• Huge MRAP Request Approved
    Huge MRAP Request Approved 8 May 2020
    Asymmetric Warfare makes MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected / Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle) more important than ever. Thanks to their special structures, these platforms minimize loss by emphasizing personal security, especially against IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and land mine traps. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), known for its involvement in the ongoing civil war in Libya and Yemen, has requested the surplus MRAPs from the United States. In this cont...
  • Pentagon Awards Raytheon $392M for Sidewinders
    Pentagon Awards Raytheon $392M for Sidewinders 22 March 2020
    The Pentagon has awarded Raytheon a $392.4 million modification contract to supply tactical missiles to the US military, Turkey, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other countries. The deal modifies an earlier contract, awarded in September 2018, for the repair of Air Intercept Missile (AIM)-9X Tactical and Captive Air Training Missiles (CATMs). The governments of Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Japan, Morocco, the Ne...
  • COVID-19 Hits Defence Expos
    COVID-19 Hits Defence Expos 9 March 2020
    The effect of Corona COVID-19 virus from China continues to spread. The next stops of the virus are Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The SOFEX Defence fair to be held in Jordan is postponed without sharing any information. In the announcement on the subject, the e-mail address was shared for further details. Homeland Security Fair ISNR held in the United Arab Emirates is alsı postponed. The statement made on the main page of the fair shared the information that this decision was tak...
  • UAE Buys Locally Built Aircraft
    UAE Buys Locally Built Aircraft 22 November 2019
    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will acquire 24 light aircraft B-250s after signing the deal at Dubai Air Show 2019. The contract costs $ 260 million. It is the first time the UAE has purchased an aircraft that it manufactures domestically. The B-250 is being developed by Calidus, based in Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with Brazilian Novaer and Rockwell Collins. Aircraft is reportedly designed by Joseph Kovács, designer of the Brazilian Tucano. The B-250 was ...
  • SU-57 Offer to UAE
    SU-57 Offer to UAE 22 November 2019
    Russia Offering United Arab Emirates Joint Production of Su-57 Fighters for its Air Force Russia has reportedly offered to jointly manufacture Su-57 next-generation fighters with the United Arab Emirates during the Dubai Air Show. The UAE has shown interest in Russian Flanker fourth-generation fighters, including the Su-27 in the 1990s and Su-35 for which a purchase is currently being negotiated. The CEO of Russia’s state arms exporter Rostec, Sergey Chemez...
  • Modernisation Period in UAE Fleet 22 November 2019
    Mirage 2000 aircraft developed by France-based Dassault Aviation will be modernised. The platforms, which the United Arab Emirates (UAE) first decided to include in its inventory in 1983, will go through a modernisation process worth the US $ 462 million at the request of the UAE. UAE has also awarded a $350 million contract to France’s MBDA for ammunitions maintenance of the Mirage 2000 fighter fleet. The Emirates has spent more than $4 billion on defence contracts in the fir...
  • 10 Chinook for UAE
    10 Chinook for UAE 12 November 2019
    The U.S. State Department has cleared the United Arab Emirates to purchase 10 CH-47F Chinook cargo helicopters, with an estimated price tag of $830.3 million. Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) announced the potential deal. In addition to the helicopters themselves, the proposed package would include 26 T55-GA-714A engines; 24 embedded global positioning systems with inertial navigation system; 20 M134D-H mini-guns; and 20 M240H machine guns, as well as various transmitters ...
  • New Air Base to Lease in Syria
    New Air Base to Lease in Syria 7 November 2019
    Russia is reportedly planning to lease a new military airbase in Qamishli city, north-eastern Syria. Syrian Human Rights Observatory has published developments on lease negotiations between Moscow and Damascus. “Washington can deploy missiles on the territory of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and other countries in the region. The presence of air defence and missile-defence systems in Qamishli will allow Russia to intercept the US missiles long before they reach Russia's territory...
  • Israel Meets with UAE over Joining Persian Gulf Coalition 19 August 2019
    According to US-based "BreakingDefense" internet page, Israel’s Foreign Minister has met with at least one senior official in Abu Dhabi and agreed to provide intelligence and other assistance to the new US-led coalition designed to provide security against Iran in the Persian Gulf. Foreign Minister Israel Katz told the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee about the agreement and told lawmakers that Israel participates in intelligence and other areas where it can...
  • House Blocks Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE
    House Blocks Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE 20 July 2019
    The House of Representatives passed three resolutions Wednesday to block the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.   U.S. President Donald Trump had invoked an emergency provision to allow him to circumvent Congress to push the $8.1 billion arms sales through- including precision-guided munitions — to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Lawmakers expressed outrage over Trump’s tactics.   Trump...
  • $ 3.9 Billion Arms Export to Two Countries
    $ 3.9 Billion Arms Export to Two Countries 27 May 2019
      United States will sell up to $ 3.9 billion arms to two Middle East Countries United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The State Department approved two countries requests. The Defence Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying Congress of this possible sale on May 24, 2019. UAE wants to acquire RQ-21A Blackjack Unmanned Air Vehicles with support for an estimated cost of $80 million.  The Government of the UAE has ...
  • $6 961 Billion Worth Export
    $6 961 Billion Worth Export 7 May 2019
    The State Department has decided to approve a possible Foreign Military Sale to three countries for five different defence items. Two for Bahrain, two for Czech Republic and one for United Arab Emirates. Total cost for Bahrain is $ 3. 228 billion. Total tag price for Czech Republic is 1. 085 billion and UAE will pay $2.728 billion. Total export value is $6 961 billion. Bahrain will acquire various Patriot missile systems and related support and equipment for an...
  • IDEX/NAVDEX and the Advancing Battlefield 16 March 2019
    Organised biannually, the IDEX/NAVDEX Exhibition in February became the first meeting point of the world’s prominent defence companies in 2019. For its part, IDEX hosted over 1,300 companies as an outstanding event in the Middle East and Africa.   It should be remembered that a large part of global defence expenditures is concentrated in this region on account of security threats and active conflicts. Many countries in the region, particularly the United Arab Emirates (UA...
  • India Begins AK203 Production
    India Begins AK203 Production 15 March 2019
    Indian PM Narendra Modi opened a plant for production of 200-series Kalashnikov assault rifles, in Corva, Uttar Pradesh. The founders of the JV Indo-Russian Rifles Private Limited for production of Kalashnikov assault rifles in India are India’s Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) and Russia’s Rosoboronexport and Kalashnikov Group parented by Rostec. The 200-series Kalashnikovs were unveiled abroad in 2019. The weapons made their debut at IDEX 2019 in the UAE and Aero...
  • Ukrainia Presents "Neptun" and "Vilkha" at IDEX
    Ukrainia Presents "Neptun" and "Vilkha" at IDEX 21 February 2019
    Ukranian Spetstechnoexport Company, part of the State Concern Ukroboronprom, presented for the first time the new models of the cruise anti-ship missile system "Neptun" and high-precision multiple rocket launching system "Vilkha" at the international Defence exhibition IDEX-2019 in the UAE. Neptun was first tested in 2018. The combat units for both systems were developed and produced by the State Kyiv Design Bureau “Luch.” Local media reports say the ...
  • STM Signs Agreement with IGG
    STM Signs Agreement with IGG 18 February 2019
    STM has announced from its official twitter account an agreement with UAE’s Defence Company IGG. The statement reads, “We signed a Cooperation Agreement with International Golden Group (IGG) at IDEX-2019 to set up new collaborations within the Gulf Region. “ Established in 2002 with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, International Golden Group (IGG) PJSC specialises in providing high-end defence and security solutions. From small, medium and heavy arms to consultancy ...
  • UAE Has Shown Interest In Akash Surface-To-Air Missile System
    UAE Has Shown Interest In Akash Surface-To-Air Missile System 21 October 2018
    UAE Minister of State for Defence Affairs, Mohammed Ahmed Al Bowardi Al Falacy was in India recently and he has indicated that the Gulf state is interested in the Akash air defence missile system. According to a section of Indian media, the UAE government is possibly looking at the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) `Made in India’ Akash surface-to-air missile system. The `Akash’ missile is designed by DRDO and produced by defence PSU Bharat E...
  • Boeing  Wins $242M for 17 AH-64E Apaches for UAE
    Boeing Wins $242M for 17 AH-64E Apaches for UAE 8 October 2018
    The Boeing Co., Mesa, Arizona, was awarded a $242,109,170 modification (P00021) to foreign military sales (United Arab Emirates) contract W58RGZ-16-C-0023 for the remanufacture of eight, and procurement of nine new-build Apache AH-64E aircraft.    Work will be performed in Mesa, Arizona, with an estimated completion date of Feb. 28, 2023. Fiscal 2010 foreign military sales funds in the amount of $242,109,170 were obligated at the time of the award. 
  • Israel Denies UAE Delegation’s F-35 visit claims
    Israel Denies UAE Delegation’s F-35 visit claims 10 July 2018
    The Israeli Defence ministry has denied that a United Arab Emirates delegation visited the Israel Air Force to review the F-35 stealth fighter jets. According to a report by i24news, the delegation visited the Nevatim Air Base in southern Israel accompanied by an American delegation to learn about the world’s most advanced fighter jet. The UAE, which is among the world’s biggest defence spenders, made clear that it is interested in purchasing F-35. Is...
  • UAE military Reported to Visit Israel to See F-35
    UAE military Reported to Visit Israel to See F-35 7 July 2018
    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) military delegation is reported to have made a visit to Israel to see the US-made F-35 stealth fighter jets. A military delegation from the UAE wanted to see the “performance” of F-35s. Citing an unnamed official source, Israeli i24 news channel said that an American delegation was also present at the time of the UAE visit, without giving any date. In the same report, UAE is reportedly keen to get the US-made F-35 fighter jet....
  • FNSS Showcases its New Generation Vehicles at Eurosatory 2018
    FNSS Showcases its New Generation Vehicles at Eurosatory 2018 7 June 2018
    Aiming to expand its user base, FNSS will showcase the PARS III 8x8 and PARS 4x4 Wheeled Armoured Vehicles (AMV) and the KAPLAN-20 New Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle (NG-AFV) at Eurosatory 2018, which all been developed to meet a broad range of operational needs. FNSS platforms and weapon systems meet the most stringent of requirements, practically setting world standards of their own, while its broad experience in collaboration and technology transfer is allowing it to acquir...
  • 'Sidewinder' Sales to UAE Approved
    'Sidewinder' Sales to UAE Approved 9 March 2018
    The US State Department has approved a $270,4 million-sale of more than 300 Sidewinder missiles to the United Arab Emirates.  The UAE has requested the possible sale of 300 AIM-9X-2 Sidewinder Block II  missiles, 40 AIM-9X-2 Sidewinder Captive Air Training Missiles (CATMs), 30 AIM-9X-2 Block II Tactical guidance units, 15 AIM-9X-2 CATM guidance units, containers, spares, support equipment and missile support, U.S. Government and contractor technica...
  • GlobalEye, Rolled Out
    GlobalEye, Rolled Out 23 February 2018
    Today Saab rolls out the first GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning & Control (AEW&C) aircraft to the media at its Linköping site, Sweden. This first aircraft is equipped and being prepared for ground and flight trials to gather aerodynamic data as part of the ongoing development and production programme.  The development and production contract was awarded at the Dubai Air Show November 2015 by the United Arab Emirates with an initial order for two systems. An ad...
  • BAE Systems To Modernize UAE's F-16 HUDs
    BAE Systems To Modernize UAE's F-16 HUDs 12 February 2018
    Lockheed Martin has selected BAE Systems to modernize the head-up displays on F-16s operated by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A press release issued by the British aerospace company said work will see the aircraft’s analogue systems with advanced digital systems by using Digital Light Engine (DLE) technology to implement a HUD upgrade that integrates seamlessly into the F-16’s existing HUD space, requiring no changes to the aircraft, cabling, or computing. The advancem...
  • Companies Gather in Kuwait
    Companies Gather in Kuwait 8 December 2017
    The fourth edition of international exhibition and conference in Kuwait for defence and homeland security, Gulf Defense & Aerospace (GDA 2017) will be held between 12-14, December.  Many defence companies who want to increase their cooperation in the Middle Eastern market see this fair as an opportunity. The US, the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Russia, UAE and Turkey are among the countries attending the fair as exhibitors.  Turkish Armed Force...
  • Raytheon's UAE Investment: 'Raytheon Emirates'
    Raytheon's UAE Investment: 'Raytheon Emirates' 7 December 2017
     Raytheon announced that it has formed a new, wholly-owned subsidiary, Raytheon Emirates, incorporated and headquartered in Abu Dhabi. The company said, "The creation of Raytheon Emirates supports the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 by forming an aerospace and defense business that fosters cyber-secure digital transformation, contributes to the nation’s economic diversification, and employs a highly-skilled, highly-productive Emirati workforce," in its press rele...
  • C295 Sales Pass The 200 Mark
    C295 Sales Pass The 200 Mark 15 November 2017
    The United Arab Emirates Air Force & Air Defence has ordered five Airbus C295 medium transport aircraft, announced at the Dubai Airshow. The aircraft will serve with the UAE Air Force replacing the CN235s still in operation. Deliveries will begin in the fourth quarter of 2018. With this order, Airbus' C295 sales passed the 200 mark.
  • UAE To Begin 'B-250' Production
    UAE To Begin 'B-250' Production 15 November 2017
    The United Arab Emirates' aviation company Calidus will soon begin production of a newly launched light attack fighter aircraft, B-250. The company displayed a B-250 prototype at Dubai AirShow while another prototype made demonstration flights. Rockwell Collins is a strategic partner in this project and will provide Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics system for the B-250. According to RW, Pro Line Fusion is flexible enough to enhance the aircraft’s multi-role mi...
  • QinetiQ Invests in UAE
    QinetiQ Invests in UAE 14 November 2017
    QinetiQ announced on 12 November that it had launched a joint venture with the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE’s) Middle East General Enterprises (MGE) to develop and built aerial and maritime target drones for test & evaluation, acceptance and training purposes. the JV will invest in the UAE to build and develop specialist engineering and manufacturing capability in-country. The range of products produced will include the Banshee aerial target and the Hamm...
  • $1,6 Billion Upgrade for UAE's F-16s
    $1,6 Billion Upgrade for UAE's F-16s 13 November 2017
    Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $1,6 billion contract with the UAE government to upgrade F-16 fighter jets. The UAE Armed Forces announced the deal on Sunday which covers upgrade of 80 aircraft.
  • Ukraine: Marching at Double Time
    Ukraine: Marching at Double Time 7 November 2017
    International Specialised Exhibition Arms and Security 2017 organised in Ukraine was a stage for many dilemmas. Ukraine’s major defence exhibition organised annually, was characterised by remarkable attendance at the national level. Speaking in terms of companies and institutions representing their countries, Ukraine hit the record of 379; this number corresponded to 11 for Poland, nine for the USA, seven for Turkey, five each for China and Germany, four for Pakistan, three fo...
  • C-2 Is On Course For Export
    C-2 Is On Course For Export 15 October 2017
    The Japanese company, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, is preparing to make its first military export to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company is trying to market the C-2 heavy-duty transport aircraft to UAE in this framework. The firm's effort is based on the Japanese Defence Ministry's strategy to enter global defence industry market. The company also markets the P-1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft in this frame. The Japanese Nikkei Asian Magazine notes that Japan has reached a c...
  • ARMA, URAL and COBRA Goes to Bahrain
    ARMA, URAL and COBRA Goes to Bahrain 13 October 2017
    Turkey's privately owned defence company Otokar will exhibit its own design wheeled armoured vehicles ARMA 6x6, URAL, COBRA at BIDEC 2017, to be held on October 16-18, 2017 in Bahrain.  Having a product range from 4x4 to 8x8, from tracked armoured vehicles to turret systems, Otokar now has over 30,000 military vehicles in service in many different parts of the world. In 2016, Otokar established a new company titled Otokar Land Systems Limited in the United Ar...
  • UAE-Czechia Coop in Armored Vehicles
    UAE-Czechia Coop in Armored Vehicles 1 June 2017
    United Arab Emirates-based NIMR Automotive has unveiled the AJBAN 440A configured to European specifications collaborating with Czech state-owned VOP CZ company at the 14th International Defence and Security Technology Fair. VOP CZ and NIMR announced their partnership in early 2017 and brought their first military vehicle collaboration to the fair. NIMR Automotive hopes to meet NATO member countries' requirements through new capabilities brought in by VOP CZ ...
  • UAE To Acquire PAC-3, GEM-T
    UAE To Acquire PAC-3, GEM-T 15 May 2017
    The US State Department has made a determination approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for 60 Patriot PAC-3 and 100 GEM-T missiles with an estimated cost of $2 billion. The contract also covers canisters, tools and test equipment, support equipment, publications and technical documentation, spare and repair parts, U.S. Government and contractor technical, engineering and logistics support services, and other related eleme...
  • UAE Eyes Russian Helos
    UAE Eyes Russian Helos 31 March 2017
    The United Arab Emirates is interested in purchasing Kamov Ka-226 and Ansat light helicopters from Russia, CEO of Russian Helicopters Andrei Boginsky said on 30 March. The Ka-226T light utility multirole helicopter with a coaxial rotor system has a maximum takeoff weight of 3 thousand 400 kg and is capable of carrying up to 1 tonne of payload. The Ansat light multipurpose helicopter has two-engines, a maximum takeoff weight of 3 thousand 600 kg and is designed for 7-9 seat...
  • Egypt Considers Acquiring Archangel
    Egypt Considers Acquiring Archangel 16 March 2017
    The Egyptian Ministry of Defence (MoD) is negotiating with IOMAX for Archangel aircraft for Border Patrol and close air support (CAS) missions. IOMAX that had attended to IDEX 17 expo at United Arab Emirates (UAE) returns US with negotiations with Egypt in pocket. IOMAX began negotiations with the Egyptian MoD for upgrading its 12 IOMAX AT-802s and acquiring 10 additional Archangel Block-2 Border Patrol Aircraft (BPA). Egypt’s 12 aircraft are donated to Cairo by the UAE. ...
  • Bold Moves by OTOKAR
    Bold Moves by OTOKAR 16 March 2017
    Otokar was one of the most attractive participants at IDEX 2017 to conclude the biggest export deal at the fair. The company signed a partnership agreement with the United Arab Emirates worth around $661 million to produce and sell modified ARMA 8x8 amphibious armoured vehicles at the UAE facilities.
  • UAE Ready for Rapid Intervention
    UAE Ready for Rapid Intervention 16 March 2017
    NIMR Automotive, one of the subsidiaries of the Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC), exhibited its newest vehicle designed for use of special forces for the first time at IDEX 2017. The "RIV" Rapid Intervention Vehicle, which was unveiled at the fair, was developed with the partnership of Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA).
  • First Upgraded 'RAM' Sales In Middle East
    First Upgraded 'RAM' Sales In Middle East 21 February 2017
    Raytheon Missile Systems has been awarded a direct sales contract for its RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Block 2 by the United Arab Emirates, announced by the company at IDEX 2017. The agreement, signed in late 2016, marks the first sales of the RAM Block 2 in the Middle East region and will be mounted on UAE Naval Forces' Baynunah-class corvettes and Project Arialah offshore patrol vessels. The Block 2 variant has a larger dual-thrust rocket motor, advanc...