• Czechia Accidentally Invaded
    Czechia Accidentally Invaded 15 June 2020
    Last month, Czechia was accidentally invaded, according to the Polish Ministry of National Defence. The misunderstanding in North Moravya first came up in the local newspaper Denik. An engineer working in the chapel in the area said he wanted to take pictures for work, but Polish soldiers were preventing him. Denik proved that the soldiers were stationed in the chapel.  Polish soldiers patrolling the covid-19 measures at the border between the two countries were mista...
  • Delay on Leopard 2A4 Modernisation
    Delay on Leopard 2A4 Modernisation 26 February 2020
    Although designed beyond its era, the Leopard 2A4 tanks are getting insufficient to meet the requirements of the modern battlefield. Therefore, user countries are launching a modernization program for these platforms. Test process are not going well for Poland, which has launched a modernization program in cooperation with the PGZ (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa)  and the Polish Armament Inspectorate for the Leopard 2A4 tanks. Displaying the technology demonstration prototype in...
  • Logistics Problem of the Polish Air Force
    Logistics Problem of the Polish Air Force 6 February 2020
    With the transition from the Warsaw Pact to the NATO Pact, Poland is facing great difficulties in terms of logistics. It is stated that the Polish Air Force has a problem with the operationalities of the F-16 and Mig-29 fleets. It is stated that only 30-40 per cent of the fleet is in service with the difficulties in bringing the platforms into operation. The Onet news website, which researches the subject, spoke about the complexity with the Polish Parliament MP Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska. Kluz...
  • Bulgaria wants F-35
    Bulgaria wants F-35 27 November 2019
    US President Donald Trump met with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov at the White House. Trump said Bulgaria intends to supply the F-35. " They’ve ordered some F-35s and some other things.  They buy a lot of military equipment from the United States — the best equipment in the world.  And I look forward to our meeting," Trump said before the bilateral meeting at the Oval Office. A joint press release after the Trump-Borisov meeting stre...
  • Poland Wants to Expand its Fleet
    Poland Wants to Expand its Fleet 11 September 2019
      Warsaw intends to expand its fleet of combat-proven C-130 transport aircraft to 10 within five years. Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak announced that his ministry “sent two letters of request today” to the United States regarding Poland’s plan to acquire C-130H Hercules transport aircraft and a batch of Javelin anti-tank missile systems. Under the request, Poland plans to buy five more C-130H in addition to its existing fleet of five Hercules aircra...
  • AW101 Helicopters for Polish Navy
    AW101 Helicopters for Polish Navy 14 April 2019
    Poland will sign a production contract with Italian Leonardo company to acquire AW101 helicopters configured for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) duties with the Polish navy. Polish defence minister Mariusz Blaszczak confirmed the planned buy on 8 April, stating that Warsaw intends to finalise an order during April. The acquisition is believed to include four AW101s. Leonardo Helicopters and Poland's defence ministry have signed an offset agreement worth $1...
  • Our Chances of Survival is Still Less than 10 Minutes… 7 February 2019
    The US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, turned a 32-year-long dream into a nightmare. When the last General Secretary of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev came together with the then US President Ronald Reagan met in Washington in December 8, 1987, we somehow felt that we were approaching the end of the Cold War although we could not anticipate the conclusion. During the post-World War II ideological co...
  • Bulgarian Arms Export Grows
    Bulgarian Arms Export Grows 2 November 2018
    Bulgaria has released its export reports for 2017. According to the report, Sofia’s arms exports continued to grow in 2017 as well. According to the official report issued by Bulgaria, exported arms amount 1,219 billion Euros in 2017. This amount was 1 billion Euro in 2016. One of the reasons for the 20% increase in exports is the conflicts in the Middle East. The main customers of Bulgaria were the United States, India, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Western Experts say that the weap...
  • Siberian Weather in the midst of Summer: NATO Leaders’ Summit in Brussels 16 August 2018
    “NATO is a defensive Alliance. NATO’s greatest responsibility is to protect and defend our territory and our populations against attack. Any attack against one Ally will be regarded as an attack against us all, as set out in Article 5 of the Washington Treaty. We will continue to stand together and act together, on the basis of solidarity, shared purpose, and fair burden-sharing.” Thus concurred the NATO’s leaders of 29 allied countries in the very first arti...
  • NATO should adopt hybrid warfare trigger: British rapporteur
    NATO should adopt hybrid warfare trigger: British rapporteur 31 May 2018
    NATO states should modify the alliance’s Article 5 collective defence provision to trigger a response in the event of so-called “hybrid warfare” attacks, a conservative British lawmaker said in a special report Sunday according to Agence France-Presse . In his special report on countering Russia’s hybrid threats, Britain’s Lord Jopling told lawmakers meeting at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Warsaw this weekend that the alliance should consider a ne...
  • Articles of the North Atlantic Treaty (1)
    Articles of the North Atlantic Treaty (1) 11 May 2018
    At a time when Russia, thanks to its Cold War behaviour, drives the rest of the world towards anxiety and new strategies, NATO once again assumes importance as an old and friendly assembly. Born as a counterforce to the rising Soviet threat in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, what were the dynamics upon which NATO was built? Was this a timeless collective defence attempt without a shelf life; or was it programmed to last so long as the threat endured? NATO is based o...
  • WISŁA Contract by Poland MoD
    WISŁA Contract by Poland MoD 3 April 2018
    Poland Ministry of Defence signed a contract for anti-aircraft and anti-missile medium-range missile system "WISŁA - 1 Phase" on Wednesday, 28 March 2018 in Warsaw. The first phase of the program concerns the acquisition of two Patriot batteries in the 3+ configuration with the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System (IBCS) system.  Under WISŁA program, Polish companies will produce launchers, transport vehicles and communicat...
  • China’s Europe Policy: “Divide and Rule”
    China’s Europe Policy: “Divide and Rule” 18 March 2018
    The time-honoured “divide and rule” policy of the West is reshaped today at the hands of the East to work against the West. China, which further deepens the pre-existing cracks in the European Union with its economic openings, moves slowly yet adeptly while expanding its geographical and diplomatic room for manoeuvre.  The Chinese Communist Party, which restricted presidents to two five-year terms, has just lifted this ban. Thus, the door for Xi Jinping to serve for...
  • Replies Came for Poland's 5th Gen Requirement
    Replies Came for Poland's 5th Gen Requirement 29 December 2017
    The Polish Ministry of Defence's tender to purchase new fighter jets will see offers by Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Leonardo and Saab, according to a representative for the ministry’s Armament Inspectorate, Lt. Colonel Robert Wincencik. Warsaw aims to acquire new fighter jets around 2025, however technical details of the requirement were not disclosed. Poland announced plans to acquire fifth-generation fighter jets for the first time in June. The acquisition will be carried o...
  • Observation Flight Over Poland
    Observation Flight Over Poland 29 August 2017
    Russian aircraft An-30B will carry out an observation flight over Poland from August 28 until September 1 under the Open Skies Treaty. The flight will be carried out from the Warsaw airfield and its maximum range will reach one thousand 400 kilometers according to Russian officials. 
  • 'Patriot' Deal Inked in Warsaw
    'Patriot' Deal Inked in Warsaw 6 July 2017
    The Polish Defense Ministry announced today a contract has been signed with the US government for the delivery of Patriot missile systems. According to the announcement, the deliveries will begin in 2022. Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz stated that the systems would be equipped with advanced Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System (IBCS). The signing ceremony took place during US President Donald Trump's visit to Warsaw. The countr...
  • New Helicopter Tender by Warsaw
    New Helicopter Tender by Warsaw 21 February 2017
    Poland issued a tender for 16 helicopters for the Polish military yesterday. According to an announcement made by the Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz on Saturday, eight helicopters to be purchased will go to special forces and eight to the air force. 
  • Sector News Issue 46
    Sector News Issue 46 18 February 2017
    Heckler&Koch Fights for the Throne Ababeel in Pakistani Skies Japan Adapts to Conjuncture Italian Navy Rejuvenates Cadre German-Viking Collaboration in the North Sea Olive Branch from Warsaw to Paris ASELSAN’s Force of Gravity “Special” Rifle by MKEK TEI’s Engine, Like Clockwork
  • NATO Setting to Prague
    NATO Setting to Prague 16 February 2017
    The Czech Republic is trying to get the weapons from the Warsaw Pact era out of the inventory. The Czech Defence Ministry will supply 200 armored combat vehicles (ZMA) for this purpose. The ministry, which raised about $1,9 billion to meet the needs of the Czech Army, made it clear that the acquition was urgent. Prague expects to conclude the tender by 2019, deliveries to begin in 2020. Designed by Russia, more than 200 tracked ZMAs in inventory has been in use since the 1980s. The ...
  • National Participation to Czechia
    National Participation to Czechia 19 January 2017
    Turkey is planning to realize national participation in international Defence and Security Technologies (IDET) exhibition which is to be held in Czechia, more commonly known as the Czech Republic. According to the information o...
  • US Support to NATO's Eastern Flank
    US Support to NATO's Eastern Flank 17 January 2017
    Under a decision announced during the NATO Summit in Warsaw last July, an American Armored Brigade Combat Team has officially arrived in Poland on 12 January in order to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank.  Polish and US troops will conduct joint exercises and training with the aim of improving skills, reinforcing military cooperation and strengthening ties between two countries. 
  • Belarus - NATO Cooperation
    Belarus - NATO Cooperation 25 November 2016
    Belarusian Defence Ministry announced a plan of bilateral military cooperation for 2017 with Poland. The document was signed on 24 November, in Warsaw. The agreement came after Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski’s statement in July, mentioning NATO was open for cooperation with Belarus. Polish Deputy Minister of Defence Tomasz Szatkowski participated  the meetings held with Belarusian delegation.
  • Poland’s Hard Decision: MSPO 23 October 2016
    Although the Cold War ended a long time ago, Poland is still in limbo. Transition from the Warsaw Pact to NATO was easy only on paper, while confusion persists as regards where and how defence requirements would be met. Since Poland became a NATO member in 1999, the country has been making efforts to finalise a strenuous transition process in defence systems. Leaving behind the Warsaw Pact, named after its capitol, to participate in another pact, Poland hosted the 24th defence exhib...
  • Poland Abandoned Caracal Purchase
    Poland Abandoned Caracal Purchase 6 October 2016
    Poland announced that the negotiations for the purchase of 50 Airbus Caracal multi-role helicopters has been ended claiming that it was impossible to reach a compromise regarding the demands of the air force and company’s offers. Initiated by Poland’s previous government, the negotiations for a $3.5 billion sales contract is now abandoned by Warsaw. 
  • Bell signs MoU with Czech company for UH-1Y bid 15 May 2016
    Bell Helicopter signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with MPI Group in Prague. Bell prepares to offer its UH-1Y utility helicopter to the Czech Republic. The MoU covers opportunities for national industry to support Bell's push to secure a first export sale of the UH-1Y to the air force branch of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic (Vzdusné Síly Armády Ceské Republiky: VS ACR). The VS ACR has a pressing need to replace its Warsaw Pact-era Mil Mi-2 '...