• Unmanned Su-57
    Unmanned Su-57 23 May 2020
    While the use of unmanned aerial vehicles has become widespread day by day, studies are being conducted on the unmanned flying capability of existing manned platforms. Optional unmanned use of new generation manned jets is also on the agenda. According to the report of the Russian Sputink News Agency, progress has been made on the unpiloted mission capability for Su-57 (NATO Code: Felon) aircraft. The T-50 Test Laboratory conducted a series of test-trial activities for the...
  • Agressor Ban to LRIP F-35A Aircraft
    Agressor Ban to LRIP F-35A Aircraft 2 January 2020
    The US Senate halted plans temporarily LRIP F-35A Lightning aircraft using as Aggressor. With the modern aircraft development projects in Russia and China with low radar cross-sectional area, the US Air Force began preparations to take measures against the fifth generation threats coming from the east. In this context, the plan of using LRIP F-35A Lightning IIs as "Aggressor" missions has been temporarily suspended. The decision of the F-35As, which was postponed to a late...
  • Russian Su-57 to Get New Weapons
    Russian Su-57 to Get New Weapons 30 December 2019
    The head of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has revealed that they are developing new, advanced weapons for Su-57 stealth fighter jet. Yury Slyusar, the director-general of UAC, was quoted as saying by Sputnik on Monday; “The Su-57 will be able to use many new means of destruction - some of them have already been created, others are being developed. Tests will continue consistent with the new functions and new goals.” Earlier this month, a senior official fro...
  • Algeria Intends to Purchase 14 Su-57 Fighter Jet
    Algeria Intends to Purchase 14 Su-57 Fighter Jet 28 December 2019
    Algeria has signed a contract for the acquisition of 14 Su-57 stealth fighters with Russia. According to Menadefense portal, the Algerian air force has also signed two other arrangements for 14 Su-34 bombers and 14 Su-35 air domination aircraft. An option for two additional squadrons of 14 aircraft for each type of aircraft was also signed to compensate for the natural withdrawal of aircraft from the Air Force fleet shortly. The contract should be completed by 2025, by this deadline...
  • Su-57 Crashed During Test Flight
    Su-57 Crashed During Test Flight 24 December 2019
    A Su-57 fifth-generation multirole fighter jet crashed in a forest area in Russia’s Far Eastern Khabarovsk Territory on Tuesday, Komsomolsk-on-Amur city administration source told TASS. The pilot was not injured in the accident. The corporation confirmed that a Su-57 fighter jet had crashed today in Komsomolsk-on-Amur during a test flight 111 km away from the base airfield. A special commission has been established to investigate the causes of the Su-57 fighter jet c...
  • SU-57 Offer to UAE
    SU-57 Offer to UAE 22 November 2019
    Russia Offering United Arab Emirates Joint Production of Su-57 Fighters for its Air Force Russia has reportedly offered to jointly manufacture Su-57 next-generation fighters with the United Arab Emirates during the Dubai Air Show. The UAE has shown interest in Russian Flanker fourth-generation fighters, including the Su-27 in the 1990s and Su-35 for which a purchase is currently being negotiated. The CEO of Russia’s state arms exporter Rostec, Sergey Chemez...
  • Russia to Receive First Serial-Produced “Felon” before 2020 9 November 2019
    The Russian Air Force is expected to receive the first serial-produced Su-57 fighter aircraft by the end of 2019. Deputy Defence Minister, Alexei Krivoruchko, told that The Su-57 is “almost ready” to be handed over to the air force on November 8 by news agency RIA Novosti. Su-57 is recently named the “Felon” by NATO. The service was expected to take delivery of two Su-57s in 2019 and two more in 2020. The Russian government announced in late July th...
  • What Do Russian Planes Take? 4 October 2019
    The public seems convinced that procuring aircraft from Russia will be one of the best responses to the US. There are many reasons for this. The plane Turkey couldn’t get from the US even though the payment is already made, it is not the first unfair western sanction and probably won’t be the last. It is worth reminding to those who do not find our country's past experiences sufficient that the US demanded hangar parking fees for F-16s that they did not give to Pakis...
  • Okhotnik and Su-57 Flew Together
    Okhotnik and Su-57 Flew Together 30 September 2019
    Russia's S-70 Okhotnik-B, or Hunter-B, and Su-57 advanced combat jet have flown together for the first time. The Russians see at least one of the S-70's future missions being to operate together with the Su-57 in a "loyal wingman" role. The Russian Defence Ministry announced the test flight on September 27th.  The flight reportedly lasted "more than 30 minutes," according to an official statement. "As part of the ongoing test program, ...
  • Surprise Solution in the F-35B Question
    Surprise Solution in the F-35B Question 9 August 2019
    Turkish- US struggle on S-400 air defence system/ F-35 aircraft resulted as the US claimed. Despite being one of the partners, Turkey’s contribution program was suspended as a result of a unilateral decision of the United States.  The process brought to mind the question of aircraft to be used instead of the conventional F-35 aircraft in Turkey. Russia's Su-57 and SU-35 aircraft were brought to the discussion table. At this stage, European products might be an alternative ...
  • Su-57 Serial Production Begins
    Su-57 Serial Production Begins 30 July 2019
    The Sukhoi Aircraft Company has started to implement its contract for the delivery of Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets to the country’s Aerospace Force, the office of Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told TASS on Monday. The state contract envisages the delivery of 76 Su-57 fighter jets to Russia’s Aerospace Force. The vice-premier’s office also confirmed the earlier-stated timeframe of delivering the first Su-57 plane to the Aerospace Force. "T...
  • F-35 or S-400: Who is the winner? 26 April 2019
    It looks like the F-35/S-400 “arm wrestling” between the US and Turkey has come to a point where alliance and friendship are being tested over NATO. The US benefits from being the driving force behind NATO while Turkey has the advantage of being the only power on Russia’s route to the Mediterranean. While the tension between the two countries are building up, the US is threatening Turkey in both military and trade. Articles suggesting that Turkey might prefer the S...
  • Russia Discuss Deliveries of Su-57 Fighter Jets to India
    Russia Discuss Deliveries of Su-57 Fighter Jets to India 28 February 2019
    While tension between India and Pakistan arises, Russia proposes Sukhoi Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets to India. Russia is ready to hold a dialogue with India on the deliveries of Su-57 to India, Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy at the state hi-tech corporation Rostec Viktor Kladov told TASS. India displays interest in the Su-57 but the country needs to shape its further concept of the Air Force, Kladov said.
  • Russia Prepares Su-57 for Le Bourget
    Russia Prepares Su-57 for Le Bourget 24 February 2019
    Russian aerospace industry is preparing to present at the Paris Air Show 2019 the 5th-generation Sukhoi Su-57 fighter. According to the announcement of the organizing team of the Paris Air Show as posted on Facebook on Saturday, February 23, the Russians will present their fighter to the audience between 17 and 23 June 2019. However, sources from the Russian defence industry have confirmed plans to show the Russian militant in Paris but there is still no formal decision on...
  • New Strategic Bomber for Russia: PAK DA
    New Strategic Bomber for Russia: PAK DA 29 January 2019
    Russia's most recent 5th Gen fighter aircraft Su-57 was called PAK-FA on factory level. Russia is working on creating a new Strategic bomber and it is called PAK DA at this stage. Pak DA will take five to seven years to build. The General Director of PJSC "Tupolev", Alexander Konyukhov, described the development time of a strategic bomber of a promising long-range aviation complex. "The creation of a product-80" (PAK DA, factory designation) It...
  • Russian Su-57 Fighter Jet Pilots Start Testing Antigravity Suits
    Russian Su-57 Fighter Jet Pilots Start Testing Antigravity Suits 19 November 2018
    According to  Russian Sputnik, Antigravity (anti-G) suits for pilots of the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jets are currently undergoing state trials. “The antigravity suits for the Su-57 have gone through many stages of factory tests, and now…  they are at the final stage — the stage of state flight tests. Test pilots are already flying in this equipment,” the source said. He added that the suits will go into mass production as soon as t...
  • Su-57 Army Tests in 2019
    Su-57 Army Tests in 2019 18 October 2018
    Russia has announced that Su-57 will begin Army tests early next year. According to a report in the Russian press, the 4th Combat Training Centre in Lipetsk will receive two mass-production Su-57s. Russian Army's most trained test pilot and teacher pilots will test aircrafts.   The first tasks to be carried out in the tests will be the testing of aircraft weapons systems and trials of radar stations. Then the weapon tests will be carried out. After the tests are c...
  • Su-57 to Hit from 300 Kilometers
    Su-57 to Hit from 300 Kilometers 6 July 2018
    Russian Armed Forces will equip the fourth and fifth generation aircraft with stronger weapons. R-37M, developed for the next combat aircraft in the inventory, is nearing the end of its development work on the long-range air-to-air missile. The R-37M, the improved version of the R-37 missile developed during the Soviet Union era, will also be integrated into the Su-57. While the technical details for the new missile are not disclosed, the missile may engage targets with a direct sho...
  • Su-57 Ordered
    Su-57 Ordered 30 June 2018
    The Russian Defence Ministry signed a supply agreement with JSC Sukhoi Company. The agreement is signed for procurement of 12 Su-57s. Deputy Minister of Defence Aleksey Krivoruchko, reported that "The order for the first 12 aircraft has been approved and deliveries will begin shortly." in his statement. The Su-57, which will be produced at the company's Komsomolsk-na-Amur (KNAAPO) plant, made its maiden flight in 2010. Aircraft's first prototype is&n...
  • SU-57s caught on UAV camera
    SU-57s caught on UAV camera 31 May 2018
    Russian Zvezda television published 5th generation Su-57 fighter jet manoeuvres video. Video was recorded by an UAV flying at area same time.  Su-57s flew at Ryazan Region for Aviadarts-2018 Military aviation contest. Su-57s are expected to be in service by 2019 and first batch of serial production will consist 12 aircraft.
  • Su-57s are tested in Syria
    Su-57s are tested in Syria 27 May 2018
    Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu stated that Su-57 aircraft were tested in Syria with new cutting edge cruise missiles. "Operational test launches of advanced operational-tactical cruise missiles have been conducted from the fifth generation [fighter jet] Su-57 in February this year in order to evaluate under battle conditions the stated specifications of the developed military vehicles," Shoigu said. Earlier, President of the United Aircraft Corporation Yu...
  • India Withdrew From Fifth Gen Aircraft Program
    India Withdrew From Fifth Gen Aircraft Program 24 April 2018
    India has withdrawn from its collaboration with Russia on the development of Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA), Jane's reported on 20 April.  The Indian Air Force (IAF) has shelved its 11-year old collaborative Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) programme with Russia following enduring differences over its developmental cost and technological capabilities. Industry officials said the FGFA project, in which India’s state-owned Hindustan Aeronauti...
  • New Ammunition for Su-57
    New Ammunition for Su-57 4 April 2018
    Russia has completed the development of a small-caliber ammunition, Drel air bomb, for its fifth generation fighter Su-57 (PAK FA). The manufacturer of the ammunition, Techmash Concern, said Drel can be used on all types of aircraft, from long-range strategic bombers to ground attack planes. The bomb is also virtually invisible to the radar with heat-seeking elements and its fire-and-forget feature allows the bombers to take out a target ...
  • UAC Ready to Adapt Su-57 For New Russian Carrier
    UAC Ready to Adapt Su-57 For New Russian Carrier 1 March 2018
    Russian United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) stated that it is ready to develop a new version of the Su-57 multirole fighter for Russia’s anticipated new aircraft carrier. The company representative chief designer Sergey Korotkov said the carrier version of the plane must be developed in conjunction with the carrier’s systems. Earlier in February, Russian  Institute of shipbuilding and armaments of the military educational and scientific centre of the Navy of Ministry ...
  • Su-57s in Syria
    Su-57s in Syria 26 February 2018
    According to Voice of America, Moscow has deployed two of its fifth generation Su-57 stealth fighter aircraft to Syria. The deployment was confirmed via satellite imagery circulated two Su-57s on the apron at Hmeymim Air Base in Syria.  The U.S. Defence Department on Thursday declined to confirm the deployment of Russia's newest stealth jets to Syria, however, Russia did not deny the allegations and has yet to confirm the information. Russian news outlet Kommersant quo...
  • Su-57 Contract Expected Soon
    Su-57 Contract Expected Soon 9 February 2018
    Russian Deputy Defence Minister Yuri Borisov revealed that the country plans to sign a contract for a pre-production batch of 12 fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jets. The minister said they were to purchase Su-57 jets for test combat use as the first stage state trials were over. According to Borisov, the first two planes of this batch may come into service in 2019 and 10 out of 12 previously manufactured jets are undergoing flight tests. 
  • Russia to start 5th-generation fighter jet in 2018
    Russia to start 5th-generation fighter jet in 2018 24 December 2017
    The serial production of Russia’s Sukhoi Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jet will begin in the Khabarovsk Region in the Russian Far East in 2018. Khabarovsk Region Governor Vyacheslav Shport said , "The enterprise is concluding tests this year and will launch serial production next year," to Russian News Agency TASS. The Russian fifth-generation Perspective Aviation Complex of Frontline Aviation (PAK FA, also known as the T-50) fighter jet took to the skies ...
  • PAK FA, Officially Named
    PAK FA, Officially Named 16 August 2017
    The Russian Air Force has confirmed on Friday that the fifth-generation fighter jet, known during its development as T-50, has been christened as Su-57. The single-seat, twin-engine multirole stealth fighter Su-57 made its maiden flight in 2010 and is expected to go into serial production in 2019. Russian military plans to equip the air force with about 55 aircraft by 2020.