• Algeria's First MiG-29M/ M2s Delivered
    Algeria's First MiG-29M/ M2s Delivered 27 October 2020
    The first MiG-29M/M2 fighter jets were delivered to the Algerian Air Force. According to the information given, the planes delivered were given unassembled. It is not known how many planes were involved in the delivery, but said the platforms were preparing for their first flight at an air base near Oran. Algeria signed a contract with Russia at the MAKS-2019 International Aviation and Space Fair in Moscow for the platforms. Under the agreement, 14 aircraft were purchased. Algeria a...
  • Su-57 Will be Hidden On The Ground
    Su-57 Will be Hidden On The Ground 2 September 2020
    New covers will be produced for the Su-57 fighter aircraft, which Russia attaches importance to with its low radar cross-section technology and started mass production. When the plane is parked on the ground, it will be covered with these covers that deflect the radar signals. Thus, it will be difficult to determine where the aircraft is stationed not only in the air but also on land. These covers will also be covered with special covers that help protect the aircraft parts from the weather. ...
  • Russia to Introduce 50 New Weapon Systems to Market
    Russia to Introduce 50 New Weapon Systems to Market 24 August 2020
    Alexander Mikheyev, CEO of the Russian Defence Export Authority Rosoboronexport, made the remarks ahead of the 2020 International Military and Technical Forum event. Mikheyev said they plan to introduce nearly 50 new weapons systems to the world market. "In the next five or six years, Rosoboronexport plans to deliver almost 50 new weapon systems to the international arms market. These are final products involving air defence systems, combat and military transport aircraft, and ...
  • US Warns India Against Russia
    US Warns India Against Russia 22 August 2020
    The United States warns India against purchasing Russian weapons like advanced anti-aircraft systems or fighter jets, US Assistant Secretary of State Clarke Cooper told reporters on Thursday.   “The key point that has been shared with Indian counterparts… is: ‘Don’t put at risk future opportunities that may be impeded by significant Russian defence articles’”, Cooper said during an online briefing. “It’s not everything,...
  • New Images from Su-57
    New Images from Su-57 15 August 2020
    New images of the Sukhoi Su-57 (NATO Code: Felon) on the production line have emerged. During the visit of Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu, the fifth-generation hunting bomber Su-57, was pictured. The images show the Su-57’s 101KS-V infrared search-and-track (IRST) targeting system installed in the nose. The platform, which has a body mainly produced using titanium alloy and composite materials, is coated with paint that absorbs radar signals. The plane's ammunition...
  • Delivery Date for Okhotnik Is Forwarded
    Delivery Date for Okhotnik Is Forwarded 5 August 2020
    Russia's jet-powered drone Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik will be operational before the scheduled service date. It was stated that the drone will begin armed trial flights for offensive missions in 2023 and will enter inventory in 2025. The Ministry of Defence has ordered the speed of the program for drones. United Aircraft Corporation General Manager Yury Slyusar later announced that the drone will begin being delivered to the Russian Armed Forces in 2024. Okhotnik, who made h...
  • Russia orders 76 Sukhoi Su-57 Fighters
    Russia orders 76 Sukhoi Su-57 Fighters 28 July 2020
    Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the purchase of 76 of the latest Su-57 fighters by the Ministry of Defence, which are to enter service with three aviation regiments by 2028. There have been several successive announcements of Su-57 orders, but none has been followed by production deliveries. This time Putin’s announcement worth’s a 170-billion roubles. The contract, according to Kommersant, is estimated at up to 170 billion roubles (approx. $2.4 bill...
  • Russia to Procure 20 Su-34s in Three Years
    Russia to Procure 20 Su-34s in Three Years 9 June 2020
    Russia is going to support its air operations force. "Last week, a contract was signed between the Defence Ministry and the Sukhoi Aircraft Company on building about 20 Sukhoi Su-34 bombers," a source said to TASS. The deal covers a nearly three-year period. The source added that the signing of the procure contract for the Su-34M platform, which has modernised systems, is on the agenda in 2021. The Su-34, which has a maximum take-off weight of 45,100 kilograms, can be equi...
  • Russia to Procure New Su-34
    Russia to Procure New Su-34 3 June 2020
    The Russian air force is buying new Su-34 bombers. The Kremlin in late May cut a contract with United Aircraft Corporation’s (UAC) Sukhoi division to build 76 new Su-34. The two-seater, twin-engine warplanes which are expected to replace the Su-24 bombers, can carry 12 tons of ammunition, including air-to-air missiles, and hit targets 600 miles away.  The Su-34s are scheduled to replace Su-24 bombers. UAC General Manager Yuri Slyusar said the air force's combat capacity will do...
  • Will Indonesia Buy Su-35?
    Will Indonesia Buy Su-35? 17 March 2020
    In the past few days, Bloomberg had quoted an unnamed official "familiar with the matter" on 12 March as saying that Jakarta had recently decided against moving ahead with the plan to procure the 11 fighter aircraft for about USD1.1 billion. The director of Russia's Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSVTS), said on 16 March, denying media reports that Jakarta, under US pressure, has dropped a deal to buy 11 of the Russian-made fighters. "There is no offici...
  • Indonesia cancels deal with Russia
    Indonesia cancels deal with Russia 14 March 2020
    Bloomberg is reporting that Indonesia has walked away from the purchase of 11 Su-35 fighters after pressure from the United States. The deal between Indonesia and Russia has been in negotiations since 2017, and a contract was signed in February 2018 for the sale of 11 Sukhoi Su-35 fighters for the Indonesian Air Force. An anonymous Indonesian official told Bloomberg that Washington had warned Jakarta that buying the Russian fighters will risk the South East Asian country being penalize...
  • Poland Signs $4.6B F-35 Deal
    Poland Signs $4.6B F-35 Deal 1 February 2020
    Poland officially signed a Foreign Military Sales Agreement to buy 32 F-35A. worth $4.6 billion. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the price tag. The original State Department approval allowed for a price as high as $6.5 billion. Delivery is scheduled to being in 2024. Low-rate initial production (LRIP) lot 13 F-35As are already priced below $80 million a copy (including engines) for the so-called flyaway cost. FMS deals include logistics, training and other support...
  • First Su-30 Jets with BrahMos Missiles Enter Service in India
    First Su-30 Jets with BrahMos Missiles Enter Service in India 23 January 2020
    The first squadron of Su-30MKI jet fighters, armed with an air-based version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles entered service in the Indian Air Force Monday, The Times of India reported. According to the article, the planes will enter service during a ceremony set to take place at Thanjavur Air Force Station in India’s Tamil Nadu. The Air Force Station houses the 222nd “Tigershark” squadron, the first to receive the Su-30MKIs, reconfigured for BrahMo...
  • Indonesia to Acquire Two Squadrons of New F-16s
    Indonesia to Acquire Two Squadrons of New F-16s 27 December 2019
    Indonesian Air Force wants to acquire both US and Russian aircraft in the inventory. According to Indonesia’s next five-year strategic plan, running from 2020-2024, the country will pursue the goal of acquiring both F-16 Block 72 and Su-35. The chief of the Indonesian Air Force Air Marshal Yuyu Sutisna talked to state-owned national news agency Antara, about the southeast Asian nation plans to submit a request to buy two squadrons of Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 72 fighters...
  • Russia Establishes Consultative Group for Intellectual Property Rights
    Russia Establishes Consultative Group for Intellectual Property Rights 16 December 2019
    More than 500 cases of unauthorised copying of Russian weapons and military hardware have been exposed over the past 17 years, the chief of intellectual property projects at the Rostech corporation, Yevgeny Livadny, has said. In October, Rosoborontexport declared the creation of a consultative group for the protection of intellectual property rights within the framework of military-technical cooperation with other countries. Livadny said that groups of Russian specialists working abroad often...
  • Su-30SM Delivered
    Su-30SM Delivered 13 November 2019
    Belarus received the first two of its 12 Su-30SM multi-generation combat aircraft today. "Under the defence procurement plan, Su-30SM multirole fighters will be delivered. Two fighters are expected to land at the Baranovichi aerodrome tomorrow afternoon." Belarusian Defence Minister Andrei Ravkov was quoted by the BelTA news agency, on Tuesday. The agreement for the dozen Sukhoi jets to replace old MiG-29 fighters was signed in 2017. Two more jets are expected to be shipped to the c...
  • 15-Year Development Process Concludes
    15-Year Development Process Concludes 11 November 2019
    India’s first indigenous beyond visual range air-to-air missile Astra is now finally ready for duty after 15  years of development. Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of India expecting the Indian Air Force to initially order at least 200 missiles for its Sukhoi-30MKI jets. DRDO is trying to increase the current range of the missile from 110 kilometers to 160 kilometers. With a weight of 154 kg and a length of 3.57 meters, the Astra flies more than four times the ...
  • Indonesia to Procure two F-16 Squadrons 5 November 2019
    Indonesian Air Force Chief of Staff Marshal Yuyu Sutisna stated his government’s wish to set two new F-16 Block 72 squadrons in the next strategic plan 2020-2024. He noted that Indonesia currently relies on F-16.  In total, the country has 33 F-16 Fighting Falcons. The fighter jets are stationed at squadron 16 of the Roesmin Nurjadin Airbase in Pekanbaru, Riau Province, and squadron 3 of Iswahjudi Airbase in Madiun, East Java. Indonesian Air Force &nbs...
  • MBDA Signs Agreement with India
    MBDA Signs Agreement with India 20 September 2019
    MBDA, has signed an agreement with Bharat Dynamics Limited of India. The agreement involves the advanced short-range air-to-air missile (ASRAAM) and Mistral missiles, and covers final assembly, integration and testing, says MBDA. The ASRAAM will be used by New Delhi's fleet of Sepecat/Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) Jaguar ground attack jets. It will also see service with the Tejas Mk-1A, a combat-capable of the version of the Hawk Mk132 called Hawk-India, and the Sukhoi Su-30MKI. A...
  • Additional Test from Russia and India
    Additional Test from Russia and India 29 August 2019
    BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, developed in partnership with Russian Federation NPO Mashinostroyeniya and Indian Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), may undergo additional tests. BrahMos Aerospace may conduct a second air-launch test of its supersonic cruise missile to further demonstrate the weapon’s ability to fly to a number of waypoints before reaching its final destination. The tests would come at the earliest in November, after the monsoon season in India end...
  • Autonomous Flight from Russia
    Autonomous Flight from Russia 6 August 2019
    Russia’s Sukhoi Okhotnik (Hunter) autonomous heavy unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) has made the first flight, the Russian Defence Ministry told reporters. According to the ministry, the first flight lasted for over 20 minutes and the aerial vehicle has flown by the operator made several circles around the airfield at an altitude of 600 meters. UCAV has a low signature, a flying wing aerodynamic scheme, and a take-off weight of 20 tons. It is made of composite materials and a radar...
  • Su-57 Serial Production Begins
    Su-57 Serial Production Begins 30 July 2019
    The Sukhoi Aircraft Company has started to implement its contract for the delivery of Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets to the country’s Aerospace Force, the office of Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told TASS on Monday. The state contract envisages the delivery of 76 Su-57 fighter jets to Russia’s Aerospace Force. The vice-premier’s office also confirmed the earlier-stated timeframe of delivering the first Su-57 plane to the Aerospace Force. "T...
  • 700 Million Dollar Missile
    700 Million Dollar Missile 30 July 2019
    Indian Air Force is looking to buy 700 million US dollars worth of both air to air and air to surface  missiles from Russia after the Balakot strike. The order includes R-73 heat seeker missiles with 30km range and active radar guided R-77, which is American AIM-120 AMRAAM’s Russian counterpart, with 80km range. These missiles are designed to arm the Russian-made MiG and Sukhoi aircraft. The order, meant to boost the IAF’s capability, also includes anti radiation missile, the...
  • Su-30's Life Extension
    Su-30's Life Extension 1 April 2019
    Malaysia announced a new step about Su-30 aircraft in its inventory. In this context, the service life of the platforms flying in the inventory of the Malaysian Royal Air Force will be extended. A total of 18 Su-30MKMs will undergo a lifetime extension modernization. In a statement from Malaysia, the first of the platforms was carried out by Aerospace Technology Systems Corp. (ATSC) which Sukhoi's partner in the region. Life extension works of first aircraft has already complete...
  • Russia Discuss Deliveries of Su-57 Fighter Jets to India
    Russia Discuss Deliveries of Su-57 Fighter Jets to India 28 February 2019
    While tension between India and Pakistan arises, Russia proposes Sukhoi Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets to India. Russia is ready to hold a dialogue with India on the deliveries of Su-57 to India, Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy at the state hi-tech corporation Rostec Viktor Kladov told TASS. India displays interest in the Su-57 but the country needs to shape its further concept of the Air Force, Kladov said.
  • Russia Prepares Su-57 for Le Bourget
    Russia Prepares Su-57 for Le Bourget 24 February 2019
    Russian aerospace industry is preparing to present at the Paris Air Show 2019 the 5th-generation Sukhoi Su-57 fighter. According to the announcement of the organizing team of the Paris Air Show as posted on Facebook on Saturday, February 23, the Russians will present their fighter to the audience between 17 and 23 June 2019. However, sources from the Russian defence industry have confirmed plans to show the Russian militant in Paris but there is still no formal decision on...
  • Boeing to set up F-18 Factory in India
    Boeing to set up F-18 Factory in India 23 February 2019
    Boeing promotes its F-18 factory in India. Speaking at the Aero India show, company officials said it would build a “factory of the future” in India to produce the Super Hornet to meet New Delhi’s request. India has two separate requirements for combat aircraft: 110 for the air force and 57 for the navy. For the opportunities with New Delhi, the company would pitch the Super Hornet’s new Block III variant, which features updated avionics and sensors, and has ...
  • Russian Unmanned Strike Aircraft Revealed
    Russian Unmanned Strike Aircraft Revealed 25 January 2019
    Russian Sukhoi Okhotnik-B, a new, stealthy unmanned strike aircraft has been pictured at social media while UAV is at runway testing in Novosibirsk. The image reveals that UAV has a flying-wing aircraft design and trapezoidal engine inlet. The Russian Ministry of Defence launched the Okhotnik development program in 2012, according to Russian media sources. The program intended to develop an unmanned aircraft capable of performing surveillance and strike missions.
  • Russia  Prepares Catamaran Aircraft Carrier Concept
    Russia Prepares Catamaran Aircraft Carrier Concept 5 October 2018
    The Krylov State Research Centre fundamentally changes aircraft carrier concept. According to the article published at TASS news Agency, new design has already been presented for the first time at the Army-2018 forum at the end of August. Apparently no one noticed the offer. This new design concept is based on future semi-catamaran but the proposed project has no name yet. It will be a non-nuclear multirole aircraft carrier. "The semi-catamaran design of the ship’s underw...
  • US Imposes Military Sanctions On China
    US Imposes Military Sanctions On China 22 September 2018
    The United States has imposed military sanctions on China’s defence procurement agency over its acquisition of Sukhoi Su-35 fighter aircraft and S-400 surface-to-air missiles. China’s defence procurement agency, the Equipment Development Department (EDD), acquired military equipment from Russia. The US State Department said that the EDD’s recent acquisition of Russian materiel breaches Section 231 of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanc...
  • China to Replace J-15 Aircraft
    China to Replace J-15 Aircraft 5 July 2018
    China is building a new carrier-based fighter jet to replace its J-15 fighters. The J-15 was based on a prototype of the fourth-generation Russian Sukhoi Su-33 twin-engine air superiority fighter, a design that is more than 30 years old. It was developed by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, a unit of state-owned Aviation Industry Corporation of China. With a maximum take-off weight of 33 tonnes, the aircraft is the heaviest active carrier-based fighter jet in the world, used on China&r...
  • Su-57 Ordered
    Su-57 Ordered 30 June 2018
    The Russian Defence Ministry signed a supply agreement with JSC Sukhoi Company. The agreement is signed for procurement of 12 Su-57s. Deputy Minister of Defence Aleksey Krivoruchko, reported that "The order for the first 12 aircraft has been approved and deliveries will begin shortly." in his statement. The Su-57, which will be produced at the company's Komsomolsk-na-Amur (KNAAPO) plant, made its maiden flight in 2010. Aircraft's first prototype is&n...
  • Ukraine's Eye Refurbished
    Ukraine's Eye Refurbished 6 June 2018
    Ukraine has received a modernized Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft. The Mykolayiv Aircraft Repair Plant, operating under the Ukrainian state-owned Ukroboronprom company, refurbished one Su-24MR and delivered it to the Ukrainian Air Force ahead of the schedule. Under the refurbishment work, all the components and sub-systems of the aircraft were checked one by one and the necessary components were renewed. The Su-24MR is a supersonic reconnaissance aircraft, was de...
  • India Withdrew From Fifth Gen Aircraft Program
    India Withdrew From Fifth Gen Aircraft Program 24 April 2018
    India has withdrawn from its collaboration with Russia on the development of Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA), Jane's reported on 20 April.  The Indian Air Force (IAF) has shelved its 11-year old collaborative Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) programme with Russia following enduring differences over its developmental cost and technological capabilities. Industry officials said the FGFA project, in which India’s state-owned Hindustan Aeronauti...
  • Indonesia Finalized Su-35 Order
    Indonesia Finalized Su-35 Order 22 February 2018
    Indonesia has placed a firm order to Russia for 11 Sukhoi Su-35S multirole fighters. The country revealed its intentions for this acquisition in 2016. A $1,14 billion contract was signed recently, finalizing the order. Two units of Sukhoi jets will be delivered in August 2018 and six more would be delivered 18 months after the contract becomes effective, and the remaining three would be delivered five months after that.  Su-35S was selected in a competition ...
  • Aerial Refuelling Training for Navy Pilots
    Aerial Refuelling Training for Navy Pilots 22 February 2018
    Russian Navy, for the first time in recent past, is training its pilots for aerial refuelling operations, the Russian Ministry of Defence revealed on 19 February. Sukhoi Su-30SM ‘Flanker’ and Su-24 ‘Fencer’ combat aircraft were used in training, having made more than 100 contacts with Ilyushin Il-78 ‘Midas’.
  • Bulgaria's Su-25 Fleet Grounded
    Bulgaria's Su-25 Fleet Grounded 19 January 2018
    The Bulgarian Air Force’s fleet of Sukhoi Su-25 twin-engine ground attack aircraft ceased operations from Bezmer because of a lack of resources to overhaul them, the aeropress-bg web portal of the Bulgarian aviation magazine AERO reported on 15 January. The last Su-25 flight was conducted on 14 December 2017, and the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence is looking for solutions for ending the grounding, according to aeropress-bg.
  • Russia to start 5th-generation fighter jet in 2018
    Russia to start 5th-generation fighter jet in 2018 24 December 2017
    The serial production of Russia’s Sukhoi Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jet will begin in the Khabarovsk Region in the Russian Far East in 2018. Khabarovsk Region Governor Vyacheslav Shport said , "The enterprise is concluding tests this year and will launch serial production next year," to Russian News Agency TASS. The Russian fifth-generation Perspective Aviation Complex of Frontline Aviation (PAK FA, also known as the T-50) fighter jet took to the skies ...
  • Brahmos Integration Work Commenced
    Brahmos Integration Work Commenced 18 December 2017
    India has commenced integration work of Brahmos supersonic cruise missile on 40 Sukhoi combat aircraft following the successful test-firing of the missiles from a Sukhoi-30 combat jet on November 22. The Su-30MKI fleet will undergo structural modifications at the state-run aerospace major Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) and the project is expected to be completed by 2020. Brahmos ALCM weighing 2,5 ton is the heaviest weapon to be deployed on India’s Su-30 fighter air...
  • Eurofighter as Main Option
    Eurofighter as Main Option 15 December 2017
    The Colombian Air Force is currently evaluating a series of options that will boost its fighter-interceptor fleet capabilities. The main option is the second-hand Trance 2 standard Eurofighter Typhoons from Spain, equipped with the advanced Meteor missile.  Other options being considered include Dassault Mirage 2000 and Rafale fighters, Lockheed-Martin F-16 and Boeing F/A-18, the Swedish Saab JAS-39 Gripen, and the Russian Sukhoi Su-30.