• ASELSAN March
    ASELSAN March February 13 2020
    Turkish defence company ASELSAN, which has frequently announcing with its investments and innovative steps as well as R&D and product studies, shared different images from usual this time from its social media accounts. ASELSAN Anthem composed for the company was shared on ASELSAN's official social media accounts. The video, accompanied by images captured in different parts of the company, aroused great interest.
  • Armoured Vehicle Reinforcement to Haftar Forces
    Armoured Vehicle Reinforcement to Haftar Forces December 27 2019
    Clashes continue between Libyan National Army forces under the command of Khalifa Haftar and the Government of National  Accord. Despite the UN's arms embargo on Libya, Haftar forces were reinforced with new armored vehicles. A news published in Jane's, it was seen that Libyan National Army forces equipped with Terrier LT-79 armoured vehicles. It was also attended that the vehicle is in new condition and despite harsh environmental conditions, exterior of the LT-79 was ...
  • Bozdoğan (Merlin)  Completed First Tests
    Bozdoğan (Merlin)  Completed First Tests November 26 2019
    The first air-launched test of Bozdağan (Merlin) took place successfully. The missile is developed by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, (TUBITAK) Defence Industrıes Research and Development Instıtute (SAGE) under Göktuğ Program. First tests were carried out as surface to air guided missile tests.IR- guided long-range tests from air launch campaign was successfully completed. After the completion of the tests in 2020, the missile will enter the inventory of the ...
  • Britain introduces Rocket Man
    Britain introduces Rocket Man November 22 2019
    Ex-Royal Marines Reservist Richard Browning has flown off the aircraft carrier with a jet-powered suit. A video of the former reservist flying around HMS Queen Elizabeth was shared on a social media account of Gravity Industries, a British aeronautical innovation company founded by Mr Browning. HMS Queen Elizabeth is currently off the east coast of the United States as part of the Westlant 19 Carrier Strike Group deployment. Former Marine flew from aircraft carrier towards...
  • "Synthetic Production in Multiple Media"
    "Synthetic Production in Multiple Media" November 19 2019
    Nowadays, when it is possible to enter it on the Internet, with the infiltration of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity is now essential for companies and governments. The cybersecurity firm Zemana set up in 2007 to protect against identity theft, financial and spyware. Three years ago, the company entered the market in Turkey. Orhan Akyürek, General Manager of the company, said that they are currently exporting products to 135 countries; At the press conference, he said they aim to s...
  • New Videos from MAV
    New Videos from MAV October 15 2019
    New Images from MAV At the 9th Naval Systems Seminars panel sessions held at METU KKM, FNSS Business Development Manager Haldun Olgun gave a speech titled “Marine Assault Vehicle”. In order to meet the needs of the Navy Command's amphibious armoured vehicle, Olgun shared the new test images of the Marine Assault Vehicles (MAV) Project, which was carried out by the Presidency of Defence Industries. MAV, which has three variants including personnel carrier, c...
  • New Test from Atmaca
    New Test from Atmaca September 25 2019
    The Defence Industry Presidency announced that the new test firing of the anti-ship cruise missile ATMACA was successfully carried out on official twitter and Instagram accounts. The Presidency said, “ We successfully fired the new test shot of our ATMACA missile. ATMACA cruise missiles are produced locally by Roketsan and fire control systems and other equipments are produced by Aselsan. ATMACAs will be integrated into MİLGEMs and will increase our deterrence in the sea even ...
  • SLN has Commissioned an Ex- PLAN Frigate
    SLN has Commissioned an Ex- PLAN Frigate August 26 2019
    Sri Lanka commissions ex-Chinese navy frigate. In 2015, Jiangwei I Type 053 H2G class frigate Tongling (542), who served in the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), was transferred to the Sri Lanka Navy in September 2018. The vessel, which has been renamed SLNS Parakramabahu (P625), was commissioned on 22 August in Colombo in the presence of the Sri Lankan and Chinese governments and military leaders. The ship will boost the country’s maritime security and conduct search an...
  • New Base for the Arabian Peninsula
    New Base for the Arabian Peninsula July 30 2019
    Iraq will build a new naval base on the Al-Faw Peninsula. The new base will be built as part of the Al-Faw Grand Port opposite the new port Kuwait is building on Bubiyan Island on the other side of the estuary. The base would be larger than the Iraqi Navy's current base at Umm Qasr. Also released a video showing Shammari viewing plans for the new naval facility. The base would be responsible for securing Iraq's territorial waters and protecting its southern maritime port and will help...
  • Lantset: Cost Effective Solution June 30 2019
      The Kalashnikov Group has showcased its latest reconnaissance and attack drone Lantset-3 'kamikaze' which can autonomously locate and destroy hostile targets in the air, on land and in the water for the first time at the Army 2019 defence exhibition. Only one variant of the Lantset is on display at Army 2019, the weapon system comes in two configurations.   The heavier variant designated as the Lantset-3 exhibited at Army 2019 carries a 3 kg w...
  • U.S. Navy’s New “Flying Water Vehicle” Revealed in Video Leak
    U.S. Navy’s New “Flying Water Vehicle” Revealed in Video Leak April 9 2019
    The Naval Surface Warfare Centre (NSWC), recently released a new video showing the first time the new “flying water vehicle” designed for the special operations. Video was posted to the NSWCCD’s channel on YouTube. The new “flying water vehicle” is nothing short than a hydrofoil. As a hydrofoil craft gains speed, the hydrofoils lift the boat’s hull out of the water, decreasing drag and allowing greater speeds. The new Navy’s high-speed surface craft e...
  • ‘Flying AK-47’ from Russia
    ‘Flying AK-47’ from Russia March 29 2019
    Russia's Moscow Aviation Institute has presented an unnamed drone with AK-47 on board that can shoot ammunition to take down rogue drones. The newly presented machine flies like an airplane, takes off and lands like a helicopter. According to a video uploaded to YouTube, the drone starts at an uncommon vertical upwards-looking position. The drone is powered by two propellers installed on its rear, larger, wings, which also allow the drone to manoeuvre. A couple of smal...
  • Israel Tests Magic Wand
    Israel Tests Magic Wand March 24 2019
    Israel’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) shared a video clip from its official twitter account that it claimed was taken during “missile interception tests” for the David’s Sling., whose role is to plug the gap between the Iron Dome and the Arrow ABM system. The system is also known as the “Magic Wand”. The twitter says, “The Israel Missile Defence Organization of the Israel Ministry of Defence and the US Missile Defence Agency, Successfully Compl...
  • 25 km Paw for Mi-28
    25 km Paw for Mi-28 March 22 2019
    Russia has announced that it will equip modernized Mi-28NM helicopters with new weapons. The new weapon called "Arcticle 205" was declared to be a 25 km range missile. The system, developed for the destroying of armoured vehicles and reinforced fortifications, is able to function in day and night conditions. The system, which is guided by the internal inertial navigation system, detects the target with the active scanner in the last terminal phase of the flight. It is...
  • Additional Armour for Turkish Leopard 2A4s
    Additional Armour for Turkish Leopard 2A4s March 22 2019
    Developments in Leopard 2A4 tanks are on the agenda in order to increase the survivability of the platforms in the light of Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch operations experiences. Minister of National Defence Hulusi Akar, Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Güler, Land Forces Commander General Ümit Dündar, Commander of the Navy Admiral Adnan Özbal, Defence Industry President İsmail Demir and Deputy Minister Muhsin Dere audited the 2nd Main Maintenance Factory in ...
  • Spain gets First Upgraded Tranche 1 Eurofighter
    Spain gets First Upgraded Tranche 1 Eurofighter February 26 2019
    Airbus delivered first upgraded Tranche 1 Eurofighter to Spanish Air Forces. The upgrade was carried out at Airbus facilities in Getafe and involved the introduction of hardware modifications which support the Operational Flight Program 02 (OFP-02) developed by the Armament and Experimental Logistics Centre (CLAEX). The upgrade developed by Airbus includes modifications that integrate Tranche 2 and Tranche 3 equipment on the aircraft, not least a Computer Symbol Generator, Digital V...
  • Turkey Plans Heavier Attack Helicopter
    Turkey Plans Heavier Attack Helicopter February 22 2019
    Turkish Defence Industry Presidency (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı /SSB) announced the launch of a new project for a “heavy attack” helicopter. A composite image of the rotorcraft, along with a video clip, were shared on social media.  Project has no specific name officially, therefore it is called “Ağır Taarruz Helikopter,” but it also said as ATAK 2. According to the SSB, the heavy attack helicopter combines many important features. Helicopter will be abl...
  • Russia Confirms ‘Meteor Shower’ Was a Missile Defence Satellite
    Russia Confirms ‘Meteor Shower’ Was a Missile Defence Satellite January 11 2019
    Russia’s Aerospace Forces has confirmed that a bright object spotted in the sky over New Zealand was a missile defence satellite launched 12 years ago.  Videos on social media published this weekend appeared to show a bright object streaking through the sky. The Kosmos-2430 missile early-warning satellite went out of orbit on Saturday, the state-run TASS news agency reported Thursday, citing North American Aerospace DefencE Command (NORAD) data.  ...
  • China Tests MOAB
    China Tests MOAB January 4 2019
    China has tested its most powerful non-nuclear bomb, claimed to be similar to the US-made GBU-43 Massive Ordnance Air Blast (Mother of All Bombs /MOAB) which was dropped from a H-6K bomber in December. The bomb can obliterate armoured fortifications and defensive positions using tanks and armoured vehicles, state owned media reported. The China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO), showcased a new type of MOAB in a promotional video being air dropped by an H-6K bomber in Dec...
  • Turkish General Staff Prepared the "Welcome" Video for Burgazada
    Turkish General Staff Prepared the "Welcome" Video for Burgazada November 4 2018
    The Turkish General Staff prepared the "Welcome" video for Burgazada, the third of the MİLGEM  Ada Class Corvettes, which will enter the Navy Command inventory today. The video, published from the official social media accounts of the Turkish General Staff, describes the general characteristics of the MILGEM corvettes, from the beginning of the series. It also identifies Büyükada, Heybeliada and third ship Burgazada entering into inventory.
  • Z-10 is Harder than Diamond
    Z-10 is Harder than Diamond October 26 2018
    China Central Television recently released a video. In this video, additional armor plates were installed on the side of the cockpit of the Z-10 helicopter. China's Z-10 helicopters developed for the attack on enemy armoured formations and it is considered that it will be exposed to heavy anti-aircraft fire. Due to this, China added additional armour plates to these platforms. These plates are made of graphene. These ultra-thin plates provide additional protection to pilots....
  • T625 Runs Its Engine
    T625 Runs Its Engine September 3 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries indigenous helicopter project T625 runs its engines for the first time. Company announced the test from its official twitter account and soon after President of Defence Industry Presidency, Professor Ismail Demir announced it from its personal twitter account. President Demir congratulated the team for their success and published the video of first run. Helicopter is scheduled to realize its maiden flight by September 6th, so far there is no announcement about it....
  • Air Force's First Turkish Hürkuş Counting Day
    Air Force's First Turkish Hürkuş Counting Day July 31 2018
    Turkish Aerospace Industries’ (TUSAS) design Hürkuş-B aircraft is counting days to be delivered to the Turkish Air Force. TUSAS production aircraft got its new Turkish Air Force colours before delivery. TUSAS shared first video of this Hürkuş at its official YouTube channel. New colours resemble the first red-white colour which was used on experimental flights. This aircraft’s painting however does not include the old TAI logo, "experimental aircraft" expressio...
  • Smart Merkava Introduced
    Smart Merkava Introduced July 23 2018
    Israeli Defence Forces have introduced a new model of the Merkava main battle tank. The tank equipped with special equipment for asymmetric warfare conditions is called Merkava Mark 4 Barak. Merkava Mk. 4 Barak has a smart mission computer. Merkava Mk. 4 Barak is the first tank withthis feature. Mission computer can manage the missions of the tank. The tank also stands out with features such as artificial intelligence, improved sensors and Virtual Reality (VR). Improved electro...
  • Russia Began to Operate Laser System
    Russia Began to Operate Laser System July 21 2018
    Russia put the laser system in the inventory. In a statement made by the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence, Peresvet truck-mounted laser system is in inventory. In the video released about Peresvet, two truck mounted Peresvet and several command and support vehicles were also seen. When it is taken to the battle position, a barrel-like structure opens and is directed to the target. The precise knowledge about the mission description and technical capabilities of the Peresvet system,...
  • New Generation Show from Dassault
    New Generation Show from Dassault July 13 2018
    The French aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation recently published a video that gives a glimpse into what the reported Franco-German new generation aircraft might look like. While it's unclear whether the fighter will be a fifth- or sixth-generation fighter, it is clear that it will be a 2-engine jet with delta wings. France and Germany want to replace Dassault's Rafales and Germany's Eurofighter Typhoons with advanced "European" fighter.
  • Undersecretariat for Defence Industries Shared KTJ 3200 Engine's Video
    Undersecretariat for Defence Industries Shared KTJ 3200 Engine's Video June 21 2018
    Undersecretariat for Defence Industries shared video of the KTJ 3200 turbojet engine on the official Facebook and Twitter accounts, which is developed for the SOM missile, by Kale Ar-Ge. The video recorded during the tests of the engine on the test platform, "The KTJ 3200 turbojet engine developed by KALE AR-GE has been successfully tested for use in the SOM missile. The KTJ 3200 engine will be the domestic and national power source for all platforms that will serve as air to g...
  • F-35 Fever in Turkey
    F-35 Fever in Turkey June 19 2018
    As the day comes of the F-35 Lightning II aircraft is to be delivered to the Turkish Air Force, the F-35 fever is increasing. The Undersecretariat of Defence Industry announced today that it is continuing preparations for the F-35 delivery ceremony to be held on June 21, with video from official Facebook and Twitter accounts. After delivery of the first F-35 Lightning II to Turkey, it will be used for pilot training in the US. Turkish Air Force pilots will also take part i...
  • SU-57s caught on UAV camera
    SU-57s caught on UAV camera May 31 2018
    Russian Zvezda television published 5th generation Su-57 fighter jet manoeuvres video. Video was recorded by an UAV flying at area same time.  Su-57s flew at Ryazan Region for Aviadarts-2018 Military aviation contest. Su-57s are expected to be in service by 2019 and first batch of serial production will consist 12 aircraft.
  • Anka-S Trailer
    Anka-S Trailer May 28 2018
    Undersecretariat of Defence Industry has published the trailer of Anka-S UAV from official Facebook account. You can access the video from our official YouTube account or from below.
  • Maiden Flight of First Turkish F-35
    Maiden Flight of First Turkish F-35 May 23 2018
    The first F-35 Lightning II produced for the Turkish Air Force made its maiden flight in the past days. Video of the flight has been shared from Undersecretariat of Defence Industry's official Twitter acoount. You can find the video of the Turkish F-35 below. The first F-35 Lightning II is scheduled to be delivered to Turkey in the second half of June.
  • Aselsan Released New Video
    Aselsan Released New Video May 20 2018
    The video of ASELSAN products is shared on social media and television. Video aims to become more familiar with ASELSAN products.
  • German Navy Receives Puma UAV
    German Navy Receives Puma UAV May 9 2018
    German Navy has acquired the AeroVironment RQ-20B Puma maritime unmanned aircraft system, the company announced on 7 May. The Puma systems will include the Mantis i45 sensor and pocket Remote Video Terminal. Designed as an intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting platform, the RQ-20B has a wingspan of 2,8 metres and weighs 6,3 kg. An optional underwing transit bay easily integrates third-party payloads such as communication relay, geo-location, or...
  • Russian Army Begins Accepting Orlan-10 UAV
    Russian Army Begins Accepting Orlan-10 UAV May 7 2018
    Russian Armed Forces have begun technical acceptance of the Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles.  A multifunctional unmanned complex designed for surveying objects in hard-to-reach terrain, Orlan-10 is equipped with electronic warfare capability and is able to install interference transmitters and set cellular jamming zones. The 10 kg-UAV is capable of transmitting a video signal at a distance of up to 120 kilometres and being in flight for more than 10 hours. ...
  • Noctis IR Sensor to Indago 3
    Noctis IR Sensor to Indago 3 May 4 2018
    Lockheed Martin equipped its Indago 3 quadrotor UAV with high-resolution infrared sensors capable of day or night operations.  Indago’s infrared system, called Noctis, consists of dual FLIR infrared cameras that provide real-time streaming video and still imagery. Noctis is offered in two variants, laser-equipped, or non-laser equipped. Depending on payloads, Indago 3 can fly up to 50 minutes at a cruise speed of 25 mph and can operate at temperatures betwe...
  • Bayraktar TB2 in 'Ephesus 2018' Drill
    Bayraktar TB2 in 'Ephesus 2018' Drill May 4 2018
    Bayraktar TB2, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system indigenously developed by Turkish Baykar Makina, will carry out live-firing exercise in Ephesus 2018 drill for the first time this year. The company announced on its official Twitter account that live video transmission of flights will be released during the exercise. A total of 23 armed Bayraktar TB2 UAVs are currently in the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). The Bayraktar TB2 has an operational flight alt...
  • VTOL UAV Unveiled at DefExpo
    VTOL UAV Unveiled at DefExpo April 17 2018
    Ukranian Ukrspecsystems has unveiled a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) variant of its PD-1 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) at DefExpo 2018. PD-1 UAV has an endurance up to 10 hours and a range of 500 kilometres with its onboard 150 W generator. The platform also features an improved payload capacity of 10 kilograms, including high-definition video cameras, and light detection and ranging (LIDAR) sensors. Equipped with an inertial navigation unit, PD-1 has a ma...
  • Russia Test-fired Sarmat ICBM
    Russia Test-fired Sarmat ICBM March 30 2018
    Russia's Defence Ministry on Friday published a video showing the test-firing of its Sarmat (NATO Code Name: Satan-2) intercontinental ballistic missile. The missile was launched at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in the northern Archangel province close to the Arctic Circle and the trial had confirmed its pre-launch and first flight stage characteristics, the ministry said.  A video of the test was released on the social media. 
  • SOM-J Displayed on F-35 Internal Bay
    SOM-J Displayed on F-35 Internal Bay March 7 2018
    Lockheed Martin has released an animated video introducing the SOM-J, developed for the F-35 aircraft. Developed by TUBITAK SAGE and manufactured by ROKETSAN, SOM (Stand Off Missile) is an air-to-ground missile. The A and 1B variants of SOM is being carried under-wing of Turkish F-16 and F-4 aircraft. The SOM-J, developed for the F-35, will be carried inside the airframe to maintain the low radar signature (stealthiness) of the aircraft. Lockheed Martin described the use of SOM-J in...
  • Turkmenistan Acquires Turkish Armoured Vehicles
    Turkmenistan Acquires Turkish Armoured Vehicles March 6 2018
    Turkmenistan has acquired two new types of armoured vehicles from Turkey.  A video was released on the internet on 26 February of a recent visit by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to a new border post near Serhetabat, which is close to the border with Afghanistan. The video revealed Turkmenistan's procurement of the Amazon 4x4 and Vuran 4x4 armoured vehicles, produced by Turkish firm BMC. The vehicles were equipped with ASELSAN Sarp Dual Remote Controlled Weapon Station...