• Quietly Burak Modernisation for Turkish Navy
    Quietly Burak Modernisation for Turkish Navy 13 July 2020
    The Turkish Navy, which wants increase its existence with higher efficiency in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, continues to studies. Upgrades appeared on the first platform were completed in the modernization of Burak class corvette, which has been on the agenda for some time. In the photos shared by @oeroguz on Twitter, significant changes were detected on the ship. Within the scope of the modernization work carried out, Modèle 68 main gun&...
  • AKINCI UAV's Second Prototype Completed
    AKINCI UAV's Second Prototype Completed 8 May 2020
    Bayraktar AKINCI UAV, developed by Baykar Defence, completed the second prototype. Baykar Defence Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar announced the second prototype from his official Twitter account. The first prototype of the platform performed its first flight test in Çorlu Airfield Command in December 2019. The payload capacity of AKINCI, which can stay in the air for 24 hours, is 1,350 kilograms. The platform, which has a maximum takeoff of five and a half tons...
  • New Infographic for UMTAS
    New Infographic for UMTAS 19 March 2020
    Following the delivery of the long-range anti-tank missile system UMTAS to the Turkish Armed Forces in the past days, the Presidency of Defence Industries shared an infographic about the missile system. UMTAS has been developed for use primarily on attack helicopters. UMTAS can be integrated onto naval platforms with stabilized weapon systems, as well as armoured vehicles and fixed/towed land platforms. The missile can be used in fire-and-forget or fire-and-update mode with lock-on ...
  • Domestic Weapons of Turkey at Operation Spring Shield: Part-2 Unmanned Aerial Systems and Smart Munitions
    Domestic Weapons of Turkey at Operation Spring Shield: Part-2 Unmanned Aerial Systems and Smart Munitions 12 March 2020
    Operation Spring Shield was a theatre for domestic unmanned aerial vehicles. In the operation that will be written not only for the Turkish Armed Forces but also in the world conflict history, many break grounds took place. In the operation; Anka, Anka-S, Bayraktar TB2, as well as MAM-L and MAM-C; was in the leading role. The Turkish Army used unmanned aerial vehicles imported from the USA, the UK and Israel for many years. Platforms used in areas such as counter-terrorism, bor...
  • Roketsan Navigates
    Roketsan Navigates 8 October 2019
    Arms and Security 2019 defence expo in Ukraine starts tomorrow. Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters' Association provides National Participation to the event, which is the media sponsorship of C4Defence magazine. During the fair, many Turkish Compaies such as Aselsan, Roketsan, STM have booth also. Roketsan, who recently participated in the fair by highlighting Satellite Launch Systems in 2017, expanded its product range this year. In addition to UMTAS, UMTAS-L, Cirit, MAM-...
  • ROKETSAN Reached Target
    ROKETSAN Reached Target 11 May 2018
    “Climbing up the hills” for decades to design Turkey’s national weapons ROKETSAN now runs on a “straight path”, having commenced serial production. As conveyed by ROKETSAN’s General Manager Selçuk Yaşar, the Company now focuses on high value-added business, attaches importance to design and integration, and produces mainly national products using indigenous resources in close collaboration with business partners and subcontractors. 
  • Airbus, Gave Place to ROKETSAN Products
    Airbus, Gave Place to ROKETSAN Products 13 November 2017
    Airbus Defence and Space company participated in the aerospace fair held in Dubai with C295 transportation aircraft and exhibited ROKETSAN products as well. Airbus took its place in the fair with C295's Armed Intelligence, Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance (C295 Armed ISR) aircraft. The company, which emphasized the use of a wide range of products for different types of targets on board, included three products of ROKETSAN in this frame; the L-UMTAS anti-tank missil...
  • HÜRKUŞ-C To Begin Serial Production
    HÜRKUŞ-C To Begin Serial Production 12 May 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) signed an agreement on the 3rd day of IDEF 2017 concerning  Armed HÜRKUŞ Development and Serial Production Project. The signing ceremony was held at TUSAŞ stand with participation of Turkish Undersecretary for Defence Industry, Prof.Dr. İsmail Demir.  HÜRKUŞ-C Project will see hardware and software activities to be designed and developed indigenously and integrated into the aircraft in accordance with the req...
  • TAI Raised Hands
    TAI Raised Hands 1 May 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) raises the level of participation in International Defense Industry Fair IDEF'17. TAI who was prepared to exhibit platforms such as Hürkuş and Anka with training and surveillance duties until a few weeks ago, has now raised hands. The company launched the long-range anti-tank missile UMTAS from Hürkuş, and MAM-L from the unmanned aerial vehicle Anka last week. Both platforms have now become capable of carrying Ciri...
  • L-UMTAS Launch by Hürkuş
    L-UMTAS Launch by Hürkuş 8 April 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industry's Hürkuş aircraft launched the laser-guided anti-tank missile UMTAS yesterday in Konya. The Ministry of National Defence and TAI released two of the most critical images of the moment from their official twitter account.
  • Strike Capability to Hürkuş
    Strike Capability to Hürkuş 7 April 2017
    Turkish Aerospace Industries' (TAI's) 'Hürkuş' gained strike capability. Hürkuş launched the laser-guided anti-tank missile L-UMTAS at the Ministry of National Defence Shooting Test and Evaluation Group Command in Konya-Karapınar. The Minister of National Defence Fikri Işık, Turkish Land Forces Commander Gen. Salih Zeki Colak, Undersecretary of Defence Industry Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir and some foreign attaches along with senior military and civilli...
  • ATAK Now Has UMTAS
    ATAK Now Has UMTAS 28 March 2017
    Good news has come from ROKETSAN's Long-Range Antitank Missile (UMTAS), which has been developed to be used on T-129 Atak attack helicopters. An important milestone has been achieved in the UMTAS Project that was launched to meet Turkey's long-range antitank missile requirement. In 2016, the launcher design verification and qualification tests have been completed along with the Full-Round Missile (TAF) verification tests. According to the information received by C4Defence,...
  • Egypt Considers Acquiring Archangel
    Egypt Considers Acquiring Archangel 16 March 2017
    The Egyptian Ministry of Defence (MoD) is negotiating with IOMAX for Archangel aircraft for Border Patrol and close air support (CAS) missions. IOMAX that had attended to IDEX 17 expo at United Arab Emirates (UAE) returns US with negotiations with Egypt in pocket. IOMAX began negotiations with the Egyptian MoD for upgrading its 12 IOMAX AT-802s and acquiring 10 additional Archangel Block-2 Border Patrol Aircraft (BPA). Egypt’s 12 aircraft are donated to Cairo by the UAE.
  • Temren power to SeaHawks
    Temren power to SeaHawks 30 October 2016
    Turkish Defence Executive Commitee decided to equip SeaHawk S-70B helicopters with ROKETSAN's recent missile Temren. Temren is a derivative of ATGM UMTAS for surface targets. The trials were held at Blacksea last year. UMTAS ATGM has a range of  eigth km.Turkish Navy has 26 S-70B in inventory.
  • Bayraktar UAV armed with MSA 18 December 2015
    Baykar Machinery’s production Tactical UAV Bayraktar TB2 is announced to be armed on December 17th. News did not give specific information about the weapon system but it was stated that ROKETSAN’s anti-tank UMTAS was used. C4Defence has learned that ROKETSAN’s UMTAS without engine was used on UAV. Such system is called Mini Smart Ammunition which takes less time to adopt to air platforms. Ammunition which gets smarter can fly towards directed target instead of free falling. 
  • Roketsan Press release 7 July 2015

    Roketsan’’s press release in Turkish about HİSAR  and UMTAS missiles.

    HİSAR Press Release

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