• Russia’s Tu-160 Carriers Break Non-Stop Flight Record
    Russia’s Tu-160 Carriers Break Non-Stop Flight Record 20 September 2020
    Two Russian Tu-160 strategic missile carriers have broken their own world record for non-stop flight in their class, spending more than 25 hours continuously in the air. The Russian Aerospace Forces’ commander of long-range aviation Lt. Gen. Sergey Kobylash told World record to reporters on Saturday. Strategic bombers flew more than 20,000 kilometres [12,400 miles]. During the flight, which took place over neutral waters of the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, as ...
  • Su-30SM2 with new Engine to fly before end of 2020
    Su-30SM2 with new Engine to fly before end of 2020 10 September 2020
    The modernized Su-30SM2 fighter will make its first flight by the end of 2020. The aircraft will be powered up with Su-35s AL-41F1S engine "product 117S".  AL-41F-1S has all-aspect thrust vector control. The service life of the aircraft engine is two times higher than that of the Saturn AL-31FP, Su-30’s former power plant. The new Su-30SM2's onboard electronics, radar, optical location station will be improved, and the range of weapons wi...
  • Russia to Introduce 50 New Weapon Systems to Market
    Russia to Introduce 50 New Weapon Systems to Market 24 August 2020
    Alexander Mikheyev, CEO of the Russian Defence Export Authority Rosoboronexport, made the remarks ahead of the 2020 International Military and Technical Forum event. Mikheyev said they plan to introduce nearly 50 new weapons systems to the world market. "In the next five or six years, Rosoboronexport plans to deliver almost 50 new weapon systems to the international arms market. These are final products involving air defence systems, combat and military transport aircraft, and ...
  • US Warns India Against Russia
    US Warns India Against Russia 22 August 2020
    The United States warns India against purchasing Russian weapons like advanced anti-aircraft systems or fighter jets, US Assistant Secretary of State Clarke Cooper told reporters on Thursday.   “The key point that has been shared with Indian counterparts… is: ‘Don’t put at risk future opportunities that may be impeded by significant Russian defence articles’”, Cooper said during an online briefing. “It’s not everything,...
  • First Egyptian Su-35s Spotted
    First Egyptian Su-35s Spotted 3 August 2020
    The first three Su-35 fighter jets that Russia is producing for Egypt’s air force have been seen flying in Russia. The production had started at the Gagarin Aircraft Plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Five aircraft were spotted in flight at Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport in central Russia with serials 9210, 9212 and 9214 visible. They were en route from the factory 3 600 km away. In early May, satellite imagery appeared to show four of the aircraft on the ground at the Komsomolsk-on...
  • Indonesia can Buy Eurofighter from Austria
    Indonesia can Buy Eurofighter from Austria 21 July 2020
    Indonesian Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto has sent a letter to his Austrian counterpart Klaudia Tanner to buy a Eurofighter Typhoon. According to Austrian media reports, Indonesia wants to buy 15 Eurofighters. Austria, which plans to retire the Eurofighters in its inventory, announced that it could buy Gripen or F-16 for the Air Force. Indonesia said it would buy the Su-35 in accordance with the requirements, but a contract with Russia could not be signed....
  • Su-35 Production Starts
    Su-35 Production Starts 21 May 2020
    Su-35, one of the most advanced combat jets of Russia, continues to find new users. The news that Russia, after the first export user China, signed an agreement on the procurement of Su-35 with Egypt in 2019, was in the media. Despite the intense pressure and lobbying applied for Cairo not to acquire these platforms, it has come to the agenda that procurement of platforms has not been cancelled. According to information obtained from TASS News Agency, the production of the Su-35 at ...
  • USA's New Ally: Indonesia
    USA's New Ally: Indonesia 20 March 2020
    Indonesia, which had close relations with the former Soviet Union in the early periods of the Cold War, converged to the USA in the 1960s with the anti-communist policies of the country's President Suharto. It is unclear how Indonesia will take the supply of Su-35 nowadays in order not to be in conflict with the USA. Jakarta, which has been negotiating with Russia for the platform since 2017, will cancel its supply due to the pressure of the White House and sanctions planned aft...
  • Will Indonesia Buy Su-35?
    Will Indonesia Buy Su-35? 17 March 2020
    In the past few days, Bloomberg had quoted an unnamed official "familiar with the matter" on 12 March as saying that Jakarta had recently decided against moving ahead with the plan to procure the 11 fighter aircraft for about USD1.1 billion. The director of Russia's Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSVTS), said on 16 March, denying media reports that Jakarta, under US pressure, has dropped a deal to buy 11 of the Russian-made fighters. "There is no offici...
  • Indonesia cancels deal with Russia
    Indonesia cancels deal with Russia 14 March 2020
    Bloomberg is reporting that Indonesia has walked away from the purchase of 11 Su-35 fighters after pressure from the United States. The deal between Indonesia and Russia has been in negotiations since 2017, and a contract was signed in February 2018 for the sale of 11 Sukhoi Su-35 fighters for the Indonesian Air Force. An anonymous Indonesian official told Bloomberg that Washington had warned Jakarta that buying the Russian fighters will risk the South East Asian country being penalize...
  • Russia Draws Attention to Su-35’s First Flight that Took Place 12 Years Ago
    Russia Draws Attention to Su-35’s First Flight that Took Place 12 Years Ago 22 February 2020
      Russian state-owned company Rustec made a presentation about its aircraft Su-35S on its social media account.  The presentation was in Russian and stated that this aircraft has long-range air-to-air missiles, the possibility of launching missiles at supersonic speeds, super manoeuvrability and powerful electronic warfare means. The first model of a combat vehicle was assembled in 2007 at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant, and already in 2011, the serial pro...
  • First Su-35 Made Maiden Flight
    First Su-35 Made Maiden Flight 4 February 2020
    Russia continues its efforts to increase the efficiency of the platforms with its modernization and improvement activities. According to a statement from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the first Su-35S made its first flight in the past days. It was announced that the platform, which meets the sky within the scope of the activity carried out on January 29, was manufactured as part of the first batch of 60 aircraft packages to be delivered to the Western Military District.
  • Russian Day at Eurasia Airshow
    Russian Day at Eurasia Airshow 30 January 2020
    Aiming to build the Eurasian market within the framework of Turkey, Eurasia Airshow will be held in Antalya this year. Hakan Kurt, Eurasia Airshow Senior Manager, said that Russia is the biggest participant of this year's fair and added, “We will make the third day of our fair ‘Russian Day’”. Kurt announces that the request came from Russian authorities. Kurt also said that Pakistan, which was not a participant last year, will be at the forefront by taking its plac...
  • Algeria Intends to Purchase 14 Su-57 Fighter Jet
    Algeria Intends to Purchase 14 Su-57 Fighter Jet 28 December 2019
    Algeria has signed a contract for the acquisition of 14 Su-57 stealth fighters with Russia. According to Menadefense portal, the Algerian air force has also signed two other arrangements for 14 Su-34 bombers and 14 Su-35 air domination aircraft. An option for two additional squadrons of 14 aircraft for each type of aircraft was also signed to compensate for the natural withdrawal of aircraft from the Air Force fleet shortly. The contract should be completed by 2025, by this deadline...
  • Indonesia to Acquire Two Squadrons of New F-16s
    Indonesia to Acquire Two Squadrons of New F-16s 27 December 2019
    Indonesian Air Force wants to acquire both US and Russian aircraft in the inventory. According to Indonesia’s next five-year strategic plan, running from 2020-2024, the country will pursue the goal of acquiring both F-16 Block 72 and Su-35. The chief of the Indonesian Air Force Air Marshal Yuyu Sutisna talked to state-owned national news agency Antara, about the southeast Asian nation plans to submit a request to buy two squadrons of Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 72 fighters...
  • SU-57 Offer to UAE
    SU-57 Offer to UAE 22 November 2019
    Russia Offering United Arab Emirates Joint Production of Su-57 Fighters for its Air Force Russia has reportedly offered to jointly manufacture Su-57 next-generation fighters with the United Arab Emirates during the Dubai Air Show. The UAE has shown interest in Russian Flanker fourth-generation fighters, including the Su-27 in the 1990s and Su-35 for which a purchase is currently being negotiated. The CEO of Russia’s state arms exporter Rostec, Sergey Chemez...
  • What Do Russian Planes Take? 4 October 2019
    The public seems convinced that procuring aircraft from Russia will be one of the best responses to the US. There are many reasons for this. The plane Turkey couldn’t get from the US even though the payment is already made, it is not the first unfair western sanction and probably won’t be the last. It is worth reminding to those who do not find our country's past experiences sufficient that the US demanded hangar parking fees for F-16s that they did not give to Pakis...
  • Surprise Solution in the F-35B Question
    Surprise Solution in the F-35B Question 9 August 2019
    Turkish- US struggle on S-400 air defence system/ F-35 aircraft resulted as the US claimed. Despite being one of the partners, Turkey’s contribution program was suspended as a result of a unilateral decision of the United States.  The process brought to mind the question of aircraft to be used instead of the conventional F-35 aircraft in Turkey. Russia's Su-57 and SU-35 aircraft were brought to the discussion table. At this stage, European products might be an alternative ...
  • Egypt Has Placed Order for Su-35s
    Egypt Has Placed Order for Su-35s 18 March 2019
    Russian Daily Kommersant reports that Egypt has placed an order for “more than a dozen” Russian Su-35 fighters at the end of last year. The budget is estimated about $ 2 billion. Aircraft are expected to be delivered by 2021.
  • Boeing to set up F-18 Factory in India
    Boeing to set up F-18 Factory in India 23 February 2019
    Boeing promotes its F-18 factory in India. Speaking at the Aero India show, company officials said it would build a “factory of the future” in India to produce the Super Hornet to meet New Delhi’s request. India has two separate requirements for combat aircraft: 110 for the air force and 57 for the navy. For the opportunities with New Delhi, the company would pitch the Super Hornet’s new Block III variant, which features updated avionics and sensors, and has ...
  • Indonesia to Stick to Su-35 Deal With Russia 21 October 2018
    Indonesia will keep on track on its deal with Russia on Su-35 deliveries in spite of the possibility of being subjected to US sanctions, the country's defence minister, Ryamizard Ryacudu, said in an official statement of the ASEAN Defence Ministers' Meeting (ADMM). "Indonesia is looking forward to receiving [the] fighter jets soon, we are very interested in this," he said. Ryacudu added that the ministry is currently working out the details on payment pro...
  • Russian Su-35 Faced With American Obstacles In Indonesia
    Russian Su-35 Faced With American Obstacles In Indonesia 5 October 2018
      Russian Daily Kommersant reported that Russia is having difficulty delivering 11 Su-35s to Indonesia due to the U.S. Law on Countering the Opponents of the United States through Sanctions (Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act /CAATSA). Earlier, it was reported that Indonesia will take delivery of the first aircraft this month. However, this is not possible now because of potential sanctions. Financial aspects of the deal areal so unde...
  • Kh-35UEh Missile Launch İn The Pacific From the Russian Su-34
    Kh-35UEh Missile Launch İn The Pacific From the Russian Su-34 26 September 2018
    The Kh-35UEh airborne missile-mounted missile tested a Russian Su-34 aircraft in the Pacific Ocean. The test scenario was complex and portrayed the attack on a group of ships. In total, eight missile launches were made, which were successful. The Kh-35UEh anti-ship missile was developed and manufactured by the JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV) and tested on aircraft in 2017. The rocket has been certified for use by the Su-24M bomber, the Su-30SM fighter, the MiG-29K fighter /...
  • China To US: 'No Right' To Meddle In Ties With Russia
    China To US: 'No Right' To Meddle In Ties With Russia 23 September 2018
    China has slammed Washington’s move to impose sanctions on Beijing over its decision to purchase Russian missile systems and fighter jets, saying the US has “no right to interfere” in relations between two sovereign countries. “The US approach is a blatant violation of the basic norms of international relations, a full manifestation of hegemony, and a serious breach of the relations between the two countries and their two militaries,” said Wu in a notic...
  • US Imposes Military Sanctions On China
    US Imposes Military Sanctions On China 22 September 2018
    The United States has imposed military sanctions on China’s defence procurement agency over its acquisition of Sukhoi Su-35 fighter aircraft and S-400 surface-to-air missiles. China’s defence procurement agency, the Equipment Development Department (EDD), acquired military equipment from Russia. The US State Department said that the EDD’s recent acquisition of Russian materiel breaches Section 231 of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanc...
  • Dongfeng-26, Su-35 Commissioned
    Dongfeng-26, Su-35 Commissioned 30 April 2018
    China announced on 26 April that People's Liberation Army (PLA) has commissioned its new intermediate-range Dongfeng-26 ballistic missile. Dongfeng-26 (DF-26) can be equipped with both conventional and nuclear warheads. Indigenously developed DF-26 is capable of precision strikes against land- and sea-based targets. The service also commissioned Su-35 fighter aircraft.
  • Qatar Wants Su-35
    Qatar Wants Su-35 3 March 2018
    Qatar, which supplies warplanes from the West, has now begun negotiations for the Su-35 from Russia. According to the information given by the Russian State News Agency TASS, Qatar officially informed the Russian government of the request in this regard. Qatar, who previously purchased F-15E from the United States, Rafale from France, and signed an agreement on Eurofighter the UK, now knocking on the door of Russia. A while ago, Qatar began negotiations with Russia to buy ...
  • Indonesia Finalized Su-35 Order
    Indonesia Finalized Su-35 Order 22 February 2018
    Indonesia has placed a firm order to Russia for 11 Sukhoi Su-35S multirole fighters. The country revealed its intentions for this acquisition in 2016. A $1,14 billion contract was signed recently, finalizing the order. Two units of Sukhoi jets will be delivered in August 2018 and six more would be delivered 18 months after the contract becomes effective, and the remaining three would be delivered five months after that.  Su-35S was selected in a competition ...
  • Second Su-35 Delivery to China
    Second Su-35 Delivery to China 4 January 2018
    Russia delivered the second batch of 10 Su-35 fighter jets (NATO reporting name: Flanker-E) to China under a contract signed back in 2015, TASS reports. Russia and China inked a deal for 24 Su-35 fighter jets in November 2015. The contract also covers the ground equipment and spare engines. The first four fighter jets had been delivered in late 2016. The Su-35 is a fourth++ generation, twin-engine, multirole fighter aircraft powered by two AL-117S turbofan engines. The air...
  • Su-35 Has Artificial Intelligence
    Su-35 Has Artificial Intelligence 14 November 2017
    Sergey Çemezov, president of the Russian defence company Rostec, stated that Su-35 can prioritize threats by itself. Çemezov noted that the aircraft had artificial intelligence, and the aircraft could choose its primary targets with its intelligence. The multi-purpose fighter jet, Su-35, took its place at the Dubai Airshow 2017 for the first time, attracting attention with its exceptional maneuverability. Çemezov said the aircraft could track six different targets simulta...
  • Su-35 Purchase To Be Finalized
    Su-35 Purchase To Be Finalized 31 October 2017
    Planned under a Memorandum of Understanding between Indonesia's PT Perusahaan Perdagangan and Russian Rostec, Indonesia will soon sign a definitive contract for 11 Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker E fighters. According to Indonesia's Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu, the signing of the purchase would be conducted in November.  Su-35 is a Russian multirole fighter equipped with an airborne radar and a phased array antenna, as well as thrust vector control ...
  • Su-35 Interchange 7 August 2017
    Indonesia and Russia had inked memorandum of Su-35 Flanker-E purchase. According to the agreement signed in Moscow on August 3, it was agreed to export Indonesian goods to Russia for Su-35 aircraft. There was no official statement from the authorities about the details of the agreement.
  • Russian Replacement To US-made Aircraft
    Russian Replacement To US-made Aircraft 8 June 2017
    Rostec's Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy Department announced that a contract for the delivery of the Su-35s to Indonesia had been agreed and would be signed this year. Indonesia, who already operates Su-27 and Su-30 aircraft, plans to acquire 10 Su-35 multirole fighters and bolster its air force capabilities.  Featuring new avionics suite based on a digital information management system, new radar with an extended air tar...
  • Su-35S To Enter Service This Year
    Su-35S To Enter Service This Year 31 May 2017
    Russian Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov announced on Tuesday that Su-35S aircraft is expected to oficially enter service before the end of 2017. Saying that Russian Aerospace Force was set to complete the operational evaluation and trials of over 50 aircraft, Borisov added that the flight tests of Russia’s fifth-generation T-50 fighter jet with new engines would also begin in late 2017. 
  • Modernization Spurt by Russia
    Modernization Spurt by Russia 10 March 2017
    Russia is set to receive 10 new Sukhoi Su-35S multirole fighter aircraft this year, according to Russian Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov. The ministry has ordered 50 Su-35S in 2016 to be built at Gagarin Aircraft-Building Plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and delivered by 2020. Borisov stated that they will also upgrade four Su-27s to to match the Sukhoi-35 capabilities. Russia received 48 Su-35S so far under the first contract inked in 2009.  Russia’s ...
  • Second Batch Handed Over
    Second Batch Handed Over 4 February 2017
    China will receive the second batch of 4th generation Su-35 (NATO reporting name: Flanker-E) fighter aircraft from Russia in 2017. The first batch of four Su-35s has been delivered to China in late 2016 and the thisrd batch is scheduled to be handed over next year according to Chineese sources. The countries have signed a contract in November 2015 for the delivery of 24 Su-35 fighter jets at a total cost of $2 billions, including ground equipment and spare engines.
  • Jump-Start by the New Marshal
    Jump-Start by the New Marshal 23 January 2017
    The new Indonesian Air Force Chief of Staff, Air Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto disclosed information on the national strategic plan on 18 January, stating that the country's air fleet would be upgraded by 2024 and the service is looking to replace its F-5 Tiger aircraft. He added that the Air Force will increase its numbers of air defense radars to 32 from the 20 radars currently in service. Reportedly, the candidates for the replacement of F-5E/F Tiger II are JAS39 Gripen, Sukhoi Su-35, ...
  • 'Friend or Foe' Tech for Stealth Aircraft
    'Friend or Foe' Tech for Stealth Aircraft 11 January 2017
    Russia's United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC), a part of Russia's state technologies corporation Rostec, developed a ‘friend or foe’ identification system to be used on the country’s modernized Su-35s, stealth T-50 PAK FA and Il-76 aircraft. UIMC’s  press service announced the new technology on Wednesday, saying that the hardware and software suite is designed to determine the state affiliation of military and civil aircraft, a...
  • China Took Delivery of First Four Su-35s
    China Took Delivery of First Four Su-35s 10 January 2017
    People’s Liberation Army Air Force has taken delivery of first four Sukhoi Su-35 fighters, announced by Chinese media. China signed a $2 billion contract with Russia for the acquisition of 24 Su-35s in 2015. The Su-35 (NATO reporting name: Flanker-E) is a fourth generation, twin-engine, multirole fighter aircraft powered by two AL-117S turbofan engines.
  • China Received First Batch of Su-35s
    China Received First Batch of Su-35s 26 December 2016
    China took delivery of its Russian-made Sukhoi Su-35 (NATO reporting name: Flanker-E) multirole fighter jets earlier than expected. The People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) has received the first batch of four Su-35 fighter aircraft on 25 December. The country has an order for 24 Su-35 'Flanker-E' multirole fighters. Reportedly, the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association (KnAAPO) would deliver all 24 Su-35s between 2016 and 2018. T...