• Turkish Black Hawk on Trials
    Turkish Black Hawk on Trials March 25 2020
    The T70 Utility Helicopter Program, which was launched for the utility helicopter requirement of the Turkish Armed Forces and the fire fighting helicopter need of the General Directorate of Forestry, continues its progress. Presidency of Defence Industries (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı / SSB), which is the military acquirement corporation of Turkey, shared an information from its official social media accounts about the testing activities of the platform. In the statement, &...
  • Tunisia orders Anka-S UAVs from Turkey
    Tunisia orders Anka-S UAVs from Turkey March 14 2020
    Tunisia has ordered Anka-S unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) according to Army recognition. This is TUSAŞ's first export order for the type. During the Tunisian International Aerospace & Defence Exhibition During (IADE 2020), which took place in Djerba the Tunisian MoD signed a $240 million contract with TUSAŞ for the supply of six ANKA-S UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and three control centres. The deal was signed including t...
  • Best Long Term Export for TUSAŞ
    Best Long Term Export for TUSAŞ March 7 2020
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ), was awarded "Best Long Term Export" prize at Export Stars /Turkey's Hidden Champions Awards Ceremony. The ceremony is organized by the Dünya Newspaper. TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr Temel Kotil received the award from Turkey Exporters Assembly President Ismail Shot. The ceremony is held since 2002. According to the 2019 Turkey Exporters Assembly data, TUSAŞ exports successfully for the last ten years. With the R&...
  • Indonesia Unveiled ’Black Eagle" UAV
    Indonesia Unveiled ’Black Eagle" UAV January 2 2020
    Indonesia's National aviation company PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) introduced the prototype of Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) unmanned aerial vehicle produced within domestic facilities. A roll-out ceremony was held at the PTDI facilities in Bandung for the combatant UAV called the Black Eagle (Elang Hitam). The prototype did not include a weapon station, but the promotional brochure showed two generic weapons. Speaking at the ceremony, BPPT General Manager Hammam Riza ...
  • Competition Continues in Hürjet’s Engine
    Competition Continues in Hürjet’s Engine January 1 2020
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) continues to search engine for single-engine jet training aircraft Hürjet. It was thought that TUSAS decided on this issue. Europe's Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft is powered by the Ej200 engine manufactured by Eurojet Consortium. TUSAŞ had begun to negotiate with the consortium at Le Bourget'de Paris Aeronautical Exhibition. This development was first written by C4Defence. The F404-GE-102 engine, which is a General Electric product wa...
  • Goksungur Waits 2020
    Goksungur Waits 2020 December 31 2019
    Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAŞ) General Manager Professor Temel Kotil announced that Turkey’s first supersonic UAV Göksungur will perform its maiden flight in 2020. Kotil made an exclusive statement to C4Defence. Kotil expressed the latest developments about Aksungur and Göksungur UAVs. Kotil reminded that they were interested in Aksungur during 2019, that Aksungur was produced in a short period such as 18 months and that the time gained was shortened every time. &nb...
  • First Piece at TF-X
    First Piece at TF-X December 30 2019
    Professor Temel Kotil, the General Manager of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS), informed C4Defence about new developments in the Turkish Fighter Programme (TF-X). Kotil stated that TUSAŞ and TUBITAK BILGEM have started to work on the reflection of radar waves from aircraft. Kotil said, “We started cutting the air inlets, we make the first air inlets. We began to work on their electromagnetic reflections with TÜBİTAK BİLGEM. The first air intake is now at TÜBİTAK. We want t...
  • The Agreement that Will Hide TF-X from The Radar
    The Agreement that Will Hide TF-X from The Radar December 26 2019
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) and TÜBİTAK BİLGEM signed a contract for the near field test facility within the scope of the Turkish Fighter Programme (TF-X). The agreement will establish the cross-sectional radar area of the TF-X at TUSAŞ campus and test the aircraft.   The General Manager of TUSAŞ. Dr Temel Kotil and TÜBİTAK BİLGEM President Dr Hacı Ali Mantar signed the contract. With the agreement, TAI will have established an infrastructure capabl...
  • Intensive Agenda In The Sector
    Intensive Agenda In The Sector October 31 2019
    In the defence industry sector, Ankara will have an intensive agenda today. The 5th Capture The Flag (CTF) competition organised by Defence Technologies Engineering Company (STM) will start early in the morning and end at around 18 in the evening. In the race, hacker teams will compete with each other to win the grand prize. On the other hand, defence companies will come together with different sectors at the Efficiency Summit to open a stand. The Australian / Asian Rotorcraft Forum will be h...
  • The third type of Attack Helicopter from TUSAŞ: T629
    The third type of Attack Helicopter from TUSAŞ: T629 October 30 2019
    Turkish Aerospace’s General Manager and CEO, Temel Kotil, publicised that the company would develop a six-ton attack or armed helicopter – designated T629 – that will fill the gap between the five-ton T129 ATAK and the forthcoming 10-ton ATAK II Heavy Attack Helicopter. In an interview with GBP Aerospace and Defence magazine, Kotil stated, “The designs have been finalised, and we plan to carry out the first flight of this new helicopter in about a year.&rdquo...
  • 52nd Atak Delivered
    52nd Atak Delivered September 27 2019
    Turkish Aerospace Industry (TUSAŞ) delivered the 52nd T-129 Atak helicopter produced for the Turkish Land Forces Command to the Force. Defence Industry President Professor Ismail Demir announced on his personal Twitter account. Demir said, “We have delivered 52nd of our T129 Atak helicopters to the Turkish Land Forces Command. The helicopter supports our security forces in day and night in all weather conditions “.
  • Sector News Issue 77 September 10 2019
    Virtual Staff Officer to Typhoon Cost Efficient Solution Unmanned Helicopter from Korea Unmanned Ground Systems from Europe Partnership from Rheinmetall and MBDA ESSM for Navy Satellite Observation at Agricultural Areas TUSAŞ Agreed with NLR Fifth Boat for DZKK THK to Communicate with ASELSAN Songar, TAF Passenger Akıncı is Coming with the Cooperatio...
  • Maintenance Support for Typhoon
    Maintenance Support for Typhoon August 6 2019
    UK Ministry of Defence has signed a contract with Rolls-Royce. Under the agreement, which is worth around 426 million US Dollars, Rolls-Royce will continue to provide support to the engines that power the Royal Air Force’s Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft and undertake a number of services including the maintenance and repair. For five years, Rolls-Royce will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Typhoon engines of the Royal Air Force, as well as the supply of modul...
  • Demir: Journey of the Engine Started July 30 2019
    TUSAŞ Motor Industry based in Eskişehir Inc. (TEI) opened  Materials Testing and the Research Laboratory with a ceremony where President of Defence Industry Prof. İsmail Demir attended. Demir said, "Turkey has begun the motor trip. We will be able successfully reach our destiny in this journey.”   The Laboratory  is NADCAP accredited. Speaking at the opening ceremony Demir said Turkey started working on the engine 20 years ago, but he said that th...
  • HÜRJET with Jet Speed July 11 2019
    TUSAŞ, started Hürkuş, MMU (Milli Muharip Uçak-TFX) and jet trainer HÜRJET projects with the information they gathered from its first indegenious aircraft project ZİU (Zirai İlaçlama Uçağı-Agricultural Spraying Aircraft). HÜRJET has passed the first critical phase; Preliminary Design Review (PDR). Training Aircrafts Program Manager Yasin Kuygusuz and HÜRJET Chief Engineer Arda Güngör told us about the HÜRJET. C4Def...
  • New Term in TEI
    New Term in TEI July 6 2019
      A significant change took place in the Board of Directors of TUSAS Engine Industry (TEI) last week. Established between Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS), General Electric, Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV) and Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK), the chairmanship of the Board of Directors vacated quietly. TUSAŞ General Manager and CEO, who has been serving as the Chairman of TEI for a long time. Temel Kotil left his post. An assignment has not yet been made to th...
  • ESM to Aksungur
    ESM to Aksungur June 24 2019
    In Paris Air Show 2019, which is one of the most important events of the aviation sector which held at Le Bourget Airport, TUSAŞ exhibited models of some of its products. Models of products such as 10 Tons Class Utility Helicopter, Hürkuş, Hürkuş-C were exhibited at the company booth in the static display area. Among these models, a remarkable change has seen on Aksungur model. Photographs and conceptual images of Aksungur which were exhibited for the first time at IDEF 20...
  • Gokbey's Engine at Paris
    Gokbey's Engine at Paris June 22 2019
    TUSAŞ Engine Industries(TEI) displayed TS-1400 turbo shaft engine which is planned to use on Gökbey and T129 Atak helicopter during Paris Air Show.  Model of the engine ise displayed at TEI booth. According to company, this version of the model has significant difference than previous ones. This time, rea parts is displayed on the model. TEI announced that the test phase is going as planned.
  • Heavy Guest at TUSAŞ
    Heavy Guest at TUSAŞ June 21 2019
    During the Paris Air Show 2019, TUSAŞ exhibited its unique products such as MMU, Hürjet, Gökbey and Anka. The model of the 10 Tons Class Utility Helicopter developed in line with the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces took its place at the TUSAŞ static display area. Thus, what the platform will look like in the future has been shown to the visitors in three dimensions. The platform, which is planned to have a maximum range of 1000 km, will be able to reach...
  • Typhoon Engine to Hürjet
    Typhoon Engine to Hürjet June 20 2019
      Turkey's indigenous Jet training aircraft Hürjet will use "Typhoon"s EJ200 engine. A Letter of Intent  was signed between Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) and Eurojet at the Le Bourget Aviation Show in Paris, France. TUSAŞ CEO Dr. Temel Kotil and Eurojet Ceo Clemens Linden on behalf of Eurojet consortium signed the letter. The Eufighter Typhoon aircraft is equipped with two engine engines but Hürjet will have one . According to infor...
  • Özgür Program with Digital Camouflage
    Özgür Program with Digital Camouflage June 3 2019
    A Turkish F-16C Block 30 of the Squadron 132 has recently appeared with a new "fractile" (digital) variant, consisting of a mix of pixels in the shades of the classic variation. “Özgür Program” means end of dependency on avionics computers. The digital version has been implemented by Turkish Aerospace (TUSAŞ) to Hurkuş training aircraft.
  • First Domestically Built Black Hawk Engine Delivered
    First Domestically Built Black Hawk Engine Delivered May 15 2019
    The process continues to progress in helicopters to be manufactured at TUSAŞ facilities under licence within scope of the T70 Utility Helicopter Program. In this context, TEI delivered the first T700-TEI-701D turboshaft engine produced under license. The delivery ceremony was held at TEI facilities based in Eskişehir. The ground laying ceremony for TR Engine, which will be the Turboshaft engine R & D center, was also held at the ceremony. President of Defense Industry Dr. Ismail...
  • IDEF Special 2019 /From the companies April 26 2019
    ASELSAN: Moving Forward for Globalisation BMC Aims to be Export Pioneer GİRSAN’s Goal: Introduction and Improvement İŞBİR, the Most Indigenous Generator Katmerciler Seeks Visibility Abroad Nurol Makina Set Eyes on Exports Exporter Meteksan Passed the Test Menatek: Surprise-loving Designer ONUR Mühendislik, Assertive in the Fair SSTEK: An Opportunity Fair, IDEF TUSAŞ’s Giant Sur...
  • TEI Delivers First T700-GE-701D Engines for T70
    TEI Delivers First T700-GE-701D Engines for T70 March 22 2019
    President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that two T700-GE-701D engines produced under the license of GE at TUSAŞ Engine Industry (TEI) for Turkish Utility Helicopter Project under were delivered to Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ). The engines will be used at T70 General Purpose Helicopters. TEI will produce 236 units from this engine.
  • Aksungur Meets Sky
    Aksungur Meets Sky March 21 2019
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) indigenous UAV ANKA-AKSUNGUR made its maiden flight. Twin-engine UAV with high load capacity at medium altitude has flown for 4 hours 20 minutes. UAV is powered by TUSAŞ Engine Industries (TEI) development PD170 engine.
  • Sector News Issue 71 March 16 2019
    Daewoo, Back to Roots Leonardo’s Cyber Signature on NATO The USA Said “Gustav” India Seeks Thales’ Hydras Sikorsky’s Two-in-One: HH-60W METEOR Shower beyond the Horizon Ambitious Missile by Rafael  “METE”s in the Inventory MKEK to Supply 50,000 MPT-76  Meteksan’s Kement Launches from the Ground F-16 Fitted with ASELSAN Armour F...
  • ANKA Pushes for Export March 16 2019
    ANKA, produced by Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAŞ) as a Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance (MALE) class UAV, has entered the inventories of the Naval and Air Forces and the General Command of the Gendarmerie. ANKA, entering into service with the Naval Forces and the Gendarmerie Command operates on the 200+ km “Line of Sight” communication systems; while the ANKA-S of the Air Forces is free of range constraints thanks to SATCOM satellite control feature. We talked with TUSAŞ G...
  • Hava Soj’s Aircraft Arrived
    Hava Soj’s Aircraft Arrived March 15 2019
    Two Bombardier Global 6000 type aircraft, into which systems to be developed within the scope of the Remote Electronic Support/Electronic Attack Ability in Air Platform (HAVA SOJ) Project will be integrated, have been brought to Turkey, according to a statement by the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) Friday. The project has been initiated by the SSB to develop electronic warfare special mission aircraft. Defence Industries Presidency (SSB) Chairman Professor İsmail D...
  • Sino-Turkish Competition at IDEAS
    Sino-Turkish Competition at IDEAS December 8 2018
    Organised in Karachi, the capital of Pakistan’s Sindh state, IDEAS Defence Exhibition witnessed a veiled competition between Turkey featuring the largest participation in scope and China, which sought benefits from time-honoured relations based on infrastructure.   Suppliers from the two countries not only competed for exhibition area or number of visitors; they also made huge efforts to develop relations. While contracts signed between China Shipbuilding Indust...
  • IDEAS 18 Fair News
    IDEAS 18 Fair News December 8 2018
    TUSAŞ’s ANKA-S Move Yonca-Onuk at Full Throttle Cyber Support by STM China’s Howitzer Hype HIT to Introduce Viper IFV Korean Ammunition to Pakistan Al Khalid I, Unveiled
  • Calm as a Breeze: High Tech Port
    Calm as a Breeze: High Tech Port December 8 2018
    Bringing together enthusiasts of defence and aerospace, the Fourth High Tech Port by MÜSİAD was organised against the background of MÜSİAD EXPO in Istanbul. Organised under the theme of "National Breakthrough", the High Tech Port by MÜSİAD brought together technology producers in land, naval and air systems with delegations from various countries. Throughout the Exhibition, 48 stands displaying products by small- and large-scale manufacturers in Turkish defe...
  • Sector News Issue 67 November 6 2018
    New Tasks for F-35B Catamaran Type Aircraft Carrier Long-Range SAM for FREMM Japanese Battery Extends Range Meteksan Throws a “Lasso” at Missile TUSAŞ’s ATAK Move TB2 Features TEI Engine ASELSAN Launches NAR SOM was Inked FNSS STAs in Serial Production  
  • S-70i to Turkish Gendarmerie
    S-70i to Turkish Gendarmerie October 30 2018
    The first S-70i Black Hawk helicopter produced at the PZL-Mielec plant for the Gendarmerie General Command was displayed. In the news published by Scramble Magazine, the image of the J-3943 tail number seen on the platform. Helicopter is painted with white, red and dark blue colour of the gendarmerie. The newest and advanced model of the UH-60 Black Hawk platforms, the S-70i helicopters, are equipped with modern avionics such as a fully integrated digital cockpit. Powered by two T70...
  • T129 to Open to Africa
    T129 to Open to Africa October 22 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) will participate in Marrakech Airshow to be held in Morocco on October 24-27, 2018. TUSAS will perform a flight demonstration with the T129 ATAK helicopter as part of the campaign for Africa. Morroco King 6th Mohammed’s participation is expected to Morocco Airshow. TUSAS is looking to introducing its ATAK helicopter along with all the indigenous products designed by TUSAS.
  • 22 New Anka for TuRAF
    22 New Anka for TuRAF October 14 2018
    Defence Industry Executive Committee (Savunma Sanayii İcra Komitesi /SSIK) decided to acquire 16 Anka-S and 6 Anka-B, a total of 22 Anka Unmanned Aerial Vehicle from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS). Eight of the ten Anka-S systems produced by TUSAŞ are already at the inventory of Turkish Air Force (TuRAF).  The order will be completed with the delivery of the remaining two systems. Anka is designed and produced by TUSAS and it offers real-time surveillance. With ...
  • Issue 66 Sector News October 7 2018
    MKEK’s Flying Howitzer: BORAN TUSAŞ’s T625 Performs First Flight FNSS’ Kaplan is to Breed Replacement in STM TEI's T625 Engine is “Steady” New Development at Pegasus Lockheed will Fire from Afar
  • TUSAŞ Offers Azerbaijan Cooperation On UAV
    TUSAŞ Offers Azerbaijan Cooperation On UAV September 26 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) joined ADEX International Defence Expo held in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, Navrouz Memmedov, visited TUSAŞ at the fair to learn about indigenous products. TUSAŞ shared the visit information from the official twitter account. According to the information obtained by C4Defence, TUSAS directly conveyed the proposal for cooperation in unmanned systems to Prime Minister Mammadov during the visit. If Azerbaijan shows interest, TUSAŞ will ...
  • TUSAŞ’s First Goal, $10bn Revenue in 2027 September 15 2018
    As an ever-growing company with a vision to become a world player, Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TUSAŞ) moves according to plans to reach the objective of $10bn revenue by 2027. Corporate Marketing and Communications Vice President Tamer Özmen provided an assessment of the Company’s growth for C4Defence readers. Delivering T-129 ATAK helicopters to the Land Forces and the Gendarmerie General Command, TUSAŞ also secured under contract the supply of 30 helicopters to ...
  • The Hürjet Protocol signed between SSB and the Turkish Air Force Command
    The Hürjet Protocol signed between SSB and the Turkish Air Force Command July 24 2018
    The Hürjet Protocol was signed between the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and the Turkish Air Force Command to meet the need for Jet training flights. In the statement made from SSB's official twitter account, "Hürjet Protocol was signed to meet the need for jet training flight between the Presidency of Defence Industries and the Turkish Air Force Command".   The Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) started its project for the developme...
  • TEI’s Surprises at Full Throttle
    TEI’s Surprises at Full Throttle June 11 2018
    A common theme for each platform in the development of defence industry is the engine. Turkey adopted this issue as priority item on the agenda. We discussed with Faruk Mahmut Akşit, General Director of TUSAŞ Engine Industries, Inc. (TEI) based in Eskişehir, about their activities on the subject and the Company’s vision. Akşit summarised their efforts, heralding that they had other surprises besides the proposal for the National Fighter. C4Defence: TEI surpris...