• Submarine Moved on Land
    Submarine Moved on Land 8 July 2020
    Transportation of major combatant ship operation on land is also a method used during the 1453 Istanbul Siege. Although it has been used many times in history to transfer large military watercraft between two locations, it is not a common method today. Iran, which is often come to on the agenda of the defence industry with strange and sometimes reverse engineering steps, has seen in the social media with a very interesting move this time. A video on social media showed that one...
  • US to Acquire Soviet Ammunition
    US to Acquire Soviet Ammunition 7 July 2020
    The USA, which procures Eastern Block standard ammunition at different times for both training and different purposes, is in a new acquisition plan. According to the official statement released from the State Procurement channel, the US will acquire Soviet ammunition. As part of the procurement process called SAWS (Special Ammunition and Weapon Systems), there is no detailed information of the materials and systems to be purchased. There are many different types ...
  • Ireland May Acquire Interceptor Jets
    Ireland May Acquire Interceptor Jets 1 July 2020
    Republic of Ireland airspace has been frequently visited by Russian fighters recently. The Irish government wants to put an end to these visits. It also wants to be less dependent on British Royal Air fighters to defend its sovereignty. The Irish Air Corps has had no combat jet since 1998, when the Light Strike Squadron, operating on second-hand French Fouga CM170 Magister, was disbanded. The corps also lacks a national radar system.   To address the increasing threat...
  • New Replenishment Tanker Arrived Home
    New Replenishment Tanker Arrived Home 28 June 2020
    Modern fleet replenishment vessels are an important power factor for today's navies, thanks to both material and fuel transport during the cruise and advanced command-control capabilities. The new replenishment vessel HMNZS Aotearoa (A 11), built as part of the Royal New Zealand Navy requirements, arrived at Auckland Harbour last Friday. The journey, which she set sail from the Hyundai Heavy Industries Shipyard located in Ulsan, took 15 days. The acceptance of the ship, whi...
  • Turkish Air Force Hits from Distance with Indigenous Kits
    Turkish Air Force Hits from Distance with Indigenous Kits 23 June 2020
    Kale Group Vice President Osman Okyay has been a guest on live stream at C4Defence's official Instagram account. Okyay made statements about KGK-82 and 83. KGK-82 and KGK-83 systems developed within SAGE for Mk 82 and Mk 83 family free-fall ammunition. Stating that the deliveries continue as planned, Okyay also stated that early deliveries can sometimes be made in line with the demands from the Turkish Air Force. It is also stated that there are studies on reducing the...
  • Greek, Israeli and US Cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: Themistoklis
    Greek, Israeli and US Cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: Themistoklis 23 June 2020
    In February 2020 ONEX Neorion Shipyards and Israel Shipyards signed a contract for the co-production and co-development of vessels. The agreement was part of Greece’s cooperation and strategic relationship with Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. An agreement for the co-production of the “Themistoklis” corvette is the result of this agreement. According to today’s announcement of the company that manages the shipyards of Neorio in Syros, the co...
  • "Urgent" Procurement Request from India
    "Urgent" Procurement Request from India 22 June 2020
    India wants to add 33 new fighter jets to its inventory. According to the Mumbai-based The Economic Times, India wants to procure new platforms "urgently." New Delhi wants to procure 21 MiG-29 (NATO Code: Fulcrum) aircraft and 12 Su-30MKI from Russia. If an agreement is reached, the delivery of the platforms will be provided within two years following the signing of the contract.  The modernized version of the Su-30Ks for the foreign market of the Su-30, whi...
  • Turkish Fuselage to Korean Helicopter
    Turkish Fuselage to Korean Helicopter 21 June 2020
    The visit of the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank to Eskişehir drew attention to the company Coşkunöz operating here. TUSAŞ Motor (TEI) participated in the test of TJ-300 turbojet engine at its facilities. Minister Varank then visited the aviation and defence departments of Coşkunöz. The main fuselage is produced for TAI KUH-1 Surion helicopter.  KAI develops offshore, search and rescue, assault versions of KUH-1. The minister, A total of 6...
  • Czechia Accidentally Invaded
    Czechia Accidentally Invaded 15 June 2020
    Last month, Czechia was accidentally invaded, according to the Polish Ministry of National Defence. The misunderstanding in North Moravya first came up in the local newspaper Denik. An engineer working in the chapel in the area said he wanted to take pictures for work, but Polish soldiers were preventing him. Denik proved that the soldiers were stationed in the chapel.  Polish soldiers patrolling the covid-19 measures at the border between the two countries were mista...
  • Eastern Mediterranean Investment yo Hellenic Navy
    Eastern Mediterranean Investment yo Hellenic Navy 11 June 2020
    Despite economic problems, Greece continues its armament programs. Greek parliament approved several projects on May 2. Thus, Athens decided to add new ones to existing processes. Greece, which makes unilateral claims in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean and sometimes does not hesitate from dangerous convergence, continues its investments in weapon systems. At the parliamentary meeting held in Athens on 2 May, it was decided to expand the processes in question. In this c...
  • Greece and Italy Signs, Turkey Wins
    Greece and Italy Signs, Turkey Wins 11 June 2020
    Greece, which has used all kinds of ways to expand the sea and air borders unilaterally as an excuse for the continental shelf of the islands in the Aegean, scored its own goal. Because of the importance of hydrocarbon deposits detected in the Eastern Mediterranean growth exclusive economic zone problems several times. An agreement, which in favor of Turkey's exclusive economic zone, has been inked. Greece signed an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) agreement with Italy that sh...
  • There is No Safe to Enemy with Domestic Penetrator Bomb
    There is No Safe to Enemy with Domestic Penetrator Bomb 10 June 2020
    Bunker buster ammunition is the number one weapon for heavily fortified enemy positions and destruction of underground military facilities. Deliveries of the Penetrator Bomb, which developed within the scope of the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces, continue. Presidency of Defence Industry shared information about deliveries with "Penetrator Bomb #NEB deliveries continue. High penetration efficiency at low impact rates and angles. Programmable firing times...
  • Taiwan's Advanced Jet Training Plane Completes First Taxi Test
    Taiwan's Advanced Jet Training Plane Completes First Taxi Test 4 June 2020
    Taiwan's first locally developed advanced jet training aircraft, the AIDC T-5 Brave Eagle, successfully completed the taxi test. The platform produced by Aerospace Industrial Development Corp (AIDC) conducted its first pre-flight test at Ching Chuan Kang Air Base. Covid-19 did not affect the testing process, company officials said, before the first flight, two or three more times before the platform will undergo taxi tests.  AIDC plans to deliver 66 AT-5s to the air force b...
  • New Front in Defence Industry: Pandemi
    New Front in Defence Industry: Pandemi 20 May 2020
    STM Thinktech organized THINKTECHONLINE online panel to discuss COVİD-19 and its aftermath in Turkey and the worlds as the development of the defence industry. The panel was watched by almost 250 thousand people via STM ThinkTech social media accounts that it was broadcast live.   “Covid-19 process and after the Defence Industry in the World and Turkey,” Head of Defence Industry on the panel (SSB) Chairman Prof. Drİsmail Demir, Chairman and Gener...
  • New Assault Rifle
    New Assault Rifle 20 May 2020
    Japan, which has been arming rapidly in recent times due to the increasing threat factors in the region and the need for modernization of the army, introduced its new assault rifle. Developed to replace 5.56x45mm Type 89 rifles in the inventory, Type 20 uses the same caliber ammunition. Rifles are the first system that Japan will procure as standard infantry rifles in 31 years since 1989, when the Type 89's were put in inventory. New weapons are more resistant to water and ...
  • First Ospreys Arrived After Solution
    First Ospreys Arrived After Solution 11 May 2020
    The V-22 Ospreys incorporate the features of the helicopter's vertical landing, take-off and maneuverability, and the speed and range of fixed-wing platforms. The first export agreement for vehicles, which is the only military system with these features, was signed in previous periods. Japan moved for the procurement of V-22 Ospreys in 2014 and signed an agreement with the US for the first four platforms in 2016. On the other hand, Tokyo had to postpone ...
  • AK-47 Step of Turkish MKEK
    AK-47 Step of Turkish MKEK 10 May 2020
    Supply and demand equilibrium in the defense sector changes day by day in line with the shifting of different requirements. Changing requirements in the local market encourage the manufacturer to make new investments. In this framework, the Makina ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu (MKEK / Machinery and Chemical Industry Instution) establish the new production line at the Gazi Cartridge Factory. According to the news of Anadolu Agency, the new line was created with ...
  • Turkish Defence Industry Targets for Post COVID-19
    Turkish Defence Industry Targets for Post COVID-19 7 May 2020
    President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir answered questions of Turkey's leading defence magazines via domestic video conferencing system. Answering the questions of C4Defence, Demir made important statements about the Turkish defence sector's post-COVID-19 period plans. Professor Dr. Demir stated that their targets have not changed for the period after COVID-19. While the advantages of the new period are stated to be in itself, he told that ...
  • Domestic 7,62x39 Round Production Increases
    Domestic 7,62x39 Round Production Increases 6 May 2020
    Fatih Altunbaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turaç, which operates in the ammunition production area and also has the Sterling brand, has been a guest of live broadcast on the official Instagram account of C4Defence. Altunbaş made statements about the company's 7,62x39 mm ammunition studies. 7,62x39 mm ammunition usage increased almost 10 times over the years,Turaç considered this demand and produced for the first time 7,62x39 mm ammunition in th...
  • The Secret Hero Of Operatıons: Smart Ammunıtıon 30 April 2020
    The air bombardment, which has been widely used since World War II, experienced a radical change in the First Gulf War. The smart ammunition was only 9 of the air-to-surface ordnance in this operation, but 75 percent of the accurate strikes belongs to them. Although Smart Ammunition are often used on more difficult targets, they are 35 times more efficient to destroy their targets per ammunition. In this article, we consider the process that makes a classic ammunition smart.
  • UFO Surprise from the Pentagon
    UFO Surprise from the Pentagon 28 April 2020
    The U.S. Department of Defence (Pentagon) has officially released a video Unidentified Flying Object ( UFO). The Pentagon calls these images the Unexplained Weather Phenomena ( UAP). The three videos the Pentagon shared without comments include objects recorded by U.S. Navy pilots on mission flights between 2004 and 2015. In the Pentagon's written statement on the subject, it was expressed that the publication of the videos in question did not contain sensitive informa...
  • Weird Incident
    Weird Incident 14 April 2020
    Rafale, one of the most advanced combat aircraft, witnessed a strange event last year. The French military air accident investigation agency released details of an incident that occurred in March 2019. In the incident involving a Rafale B stationed at Saint Dizier / Robinson, a 64-year-old man ejected himself "by mistake" from the aircraft. The employees of the aircraft manufacturer company have arranged a flight in the back seat of the platform to give the perso...
  • 3D Printer Support to Naval Vessels
    3D Printer Support to Naval Vessels 11 April 2020
    3D printer technology is gradually taking its place in the defence industry. The parts produced with 3D printers by the USA, which is one of the leading countries in this field, started to be used in combat systems. With this experience, other states have accelerated their work. The Indian Navy accelerated its work in the field of 3D printing technologies. In this context, New Delhi, which has signed an agreement with the Think3D Bureauoffice, will use spare parts manufact...
  • COVID-19 Support from Turkey to the Balkans
    COVID-19 Support from Turkey to the Balkans 8 April 2020
    Turkey's medical supplies in the COVID-19 fight continues. Last week, the Turkish Armed Forces' A400M transport plane carried a variety of medical equipment to Italy and Spain. The A400M carries health supplies to the Balkans to combat the virus, the Ministry of National Defence said today. Equipment departing from Ankara Etimesgut  Air Base will be delivered first to Serbia, followed by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Kosovo. 
  • New Vessel for the Submarine Fleet
    New Vessel for the Submarine Fleet 6 April 2020
    Conventional and nuclear submarine programs continue throughout the world. The US Navy continues the Virginia Class submarine process confidently. 18th Virginia was taken into the inventory on April 4, within the scope of the program, whose design process dates back to 1996. It was stated that USS Delaware (SSN 791), is the last Block III Virginia built in the program. The process will continue with Block IV model platforms. Eight Block III Virginia were built under t...
  • US Violated CAATSA with Ventilator
    US Violated CAATSA with Ventilator 5 April 2020
    Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures. COVID-19, which affects almost the whole world, makes countries move to unexpected steps. The United States, where coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly, has made an extraordinary decision in the fight against epidemic and procured medical devices from Russia. What makes this step radical is that the ventilators were purchased from the Kret company, a subsidiary of Rostec, which is a Russian defence company and embargo...
  • Modernised Tomahawk
    Modernised Tomahawk 2 April 2020
    Increasing tension around the world leads countries to increase their systems in terms of quality and quantity. The US continues to sharpen the war axes. Under the $ 493 million deal signed with Raytheon, Tomahawk (Battle Axe) Block IV missiles will be modernized and upgraded to Block V. In this context, new generation navigation systems and data link equipment will be integrated into the projectiles. The status of the Tomahawks to be recertified will also be monitored and syst...
  • Turkey Provides Health Assistance to NATO Allies
    Turkey Provides Health Assistance to NATO Allies 1 April 2020
    Turkey has sent health equipment to Italy and Spain.  Health supplies have departed from Ankara’s Etimesgut Airport prepared for Spain and Italy which have been severely affected by COVID-19 and are currently battling against the virus. Protective face masks, protective eye masks, overalls and anti-bacterial fluids were sent to Italy and Spain via A400M aircraft belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces. The health supplies were delivered to the Spanish officials.
  • New Ally
    New Ally 31 March 2020
    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which was established at the very beginning of the Cold War against the Soviet threat, is expanding. In the past few weeks, the Spanish Parliament approved the NATO membership of North Macedonia and completed the last international step in this process. Following the completion of the necessary procedures, NATO raised the Flag of North Macedonia with a ceremony on 30 March in front of the headquarters and where the flags of the countrie...
  • China Flew the J-15 from the Aircraft Carrier 25 March 2020
    Pilots of the J-15 fighter jet conducted multiple take-off and landing exercises on the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning . “An aircraft carrier is a large platform that can make many people gathering in their cabinets vulnerable to infectious diseases. Being able to successfully execute related tasks showed that Liaoning did a great job in controlling COVID-19. ” naval expert Li Jie told the Global Times.
  • Turkish Black Hawk on Trials
    Turkish Black Hawk on Trials 25 March 2020
    The T70 Utility Helicopter Program, which was launched for the utility helicopter requirement of the Turkish Armed Forces and the fire fighting helicopter need of the General Directorate of Forestry, continues its progress. Presidency of Defence Industries (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı / SSB), which is the military acquirement corporation of Turkey, shared an information from its official social media accounts about the testing activities of the platform. In the statement, &...
  • Turkish Ship to Indian Navy
    Turkish Ship to Indian Navy 24 March 2020
    According to allegations published in the Economic Times problems between Turkey and India on vessel procurement, exceeded. TAIS, a joint subsidiary of Sedef, Sefine and Anadolu Shipyards, is preparing to procure Logistic Support Vessel (LSV) to the Indian Navy. TAIS won the tender with 2,3 billion US Dollar package of India to provide technological support for five platforms New Delhi gave hold to the process due to Turkey's close relations with Pa...
  • Domestic Weapons of Turkey at Operation Spring Shield: Part-2 Unmanned Aerial Systems and Smart Munitions
    Domestic Weapons of Turkey at Operation Spring Shield: Part-2 Unmanned Aerial Systems and Smart Munitions 12 March 2020
    Operation Spring Shield was a theatre for domestic unmanned aerial vehicles. In the operation that will be written not only for the Turkish Armed Forces but also in the world conflict history, many break grounds took place. In the operation; Anka, Anka-S, Bayraktar TB2, as well as MAM-L and MAM-C; was in the leading role. The Turkish Army used unmanned aerial vehicles imported from the USA, the UK and Israel for many years. Platforms used in areas such as counter-terrorism, bor...
  • "Kor" Step from SAGE
    "Kor" Step from SAGE 5 March 2020
    TÜBİTAK SAGE announced the new domestic thermobaric explosive from its corporate social media account. Sage's new ammunition is called “Kor” (glowing fire) and “it is a new thermobaric explosive with high impact and temperature efficiency in closed areas. According to the information given by SAGE, KOR provides four times higher temperature efficiency than traditional explosives.
  • Israel to Deliver Surprise from Longer Distance
    Israel to Deliver Surprise from Longer Distance 4 March 2020
    Israel launched the strategic plan to restructure its army. In line with the plan, it continues to acquire equipment to improve its operational capabilities. Tel Aviv, which announced that it has initiated CFT (Conformal Fuel Tank) development studies for the F-35I Adir aircraft in the previous periods, will also increase its aerial refueling capability. In this context, the USA has approved the possible sale of new platforms, which will replace the KC-707 Re'em aircraft that ar...
  • AV8 Simulator from HAVELSAN
    AV8 Simulator from HAVELSAN 16 February 2020
    HAVELSAN announced on social media accounts that it has completed the installation of the AV8 Armoured Ground Vehicle Simulator developed for the Malaysian Armed Forces. HAVELSAN has developed a simulator for 8 × 8 vehicles designed by FNSS and produced with its Malaysian partner DEFTECH. HAVELSAN's simulator emerged as a result of approximately three years of work in line with the demands of the customer and vehicle manufacturer. HAVELSAN produces simulators in many ...
  • First Su-30 Jets with BrahMos Missiles Enter Service in India
    First Su-30 Jets with BrahMos Missiles Enter Service in India 23 January 2020
    The first squadron of Su-30MKI jet fighters, armed with an air-based version of BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles entered service in the Indian Air Force Monday, The Times of India reported. According to the article, the planes will enter service during a ceremony set to take place at Thanjavur Air Force Station in India’s Tamil Nadu. The Air Force Station houses the 222nd “Tigershark” squadron, the first to receive the Su-30MKIs, reconfigured for BrahMo...
  • Dangerous Interaction at Black Sea
    Dangerous Interaction at Black Sea 31 December 2019
    Russia continues dangerous contacts with the units it considers as risk in the seas. Russian forces, which came to the agenda frequently with their activities in the international waters, conducted mock attacks on the destroyer of the US Navy cruising at the Black Sea. In a statement issued by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Su-27 and / or Su-30 escorted two Su-24s of the Russian Aerospace Forces conducted dangerous training scenarios on Black Sea. Within the scope of th...
  • UK Sets its own “DARPA”
    UK Sets its own “DARPA” 30 December 2019
    British PM Boris Johnson will spend £18 billion within five years in research and development, to promote a “new wave of economic growth” after Brexit. According to The Times, British PM will spend £800m for defence agency, a scientific research body modelled on US’s Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The “advanced research projects agency” will be based outside the golden triangle of London, Oxford and Cambridge. It also wants to set ...
  • Russia claims its new hypersonic weapon “Avangard” is in inventory
    Russia claims its new hypersonic weapon “Avangard” is in inventory 29 December 2019
    Russia’s defence minister Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on Friday declared a new hypersonic weapon is in inventory. Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces chief, Gen. Sergei Karakayev, added that Avangard was put on duty with a unit in the Orenburg region in the southern Ural Mountains. Avangard can travel at least five times the speed of sound, or about one mile per second. Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled Avangard in March 2018 and clai...