• Germany Calls On Greece to Demilitarise Islands Near Turkey
    Germany Calls On Greece to Demilitarise Islands Near Turkey 23 September 2020
      ESTIA, the oldest newspaper in Greece still in circulation, had a headline claiming that Germany wants Greece to demilitarise its islands close to Turkey. The call later appeared at middleeastmonitor and became internationally known. Speaking about the visit of the German Ambassador Ernst Reichel to the Greek parliament on Thursday, the newspap...
  • Turkey to produce N95 and N99 Mask 21 September 2020
    TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center (TÜBİTAK MAM) announced that they have produced the filters of N95 and N99 masks. TUBITAK MAM's statement says, "Turkey's first N95 / N99 and FFP2 / FFP3 filter mask are produced"  According to the announcement, the laboratory phase of the production of the N95 and N99 mask filter has been completed. The Ministry of Industry and Trade assigned Tübitak MAM to examine the filter after the Covid-19 outbreak. TÜB...
  • EU Sanctions on Turkish Company
    EU Sanctions on Turkish Company 21 September 2020
    The European Union (EU) has decided to sanction three firms for allegedly violating an arms embargo for Libya. One of the three companies is from Turkey and the others from Kazakhstan and Jordan. New resolutions have been made for the arms embargo in force at the Libyan Conference in January 2020; a military mission was deployed to control the embargo. A travel ban is planned for sanctioned firms and a freeze on assets in the EU, as well as a ban on trading with European companies.<...
  • Poland Sends Troops to Turkey
    Poland Sends Troops to Turkey 19 September 2020
    Polish President Andrzej Duda has approved sending troops to Turkey as part of the NATO mission. Paweł Soloch, head of the Polish National Security Bureau (BBN), said up to 80 Polish troops will be deployed in Turkey. "We are responding positively to Ankara's recent call to NATO allies regarding the deteriorating security situation on the Syrian-Turkish border," Soloch said. Underlining that this is not a combat mission, a non-combatant force will be sent for...
  • New Exports from Turkey
    New Exports from Turkey 18 September 2020
    Katmerciler, one of Turkey's armoured vehicle manufacturers, received an order of 3 million 250 thousand dollars’ worth of security vehicles from an unnamed country. The company, which will start delivering later this year, aims to complete delivery next year. Last year, the Katmerciler signed a contract with an African country for the export of The Speedy 4x4 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle, making its first delivery in July this year. "2020 will be one o...
  • Motor Sich to visit to Turkey
    Motor Sich to visit to Turkey 18 September 2020
    A high-level delegation from Motor Sich, one of the most strategic companies in Ukraine, will attend to Saha Istanbul event. Motor Sich, one of the companies with the largest product family in the world in terms of engines to be used in air platforms, has been having troubling days regarding ownership for a long time. China got in contact with the Ukrainian owner of the company, but the US demanded this trade be stopped, stating that China will transfer technology to its own country. After th...
  • Turkish Defence Industry to Host Three Countries
    Turkish Defence Industry to Host Three Countries 18 September 2020
    The date has been set for the Defence Port Turkey South Asia, which will be held for the 6th time this year. The exhibition, which will be held virtually for the first time due to COVID-19, will be organized by video conference between 26-28 October 2020. Military delegations from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan will attend the event. "We chose the countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, where the Turkish defence industry is heavily active in the market, from So...
  • Turkey Repairs Bangladesh Corvette
    Turkey Repairs Bangladesh Corvette 17 September 2020
    Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Defence (Millî Savunma Bakanlığı/ MSB) announced the completion of the repair of the BNS BIJOY corvette belonging to the Bangladesh Navy damaged by the explosion in Beirut. For repair of the BNS Bijoy corvette belonging to the Bangladesh Navy, which was heavily damaged in a massive explosion in the Lebanese capital Beirut on August 4th, Turkey had commissioned the offshore tug to bring the A-590 TCG Inebolu to Aksaz by taking the pl...
  • Çavuşoğlu: S-400 is not in Use
    Çavuşoğlu: S-400 is not in Use 17 September 2020
    Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, stated that Turkey's long-range air defence system acquired from Russia, S-400 is not yet active. Çavuşoğlu, who was a guest of a CNN Türk program, said, “S-400s are not active yet, there are studies but not active. Our soldiers know and explain what will be done to activate the S-400. We bought this system because of our urgent need. " 
  • Greek Defence Minister Denies Arms Spending Will Cost 10 Billion Euros
    Greek Defence Minister Denies Arms Spending Will Cost 10 Billion Euros 16 September 2020
      Greece's defence minister on Wednesday dismissed reports that his country would spend 10 billion euros on an arms overhaul announced at the weekend. "It's not a 10-billion-euro spending spree, let me make that very clear," Yunanistan savunma bakanı ülkesinin hafta sonu açıklanan bir silah revizyonuna 10 milyar avro harcayacağı yönündeki haberleri yalanladı. told an Economist conference in Athens, responding to press reports ab...
  • New Deal on T-700 Engines
    New Deal on T-700 Engines 16 September 2020
    A new agreement has been signed between the U.S. Army Contracting Command and General Electric as part of the T700 series engine program. The contract, worth USD 37 million, will include on-site service support. The agreement, which will be shaped by the demand from the forces in the working areas, will be completed on 31 December 2025. In November 2019, the agreement signed with General Electric for T700 engine delivery changed to USD 1.3 billion. According to the change ...
  • Conflict between Ankara and Athens: Armament in the Mediterranean
    Conflict between Ankara and Athens: Armament in the Mediterranean 14 September 2020
    In the past, the US has prevented the dispute between Turkey and Greece from escalating. Now the EU has to do it. This phrase belongs to German Daily Die Tageszeitung. The paper has a different approach to the recent conflict in the Mediterranean Sea. Talking about the unsolved problem for decades, the paper underlines that the lack of military clash until today is thanks to NATO and, in particular, to the hegemonic USA. This comment belongs to the foreign correspondent of daily, Jürgen ...
  • Greece-Turkey-NATO military level meeting in Brussels on Tuesday
    Greece-Turkey-NATO military level meeting in Brussels on Tuesday 14 September 2020
    According to unconfirmed news from Greek media, the military-level meeting between Greece, Turkey and NATO to continue a discussion on the NATO secretary general's proposals with the Greek side's observations will be held in Brussels on Tuesday, diplomatic sources said. As the news appeared first at the Greek side, the one-sided information indicates that only “Greek side's observations will be held” in Brussels.
  • New acquisition from Greece
    New acquisition from Greece 14 September 2020
    Greece has announced it will strengthen its armed forces. Following tensions with Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean, Greek Prime Minister Kiriakos Mitsotakis said they would buy 18 French Rafale fighter jets, four frigates and four helicopters for the navy. "The time has come to reinforce the armed forces... these initiatives constitute a robust programme that will become a national shield," Mitsotakis said. The armament program will include new anti-tank weapo...
  • STM Describes Defence Sector
    STM Describes Defence Sector 12 September 2020
    STM is starting to convey its experience to the public through social media. In the digital project named "1: 1 Answers with STM", those who are curious about the defence industry will be answered from A to Z. STM aims to bring the defence industry closer to the public and explain the sector in all its aspects.   STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. begins to explain the defence industry to all of its stakeholders with the concept of &q...
  • Hyundai Rotem Develops Tank for Poland
    Hyundai Rotem Develops Tank for Poland 11 September 2020
    The Wilk (Wolf) K2PL main battle tank produced by the Republic of Korea will make an offer to replace soviet-era tanks in the Polish inventory. Hyundai Rotem unveiled the K2PL tank at the MSPO 2020 defence industry fair in Poland. "The official project tender is expected to be announced this year and we will be involved in the process," Korean officials said in a statement. If the K2PL, the Variant of the K2 Black Panther tank designed for Poland, wins the projec...
  • Australia buying K9 Thunder
    Australia buying K9 Thunder 9 September 2020
    On 3 September the Australian Department of Defence announced that Hanwha Defence Australia (HDA) under its Protected Mobile Fires Project will provide 30 K9 Thunder self-propelled howitzers and 15 K10 armoured ammunition resupply vehicles.   With this Government announcement, work will commence immediately to implement a plan for the building of facilities and skilling of the local Geelong based workforce. For the Land 8116 program, Hanwha has developed the...
  • Demir: Hisar A+ Coming
    Demir: Hisar A+ Coming 9 September 2020
    Defence Industry President Prof. İsmail Demir shared information about the latest situation regarding HİSAR air Defence missile systems. Demir visited the test range to follow the rocket competitions organized under the sponsorship of Roketsan and Tübitak SAGE within the scope of Teknofest and answered the questions of a television channel. Regarding Hisar-A, Demir said, “We shot a wide variety of shots in this area, there was one shot around 28-29 as I know it. Our Hisar...
  • AGM-84 Harpoon or Exocet a Delayed Discussion
    AGM-84 Harpoon or Exocet a Delayed Discussion 9 September 2020
    Greek publication discuss how Hellenic Air Force lost a probable operational advantage in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Libyan Sea against Turkey. The publication discusses probable outcomes if wrong decisions had not been taken many years ago. In April 1993, Greece signed the Peace Xenia II contract for the purchase of 40 new F-16C / D Block 50 fighters, deliveries of which began in January 1997. The aircraft could use air-launched AGM-84F Harpoon Block 1D anti...
  • ICDDA is Postponed due to Pandemie
    ICDDA is Postponed due to Pandemie 8 September 2020
    OSSA announced Board of Directors decision from social media accounts. The statement said, “Due to increasing number of Covid-19 cases and serious patients in Turkey especially in Ankara and based on the feedback from stakeholders, ICDDA 2020 postponed to a later date. The event was planned face-to-face before COVID, and became hybrid form as a face-to-face and online meeting due to the pandemic.
  • Turkey's Simulators to Be Used in the Far East
    Turkey's Simulators to Be Used in the Far East 8 September 2020
    Turkey-based Simsoft, which has been working on simulation systems, military software, marine systems, avionics system, embedded system, testing software since 2006, has announced its new export. The company, which has reached an agreement to develop an air defence weapons system simulator with an unnamed Far Eastern country, is aiming for the first quarter of 2021 to complete the export process. İsmail Bıkmaz, the company's Deputy General Manager, said Simsoft has bee...
  • Japan and Norway Reach Agreement on F-35 Munitions
    Japan and Norway Reach Agreement on F-35 Munitions 8 September 2020
    Tokyo will buy JSM missiles for F-35A Lightning II aircraft, according to Japanese Defence Ministry sources. It has been confirmed that a contract has been signed with Japan for JSM missiles produced by Norway-based KONGSBERG. The ammunition produced with composite materials that reduce its electromagnetic track, which is 4 meters long and weighs 400 kg, is scheduled to be delivered to the Japanese Self-Defence Forces by 2022. JSM, which began its development in 2008, can ...
  • Antonov Winking at Turkey
    Antonov Winking at Turkey 7 September 2020
    Oleksandr Los, Senior Manager of the Ukrainian aircraft company Antonov, invited the Turkish aviation industry to take part in the production process of the AN-178 aircraft. According to the Anatolia News Agency reported on special Antonov's top manager Oleksandr Los found in the assessment of the past week on a visit to Turkey. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Strategic Industrial Responsible Minister Oleg Uruskiy headed a delegation Los coming to Turkey, the missi...
  • STM Press Release
    STM Press Release 5 September 2020
    STM ThinkTech, Turkey's first technology-based think tank, is scheduled to export its products to NATO for the third time this coming December. The contract for this third project covers the new version of the NATO Resilience Decision Support Model developed by the company to assist NATO’s decision-making processes when faced with strategic shocks, such as pandemi, electricity blackout, cyber-attacks and big human movements. Within this project, which is expected to be completed in ...
  • Rocket Competition Continues
    Rocket Competition Continues 5 September 2020
    The Rocket Competition, organized with the support of Roketsan, continues. On the 4th day of the contest, sponsored by Roketsan with the joint work of Tübitak SAGE within the scope of TEKNOFEST, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank T3 Board of Trustees Chairman Selçuk Bayraktar and Roketsan General Manager Murat İkinci watched the races and chatted with the youth.   Roketsan, which is among the top 100 companies in the defence industry in the...
  • NATO chief Turkey, Greece agree to start technical talks
    NATO chief Turkey, Greece agree to start technical talks 4 September 2020
      Turkey, Greece agree to start technical talks on E.Med: NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg says he is 'in close touch with all concerned Allies to find a solution to tensions in the spirit of NATO solidarity' Turkey and Greece agreed to enter into technical talks at NATO to reduce the risk of incidents and accidents in the Eastern Mediterranean, the alliance chief said on Thursday. "Greece and Turkey are valued Allies, and NATO is an important platfo...
  • Pardus to Become Compatible with Foreign Products
    Pardus to Become Compatible with Foreign Products 3 September 2020
    HAVELSAN has shared information about Turkey's national software from the official Twitter account Pardus. HAVELSAN General Manager Dr. Mehmet Akif Nacar gave information about Pardus operating system at the e-Safe event. Nacar stated that Pardus continues its compatibility studies with foreign products as well as with domestic products.
  • Yıldırım: Eastern Anatolia Space Observatory to be opened next year
    Yıldırım: Eastern Anatolia Space Observatory to be opened next year 1 September 2020
    Turkey Space Agency President Serdar Yildirim said Turkey Eastern Anatolia Space Agency's Space Observatory will be opened next year. Yildirim said, "Eastern Anatolia Space Observatory will have a primary mirror active 4 m in diameter and will be equipped with the adaptive optics technology. This will be Space Agency's first work. We look forward to that.". Capital Exhibition by Turksat, Turkey Space Agency, EMEA Aerospace Operators is conducted online wi...
  • TB2 to Illuminate 230 Missile to Shoot
    TB2 to Illuminate 230 Missile to Shoot 30 August 2020
      ROKETSAN unveiled a new system 230 mm laser-guided artillery missile system to provide firepower to land forces. As a result of military operations carried out across the border, Turkey realised the need for a newborn. The design of the Laser Guided 230 mm Artillery Missile System, whose requirements are determined by taking into account the urgent needs in the field, started in April 2020 during the Pandemic process. Sub-system verification studies were com...
  • Blue Homeland Shot from ATMACA
    Blue Homeland Shot from ATMACA 30 August 2020
    Opening and shooting ceremonies were held at ROKETSAN's Lalahan facilities with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Chief of General Staff, Force Commanders, and ambassadors of friendly and allied countries such as Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In the opening, a shot of ATMACA, one of ROKETSAN's original products which was exhibited for the first time at IDEF 2019, was displayed. Relations between Turkey and Greece gets tense and the shot is also an i...
  • Dog Fight Analysis Over the Mediterranean
    Dog Fight Analysis Over the Mediterranean 28 August 2020
    Turkish Defense Ministry released videos of six Greek F-16s trying to violate the NAVTEX declared.  Turkish fighters carried out "dog fight" with Greek ones and Ministry released the video on social media. Greek F-16s left the region, according to the rules of "dog fight",  Eastern Mediterranean Exclusive Economic Zone dispute between Turkey and Greece, is becoming a tense issue. Turkey declared NAVTEX and Greek F-16s approached this regi...
  • 28 August 2020
    Bahçeşehir University Maritime and Global Strategies Center, whose director was the senior Rear Admiral Cihat Yaycı who resigned from Navy, conducted a public opinion survey on social media. The survey was  in Turkish, English, French and Greek. 8 thousand 523 people answered the survey.  The question was whether Turkey should take Greece serious in the eastern Mediterranean or follow its own path? 85 per cent in the survey 'Turkey and Greece should not take interloc...
  • Support to Energy Investing Companies from TAFF
    Support to Energy Investing Companies from TAFF 28 August 2020
    Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TAFF)supports its subsidiary ASPİLSAN energy and İŞBRİ to accelerate its investments to Turkey in order to gain new abilities. Turkey's first generator factory, İŞBİR is continuing its activities in the production of generators and alternators.  It is investing to ensure sustainable growth. ISBİR 182 million TL. worth investment and  TAFF has allocated 76 million TL of resources to be used in the investment. Civil and military...
  • Turkey to Repair Bangladesh's Corvette
    Turkey to Repair Bangladesh's Corvette 28 August 2020
    Repairs of the BNS Bijoy corvette belonging to the Bangladesh Navy, which was heavily damaged in a massive explosion in the Lebanese capital Beirut on August 4th, will be carried out in Turkey. The Ministry of National Defence announced that the open sea tugboat A-590 TCG İnebolu has begun its arrival in Turkey by taking the corvette backup. BNS Bijoy was part of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon and was in the port of Beirut at the time of the explosion. The Cas...
  • US Plans to Stay in Turkey at least Until 2028
    US Plans to Stay in Turkey at least Until 2028 27 August 2020
    A Pentagon contract awarded to a US company indicates US plans to remain on US bases established in Turkey until 2028. Kellogg Brown & Root Services Inc., Houston, Texas, has been awarded a $974,000,000 contract for U.S. Air Forces in Europe – Air Forces Africa (USAFE-AFAFRICA) base operating support. This contract provides day-to-day base operations and maintenance services throughout locations within USAFE-AFAFRICA. Work will be performed at Mor&oacut...
  • New Navtex from Turkey
    New Navtex from Turkey 27 August 2020
    Turkey declared new Navtex for Oruc Reis seismic research vessel. Bahçeşehir University Centre for Maritime and Global Strategy directed by resigned Rear Admiral Cihat Yayci published  Navtex field on a map showing the location of the license area that Turkey had declared.
  • TUSAŞ Started to Collect Applications in the Engineer Trainee Program
    TUSAŞ Started to Collect Applications in the Engineer Trainee Program 27 August 2020
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) started to collect applications within the scope of the SKY trainee engineer program, which attracts young people every year. The program, in which 3rd and 4th grade students studying in related engineering branches from universities that have a protocol with TUSAŞ will be included, will start in November 2020. The program, in which the students accepted to the program will be guided according to their fields of expertise, will continue until May 2021....
  • MoU between Turkey and Ukraine
    MoU between Turkey and Ukraine 27 August 2020
    Defence Industry President Prof Ismail Demir met with  Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister for Strategic Sectors Oleg Uruskyi to sign a Memorandum of Understanding between two countries on the defence industry. Demir made an announcement from his twitter account and said; “We came together with Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister for Strategic Sectors Oleg Uruskyi and the accompanying delegation at our Presidency. We signed a Memorandum of Understanding of Cooperation (MoU) based o...
  • The First Post-Pandemic Expo from Ukraine 27 August 2020
    Ukraine organises Arms and Security Fair annually in Kyiv. A second fair is organized in a separate hall. This year, the 17th Arms and Security will take place and the 12th the International Aviation and Space Hall (AVIASVIT) will take place. While no face-to-face fair has been held since March due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Ukrainian officials will continue their work in this area until the last moment. We interviewed Ivan Tkachenko, Deputy General Manager of the International Exhibition Cent...
  • Greece Attacks Two-Way
    Greece Attacks Two-Way 26 August 2020
    Greek Prime Minister Kiriakos Miçotakis announced that they increased Greek territorial waters to 12 miles in the Ionian Sea. Miçotakis argued that they reserved their "right" to do the same in other seas. “We reserve the right for other sea areas,” said. Miçotakis reiterated the claim that the islands also have an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The Prime Minister stated that the Italian and Albanian Foreign Ministers were informed of the situation.<...