• 57th T-129 Inventory
    57th T-129 Inventory 25 June 2020
    Defence Industry President (SSB) Professor İsmail Demir announced from his personal social media account that 57th T-129 Atak helicopter entered inventory the Land Forces Command. Demir's statement also revealed its impact on the COVID-19 pandemic defence industry sector. The 56th T-129 Helicopter produced by the Turkish Aviation and Space Industry (TUSAŞ) entered the inventory in December 2019. Some parts and systems are waiting for the production of the TUSAŞ helicopter not on...
  • Last Product of 2019 56th Atak Helicopter
    Last Product of 2019 56th Atak Helicopter 2 January 2020
    The Defence Industry Presidency (SSB) announced that the 56th T-129 ATAK attack helicopter manufactured by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) was delivered to the security forces. SSB shared from its official twitter account that the 56th ATAK helicopter was delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces. According to the announcement, the last delivery of 2019 was realised. The statement said;  "56th of our T129 ATAK Helicopter was delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command.&q...
  • Atak Goes to the Philippines 30 November 2019
    The Philippines chose Turkey in an attack helicopter procurement program. It is learned that the Philippines decided to acquire six T-129 Attack Helicopter from Turkey. The Philippines will acquire them as direct procurement from one source without any tender. The agreement will be signed soon.
  • 52nd Atak Delivered
    52nd Atak Delivered 27 September 2019
    Turkish Aerospace Industry (TUSAŞ) delivered the 52nd T-129 Atak helicopter produced for the Turkish Land Forces Command to the Force. Defence Industry President Professor Ismail Demir announced on his personal Twitter account. Demir said, “We have delivered 52nd of our T129 Atak helicopters to the Turkish Land Forces Command. The helicopter supports our security forces in day and night in all weather conditions “.
  • TUSAŞ’s First Goal, $10bn Revenue in 2027 15 September 2018
    As an ever-growing company with a vision to become a world player, Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TUSAŞ) moves according to plans to reach the objective of $10bn revenue by 2027. Corporate Marketing and Communications Vice President Tamer Özmen provided an assessment of the Company’s growth for C4Defence readers. Delivering T-129 ATAK helicopters to the Land Forces and the Gendarmerie General Command, TUSAŞ also secured under contract the supply of 30 helicopters to ...
  • Pakistan Discuss Plan B to for T-129
    Pakistan Discuss Plan B to for T-129 10 September 2018
    Pakistani defence Magazine Quwa brought future of T-129 deal with Pakistan to discussion table. Magazine claims that “current tensions between Ankara and Washington have cast doubt on whether Turkish Aerospace will be able to bring Pakistan’s order for 30 T129 ATAK attack helicopters to fruition. “ Magazine discuss that “the concern stems from the fact that the T129’s engine – i.e. the Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Company (LHTEC) CTS800 turbosh...
  • Atak Engine Waits for November
    Atak Engine Waits for November 1 August 2018
    C4Defence reveals how Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) will work on getting export license for T-129 Atak helicopter engines will be exported to Pakistan. Pakistan has recently inked a deal with TUSAS to acquire 30 T-129 Atak Helicopter. The IP rights of the helicopter engine are in the hands of LHTEC, a joint venture between the US firm Honeywell and the UK firm Rolls-Royce. C4Defence has learned that prior applying for an official permission there were other steps to...
  • T-129 Atak preliminary talks in Philippines
    T-129 Atak preliminary talks in Philippines 11 July 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) is at preliminary talks in Philippines for 23 T-129 helicopter according to This country has  AW159 in its inventory. AW159 helicopters have same engine family onboard with T-129. It is believed that this common use would provide advantage to Turkey.
  • T-129's show to NATO
    T-129's show to NATO 10 July 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries’ (TAI) T-129 Atak helicopter will take place NATO Heads of State and Government parade on 11-12 July. 20 helicopters from 13 different countries will take part at parade. Two Turkish T-129 Attack helicopters will be on the show. Belgian, Czechian, Danish, French, Italian, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, US helicopters will also take place.
  • Cirit to be mounted on Black Hawk
    Cirit to be mounted on Black Hawk 6 July 2018
    ROKETSAN, stated that there is an ongoing process to install Cirit missiles to Sikorsky's Black Hawk helicopters. ROKETSAN's press release about Farnborough Air Show includes information. Statement  indicates that CİRİT is already being used on the T-129 ATAK  and AH-1 COBRA attack helicopters, to the TIGER Helicopter.Information about  Black Hawk reads, "While work on the integration of the CİRİT to the BLACK HAWK helicopters is progressing, there is a...
  • ATAK Export Deal Inked With Pakistan
    ATAK Export Deal Inked With Pakistan 25 May 2018
    T-129 ATAK attack helicopter, developed and produced by Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI), was exported to Pakistan. Ongoing talks with Pakistan on the ATAK helicopter resulted positively. It was announced in the defence, aviation and space industry section of Justice and Development Party's Elections Declaration of Presidential and General Elections that a contract was very recently signed for the sale of 30 ATAK helicopters with Pakistan. Two yea...
  • Demonstration Flight by ATAK in Pakistan
    Demonstration Flight by ATAK in Pakistan 24 March 2018
    The T-129 ATAK helicopters developed by the Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) are close to being exported to Pakistan. Two A400M transport aircraft belonging to the Turkish Air Force took three T-129 helicopters to Pakistan, although no announcement was made on this issue. T-129 carried out demonstration flights with aircraft and helicopters of the Pakistani Air Force during the inventory parade in Islamabad. Two years ago, TAI took a T-129 helicopter to Pakistan for flight tests. ...
  • 'Atak' in Pakistan
    'Atak' in Pakistan 21 March 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) production T-129 Attack helicopters have been sent to Pakistan. According to the information obtained, while the negotiations between the two countries on two ATAK helicopters continue, three ATAK helicopters will perform a demonstration flight on Pakistan's Liberation Day. The helicopters in service with Turkish Land Forces Command were sent to Pakistan to perform a demonstration flight during the Liberation Day events to be held on Friday, Ma...
  • The First T-129 ATAK of Gendermarie Delivered
    The First T-129 ATAK of Gendermarie Delivered 23 February 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) announced on Twitter that the first T-129 ATAK helicopter produced for the Gendarmerie General Command was delivered. The helicopter was registered under the name J-Fatih 1453 and seen carrying 2,75 Hydra rockets as well as a Gatling gun.
  • 29th Atak Helicopter Delivered
    29th Atak Helicopter Delivered 7 February 2018
    29th T-129 ATAK attack helicopter has been delivered to Turkish Armed Forces. Turkish Undersecretary for Defence Industries, Dr. Ismail Demir, announced the delivery on his official Twitter account on 5 February.
  • 27th T-129 Atak on inventtory
    27th T-129 Atak on inventtory 31 December 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has delivered 27th T-129 attack helicopter to Turkish Armed Forces (TuAF). LAst delivery of the year took pşace on December 30th.TAI will deliver 59 helicopters to TuAF.
  • Gendarmerie and Police Will Use ATAK
    Gendarmerie and Police Will Use ATAK 16 December 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) signed a contract for additional T-129 Attack helicopters. The details of the decision to supply 27 additional helicopters announced to the public by C4Defence has been revealed. TAI, as previously planned, is to produce 59 helicopters for the Turkish Land Forces Command and 27 additional helicopters will be delivered to the Ministry of Interior according to the newly adopted decision. Turkish National Police will be operating nine of the heli...
  • New Atak Helos To Be Delivered
    New Atak Helos To Be Delivered 24 November 2017
    Turkish Minister of National Defence Nurettin Canikli revealed in his statement made in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on 22 November that Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ/TAI) production 25 T-129 ATAK helicopters were delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command and the remaining 61 helicopters were planned to be delivered to security units. With this announcement, Minister Canikli revealed that the T-129 Atak supply amount announced to date has changed. There w...
  • ATAK Around The Corner
    ATAK Around The Corner 20 November 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) is getting ready to deliver 26th ATAK T-129 helicopter to Turkish Armed Forces. According to the information obtained, the acceptance tests are coming to an end.
  • 25th ATAK Entered Inventory
    25th ATAK Entered Inventory 3 November 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) announced on its official Twitter account that the 25th T-129 Atak helicopter has entered Turkish Armed Forces inventory.
  • Pakistani PM Will Fly With T-129
    Pakistani PM Will Fly With T-129 21 October 2017
    Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Hakan Abbasi will fly with the T-129 ATAK helicopter developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) tomorrow, according to Prime Minister Abbasi, who came to Turkey for the D-8 Summit, will take-off from Istanbul with TAI test pilot and experience helicopter flight experience. Pakistan's new prime minister has flown with the F-16 in the past few months. TAI developed the helicopter designed by Italian AgustaWestland with th...
  • 25th and 26th ATAKs Close At Hand
    25th and 26th ATAKs Close At Hand 3 October 2017
    25th and 26th of T-129 attack helicopters of Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI) will be delivered soon. Two more T-129 attack helicopters, 24th of which was delivered in recent past, will soon enter inventory. TAI will produce nine early delivery helicopters for the Turkish Land Forces, 29 Phase 1 helicopters, 21 Phase 2 and a total of 59 helicopters. When the 25th and 26th helicopters are delivered, the amount of helicopter delivered in Phase 1 will be 17.
  • 24th Atak Entered Inventory
    24th Atak Entered Inventory 21 September 2017
    The 24th T-129 Atak helicopter, manufactured by TAI for the Turkish Armed Forces, entered inventory within September. According to the information C4Defence obtained, TAI is proceeding with production of the 25th helo, however avoiding any comments on planned delivery date.  TAI will produce a total of 59 T-129 for the Turkish Armed Forces. The first helicoptered entered inventory 2,5 years ago. 
  • TAI’s Show of Strength
    TAI’s Show of Strength 21 July 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) participated in the fair to demonstrate the fruits of years of efforts. The company, which had displayed the mock-ups or prototypes of its products in Paris in the past years, was much at ease this time. At the fair’s outdoor show park, the company exhibited four products, three of which were in working order and the other was a mock-up. The first of these products, Atak T-129 helicopter, had previously been displayed on the static area and carried out...
  • TAI Raised Hands
    TAI Raised Hands 1 May 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) raises the level of participation in International Defense Industry Fair IDEF'17. TAI who was prepared to exhibit platforms such as Hürkuş and Anka with training and surveillance duties until a few weeks ago, has now raised hands. The company launched the long-range anti-tank missile UMTAS from Hürkuş, and MAM-L from the unmanned aerial vehicle Anka last week. Both platforms have now become capable of carrying Ciri...
    HAVELSAN Brings ATAKSIM to IDEF'17 1 May 2017
    HAVELSAN is to bring its ATAK Helicopter Simulator (ATAKSİM), developed to meet the requirements of Turkish Armed Forces, to IDEF 2017. ATAKSİM will be used for T-129 ATAK Helicopter orientation, refresher, emergency, combat readiness, follow-up and maintenance trainings of pilots and technicians.  ATAKSIM Project was initiated in 2014 and is scheduled to be delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces in 2017.
  • ATAK Now Has UMTAS
    ATAK Now Has UMTAS 28 March 2017
    Good news has come from ROKETSAN's Long-Range Antitank Missile (UMTAS), which has been developed to be used on T-129 Atak attack helicopters. An important milestone has been achieved in the UMTAS Project that was launched to meet Turkey's long-range antitank missile requirement. In 2016, the launcher design verification and qualification tests have been completed along with the Full-Round Missile (TAF) verification tests. According to the information received by C4Defence,...
  • Italy Retires "Atak"
    Italy Retires "Atak" 16 January 2017
    Italy decided to retire its Agusta A129 Mangusta attack helicopters, which is known as T-129 Atak after development program in Turkey. Italian Ministry of Defence has signed an agreement with Leonardo to retire the A-129s, of which Turkey strengthened the engine and indigenized the avionics, then designated as T-129. Under the contract announced on 13 January, the Italian company will manufacture a new exploration and escort helicopter (NEES) for the Italian Army....
  • Pakistan may Receive Mi-35 Helicopters In 2017
    Pakistan may Receive Mi-35 Helicopters In 2017 22 December 2016
    Pakistan’s Minister of Defence Production (MoDP) Rana Tanveer Hussain reportedly informed Pakistani media that Pakistan will receive its four Mi-35 assault helicopters from Russia in 2017 with the cost of $153 million U.S. Islamabad and Moscow signed the agreement on Mi-35 sale August 2015.   In April 2015, the U.S. State Department cleared the possible sale of 15 Bell AH-1Z Viper attack helicopters to Pakistan. Pentagon awarded Bell a contract to produce 11 AH-...
  • ATAK On Strike
    ATAK On Strike 2 December 2016
    Turkish aerospace company TAI delivered the 18th T-129 ATAK Helicopter to Turkish Armed Forces today. The Turkish Ministry of National Defence announced the news on social media accounts.
  • ATAK Will See&Hit In All Weather
    ATAK Will See&Hit In All Weather 1 December 2016
    The Turkish Ministry of Defence announced via social media accounts that T-129 ATAK helicopter, developed by TAI, has been integrated with MILDAR. Currently undergoing ground tests, the flight tests of MILDAR Helicopters will begin in a short period. Developed by METEKSAN, the milimeter-radar MILDAR was named after the 'Development of Milimeter-wave Radar Techniques for Land Target Engagement" programme.  While the multi-target engagement ability provides improved...
  • TAI's new T-129 in inventory
    TAI's new T-129 in inventory 9 September 2016
    The 14th T-129 Atak Helicopter entered the Turkish Army's inventory with a ceremony held in TAI's premises in Kazan, Ankara where the helicopter was manufactured. 
  • Pakistan considers buying T-129 7 June 2016
    Newly-appointed Turkish Defence Minister Fikri Işık and his Pakistani counterpart Khawaja Muhammad Asif met on June 3 in Islamabad to discuss bilateral defence cooperation. “One of the most important issues between [the two countries] is a deal for T129 attack helicopters,” Işık said at a joint press conference after the meeting. The deal for the sale of the T129s, a multi-role attack helicopter co-developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), will “fu...