• Explosion in Roketsan
    Explosion in Roketsan April 7 2020
    An explosion occurred in Roketsan's facilities in Elmadağ district. While the images related to the explosion are on social media, the President of Defence Industry Professor. Dr. İsmail Demir said on Twitter, "There is no loss of life according to the first findings we made about the explosion in Roketsan”. According to the Ankara Governor's statement, the explosion occurred at Roketsan's fuel tanks around 14:47. It was stated that three employees were slight...
  • Domestic Guidance Kit Test
    Domestic Guidance Kit Test April 7 2020
    The Turkish defence industry is continuing its decisive steps despite the worldwide pandemic. Tübitak SAGE announced that a successful trial was carried out recently. Within the scope of the tests, the Winged Guidance Kit (Kanatlı Güdüm Kiti / KGK) developed by the institution was released from the 401th Test Squadron aircraft operating within the Turkish Air Force. "TUBITAK SAGE continues to contribute to our national defence industry with high-security measures...
  • SSB Introduced TOSUN
    SSB Introduced TOSUN April 6 2020
    The Defence Industry Presidency (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı / SSB) shared information and video about the Best Group production TOSUN Remote Controlled Armoured Construction Machine from its official twitter account. Tosun is designed against IOD explosive and high strength ditches and barricades. It has been made unmanned since its design. actively it is used beyond borders and boundaries over 100 vehicles in Turkey. Powertrain: Continuous 4x4 Power: 225 hp / 168 kW ...
  • Aircraft Carrier Crew Sleep Here
    Aircraft Carrier Crew Sleep Here April 6 2020
    There is a new photo from USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier. After the captain Brett Crozier, who reported the increasing coronavirus incident on the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier, a new image spread on social media. Captain Crozier, wrote a letter to the Pacific Fleet to report the incident of coronavirus on board, said, "We are not in war and the staff do not have to die." Before the letter appeared, the Pentagon announced that three staff tested positive...
  • NATO Approved New Member March 18 2020
    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization / NATO continues to expand. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced on the official Twitter account that NATO has opened its doors for a new ally. North Macedonia has recently become a member of NATO at last with the approval of the Spanish Senate. "All the allies have opened their doors to North Macedonia, which will soon become our 30th member. Congratulations to North Macedonia," Stoltenberg said in his statement. ...
  • The Pulse of Energy Will Beat at MC2 Haber
    The Pulse of Energy Will Beat at MC2 Haber March 14 2020
    Today is one of the most prominent scientists in humanity, Albert Einstein's birthday. The theory of relativity, which brought him, Nobel, comes to life in the sister organization that now writes energy news. Einstein's famous equation, E = mc² 'MC² Haber, will bring a new breath to the energy environment. As with traditional energy sites, there is domestic and foreign company news in MC2 News. This news includes both fossil fuels and renewable energy. <...
  • Loitering Munition to Turkish Armed Forces
    Loitering Munition to Turkish Armed Forces January 31 2020
    The first batch of loitering munition delivery to the Turkish Armed Forces officially completed. President of Defence Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir announced the deliveries from official Twitter account with "We made the first Kamikaze Mini UAV KARGU-2 delivery to our security forces within the scope of the signed contract." words. The autonomy level of Kargu-2, which has features such as increased endurance and low noise level, is higher than its p...
  • The USA Chooses Greece's Side in the Mediterranean
    The USA Chooses Greece's Side in the Mediterranean January 31 2020
    Greece's parliament approved an updated Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement, with the U.S. The updated deal was initially signed in October during a visit by Mike Pompeo. Speaking before the vote in the Greek parliament, Yannis Lambropulos, a member of the conservative New Democracy Party, said, "We are appealing to the support of our allies at a time when we are exposed to threats to our sovereignty." The U.S. is also granted priority status for "unimpeded acces...
  • Last Product of 2019 56th Atak Helicopter
    Last Product of 2019 56th Atak Helicopter January 2 2020
    The Defence Industry Presidency (SSB) announced that the 56th T-129 ATAK attack helicopter manufactured by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) was delivered to the security forces. SSB shared from its official twitter account that the 56th ATAK helicopter was delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces. According to the announcement, the last delivery of 2019 was realised. The statement said;  "56th of our T129 ATAK Helicopter was delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command.&q...
  • China Equips Destroyer with Long-Range Land-Attack Missiles
    China Equips Destroyer with Long-Range Land-Attack Missiles December 24 2019
    Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy equips the Type 055 class guided-missile destroyer Nanchang with long-range land-attack cruise missiles. The PLA Navy said on China's Twitter-like social platform Sina Weibo that the service operates not only vessels but also submarine-launched intercontinental ballistic missiles with strategic missile submarines and long-range land-attack cruise missiles with 10,000 ton-class guided-missile destroyer. China displayed its...
  • Kargu-2 Coming
    Kargu-2 Coming December 15 2019
    Professor İsmail Demir, President of Defence Industry, announced the latest developments regarding Kamikaze Mini IHAs procured from STM. Demir announced on his personal twitter account, said: “We are developing the Kamikaze Mini UAV, an important element of the fight against terrorism. According to the contract we signed with @STMDefence, it delivers 356 Kargu-2 with increased duty time, altitude and autonomy, low noise level, new targeting algorithm.”
  • Wind of Cooperation in the Mediterranean Sea December 12 2019
    US Navy mission group and Turkish Navy conducted training. Turkish Navy Gabya class (former Oliver H. Perry) TCG Gediz F495 and TCG Gaziantep f490 frigates participated in the training. The Nimitz Class Aircraft carrier from the US Navy to the 6th fleet USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75) took part at training. The Turkish Ministry of Defence announced its Twitter account;  Turkish Naval Forces conduct Operation Mediterranean Shield (OMS) continuously and effectively to...
  • Karayel Surprise from Vestel
    Karayel Surprise from Vestel November 16 2019
    Vestel Defence's Karayel UAV is on display at Dubai Airshow on Saudi stand. Aviation Week editor Tony Osborne shared information about Karayel from his social media account. Osborn wrote, “Interesting to see the Turkish Vestel #Karayel Tactical UAV/IHA on display on a #Saudi defense industry stand here at #Dubai.” Dubai Airshow will be open until 21 November. Photo belongs to Osborn’s Twitter account.  
  • Upgraded ATAK helicopter carries out maiden flight
    Upgraded ATAK helicopter carries out maiden flight November 13 2019
    Turkey's domestically developed T129 Tactical Reconnaissance and Attack Helicopter (ATAK) has been upgraded and performed its maiden flight on Wednesday at the facilities of Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) in Ankara. Defence Industries, President Professor İsmail Demir, announced the upgraded ATAK's first flight on his official Twitter account. "The ATAK Phase 2, equipped with a laser warning system and upgraded electronic warfare systems, successfully carried out ...
  • ANKA's New Record
    ANKA's New Record November 7 2019
    The ANKA platform developed by Turkish Aerospace within the scope of the Medium-Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAV program flew more than a day. The company announced on its official twitter account” Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ANKA flew 26 hours and 30 minutes. ANKA has set a new record by flying more than a day. " ANKA, advanced MALE class Unmanned Aerial System, performs day and night, all-weather reconnaissance, target detection / identification and intelligence missions....
  • Atmaca Firing from Kinaliada
    Atmaca Firing from Kinaliada November 4 2019
    President of Defence Industry İsmail Demir shared the latest news about Atmaca surface-to-surface cruise missile from his twitter account. Demir said, “We have realised the first national missile fire from our national ship”. Demir’s statement is; “First national maritime cruise missile ATMACA, which was developed and produced by Roketsan, was successfully launched from TCG Kınalıada. We aim to enter the inventory of ATMACA in the second half of 2020 ”.
  • Mi-35 Grant from India
    Mi-35 Grant from India October 16 2019
    India donated two Mi-35 attack helicopters to Afghanistan. “Two Mi-35 attack helicopters gifted by India to Afghan forces,” Fawad Aman, spokesman for the Afghan Defence Ministry, tweeted official Twitter account. The helicopters were delivered to Afghan forces at a ceremony held at Kabul Airport. In 2016, Kabul requested India to repair and provide new parts for the Air Force’s 11 Mi-35s and 7 transport aircraft. In the same year, New Delhi supplied 4 Mi-25s. India...
  • 52nd Atak Delivered
    52nd Atak Delivered September 27 2019
    Turkish Aerospace Industry (TUSAŞ) delivered the 52nd T-129 Atak helicopter produced for the Turkish Land Forces Command to the Force. Defence Industry President Professor Ismail Demir announced on his personal Twitter account. Demir said, “We have delivered 52nd of our T129 Atak helicopters to the Turkish Land Forces Command. The helicopter supports our security forces in day and night in all weather conditions “.
  • New Test from Atmaca
    New Test from Atmaca September 25 2019
    The Defence Industry Presidency announced that the new test firing of the anti-ship cruise missile ATMACA was successfully carried out on official twitter and Instagram accounts. The Presidency said, “ We successfully fired the new test shot of our ATMACA missile. ATMACA cruise missiles are produced locally by Roketsan and fire control systems and other equipments are produced by Aselsan. ATMACAs will be integrated into MİLGEMs and will increase our deterrence in the sea even ...
  • ADVENT Tests are Completed
    ADVENT Tests are Completed September 21 2019
    HAVELSAN, one of the companies of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, announced that tests of ADVENT war management system has been successfully completed. Havelsan's official twitter account said, “ADVENT, designed and supported by the technical guidance of Turkish Naval Research Centre Command and developed by HAVELSAN engineers, network-supported, completely indigenous-national War Management System #ADVENT, has successfully completed all firing tests.” ADVENT, i...
  • The Prince Of Wales Begins the Maiden Sea Trials
    The Prince Of Wales Begins the Maiden Sea Trials September 19 2019
    The British Royal Navy's second aircraft carrier, the Queen Elizabeth-class Prince of Wales (R09), begins sea trials eight years first steel cut. In the official Twitter account for the platform, Prince of Wales will start sea trials today.  The UK’s newest £3.1 billion aircraft carrier is scheduled to depart Rosyth Dockyard. At 280-metres long and weighing 65,000 tonnes, she will squeeze out into the Firth of Forth for her maiden voyage and will be tested in areas includ...
  • Turkey Successfully Tests SOM-B2
    Turkey Successfully Tests SOM-B2 September 6 2019
    Turkey's indigenous, bunker-busting and long-range cruise missile SOM-B2 has completed its preliminary firing test. President of Defence Industries Professor İsmail Demir announced from his personal twitter account that "The SOM-B2 missile successfully hit the target in the firing test". adding that the missile "successfully concluded" its development, ground and flight tests. SOM is developed by the Defence Research and Development Institute of the Turkish S...
  • Akıncı Engine on the Test
    Akıncı Engine on the Test September 2 2019
    Akinci UAV designed by Baykar Defence started the engine for the first time. Baykar Defence Technical Manager Selcuk Bayraktar said in his statement from personal twitter that the first engine start test was successful He calls Akıncı as flying fish. It is seen On the prototype, the produced The AI-450 engine, produced by Motor Sich with 450 horsepower is seen on the prototype.  
  • Russian Helicopters will Retire
    Russian Helicopters will Retire August 23 2019
    The Czech Republic decided to retire the Russian-made helicopters in its inventory. The Czech Republic will buy 12 military helicopters from US maker Bell a deal priced at $622 million, Defence Minister Lubomir Metnar said on August 22. The deal includes the utility Venom aircraft and the attack Viper aircraft, which share most of their parts. “It will be eight Venoms and four Vipers,” Metnar told reporters. The contract expected to sign by the end of the year with delivery starti...
  • The US Threats Germany: to Move Troops to Poland
    The US Threats Germany: to Move Troops to Poland August 16 2019
    An envoy of U.S. President Donald Trump, Richard Grenell, the U.S. ambassador to Berlin, suggested on Friday that Chancellor Angela Merkel's unwillingness to boost defence spending might give the United States no choice but to move American troops stationed in Germany to Poland. Ambassador Grenell, signalled Trump's impatience with Merkel's failure to raise defence spending to 2% of economic output as mandated by the NATO military alliance. "It is offensiv...
  • HGK-82 Became Operational
    HGK-82 Became Operational August 11 2019
    The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Defence Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE), has said HGK-82 (Precision Guidance Kit-82) has become operational. TUBITAK SAGE, announced from the official Twitter account that it is used four times. Kit developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE gives precision and range to classical bomb. The kits are installed on MKEK production of 500 lbs class Mk-82 type general-purpose bombs. This increases the operating r...
  • New Delivery from the USA July 31 2019
    Turkish Land Forces received four more Boeing CH-47F Chinook heavy-lift helicopters from the United States. The American Embassy's Twitter account announced that the platforms were delivered to the Turkish Land Forces Command at the Izmir Port. Turkish Land Forces, which received the first heavy transport helicopters in 2016, has a total of 11 platforms in its inventory with the new delivery. Boeing CH-47F Chinook is a multitasking helicopter with a maximum gross weight of 22,68...
  • Hızır’s First Export
    Hızır’s First Export July 30 2019
      İzmir based Katmerciler announced from its official twitter account that  it had received a USD20.7 million order from an undisclosed African country. This is Katmerciler’s first export order for the Hizir 4x4 armored vehicle, which will be delivered between 2019 and 2020. The Hizir vehicle recently entered service with the Turkish army. It has been designed and optimized for high performance under extreme operational conditions in rural and urban areas for nine pe...
  • Turkish F-35 Pilots' Flights are Suspended
    Turkish F-35 Pilots' Flights are Suspended April 2 2019
      US suspends the training of Turkish pilots and instructors that would use F-35 warplanes, according to Senator James Inhofe, Anatolia News Agency correspondent at DC, Kasım İleri wrote at his personal twitter account. Pentagon announced yesterday that it suspended F-35 activities and equipment deliveries to Turkey due to Ankara’s decision to buy S-400s.
  • Israel Tests Magic Wand
    Israel Tests Magic Wand March 24 2019
    Israel’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) shared a video clip from its official twitter account that it claimed was taken during “missile interception tests” for the David’s Sling., whose role is to plug the gap between the Iron Dome and the Arrow ABM system. The system is also known as the “Magic Wand”. The twitter says, “The Israel Missile Defence Organization of the Israel Ministry of Defence and the US Missile Defence Agency, Successfully Compl...
  • Hisar-A Hits at First Trial
    Hisar-A Hits at First Trial March 20 2019
    Presidency of Defence Industry announced from official twitter account that Low Altitude Air Defence System was tested. The statement reads, "Efforts towards fulfilling the country's needs of air defence systems through domestic- indigenous facilities in progress. HiSAR-A, launched vertically for the first time, achieved 1 00% success-rate against a high-speed target aircraft."
  • STM to Upgrade Pakistan’s Second Agosta 90B
    STM to Upgrade Pakistan’s Second Agosta 90B March 9 2019
    Turkish state-owned defence contractor Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. (STM) announced from its official twitter account that it has won a contract for the mid-life upgrade of the second of three Agosta 90B-class (aka Khalid-class) diesel-electric attack submarines equipped with air-independent propulsion systems, currently in service with the Pakistan Navy. The twitter reads, “Capabilities of Pakistan Agosta90B Submarines enhanced by the main contractor STM throu...
  • Wind Tunnel Suprise for TF-X
    Wind Tunnel Suprise for TF-X February 20 2019
    Defence Industry President Prof. Ismail Demir made a statement from his twitter account about Turkish Fighter Aircraft TF-X. Demir said, "Certain systems of TF-X aircraft are currently going through wind tunnel testing. The aircraft is to roll-out in 2023." 
  • STM Signs Agreement with IGG
    STM Signs Agreement with IGG February 18 2019
    STM has announced from its official twitter account an agreement with UAE’s Defence Company IGG. The statement reads, “We signed a Cooperation Agreement with International Golden Group (IGG) at IDEX-2019 to set up new collaborations within the Gulf Region. “ Established in 2002 with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, International Golden Group (IGG) PJSC specialises in providing high-end defence and security solutions. From small, medium and heavy arms to consultancy ...
  • ASELSAN Protection for TF-X
    ASELSAN Protection for TF-X February 7 2019
    President of Defence Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made a statement from his personal twitter account regarding the electronic warfare unit which was put into use in f-16 warplanes. Referring to the work of ASELSAN, Dr. Demir said, “Our F-16s are safe with the integration of SPEWS-II Electronic Warfare (EH) Self-Protection System developed by ASELSAN. We will transfer our know-how from this and other projects to our TF-X.”
  • ASELSAN Provides Indigenous Protection to F-16s
    ASELSAN Provides Indigenous Protection to F-16s February 7 2019
    Defence Industry Presidency (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı /SSB) announced from its official twitter account that ASELSAN provides protection to F-16 fighter plane. ASELSAN’s electronic warfare system will protect the aircraft against anti-aircraft missiles and it is in use at 21 aircraft. SSB's announcement is as follows; “The tests for SPEWS-II Electronic Warfare (EH) Self-Protection System developed by ASELSAN have been successfully completed in order to protect our F-16 aircr...
  • Russian Warships Opened Fire On Ukrainian Warships
    Russian Warships Opened Fire On Ukrainian Warships November 26 2018
    The Ukrainian Navy has confirmed that Russian warships have opened fire on Ukrainian vessels. Reports state that Russian fire damaged small armoured artillery boats and injured sailors. Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council has proposed declaring martial law, council secretary Oleksandr Turchynov is quoted as saying by Ukrainian media. Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko convened a military cabinet for an emergency meeting, his spokesman Svyatoslav Tsegolko wrote on Twi...
  • ASELSAN’s CATS System Enters Turkish İnventory On Anka-S UAV
    ASELSAN’s CATS System Enters Turkish İnventory On Anka-S UAV September 27 2018
    ASELSAN’s Common Aperture Targeting System (CATS) E/O system has entered the inventory of the Turkish Air Force (TAF), Ismail Demir, President of the Turkish Defence Industries Presidency (SSB), announced on his personal Twitter account on 25 September. The CATS electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting system will be carried by the TAF's satellite-controlled Anka-S unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and is expected to gradually replace the US-made FLIR...
  • TUSAŞ Offers Azerbaijan Cooperation On UAV
    TUSAŞ Offers Azerbaijan Cooperation On UAV September 26 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAS) joined ADEX International Defence Expo held in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, Navrouz Memmedov, visited TUSAŞ at the fair to learn about indigenous products. TUSAŞ shared the visit information from the official twitter account. According to the information obtained by C4Defence, TUSAS directly conveyed the proposal for cooperation in unmanned systems to Prime Minister Mammadov during the visit. If Azerbaijan shows interest, TUSAŞ will ...
  • Maiden Flight From T625
    Maiden Flight From T625 September 6 2018
     Turkish Aerospace Industries indigenous helicopter T625 made its maiden flight this morning in Ankara, at company’s Kazan facilities. President of Defence Industries Prof. Ismail Demir announced the flight from his personal twitter account.