-30MKI Procurement 2 July 2020
    In addition to the serious problems experienced in the combat readiness, India, which is in border disputes with China on the Himalayas, has approved the acquisition of additional aircraft. The Indian Ministry of Defence has approved the $ 2.43 billion budget required to procurement of 33 additional combat jets. In this context, New Delhi, which requested additional aircraft from Russia, will acquire 21 second-hand MiG-29 (NATO Code: Fulcrum) from Russia. In addi...
  • "Urgent" Procurement Request from India
    "Urgent" Procurement Request from India 22 June 2020
    India wants to add 33 new fighter jets to its inventory. According to the Mumbai-based The Economic Times, India wants to procure new platforms "urgently." New Delhi wants to procure 21 MiG-29 (NATO Code: Fulcrum) aircraft and 12 Su-30MKI from Russia. If an agreement is reached, the delivery of the platforms will be provided within two years following the signing of the contract.  The modernized version of the Su-30Ks for the foreign market of the Su-30, whi...
  • Turkish Air Force Refuelled USAF B-1s Over Black Sea
    Turkish Air Force Refuelled USAF B-1s Over Black Sea 29 May 2020
    The waters in the Black Sea have been experiencing their hottest days since the end of the Cold War. Sea and air movement of NATO affiliates is very high in the region. Two B-1B Lancer affiliated to the U.S. Air Force's 28th Bomber Wing performed a long-range Bomber Task Force mission. The platforms departing from Ellsworth Air Force Base stationed in South Dakota headed over the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea after they crossed the Atlantic Ocean. During the round trip; bombe...
  • USA's New Ally: Indonesia
    USA's New Ally: Indonesia 20 March 2020
    Indonesia, which had close relations with the former Soviet Union in the early periods of the Cold War, converged to the USA in the 1960s with the anti-communist policies of the country's President Suharto. It is unclear how Indonesia will take the supply of Su-35 nowadays in order not to be in conflict with the USA. Jakarta, which has been negotiating with Russia for the platform since 2017, will cancel its supply due to the pressure of the White House and sanctions planned aft...
  • Anti-Ship Missile Capability to Chinese J-16
    Anti-Ship Missile Capability to Chinese J-16 20 February 2020
    China, which continues its shipbuilding activities to improve its naval power, keeps its efforts to increase its effectiveness in the region and oceans, especially in the Taiwan Gulf. In the images published in Chinese State Television CCTV in the past days, it was seen that J-16 aircraft were equipped with anti-ship capability. A J-16 fighter-bomber affiliated to the 40th Air Regiment stationed in the Nanchang-Xiangtan District of China was spotted carrying two YJ-83Ks un...
  • First Su-30 Jets with BrahMos Missiles Enter Service in India
    First Su-30 Jets with BrahMos Missiles Enter Service in India 23 January 2020
    The first squadron of Su-30MKI jet fighters, armed with an air-based version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles entered service in the Indian Air Force Monday, The Times of India reported. According to the article, the planes will enter service during a ceremony set to take place at Thanjavur Air Force Station in India’s Tamil Nadu. The Air Force Station houses the 222nd “Tigershark” squadron, the first to receive the Su-30MKIs, reconfigured for BrahMo...
  • Dangerous Interaction at Black Sea
    Dangerous Interaction at Black Sea 31 December 2019
    Russia continues dangerous contacts with the units it considers as risk in the seas. Russian forces, which came to the agenda frequently with their activities in the international waters, conducted mock attacks on the destroyer of the US Navy cruising at the Black Sea. In a statement issued by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Su-27 and / or Su-30 escorted two Su-24s of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted dangerous training scenarios on Black Sea. Within the scope of th...
  • Algeria Intends to Purchase 14 Su-57 Fighter Jet
    Algeria Intends to Purchase 14 Su-57 Fighter Jet 28 December 2019
    Algeria has signed a contract for the acquisition of 14 Su-57 stealth fighters with Russia. According to Menadefense portal, the Algerian air force has also signed two other arrangements for 14 Su-34 bombers and 14 Su-35 air domination aircraft. An option for two additional squadrons of 14 aircraft for each type of aircraft was also signed to compensate for the natural withdrawal of aircraft from the Air Force fleet shortly. The contract should be completed by 2025, by this deadline...
  • The First Two Su-30SM Delivered To Armenia
    The First Two Su-30SM Delivered To Armenia 28 December 2019
    The first pair of Russian-made Su-30SM multirole fighters purchased by Armenia at the beginning of 2019 landed at an aerodrome in Armenia. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced the arrival on his Facebook page with "Our most important acquisition this year," demonstrating the delivered aircraft to his subscribers. The Armenian authorities announced in early 2019 that they had acquired four Su-30SM multirole fighters from Russia.
  • Indonesia to Acquire Two Squadrons of New F-16s
    Indonesia to Acquire Two Squadrons of New F-16s 27 December 2019
    Indonesian Air Force wants to acquire both US and Russian aircraft in the inventory. According to Indonesia’s next five-year strategic plan, running from 2020-2024, the country will pursue the goal of acquiring both F-16 Block 72 and Su-35. The chief of the Indonesian Air Force Air Marshal Yuyu Sutisna talked to state-owned national news agency Antara, about the southeast Asian nation plans to submit a request to buy two squadrons of Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 72 fighters...
  • Tor's Hammer Arrived to Armenia
    Tor's Hammer Arrived to Armenia 26 December 2019
    Armenia focused a new procurement on its limited defense budget in 2019. Country has announced another procurement. In a statement from Yerevan, it is announced that the country received the new party of air defence systems ordered from Russia. Announcing the procurement agreement of Su-30 in 2019, the Yerevan administration recently received another party from Tor-M2KM air defence systems, which it procured from Russia. 2019 production delivery package includes autonomous...
  • Indian Su-30 Air Launches BrahMos
    Indian Su-30 Air Launches BrahMos 20 December 2019
    Indian Air Force successfully fired BrahMos 'air version' missile from the Su-30 MKI. The launch was smooth with the missile following the desired trajectory and achieving a 'direct hit' on a sea target off the Odisha coastline. BrahMos supersonic air to surface missile, with a range close to 300 km, has been designed and developed by BrahMos Aerospace Pvt Ltd (BAPL). The firing off Odisha coast was undertaken with support from the Indian Navy. BrahMos is a 2.5 Ton S...
  • Su-30SM Delivered
    Su-30SM Delivered 13 November 2019
    Belarus received the first two of its 12 Su-30SM multi-generation combat aircraft today. "Under the defence procurement plan, Su-30SM multirole fighters will be delivered. Two fighters are expected to land at the Baranovichi aerodrome tomorrow afternoon." Belarusian Defence Minister Andrei Ravkov was quoted by the BelTA news agency, on Tuesday. The agreement for the dozen Sukhoi jets to replace old MiG-29 fighters was signed in 2017. Two more jets are expected to be shipped to the c...
  • MBDA Signs Agreement with India
    MBDA Signs Agreement with India 20 September 2019
    MBDA, has signed an agreement with Bharat Dynamics Limited of India. The agreement involves the advanced short-range air-to-air missile (ASRAAM) and Mistral missiles, and covers final assembly, integration and testing, says MBDA. The ASRAAM will be used by New Delhi's fleet of Sepecat/Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) Jaguar ground attack jets. It will also see service with the Tejas Mk-1A, a combat-capable of the version of the Hawk Mk132 called Hawk-India, and the Sukhoi Su-30MKI. A...
  • Additional Test from Russia and India
    Additional Test from Russia and India 29 August 2019
    BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, developed in partnership with Russian Federation NPO Mashinostroyeniya and Indian Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), may undergo additional tests. BrahMos Aerospace may conduct a second air-launch test of its supersonic cruise missile to further demonstrate the weapon’s ability to fly to a number of waypoints before reaching its final destination. The tests would come at the earliest in November, after the monsoon season in India end...
  • Su-30's Life Extension
    Su-30's Life Extension 1 April 2019
    Malaysia announced a new step about Su-30 aircraft in its inventory. In this context, the service life of the platforms flying in the inventory of the Malaysian Royal Air Force will be extended. A total of 18 Su-30MKMs will undergo a lifetime extension modernization. In a statement from Malaysia, the first of the platforms was carried out by Aerospace Technology Systems Corp. (ATSC) which Sukhoi's partner in the region. Life extension works of first aircraft has already complete...
  • Fastest Cruise Missile BrahMos at IDEX
    Fastest Cruise Missile BrahMos at IDEX 17 February 2019
    One of fastest cruise missile Indian and Russian missile BrahMos, is displayed at IDEX 2019.  BrahMos was first launched in 2001 and can be installed on ships, submarines and on aircraft. In November 2017, a BrahMos flight test on an Indian SU-30 MKI employed the missile against a ship target. The current range of the missile is nearly 300 kilometres, the representative said. It is claimed that the governments of Russia and India plan doubling the range of the missile to 600 km.  Br...
  • Armenia's Intention is More Armament
    Armenia's Intention is More Armament 15 February 2019
      Armenia, which ordered four Su-30 (NATO Code: Flanker H) fighters from Russia in the last period, announced its intention to increase its equipment. Armenian Defence Minister David Tonoyan made statements about the country's military procurement plans. He added that they would not be satisfied with the four ordered Su-30s and said Armenia would provide additional aircraft and weapons equipment. He also mentioned that the first four Armenian platforms will be del...
  • Second Hand Su-30s to Angola 21 November 2018
    The  ex-Indian Air Force (IAF) Su-30 jets, used in the past and returned to Russia, delivered to the new owner. Su-30 jets, which India had temporarily procured from Russia as a stop-gap solution, returned to Russia after their mission was completed. The first four platforms were delivered under the agreement signed between Angola and Russia and covering 12 aircrafts costs 1 billion USD. Aircrafts were upgraded to the KN standard in Belarus before delivery. While there was no o...
  • Armenia may Purchase JAS-39 Gripen
    Armenia may Purchase JAS-39 Gripen 14 November 2018
    Armenia’s possible acquisition might be JAS-39 Gripen fighter aircraft manufactured by the Swedish aerospace company Saab according to Armenian Daily . The publication learned from Armenian Defence Ministry that the decision is currently under discussion. According to the Ministry, Armenia is considering the purchase of fighter jets produced in other countries in order to create a multifunctional air force. It was formerly reported earlier that Sweden has propo...
  • Thrust Vectoring System from China
    Thrust Vectoring System from China 6 November 2018
    Chinese thrust vectoring system has revealed for the first time. The system was seen on a J-10B aircraft in a photo taken during the preparations for the aviation exhibition in Zhuhai. Thrust vectoring nozzles are clearly visible in image. System is integrated on WS-10 jet engine. According to Jane's Defence Weekly, there are also smoke pods under the wing. This leads to the possibility that the aircraft will be able to make a flight demonstration during the airshow and show inc...
  • First Overhauled Su-30 Delivered
    First Overhauled Su-30 Delivered 30 October 2018
      India is taking important steps to increase its combat power not only by purchases but also by improving its existing equipment. In this context, the Indian Armed Forces, which also carried out modernization activities, left behind a significant milestone. The Indian Air Force received the first overhauled Su-30MKI aircraft by local facilities. In the ceremony held in Ojhar, the Indian Air Force received the first modernized Su-30MKI aircraft. Coordinated work with ...
  • Kh-35UEh Missile Launch İn The Pacific From the Russian Su-34
    Kh-35UEh Missile Launch İn The Pacific From the Russian Su-34 26 September 2018
    The Kh-35UEh airborne missile-mounted missile tested a Russian Su-34 aircraft in the Pacific Ocean. The test scenario was complex and portrayed the attack on a group of ships. In total, eight missile launches were made, which were successful. The Kh-35UEh anti-ship missile was developed and manufactured by the JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV) and tested on aircraft in 2017. The rocket has been certified for use by the Su-24M bomber, the Su-30SM fighter, the MiG-29K fighter /...
  • Chinese Aircraft Aims Taiwan
    Chinese Aircraft Aims Taiwan 7 August 2018
    China, conducted a combat readiness training with J-16 aircraft. Different battle scenarios were implemented in the training along with the Su-30, J-10 and J-11B aircrafts. With this training, the J-16 arcraft have gone a step further to complete the combat readiness training. The J-16, one of China's most recently developed aircraft, was developed on J-11. The plane was introduced for the first time around 2012-2013, but officially seen during mili...
  • India goes for Local Infrared Tracking System for Su-30MKI
    India goes for Local Infrared Tracking System for Su-30MKI 29 May 2018
    India has decided to design and develop a long-range dual-band infrared imaging search and track system (IRST) for Su-30MKIs. IRST will strengthen the capabilities of the aircraft in detecting ultra-stealthy aircraft like the F-22 and Chengdu J-20. The system will be able to operate in day and night conditions and will substantially enhance the capabilities of the aircraft. The Indian defence ministry wants at least 40% domestically-produced content in the system which will be manuf...
  • Kazakhstan Ordered Su-30SM
    Kazakhstan Ordered Su-30SM 25 May 2018
    Kazakhstan has ordered a new batch of Su-30SM multirole fighters under a contract signed with Irkut Corporation on 24 May. The signing ceremony took place during the International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment - KADEX-2018 held in Astana. Although the number of the aircraft was not disclosed, the platforms will be added to the fleet of the same combat aircraft, which are successfully operated by Air Force of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The ...
  • Aerial Refuelling Training for Navy Pilots
    Aerial Refuelling Training for Navy Pilots 22 February 2018
    Russian Navy, for the first time in recent past, is training its pilots for aerial refuelling operations, the Russian Ministry of Defence revealed on 19 February. Sukhoi Su-30SM ‘Flanker’ and Su-24 ‘Fencer’ combat aircraft were used in training, having made more than 100 contacts with Ilyushin Il-78 ‘Midas’.
  • Su-30 Upgrade To Begin This Year
    Su-30 Upgrade To Begin This Year 9 February 2018
    Russia will start upgrading the Su-30SM multirole fighter aircraft this year and plans to re-induct the platforms in its army by 2019. There are 100 Su-30SM aircraft in Russia’s inventory.
  • Brahmos Missile's Range to be Extended
    Brahmos Missile's Range to be Extended 1 February 2018
    The BrahMos Aerospace company will develop a new variant of the BRAHMOS missile with a range of up to 800 km, according to the Hindustan Times newspaper. According to the article, the missile might be tested before the end of this year.  In March 2017, India successfully tested the BRAHMOS-ER (Extended Range) missile that had a range of 400 km. An air-launched variant of the BRAHMOS, designated BRAHMOS-A and intended for use on Indian Air Force (IAF) Su-30MKI, wa...
  • Russia, Myanmar Agreed In Principle
    Russia, Myanmar Agreed In Principle 23 January 2018
    Russia and Myanmar will sign a contract for the supply of new Su-30SM fighters. An agreement was reached during Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu's visit to Naypyidaw. The financial aspects of the purchase will now be negotiated and in case of signing a solid contract in 2018, the first Su-30SM can be transferred to Myanmar as early as 2019. Russia is expected to provide a financial package to Myanmar for the purchase.
  • 2018's First Exercise to Focus on Landing on Highways
    2018's First Exercise to Focus on Landing on Highways 15 January 2018
    Russian pilots will train to land on a highway during their exercise, Southern Military District Spokesman Vadim Astafyev told TASS on Friday. According to Astafyev, the air task unit of the Fourth Air and Air Defence Forces Command began the first training exercise of the year, during which the pilots will train to land on a Rostov Region highway.  Astafyev also said that for three days 40 crews of the Su-30SM and Su-27 fighter aircraft and Su-34 bombe...
  • Su-30 Delivery to Kazakh Armed Forces
    Su-30 Delivery to Kazakh Armed Forces 9 January 2018
    Kazakhstan's Ministry of Defence press office announced that the Kazakh Armed Forces have received advanced Su-30SM fighter jets as part of the military and technical cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia. The number of Su-30 delivered was not specified in the ministry's statement, however, it was noted that the armament of the aircraft was doubled and is now able to carry anti-radiation and anti-ship guided missiles, intermediate- and short-range air-to-ai...
  • Su-30SM Will Form the Backbone of Russian Naval Aviation
    Su-30SM Will Form the Backbone of Russian Naval Aviation 5 January 2018
    The multifunctional Su-30SM fighter will become the main aircraft of the Russian Navy and will be used in operational-tactical missions, the naval chief of the navy, Major-General Igor Kozhin, said. "In 2017, we carried out an upgrade in several directions: for example, the work on re-equipping the coastal-based operational-tactical aviation forces on Su-30SM aircraft was completed, we received six aircraft, and in the future we will change almost the whole fleet of operational-ta...