• Stealth Black Hawk
    Stealth Black Hawk 7 August 2020
    Stealth aircraft is an issue that many states have been working on with serious resources since the Second World War. Osama Bin Laden, the ringleader of the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, was killed in May 2011 in an operation to his home in Bilal Town, Abbotabad City, Pakistan. In the operation carried out by SEAL (Sea, Air, Land), a special unit of the US Navy with a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that had undergone special modifications also known as EH-60 shot down. The plat...
  • Additional Black Hawk Acquisition
    Additional Black Hawk Acquisition 10 July 2020
    Jordan, which has a well-established military tradition and well-equipped armed forces infrastructure despite being a small country, acquiring additional helicopter. The U.S. recently approved the sale of 1 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopter to Jordan. Within the scope of FMS (Foreign Military Sales), two T700-GE-701D turboshaft engines and other subcomponents will be delivered with the helicopter. Currently, there are more than 20 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters in Jordan...
  • Black Hawk sales from the USA
    Black Hawk sales from the USA 8 July 2020
    The U.S. Department of State approved a total of seven UH-60M sales to the Kingdom of Jordan and Lithuania. According to the US Defence and Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), one of these helicopters is for Jordan and the remaining six are for Lithuania. Jordan will pay $ 23 million for a single helicopter, and Lithuania will pay a total of $ 380 million for six helicopters. If Lithuania's helicopters were in the same configuration of Jordan, they would have cost $ 138 million instead of...
  • U.S. Improved Helicopter Engine Program Interrupted by Virus
    U.S. Improved Helicopter Engine Program Interrupted by Virus 15 June 2020
    Coronavirus disrupted the U.S. improved helicopter engine program. The pandemic process caused delays in shipping key components of the Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP). The critical design review phase of the planned engine program in the second quarter of the current fiscal year will continue slower than expected.  ITEP program officials are scheduled to begin testing on the General Electric Aviation T901 turbine engine next year. ITEP, which is expected to significantl...
  • Climate Tests Succesful
    Climate Tests Succesful 16 April 2020
    An important milestone has been left behind in the new combat search and rescue helicopter program. Test activities continue in the HH-60W Jolly Green II program, which was launched within the scope of the new search and rescue helicopter requirement of the the US Air Force (USAF). The platform completed the extreme weather tests on April 2. Jolly Green II has passed tests at the McKinley Climate Laboratory the in the Eglin Air Force Base, located in Florida. In the l...
  • Chinese Sea Hawk
    Chinese Sea Hawk 6 April 2020
    In addition to the original product development, the images of China's new helicopter, which intensely carries out reverse engineering activities, have been published. In the past years, China developed the Z-20 helicopter with the reverse engineering method from the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters it had previously acquired from the USA. The naval variant of the Z-20, which was produced in line with the need for high-performance helicopters especially in high altitude areas s...
  • Bell and Sikorsky-Boeing Will Compete for New Design
    Bell and Sikorsky-Boeing Will Compete for New Design 17 March 2020
    Bell and Sikorsky-Boeing will compete for the design planned to replace the UH-60 Black Hawk general-purpose helicopter, which has been operational since 1979. The US Army has awarded Bell and a Sikorsky-Boeing team Competitive Demonstration and Risk Reduction contracts for the next stage of its Future Long Range Air Assault (FLRAA) programme. Over the last several years, Bell and the Sikorsky-Boeing team designed, built and flew demonstrators for the service’s Joint Multi-Rol...
  • HH-60W to be Tested
    HH-60W to be Tested 12 November 2019
    New HH-60W helicopters of US landed at Eglin Nov. 6 to begin developmental testing. The second HH-60W general-purpose helicopter reached the test area the next day. The platform is based on the UH-60M helicopter in design. The aircraft is modified to perform missions locating and rescuing downed pilots in hostile territory, and United States Air Force (USAF)purchased 113 HH-60W helicopters equipped for search and rescue missions. HH-60W is significantly more capable and re...
  • Croatia buys two more Black Hawks
    Croatia buys two more Black Hawks 1 November 2019
      US Government cleared two Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk utility helicopters sale to Croatia. The country will have four Sikorsky UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters in inventory. The US State Department approval, announced on 30 October, covers a pair of the latest-variant UH-60Ms, along with other equipment, spares, weapons, training and support. The estimated value of the Foreign Military Sale (FMS) is USD115 million. The helicopters will join a pair of UH-60Ms t...
  • Taiwan Retires 49-year-old UH-1H
    Taiwan Retires 49-year-old UH-1H 30 October 2019
    The Republic of China Army retired its UH-1H fleet today and declared the UH-60M fleet fully operational. A ceremony was held at Tai Chung Lung Hsiang base to mark the event. The UH-1H utility helicopter was in service for military training or in the relief operations of mountain rescue and natural disasters. Army Aviation Special Operations Command held a "de-settlement ceremony" on the 30th of this month due to the absence of parts and shortage of spare parts. Its air tr...
  • Production Approval for HH-60W
    Production Approval for HH-60W 26 September 2019
    Lockheed Martin announced that the Sikorsky HH-60W Combat Rescue Helicopter, the M-level UH-60 Black Hawk general-purpose helicopter, has received Milestone C initial production approval. The Combat Rescue Helicopter will perform combat search and rescue and personnel recovery operations for all U.S. military services. The joint Sikorsky and USAF flight test team have executed over 70 hours of envelope expansion flights. A much-improved version of the 1970s UH-60 Black Hawk design, ...
  • Taiwan to Retire UH-1H on Oct. 30
    Taiwan to Retire UH-1H on Oct. 30 2 September 2019
    Taiwan is going retire its UH-1 helicopters that have been in service on the island for 50 years. It will be replaced by the UH-60. The Army officially confirmed that it will cooperate with UH-60M on October 30 this year to hold UH-1H demobilization at Hangte 602 Brigade (Taichung Xinshe).   
  • Old Black Hawk with New Face 10 August 2019
    The U.S. Air Force has received the first Operational Loss Replacement HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter, which in turn is a rebuilt low-hour U.S. Army UH-60L Black Hawk.    The first 210th RQS Operational Loss Replacement HH-60G Pave Hawk was delivered to Alaska Air National Guard.   The HH-60 is the Department of Defence's sole combat-search-and-rescue helicopter. The OLR program will restore the Pave Hawk fleet to its authorized size.
  • Maiden Flightfrom Unpiloted Black Hawk
    Maiden Flightfrom Unpiloted Black Hawk 8 June 2019
    Lockheed Martin’s Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk testbed helicopter equipped with Optionally Piloted Vehicle (OPV) technology made its maiden flight on 29 May, the company announced on 6 June. The flight took place at company's West Palm Beach facility in Florida on 29 May. İt also marked the official start of the flight trials programme for the OPV technology following an earlier test aboard a S-76B Sikorsky Autonomy Research Aircraft (SARA) testbed helicopter. &quo...
  • Black Hawk's Chinese Sibling in Inventory
    Black Hawk's Chinese Sibling in Inventory 17 May 2019
    The Z-20 helicopters which are quite similar in appearance to the UH-60 in inventory. The platform has been seen for the first time in a long time. It is thought that the helicopter that was firstly seen with Chinese Army insignias entered the Chinese inventory. In the latest images published, it is stated that the LH953201 and LH953205 serial numbered helicopters carry the Chinese Army marks and the serial numbers match the ones used in the army system. The Z-20 helicopte...
  • $6 961 Billion Worth Export
    $6 961 Billion Worth Export 7 May 2019
    The State Department has decided to approve a possible Foreign Military Sale to three countries for five different defence items. Two for Bahrain, two for Czech Republic and one for United Arab Emirates. Total cost for Bahrain is $ 3. 228 billion. Total tag price for Czech Republic is 1. 085 billion and UAE will pay $2.728 billion. Total export value is $6 961 billion. Bahrain will acquire various Patriot missile systems and related support and equipment for an...
  • US Army Withdraws all UH-60As by 2024
    US Army Withdraws all UH-60As by 2024 5 April 2019
    US Army announced the complete withdrawal of all UH-60A helicopters by 2024 in the Army's Subcommittee on Armed Forces. According to the US Army the UH-60A helicopters will be withdrawn from the National Guard in 2022 and from the Army US in 2024. The first UH-60A entered service in the US Army in 1979 and served initially on the potential of the two Airborne Divisions of 82nd and 101st. The UH-60A helicopters after 40 years of service and involvement in 8 wars are being replace...
  • British Rolls-Royce Gets Involved in Bell’s V-280 and V-247 Engines
    British Rolls-Royce Gets Involved in Bell’s V-280 and V-247 Engines 26 March 2019
    British Company Rolls-Royce will develop turboshaft engines for Bell’s V-280 Valor and V-247 Vigilant tiltrotors. The V-280 Valor is powered by US company GE’s T64-GE-419 engine. According to Bell, “Bell and Rolls-Royce are developing an end-to-end engine integrated solution for V-280 as an option for future procurements”. The company however admits that “”the government has not defined its engine sourcing strategy.” Following Siko...
  • Tunisia Receives Last Helicopter 4 December 2018
    US Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC), made a new statement. In a statement, Tunisia, UH-60M Blackhawk helicopter shipments are reported to be completed. The delivery of helicopters that Tunisia will use for transport and MEDEVAC missions was completed in June, but no statement has been received by the parties until this month. The first four of the platforms provided under the FMS in June 2017. In the final helicopters delivered, large dust filters and heat-dilution ...
  • DARPA, the U.S. Army and Sikorsky Tested ALIAS
    DARPA, the U.S. Army and Sikorsky Tested ALIAS 31 October 2018
    Lockheed Martin and the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have demonstrated autonomous helicopter operations with US Army pilots flying the Sikorsky Autonomy Research Aircraft (SARA) for the first time, Lockheed Martin announced on 29 October. Together with the FAA and DARPA, Sikorsky is developing autonomous and optionally-piloted technology that will ultimately decrease instances of the number one cause of helicopter crashes: Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT...
  • S-70i to Turkish Gendarmerie
    S-70i to Turkish Gendarmerie 30 October 2018
    The first S-70i Black Hawk helicopter produced at the PZL-Mielec plant for the Gendarmerie General Command was displayed. In the news published by Scramble Magazine, the image of the J-3943 tail number seen on the platform. Helicopter is painted with white, red and dark blue colour of the gendarmerie. The newest and advanced model of the UH-60 Black Hawk platforms, the S-70i helicopters, are equipped with modern avionics such as a fully integrated digital cockpit. Powered by two T70...
  • Weapon Pod for Blackhawks
    Weapon Pod for Blackhawks 22 October 2018
      A new step has come from the United States, which has been working with the Kabul government on the reconstruction of the Afghanistan Army. In this direction, Washington will arm the UH-60A Black Hawk utility helicopters in the Afghan Air Force inventory. The decision was taken by the US Department of Defence's direct proposal to Afghanistan.   Afghanistan, which has already produced Russian helicopters for the general purpose helicopters, is tryi...
  • Second Hand Helicopter to Croatia
    Second Hand Helicopter to Croatia 18 October 2018
    Croatian Defence Minister Damir Krstičević stated that Croatia will acquire the UH-60M. The two helicopters will be granted from US Army stocks. The helicopters are scheduled to be delivered in 2020. The platforms will be allocated to the use of Special Forces Command under the Croatian Armed Forces. Helicopters will be used for transport, special operations, medical evacuation, search and rescue missions. The UH-60M helicopters can carry up to 14 soldiers or 4000 kilogram...
  • MKEK’s 105mm Boran Howitzer First Time on Air Transportation
    MKEK’s 105mm Boran Howitzer First Time on Air Transportation 21 September 2018
    The Turkish Company, the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation’s (Makina Ve Kimya Endüstrisi Kurumu/ MKEK) 105mm air transportable light towed howitzer Boran is transported for first time. The new 105mm MKEK towed howitzer can provides direct and indirect fire support to the forces deployed in combined arms operations. Turkish Land Forces plans to acquire 106 Boran howitzers. The MKEK 105mm towed howitzer can fire all type of ammunition uses by NATO countries. The ...
  • Slovakia Overhauled Afgan Helicopter
    Slovakia Overhauled Afgan Helicopter 10 August 2018
    Slovakia-based Trenčín (LOTN) has completed the overhaul of Afghanistan's first Mi-17V-5 helicopter. The helicopter was overhauled under an agreement signed by the NSPA (NATO Supply and Procurement Agency) with the Slovakian Ministry of Defence in 2016. The first phase was completed with the delivery of first platforms to Afghanistan after the test flights. The second stage deliveries of the Afghan Air Force are scheduled to be completed in 2019. Another st...
  • Latvia buys four Black Hawk
    Latvia buys four Black Hawk 4 August 2018
    Latvia has been cleared by the U.S. State Department to buy four UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters, in a move to bolster the NATO nation’s ability to move forces around the alliance’s eastern flank. The US State Department has decided approving a possible Foreign Military Sale to Latvia of four UH-60M Black Hawk Helicopters and related equipment for an estimated cost of $200 million.  The Defence Security Cooperation Agency delivered the required certification notifying...
  • SNC Submits Final Bid To Replace USAF UH-1N Huey Fleet
    SNC Submits Final Bid To Replace USAF UH-1N Huey Fleet 25 July 2018
    Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has submitted its Sierra Force helicopter in its final bid and proposal to replace the U.S. Air Force’s (USAF) UH-1N Huey fleet. SNC will purchase divested UH-60A helicopters from the US Army. Then, it will convert the aircraft’s exterior and interior, upgrade it to an UH-60L model. This allows for a modern, cost-effective helicopter, the company said in a statement Monday. The A model has a lower price-per-unit to purchase, but once the c...
  • UH-60s Helicopter for Afghans Lacks Lift of Old Russian Mi17s: Pentagon Report
    UH-60s Helicopter for Afghans Lacks Lift of Old Russian Mi17s: Pentagon Report 17 June 2018
    According to the Pentagon’s inspector general Glenn Fine’s report, Afghanistan’s UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters are not as capable as the Russian-made Mi-17s. The Afghan military has been flying the Russian-made chopper since the 1980s. Pentagon Inspector General Fine wrote in his latest quarterly assessment of U.S. expenditures in Afghanistan, posted in May, the same month the first Black Hawk was flown in an Afghanistan operation by the emerging air force.  Fine’s...
  • Bell V-280 Flew For The First Time in Cruise Mode
    Bell V-280 Flew For The First Time in Cruise Mode 17 May 2018
    Bell’s V-280 tiltrotor flew for the first time in cruise mode on 11 May. The company says the vertical take-off and landing aircraft achieved a speed of 190 knots and that at a later date, within the next 90 days the company says, it will aim to increase this to 280 knots.  The new Bell V-280 Valor is a medium, tactical tiltrotor aircraft designed for the U.S. Army Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator (JMR-TD) program. The V-280 Valor is ...
  • Eurasia Airshow, Opens its Doors
    Eurasia Airshow, Opens its Doors 7 April 2018
    Seeking to establish a bridge between Europe and Asia in the area of aviation, Eurasia Airshow will take place for the first time in April 25-29, 2018.  To be organised at Antalya International Airport, the Airshow has the objective to create a new market in the area of military and civilian aviation. The event also plans to make the most of the advantage provided by its geostrategic location, which requires only three hours&rs...
  • Black Hawks Increasing
    Black Hawks Increasing 30 January 2018
    Afghan Air Force received four additional Sikorsky UH-60A + Black Hawk helicopters. First batch of UH-60A + was delivered in September, 2017. According to the plan of USA and Afghanistan, the old Mi-17 fleet of Afghan Air Force will be regenerated. In the process that will continue until 2020, Afghanistan will receive a total of 159 Black Hawks. UH-60A + model is a standard UH-60A helicopter with the T700-GE-701C engine of the UH-60L helicopter. The platform, which also ha...
  • Chinook Agreement at ADEX
    Chinook Agreement at ADEX 20 October 2017
    The Republic of Korea's Korean Air Lines company announced on Thursday that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Boeing to develop technology upgrade for CH-47 Chinook helicopter. Both the Republic of Korean Army and Air Force use Chinook helicopters for Search & Rescue (SAR) and transportation of artillery and troops.  The MoU for the partnership was signed at the Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition (ADEX) 2017.&...
  • Saudi Contract for Sikorsky
    Saudi Contract for Sikorsky 4 July 2017
    The US Department of Defence (DoD) announced on 30 June a $3,8 billion contract awarded to Sikorsky to manufacture 257 H-60 Black Hawk helicopters for the US Army and Saudi Arabia. The five-year contract covers UH-60M utility and HH-60M medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) configurations. The specific numbers and distribution of the helicopters were undisclosed. Powered with General Electric T700-GE-701D engines, UH-60 Black Hawks a fully digital glass cockpit. ...
  • US Support to Afghanistan
    US Support to Afghanistan 5 June 2017
    The US considers providing Afghanistan with up to 159 refurbished UH-60A Black Hawks to replace its aging fleet of Russian Mi-17 transport helicopters. The first delivery is expected to begin in 2019. Afghan defence officials considers the delivery as a vital addition to bolster Afghan Air Force. The country will receive approximately 30 helicopters a year.
  • Keel Laid for Second Dokdo-class LPH
    Keel Laid for Second Dokdo-class LPH 2 May 2017
    The Republic of Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced on 28 April that the keel-laying ceremony for the second Dokdo-class landing platform helicopter (LPH), to be named Marado (LPH 6112), was held in Busan. 200 m-long vessel feature some upgrades to the first vessel, RoKS Dokdo. Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction (HHIC) is scheduled to deliver the new vessel to the Republic of Korea Navy (RoKN) in 2020. ROKS Dokdo (LPH 6111), was launc...
  • Afghanistan Abandons Reliance on Russian Tech
    Afghanistan Abandons Reliance on Russian Tech 22 November 2016
    The Afghan Air Force (AAF) is to replace its Russian-made Mil Mi-17 'Hip' helicopters with 53 Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk helicopters. The US Department of Defense (DoD) announced on 18 November that the Black Hawks will be transferred from US Army stocks and upgraded. Although the Mi-17 is cheaper and easier to operate when compared to Western platforms, the US do not want to continue relying on Russian-made helicopters. The AAF operates about 80 Mi-17s including its Special Mi...
  • Tousandth Black Hawk to the US
    Tousandth Black Hawk to the US 19 October 2016
    The US Army received its thousandth H-60M Black Hawk helicopter during a ceremony held on Thursday according to Sikorsky officials. First entering the US inventory in 2007, the army now operates 792 UH-60M and 208 HH-60M. The H-60M is preferred by ten other countries and features two T700-GE-701D engines. 
  • BAE Missile Warning System to Egypt
    BAE Missile Warning System to Egypt 8 October 2016
    The US government approved the possible sales of Common Missile Warning System (CMWS) to Egyptian Air Force on 6 October.  BAE Systems and DynCorp being the prime contractors, the estimated contract cost $81.4 million. The agreement covers 67 AN/AAR-57 CMWS to be integrated with the force’s AH-64E Apache, UH-60 Blackhawks, and CH-47 Chinook Helicopters and related equipment, training, and support. 
  • US Army awards development deals for T700 replacement
    US Army awards development deals for T700 replacement 24 August 2016
    The US Army’s Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP) has reached a key milestone with the Pentagon announcing on 22 August that GE Aviation and the Advanced Turbine Engine Company (ATEC) have both been awarded design contracts. The army’s ITEP plans to deliver an engine early in the next decade that will replace the T700 with a new design that delivers more power and consumes less fuel, yet fits into the same space reserved for engines in the Boeing AH-64 Apache and Lock...
  • US Army wants digital cockpit Black Hawk To Fly in 2017 10 May 2016
    The US Army has awarded Northrop Grumman to swap out the old analogue cockpits in the Army’s Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk Lima-model helicopters with a new open-architecture digital cockpit. As the plan continues to progress the army plans to fly its Victor-model baptised UH-60 Black Hawk for the first time in January 2017. Northrop Grumman will supply mission avionics for 700 to 900 U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopters.