• Thai Air Force Releases Wish List for The Next Decade
    Thai Air Force Releases Wish List for The Next Decade 22 February 2020
    The Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) has set out its procurement priorities for the upcoming decade; transport aircraft, combat search-and-rescue helicopters, and light attack aircraft are on the top of the list. RTAF’s long term plans include new fighters to replace the ageing fleet. RTAF plans to replace its Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules transport aircraft fleet. The new aircraft will require to be compatible with Thailand’s Link T data link system. This is a process that...
  • Sectorel News Issue 82 15 February 2020
    Network-Centric Mortar from Thales F-135s Retesting Sig Sauer Machine Gun to Special Forces V-22 for Carrier-borne Delivery BAAINBw Preferred Enforcer ODIN instead of ALIS in F-35 Last Tiger to Spain Dassault and Thales Partnership to France SIGINT Aircraft Iron Fist for Eitan Mass Production Period for National Engine of Anka Ships are Safer with ALACA Ukrainian Tanks Communicate wit...
  • The Last Tiger of the Spanish Army
    The Last Tiger of the Spanish Army 29 January 2020
    Airbus Helicopters has announced that an important milestone has been left behind for Tiger attack helicopters. The delivery phase of Spain's Tiger attack helicopter story, which started in 2003, was completed. The Spanish Army (Ejército de Tierra) received the 18th and last Tiger HAD helicopter after a long delivery phase. Last platform is announced as Tiger HAD (Helicoptero de Apoyo y Destrucción / Support and Destruction Helicopter) H2 varian...
  • First Su-30 Jets with BrahMos Missiles Enter Service in India
    First Su-30 Jets with BrahMos Missiles Enter Service in India 23 January 2020
    The first squadron of Su-30MKI jet fighters, armed with an air-based version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles entered service in the Indian Air Force Monday, The Times of India reported. According to the article, the planes will enter service during a ceremony set to take place at Thanjavur Air Force Station in India’s Tamil Nadu. The Air Force Station houses the 222nd “Tigershark” squadron, the first to receive the Su-30MKIs, reconfigured for BrahMo...
  • Rheinmetall and Thales to Guide Hydra Rockets
    Rheinmetall and Thales to Guide Hydra Rockets 10 January 2020
    Rheinmetall and Thales have signed an agreement to support together with the future developments, qualification and production of the 70mm (2.75”) guided and unguided rockets solutions for helicopters as well as potentially other new platforms in Germany. Two international groups will propose complementary capabilities for the Tiger MK3 program. The Thales 70mm (2.75”) rocket systems are currently operated on UHT Tiger and under certification on Airbus Helicopters H145M....
  • 6 billion $ referendum: Aircraft for Swiss Air Force
    6 billion $ referendum: Aircraft for Swiss Air Force 24 December 2019
    The Swiss parliament on Friday approved the purchase of new fighter jets for around $6 billion, but the Socialist Party immediately demanded the question be put to a referendum. Switzerland began seeking replacements for its ageing fleet of fighter jets more than a decade ago. In 2014, the country looked set to purchase 22 Gripen E fighter jets from Swedish group Saab. But Bern has not given up on its quest to boost its fleet, with the government warning that the country's F/A-18s will re...
  • US Wants to re-Buy F-5E Swiss Fighters
    US Wants to re-Buy F-5E Swiss Fighters 16 December 2019
    United States is reportedly ready to re-purchase Northrop 22 fighter aircraft F-5E Tiger II belonging to the Swiss Air Force that had been used 41 years since 1978. According to airspacereview portal, US Navy and the Swiss Defence Procurement Agency (Armasuisse) have been in talks related to the sale of F-5 in July. The budget for the purchase of F-5 from Switzerland is 39.7 million dollars.  The US is still using the F-5 as simulated enemy air to air combat exercise. Switzerla...
  • China Continues to Support Cambodia
    China Continues to Support Cambodia 12 September 2019
    In order to support the Cambodian government and strengthen the friendship between the two countries, China has donated the Shaanxi Baoji Tiger 4x4 light armoured vehicles to the Royal Cambodian Army (RCA). The armoured vehicles can be armed with the heavy machine gun, or an automatic grenade launcher, and can carry a crew of 2 and up to 9 passengers. The Tiger is powered by a Cummins diesel engine. Relations between Cambodia and China gained momentum after the two countries establi...
  • Bolt Problem on Tiger
    Bolt Problem on Tiger 9 August 2019
    The Bundeswehr has grounded its fleet of Tiger attack helicopters following a safety warning issued by Airbus Helicopters. The manufacturer, Airbus Helicopters, warned that a titanium bolt of the Main Rotor Control may show unusual weakness and break during flights. Such failure could potentially lead to a crash. Thus, the Bundeswehr has decided to ground the fleet and inspect each aircraft.   The same problem was also identified on the German NH90 and EC135 helicopte...
  • Australia is Looking for a New Platform
    Australia is Looking for a New Platform 15 July 2019
    The Australian government has begun its search for a new armed attack helicopter to replace the Tiger fleet. Under the Land 4503 programme, the Australian Government is seeking information to acquire a total of 29 airframes. Of these 29, 24 are to be based at a single location, with a further five to be used for training operations. The timelines for the programme anticipate an initial operating capability of a squadron of 12 aircraft by 2026, with full operational capability from 2028. The p...
  • Gripen E out of Armasuisse’s Tests
    Gripen E out of Armasuisse’s Tests 14 June 2019
    The Swiss defence procurement agency, Armasuisse, has formally recommended to Saab not to participate with Gripen E in the upcoming flight tests scheduled from 24 to 28 June 2019 in Switzerland. The reason is that the flight tests have been designed to only evaluate aircraft that are operationally ready in 2019. The flight tests are part of the fighter evaluation process that foresees aircraft deliveries in 2025. However, the Gripen E development plan does not match the Sw...
  • FNSS is Awarded First Batch of Harimau Medium Tanks
    FNSS is Awarded First Batch of Harimau Medium Tanks 15 April 2019
    Indonesian Defence Minister Ramisard Ryakuda ordered the Indonesian state defence industry association PT Pindad to build the first batch of the Harimau ("Tiger") serial Turkish-Indonesian production for the Indonesian army. The cost of the contract for the Harimau tanks was $ 135 million. The number of vehicles ordered was not officially disclosed but it is believed to be around 20 tanks. The vehicle is fully operable in a wide range of altitudes, humidity level...
  • Gripen E Proposal for Air 2030
    Gripen E Proposal for Air 2030 29 January 2019
      Saab announced that it has submitted an offer for the tender under the Air 2030 Program. Thus, the number of companies in the program increased to four. A new step took place in Air 2030, the new fighter aircraft procurement program of Switzerland. Saab announced on 25 January that it had submitted a bid for the tender. Company will take place with the new Gripen E. The tender was launched for new platforms to replace Switzerlan’s aging F/A-18 Hornet and F-5E ...
  • One Third Of German Vehicles Ready For Combat
    One Third Of German Vehicles Ready For Combat 1 November 2018
    Just over a third of the new military equipment delivered to the Bundeswehr by manufacturers in 2017 is fit for service according to a report revealed for the German defence ministry According to the report, of the 71 Puma infantry fighting vehicles delivered, 27 are combat ready. Of the eight new Airbus A400M Atlas military transports, half are fully operational. Just two of the seven Eurocopter Tiger combat helicopters and four of seven NH Industries' NH90 transport helicopter...
  • Russian Su-35 Faced With American Obstacles In Indonesia
    Russian Su-35 Faced With American Obstacles In Indonesia 5 October 2018
      Russian Daily Kommersant reported that Russia is having difficulty delivering 11 Su-35s to Indonesia due to the U.S. Law on Countering the Opponents of the United States through Sanctions (Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act /CAATSA). Earlier, it was reported that Indonesia will take delivery of the first aircraft this month. However, this is not possible now because of potential sanctions. Financial aspects of the deal areal so unde...
  • Iran Unveils First Homegrown Fighter Jet
    Iran Unveils First Homegrown Fighter Jet 22 August 2018
    Iran has successfully test-flown the first indigenous advanced light attack and training jet ‘Kosar’ concurrent with the National Day of Defence Industry. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday attended a ceremony in Tehran in which the country’s first fighter jet designed and manufactured by domestic military experts was unveiled. In February, Iran unveiled what it claimed was a locally-developed stealth fighter, the Qaher 313, but today it “u...
  • Chinese Aid in Progress
    Chinese Aid in Progress 2 August 2018
    The Bolivian Army received another aid package from China. In the context of the military cooperation agreement signed in 2011, 10 pieces of Shaanxi Baoji-produced Tiger 4x4 tactical wheeled armored vehicles were delivered within the scope of the annual aid for the modernization of the Bolivian Army. These vehicles will be used along with 19 Tiger 4x4s which delivered in 2016 Developed by Shaanxi Baoji Special Vehicles Company's own resources, Tiger provides protection agai...
  • Meggitt To Supply Braking Systems for KF-X
    Meggitt To Supply Braking Systems for KF-X 25 April 2018
    Meggitt PLC, a component and sub-system manufacturer for the aerospace, defence and energy markets headquartered in the UK, has been selected to supply an advanced wheel and digital braking system for the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) KF-X fighter.  Meggitt will provide nose/main wheels, high-performance carbon brakes and brake control system for the multirole fighter jet. The Republic of Korean Air Force plans to acquire around 100 KF-X jets to replace a...
  • Russian Effect on Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun
    Russian Effect on Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun 18 March 2018
    During the Cold War, there was not only an ideological divide between the two poles. Both the USA and the USSR, which led the West and the East respectively, restructured their armies based on their battlefront experiences in the Second World War. According to the US Army, which owed its success over Germany to its air superiority, the main element of power was the aircraft in a possible Third World War to be used at times when the use of nuclear weapons was not an issue. As for the Red Army,...
  • Thales Boost to Tiger Fleets
    Thales Boost to Tiger Fleets 15 February 2018
    Thales has been awarded two contracts by Spanish Army Aviation and German Armed Forces for its 70mm/2.75” rockets, the company announced on 13 February. Spain has ordered 1000 70mm/2.75 rockets, while Germany has ordered 10,000. Both countries will equip their Tiger helicopter fleets with Thales' rocket systems. The German rockets will feature a modified rocket motor FZ90 Mod4 with reduced debris.
  • 'CODE' Program Moves Into 3rd Phase
    'CODE' Program Moves Into 3rd Phase 15 January 2018
    The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced the completion of the second phase in Collaborative Operations in Denied Environment (CODE) program on 8 January which aims to extend the capability of the US military’s existing unmanned aircraft systems to conduct dynamic, long-distance engagements of highly mobile ground and maritime targets in contested or denied battlespaces. DARPA has selected the Raytheon Company (Tucson, Ariz.) to complet...
  • Switzerland To Renew Air Defences
    Switzerland To Renew Air Defences 10 November 2017
    Swiss Department of Defence announced on 8 November that the Federal Council took decisions in principle concerning the renewal of the means of protection of Swiss airspace. It is planned to acquire new combat aircraft and a new system of Ground-Based Air Defense (GBAD), for a maximum cost of 8 billion francs.  This means the Swiss Army's budget should be increased annually by 1.4% by 2021.According to the statement, 30 F/A-18 jets will be retired around 2030...
  • 55. Issue Sector News
    55. Issue Sector News 7 November 2017
    Latvia Took Delivery of Howitzers Bundeswehr Restocks Long-Range Investments Seeing without Seeing: Virtual Window Technology ROKETSAN, Ready for Global Competition Otokar Beyond Borders White Hackers Compete TAI Began Countdown for ANKA-S TEI Delivers Indigenous New Engine for ANKA  Helicopter MİLDAR Passed the Tests FNSS’s ‘Tiger’, Seen in Indonesia
  • "Tiger" Addition 3 August 2017
    The Thai government has approved the budget for an additional 4 F-5E modernizations to 10 modernized F-5E aircraft before. The aircraft were integrated with ELM-2032 radar, Dash IV helmet mounted sights, Litening 3 targeting pod, Have Quick frequency hopping raido and Skyshield electronic countermeasures. Following the detailed avionics modernization, aircrafts named as F-5T Tigris and service life of an aircraft is extended by 15 years.
  • Gripen E On Its Maiden Flight
    Gripen E On Its Maiden Flight 16 June 2017
    The Swedish aerospace and defence company Saab has announced the maiden flight of Gripen E prototype. The flight has been carried out on 15 June and lasted 40 minutes. During the flight, Saab's test pilot carried out a number of actions to demonstrate various test criteria including the retracting and extending of the landing gear.  Gripen E offers high survivability and performance, advanced avionics, sensors and communication systems, as well as extended range. The a...
  • Russian Replacement To US-made Aircraft
    Russian Replacement To US-made Aircraft 8 June 2017
    Rostec's Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy Department announced that a contract for the delivery of the Su-35s to Indonesia had been agreed and would be signed this year. Indonesia, who already operates Su-27 and Su-30 aircraft, plans to acquire 10 Su-35 multirole fighters and bolster its air force capabilities.  Featuring new avionics suite based on a digital information management system, new radar with an extended air tar...
  • Munition Test Time For The 'Tiger'
    Munition Test Time For The 'Tiger' 23 May 2017
    Tigr (Tiger) unmanned armored vehicle equipped with a 30-mm autocannon is waiting for the final approval before proceeding to the munition tests. The manufacturer of Tigr, Russia’s Military Industrial Company, told TASS that they were developing and coordinating with the Defence Ministry a munitions test program for this vehicle, however there was no actual timeline. The combat module installed on the Tigr was equipped with a 30-mm autocannon from the Uran-...
  • A 'TIGER' in IDEX
    A 'TIGER' in IDEX 13 February 2017
    The Turkish company FNSS announced that the new generation armored fighting vehicle KAPLAN (Tiger) NGAFV will be exhibited for the first time. KAPLAN , developed as an amphibious tracked combat vehicle, will be unveiled at Abu Dhabi IDEX 2017, to be held on February 19-23. KAPLAN, which has two water propulsion systems, will be able to operate in deep and flowing waters. The vehicle, with a maximum speed of 70 km /h, is equipped with Remote Commanded Tower/RCT, 30 mm Automatic Cannon.
  • Sector News Issue 45 28 January 2017
    First from the TAFF: 30th Anniversary TAFF 2017 Book  JSM Tests on F-16s Avicopter AC352’s Maiden Flight Australia on Guard Delivery of Tiger HAD/E Block 2 to Spain Kuwait Will Hit the Spot Strategic Movement from the Foundation Serial Production Time for ANKA-S  New Search for Engine TAF's Weapon is Changing UAV Partnership between ASELSAN and STM
  • Jump-Start by the New Marshal
    Jump-Start by the New Marshal 23 January 2017
    The new Indonesian Air Force Chief of Staff, Air Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto disclosed information on the national strategic plan on 18 January, stating that the country's air fleet would be upgraded by 2024 and the service is looking to replace its F-5 Tiger aircraft. He added that the Air Force will increase its numbers of air defense radars to 32 from the 20 radars currently in service. Reportedly, the candidates for the replacement of F-5E/F Tiger II are JAS39 Gripen, Sukhoi Su-35, ...
  • "Our Pilots Are Accustomed to Russian Aircraft"
    "Our Pilots Are Accustomed to Russian Aircraft" 13 December 2016
    Indonesian Defence Minister has confirmed the negotiations for the acquisition of Russian Sukhoi Su-35 fighter aircraft on 9 December, adding that pricing was a significant issue preventing closing a deal. According to state-owned media agency Antara, Indonesia plans to buy an initial eight aircraft. Indonesian Air Force currently has Northrop F-5E Tiger II fighters in-service which are scheduled to be decommissioned by the end of 2020. Su-35 'Flanker-E' multirole combat aircraft will...
  • Indonesia Also Chose Russian Tech
    Indonesia Also Chose Russian Tech 6 October 2016
    Indonesia plans to procure Russian-made helicopters to deploy in West Java according to the announcement made by Indonesian ambassador to Russia. The details of such procurement, however, has not been reveiled. The country has also been discussing replacing their aging F-5 Tiger aircraft with Russia’s advanced Su-35S fighter jets.
  • Cirit Guides to Germany 2 June 2016
    Roketsan and MBDA Deutschland have signed a MoU for collaboration in manufacturing and integration to German UH Tiger helicopters of Cirit 70 mm guided rocket during ILA Berlin Air Show exhibition held in Germany. Within the framework of the German Army's requirements, the agreement has great significance as part of expected tender for the supply of UH Tiger helicopters, while indicating the renewal of the agreement signed two years ago between Roketsan and MBDA Deutschland. As a “c...
  • Saab reveals Gripen E 18 May 2016
    Defence and security company, Saab, unveils the first test aircraft of the next generation, Gripen E. The unveiling of the first Gripen E test aircraft  takes place at at Saab’s facilities in Linköping. On stage, Major General Mats Helgesson - Swedish Air Force Chief of Staff; Tenente Brigadeiro-do-Ar, Nivaldo Luiz Rossato - Chief of Brazilian Air Force, Ulf Nilsson - head of Saab Aeronautics; Daniela Ivanic - systems engineer Saab Aeronautics and Matti Olsson - head...
  • Saab Unveils the First Gripen E 17 May 2016
    Swedish Defence and security company, Saab, will take the next step in the evolution of the Gripen fighter system on 18 May, with the unveiling of the first test aircraft of the next generation, Gripen E. The unveiling of the first Gripen E test aircraft will take place at at Saab’s facilities in Linköping. Major General Mats Helgesson - Swedish Air Force Chief of Staff; Tenente Brigadeiro-do-Ar, Nivaldo Luiz Rossato - Chief of Brazilian Air Force will take place at ...
  • MIG-29s to replace retiring Harriers 12 May 2016
    The Indian Naval Air Squadron 300 (INAS 300), ‘White Tigers’, are set to phase out the Sea Harriers V/STOL fighter aircraft and make way for new generation of fighters to replace. The INAS 300 has been re-equipped with the new MiG 29Ks. The Sea Harrier operated from both INS Vikrant and INS Viraat where use of the ski jump allowed the aircraft to take off from a short flight deck. Sea Harriers were also equipped with the Matra Magic II and Derby Air to Air Beyond Visual Range (BVR) Missil...
  • Fair News 10 May 2016
    ADUNOK-W Landed on Malaysia Indonesia to Receive AS565 MBe Panther Soon AKSA’s Solution for Flat Tyres ASELSAN Seeks Local Partnerships Azerbaijan Demonstrates New Weapons Malaysia Intends to Upgrade Hawks BrahMos too Close to Export WJ-600 UAV Ready to Meet Customers Point Defence from China to Indonesia Malaysia: Denel’s Gate to the Asia-Pacific<...
  • India’s 1t new submarine starts trial 2 May 2016
    India's first new conventional submarine in 16 years finally began its sea trials off Mumbai on Sunday, giving much-needed fillip to the Navy. The diesel-electric Scorpene submarine —to be commissioned as INS Kalvari (tiger shark) by 2016-end. It  waits for acquisition of 'Black Shark' torpedoes from Italian conglomerate Finmeccanica's subsidiary Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacquel. INS Kalvari will be inducted with tube-launched SM-39 Exocet anti-ship missiles but its main we...
  • Poland Eyes Apache Helicopters 25 April 2016
    Poland’s Ministry of Defence is likely to prefer Boeing’s AH-64 Apache helicopters under its ongoing “Kruk” (‘Raven’) tender according to local business daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawnai. The Kruk procurement program will total at least $1.6 billion. Airbus with the EC665 Tiger; Bell Helicopters with the AH-1Z Cobra; Boeing with the AH-64 Apache and Turkish Aerospace Industries with the T129 ATAK took place at the tender.
  • Tiger of the Far East, Thailand 10 January 2016
    ASEAN countries, which have doubled their military expenditures in only ten years, have been undergoing a rapid modernisation. Thailand, situated right at the very centre of the ASEAN region is determined to upgrade its air, naval and land weapon systems. Predominantly a land force, the Royal Thai Army’s main elements comprise seven infantry divisions and one armoured division. Equipment associated with this force dates from 1950s and 1960s.