• Indonesia to Modernise Frigate
    Indonesia to Modernise Frigate March 11 2020
    Indonesia, which is founded on islands, has taken action to improve its naval capabilities due to increase of international naval movements in the region, . The Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) took a new step to modernize the Bung-Tomo class corvettes. In this context, the mission systems of KRI Usman-Harun (359) corvette will be improved. In line with the activities to be carried out in partnership with the state-owned company PT-LEN Industri, Thales TACTICOS combat ma...
  • Sectorel News Issue 82 February 15 2020
    Network-Centric Mortar from Thales F-135s Retesting Sig Sauer Machine Gun to Special Forces V-22 for Carrier-borne Delivery BAAINBw Preferred Enforcer ODIN instead of ALIS in F-35 Last Tiger to Spain Dassault and Thales Partnership to France SIGINT Aircraft Iron Fist for Eitan Mass Production Period for National Engine of Anka Ships are Safer with ALACA Ukrainian Tanks Communicate wit...
  • Thales Mortar for SCORPION
    Thales Mortar for SCORPION January 31 2020
    The sixth procurement contract was announced in the SCORPION Program, which was launched by the France to meet modern battlefield requirements and to adapt its configuration to network-centric warfare. Under the agreement, called MEPAC and signed on December 30, 54 Griffon VBMRs equipped with a mortar will be supplied for the French Army. Within the SCORPION Program, DGA plans to procure 1872 Griffons by 2025. The armoured mortar vehicle variant of the Griffons, will be equippe...
  • Dassault and Thales to Build the Next SIGINT Plane
    Dassault and Thales to Build the Next SIGINT Plane January 24 2020
    The French Defence procurement agency, Direction Générale De L’armement (DGA) has awarded the Archange (formerly known as Epicure ) airborne strategic intelligence program to Dassault Aviation and Thales. The total value of the contract is unknown. This program will see three Dassault Falcon 8X being fitted with Thales electronic intelligence technologies.  Falcon Archange will detect electromagnetic signals emitted on the battlefield, allowing the French ar...
  • Rheinmetall and Thales to Guide Hydra Rockets
    Rheinmetall and Thales to Guide Hydra Rockets January 10 2020
    Rheinmetall and Thales have signed an agreement to support together with the future developments, qualification and production of the 70mm (2.75”) guided and unguided rockets solutions for helicopters as well as potentially other new platforms in Germany. Two international groups will propose complementary capabilities for the Tiger MK3 program. The Thales 70mm (2.75”) rocket systems are currently operated on UHT Tiger and under certification on Airbus Helicopters H145M....
  • French Navy Receives First Two Upgraded ATL2s
    French Navy Receives First Two Upgraded ATL2s October 30 2019
    The French procurement agency Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA) has authorised the transfer of the first two upgraded Dassault Atlantique 2 (ATL2) maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) to the French Navy, the French ministry for armed forces announced on 24 October. French Navy operates 22 ATL2 MPA. Eighteen MPAs will be upgraded to the new version called 'Standard 6' to allow the aircraft to operate until 2030. The upgrade programme includes the de...
  • France to Construct New FDI-Class-Frigates
    France to Construct New FDI-Class-Frigates October 28 2019
    The steel-cutting ceremony of the first defence and intervention frigate (Frégate de Défense et d'Intervention /FDI) took place on the Naval Group site of Lorient. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Minister for Armed Forces, Florence Parly, the Head of the French Armament Directorate (DGA) Délégué Général pour l’Armement, Joël Barre, the Chief of Staff of the French Navy Christophe Prazuck, the Chief of the Hellenic Na...
  • Babcock Arrowhead 140 wins the Type 31e Frigate
    Babcock Arrowhead 140 wins the Type 31e Frigate September 15 2019
    The Royal Navy has selected Babcock as its preferred bidder to build the UK’s new fleet of five Type 31 frigates. The new Babcock Arrowhead 140 ships, will be designated Type 31 by the Royal Navy. The ships will be smaller than the Type 26 fleet currently under construction. They will replace the Type 23. The programme will be led by Babcock with support from Thales. The ships will cost around £250m per vessel and once complete will be based across the World.
  • Unmanned Era on MineSweeper
    Unmanned Era on MineSweeper August 10 2019
    The unmanned surface vessel of the SLAMF/MMCM (Système de Lutte Anti-Mines du Futur / Maritime Mine Counter Measures) program carried out a demonstration of its capabilities in Brest harbour in June 2019. Testing with teams from the French Navy, French Armament General Directorate (DGA) and Thales is ongoing while qualification for the whole system is set for December this year. SLAMF results from Franco-British cooperation initiated in 2010 as part of the Lancaster House agr...
  • Delay in Ocean Airspace Control
    Delay in Ocean Airspace Control August 2 2019
    The OneSKY programme to modernise and integrate Australia’s civil and defence air traffic management systems is running 10 years late and will cost more than double the original estimate to acquire, the Australian National Audit Office has reported. OneSKY is an advanced civil/military airspace integration project that intends to modernise Australian and associated oceanic airspace. Australian airspace covers 11% of the globe and includes several of the world’s busiest a...
  • LLM is at Trial
    LLM is at Trial July 17 2019
    After the recent UK tension with Iran around the Strait of Hormuz, the Royal British Navy successfully tested the Thales developed Martlet LLM missile to provide close defence on the warships. The Martlet originally designed to be fired by air and navy platforms. Four missiles were fired in the test to try to defend against speedboats. The missile was fired from the LLM missile system developed by ASELSAN and Thales between 2010-14. The service has not specified which vessel classes will even...
  • Strategic Cooperation Result: 382 Griffon and 60 Jaguar July 1 2019
      The intergovernmental strategic cooperation agreement between the Government of the France and Belgium on their cooperation in the field of land mobility, came into force on June 21. This contract calls for the delivery to the Belgian Army of 382 Griffon multi-role armoured vehicles and 60 Jaguar data-driven reconnaissance and combat vehicles between 2025 and 2030, both of which are developed by a consortium formed of Nexter, Thales and Arquus. These vehicles will b...
  • UK Modernization for Estonian Ships
    UK Modernization for Estonian Ships May 16 2019
    Estonia's Sandown class mines have been modernized in the United Kingdom. Within the scope of modernization; Thales 2093 variable depth sonar, replaced with Thales 2193 hull-mounted sonar. In this way, the platforms became more compatible with the shallow waters of the Baltic. In the work carried out in Rosyth-based Babcock Facilities, the combat center was modernized and the M-Cube system integration of the Thales production system. The 4 ton capacity cranes on the sh...
  • Decoy Procurement to F-35s
    Decoy Procurement to F-35s April 9 2019
    Australia has announced a $ 78 million decoy procurement. Decoys that will be used in F-35A Lightning and F/A-18F Super Hornet platforms will be purchased under Air 6000 Phase 3 project. It is stated that the systems will be supplied in order to ensure the safety of the aircraft in high-density combat areas. It will also procured from Thales Australia. Australian Defence Minister Christopher Pyne, who made a statement about the procurement process, reported that the number of platfo...
  • Sector News Issue 71 March 16 2019
    Daewoo, Back to Roots Leonardo’s Cyber Signature on NATO The USA Said “Gustav” India Seeks Thales’ Hydras Sikorsky’s Two-in-One: HH-60W METEOR Shower beyond the Horizon Ambitious Missile by Rafael  “METE”s in the Inventory MKEK to Supply 50,000 MPT-76  Meteksan’s Kement Launches from the Ground F-16 Fitted with ASELSAN Armour F...
  • Thales Develops a New Multi-Mission Radar
    Thales Develops a New Multi-Mission Radar February 15 2019
    Thales has developed, in collaboration with the Dutch Army, a multi-mission radar system to enhance air defence capabilities. Thales announced on February 12 that it has developed a radar system in collaboration with the land forces of the Netherlands. This multi-mission MMR radar helps strengthen air defence by monitoring airspace and detecting and tracking aircraft, missiles and other air targets that may be present. "The MMR radar is able to track and record in real time any type of t...
  • Rafale: First Experimental Shots of the Meteor Missile
    Rafale: First Experimental Shots of the Meteor Missile February 15 2019
      Two Rafale, from the French Air Force and the French Navy, carried out the first two test shots of the Meteor long-range air-to-air missile on 13 February 2019. The French defence ministry ministry announced that two Rafale participated on February 13, 2019 in the first two experimental shots of the missile Meteor. It was a Rafale piloted by personnel from the Air Force, Center of Expertise (CEAM) and a Rafale Marine with a pilot from the Center for Practical Experi...
  • Rheinmetall May Sue Germany Over Saudi Arms Embargo: Spiegel
    Rheinmetall May Sue Germany Over Saudi Arms Embargo: Spiegel January 22 2019
    Rheinmetall plans to sue the German government over its decision to stop all arms exports to Saudi Arabia after the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to Spiegel Online. Berlin suspended approval of future export licenses to Saudi Arabia in October and in November said it had worked with industry to halt shipments of arms sales that were already approved. Citing a letter to the Economy Ministry, Spiegel said Rheinmetall intends to sue the German government fo...
  • F4 Turn for Rafale
    F4 Turn for Rafale January 16 2019
    After the France’s, decision of upgrading all Rafales to F3 standard, works on new F4 variant has launched. Dassault, who does not want Rafale to fall behind its modern combat requirements, has started development work for the F4 model. The work for the F4 model was officially launched at the ceremony held at the Mérignac Facility of Dassault. In this way, the company aims to produce a product that meets the world standards of Rafale and maintains its strength in the ex...
  • French MN Gets First F3R-Standard Rafale
    French MN Gets First F3R-Standard Rafale January 15 2019
    The French Navy (Marine Nationale/ MN) has received the first Dassault Rafale combat aircraft (serial number 30) to be upgraded to the latest F3R standard. The F3R standard of the Rafale offers several hardware and software enhancements over the F3 aircraft. The first aircraft will be prepared for delivery to the fighter detachment of the 10 Squadron of the Naval Aviation Experimental and Evaluation Centre, located at Hyères near Marseilles. If the forthcoming trial...
  • Qualification Process of TALIOS OK
    Qualification Process of TALIOS OK November 21 2018
    Another important milestone in the qualification process of the TALIOS optronic pod which developed by Thales is behind. The system has completed the qualification tests of the French defence procurement agency DGA.   The TALIOS system, developed as suitable with Rafale F3R platforms, incorporates electro-optical and infrared sensors. With the pod, which has features such as stabilization and image processing, the aircraft can engage in long range moving targets. With...
  • France Accuses Russia Of Spying on Military From Space
    France Accuses Russia Of Spying on Military From Space September 9 2018
    A Russian satellite tried last year to spy on a Franco-Italian satellite Athena Fidus to follow secured military communications, denounced Friday, September 7 the French minister of armies Florence Parly in a speech dedicated to space.  "this big-eared satellite is called Louch-Olymp, it's a well-known Russian satellite but a bit ... Indiscreet," she continued. She said it approached the French-Italian satellite launched in 2014 and used for secure military commun...
  • New French Missile Tested
    New French Missile Tested August 8 2018
    The BAT-120 GL started firing tests. Thales, announced that firing tests of BAT-120 GL laser-guided low-weight air to ground missile test. It was announced that the a prototype fitted with a guidance kit has tested. Flight test was conducted with the Mirage 2000D in the Biscarrosse Test Area in southwest France. During the test the target was not used and a single rocket fired. BAT (Bombe d'Appui Tactique Bomb) -120 GL, developed by Thales and Thomson Brandt Armements,...
  • France will be Up-Armored with Scorpion
    France will be Up-Armored with Scorpion August 7 2018
    France has decided to increase its defense budget for the past month. Following this decision, France's defense budget for 2025 will reach 2% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This means 295 billion Euro will spend for defence in seven years by France. After the budget increase, France stepped forward on the Scorpion Program. Through the Scorpion Program, it is planned that the (Groupement Tactique Inter-Armes / GTIA) will increase the number of communications and cooper...
  • ROKETSAN Press Release
    ROKETSAN Press Release July 18 2018
    Today during the Farnborough Air Show in the UK Roketsan and Thales signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on energetic systems with new solutions where their combined strengths of market leading resources and expertise enhance the development of new products and capabilities.
  • STM competes for Brazilian CCT
    STM competes for Brazilian CCT June 25 2018
    STM announced from its twitter account that the company has signed an MoU with Brasfels Shipyard, Brazil to bid on the Brazilian Navy's Tamandaré-class Corvette (CCT) Project. STM and Brasfels Shipyard will be competing against nine contenders. CCT for Brasil is a variant of the MILGEM Ada Class Corvette. The Navy received on June 18th, nine commercial proposals from companies interested in building the CCT project. According to the Brazilian naval force, the proposals wi...
  • Additional Bushmasters in the Far East
    Additional Bushmasters in the Far East May 21 2018
    Japan has received four additional Bushmaster MRAP vehicles. Thales Australia's vehicles have proven effective in Afghanistan and Iraq. Japan, which ordered the first four packs in April 2014, signaled that there might be additional Bushmaster supplies in January 2018. Developed in the mid-1990s, Bushmaster has a monocoque body. It can resist 7.62-millimeter ammunition and 9.5 kilograms of TNT and sold more than 1000 units.
  • Jaguar 6x6 Unveiled
    Jaguar 6x6 Unveiled May 18 2018
    A prototype of France's Jaguar 6x6 armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) was unveiled at the Nexter facilities on 16 May. The vehicle was developed jointly by Nexter, Renault Trucks, and Thales under  France's Scorpion multi-role armoured vehicle programme. A total of 248 Jaguars are planned for acquisition by the French Defense Procurement Agency (DGA).  Jaguar features a gross weight of 25t and can carry a crew of up to three members. The vehic...
  • Thales To Supply Radars for French Frigates
    Thales To Supply Radars for French Frigates May 9 2018
    Thales announced that it has started production of the first Sea Fire radar for the French Navy’s FTI future medium-size frigates. Designed for roles ranging from ship self-defense to extended air defense, Sea Fire is fully solid-state multifunction radar with a four-panel phased array antenna. Thales says the first radar is to be installed for qualification testing in 2019. The company will deliver the four panels of the first Sea Fire radar to Naval Group&rsqu...
  • Brand New Customer to Thales
    Brand New Customer to Thales April 24 2018
    The Senegalese Armed Forces have chosen Thales' helicopter training systems, the company announced on 20 April.  According to Thales statement, the company's helicopter mission trainer will allow pilots to train in a diverse array of programmable tactical scenarios, such as combat search and rescue, airland, naval operations or even commando insertion/extraction. All training will be analyzed at a debriefing station to prepare for a successful mission. 
  • Supplier Selection Process Began in French Frigate Program
    Supplier Selection Process Began in French Frigate Program April 3 2018
    Naval Group, who has been awarded as the main contractor for French Navy’s five intermediate-size frigates (Frégates de taille intermédiaire/FTI), has begun the selection process of suppliers and subcontractors.  The company was awarded the relevant contract in April 2017 and the first frigate is scheduled to be delivered by 2023. The main suppliers to be selected by the company so far include Axima, Constructions industrielles de la...
  • France Launches New EW Programme
    France Launches New EW Programme March 2 2018
    The French Ministry of the Armed Forces announced its decision to launch the Strategic Intelligence Aircraft Program "Universal Electronic Warfare Capacity" (CUGE) on 28 February. This new program will see Thales' new sensor to be integrated on a Falcon business aircraft built by Dassault Aviation.  The three CUGE strategic intelligence aircraft will replace the two Transall C-160 Gabriel currently in service from 2025 and will s...
  • India Approved JV between Reliance and Thales
    India Approved JV between Reliance and Thales February 15 2018
    India has approved the establishment of a joint venture (JV) between Reliance and Thales, named as 'Thales Reliance Defence Systems', to support the Indian Air Force’s (IAF’s) procurement of 36 Dassault Rafale multirole combat aircraft. The proposed company will have a shareholding of 51 percent and 49 percent, respectively. The joint venture is part of Thales’ offset plan for the Rafale fighter jet deal.
  • Thales Boost to Tiger Fleets
    Thales Boost to Tiger Fleets February 15 2018
    Thales has been awarded two contracts by Spanish Army Aviation and German Armed Forces for its 70mm/2.75” rockets, the company announced on 13 February. Spain has ordered 1000 70mm/2.75 rockets, while Germany has ordered 10,000. Both countries will equip their Tiger helicopter fleets with Thales' rocket systems. The German rockets will feature a modified rocket motor FZ90 Mod4 with reduced debris.
  • Laser-guided Rocket Trial by H145M
    Laser-guided Rocket Trial by H145M February 6 2018
    Airbus Helicopters has for the first time conducted a rocket firing from an H145M fitted with the company’s new HForce generic weapon system (GWS).  In a recent press release, the company announced the trials had taken place in Sweden in early December 2017. The trial demonstrated the ability of its HForce-equipped H145M helicopter to launch the Thales FZ275 laser-guided rocket. Final qualification of the ballistic HForce system on the H145M is schedul...
  • H145M Armed
    H145M Armed February 1 2018
    Airbus Helicopters announced the successful launch of a 70 millimeter laser-guided rocket from the H145M helicopter. Integration was based on possible needs of the military services that are considering arming the rotary wing aircraft. The equipment, called the HForce Gun Package, was tested in Alvaden Test Area located in Sweden. Thales FZ275 LGR laser-guided rocket and L3 Wescam  MX-15D electro-optic were preferred as hardware. Rockets offer a high-precision solution to minim...
  • PKG-A Program Completed
    PKG-A Program Completed January 29 2018
    The Republic of Korea received the 18th and last PKG-A Class patrol vessel. At the ceremony held at Jinhae Naval Base, the ship was officially put into service. The 63-meter-long platform was built by STX Offshore & Shipbuilding. The PKG-As were developed to replace Chamsuri Class patrol vessels in the Korean Navy inventory. The 579-tonne platform was equipped with a SSM-700K surface-to-surface missiles, 76 millimeters and 40 millimeters guns. LIG Nex 1 SPS-540K three-dimens...
  • Hawkeis in Iraq
    Hawkeis in Iraq January 29 2018
    Thales production Hawkei 4x4 wheeled armored vehicle deployed in Iraq. It was stated that the Australian Defense Department, vehicles was being deployed under the LAND 121 Project. Two Hawkeis, one with a four-door configuration and one with a two-door configuration, were deployed in Iraq for testing under battle conditions. Vehicles were deployed at the Taji Military Training Base, where Australia and New Zealand are partners. The performance of the vehicle will be measured in the tasks sche...
  • Thales Unveiled Bushmaster MR6
    Thales Unveiled Bushmaster MR6 January 25 2018
    Thales introduced its latest version of its 4×4 Bushmaster protected mobility vehicle to the public at the IQPC International Armoured Vehicles 2018 conference.   the Bushmaster MR6 were exhibited in the ambulance configuration at the conference held in London, equipped with a 330hp engine, a new anti-lock braking system and an improved central tyre inflation system. The vehicle is operated by a two-person crew and has a range of 800 kilometres. T...
  • VAB Found Its Light Successor: VBMR Léger
    VAB Found Its Light Successor: VBMR Léger January 15 2018
    It is a major event that occurred recently in France when Nexter, part of the French-German KNDS company, has won the Light VBMR (VBMR Léger) contract for the Armée de Terre (French Army).  The contract, worth more than one billion Euros, includes the procurement of around 1500 vehicles, the ILS, and the development and qualification of a dozen of versions. Renault Trucks Defense was the favourite, since Light VBMR is in the core business of the Volvo subsidiary. ...