• Hypersonic Weapons Push to Navy
    Hypersonic Weapons Push to Navy 26 June 2020
    Hypersonic weapons are a difficult threat to today's defence systems due to their high speed. The US House Armed Services Committee, a permanent member of the US House of Representatives, is increasing hypersonic pressure. The committee has increased pressure on the US Navy for hypersonic weapon integration for Zumwalt-class destroyers, while the Navy has not yet made this process a budget priority. In the past period, the US Navy was authorized with the development of a common ...
  • Future Ship Delivered
    Future Ship Delivered 28 April 2020
    Launched as the ship of the future, the Zumwalt class destroyers left an important milestone behind. A team of engineers commissioned by Raytheon, ship crew and naval staff, took part in the platform's testing and combat system activation activities. USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000), the first of the Zumwalt class platforms with advanced sensors, weapon systems and two 155 mm main guns with a structure that reduces the radar cross-sectional area, was delivered to the US Navy. The Navy, wh...
  • US Returns Back FLAK Concept
    US Returns Back FLAK Concept 22 January 2020
    Increasing high speed anti-ship threats and intensive use of UAVs urged the US to take new measures. In this context, it was announced that the American Navy could return to the airburst ammunition usage for air defence system. At a conference held in the USA, an engineer from Northrop Grumman explained that the company is working on an airburst ammunition that can be used on 30mm guns used on ships. It is aimed that the new projectiles, which are stated to have ...
  • Zumwalt Departs on First Operational Underway
    Zumwalt Departs on First Operational Underway 12 March 2019
    Guided-missile destroyer USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) departed San Diego for its first operational underway. “Zumwalt is designed for stealth,” said Capt. Andrew Carlson, Zumwalt’s commanding officer. “This aids her role as a multi-mission surface combatant and improves the fleet commander’s options for delivery of naval combat power to meet the Navy’s emergent mission requirements.” Zumwalt is 100 feet longer and 13 feet wider than the ...
  • Second Zumwalt Destroyer’s engine is damaged
    Second Zumwalt Destroyer’s engine is damaged 14 July 2018
    Zumwalt-class destroyer Michael Monsoor (DDG-1001) needs its main turbine engine to be replaced. Ship has suffered damage from turbine blades during acceptance trials according to USNI News. MT30 marine gas turbine showed no signs of malfunctioning during the sea trials, but the damage was found in a post-trials inspection. The ship engine will be restored before its sails to San Diego for its combat system activation.
  • Tests are OK 4 February 2018
    The second Zumwalt Class destroyer, USS Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001), completed the sea trials. According to the US Naval Sea Systems Command, USS Michael Monsoor passed all the tests. Within the scope of the tests, damage control systems, mechanical systems, navigation, combat, communication and drive systems performed at the desired specifications. The 183-meter ship, which started to sea trials in December, had to cut the tests at half due to mechanical failures. <...
  • 'Zumwalt' Disappointed Yet Again
    'Zumwalt' Disappointed Yet Again 14 December 2017
    The second Zumwalt-class guided missile destroyer, USS Michael Monsoor, suffered an equipment failure that prevented the ship from conducting sea trials. Returning back to the Bath Iron Works shipyard for repair work, the vessel is planned to be handed over to the US Navy in March. The destroyer has left the shipyard on 4 December to conduct builder’s trials in order to test key systems. Reuters reported that the problem was electrical in nature, with ...
  • US' Railgun Project Collapsed?
    US' Railgun Project Collapsed? 6 December 2017
    The electromagnetic "Railgun" project that the US Navy has been working on for 10 years collapsed? For the project, on which nearly $500 million has spent to date, the Task & Purpose magazine published an article referring the dark clouds over the Railgun project. The writer of the article, Jared Keller, discussed a possible cancellation of the project before the railgun touches down the battlefield. The US Strategic Capabilities Office (SCO) has worked on the operational c...
  • BAE, Leonardo Joined Hands
    BAE, Leonardo Joined Hands 29 June 2017
    BAE Systems and Leonardo have announced an initiative to pursue collaborations on new precision-guided solutions for US military on 28 June. The two companies will work on adapting Leonardo's Vulcano guided munitions to BAE System's Advanced Gun System (AGS) and Mk 45 naval gun. The AGS is currently on board the U.S. Navy’s Zumwalt class of destroyers, and the Mk 45 is widely used by the Navy and allied nations.  The new adaptations of Vulcano ...
  • Raytheon to Support Zumwalt-class Destroyer's Mission Systems
    Raytheon to Support Zumwalt-class Destroyer's Mission Systems 26 April 2017
    Raytheon has been awarded a $111,3 million contract for total ship activation and engineering services in support of the Zumwalt-Class Destroyer program. The contract includes production, integration, activation, and testing on Zumwalt-class ship mission systems and missions systems equipment. Relevant work is expected to be completed by April 2021.  This contract includes options which, if exercised, would bring the cumulative value of the contract to $490,...
  • 48th Issue Sector News
    48th Issue Sector News 29 March 2017
    Digital Black Hawk's Maiden Flight PHAROS Move by France Increase in Turnover, Decrease in Profit Technological Collaboration from the North USA Stands by Zumwalt Good Tidings from Armed ‘Hürkuş’ for 2018 Timely Solution by ASELSAN Altay Completed Acceptance Tests TÜMOSAN Throws in the Towel Turkish Kamikaze, Mission Ready Major Preparation for LHD Ejder Yal&...
  • Zumwalt Participates In Operation
    Zumwalt Participates In Operation 8 February 2017
    The US Secretary of Defence has announced that the newest destroyer USS Zumwalt(DDG-1000) will be deployed to the Republic of Korea for defence of the country. USS Zumwalt experienced a machine malfunction in November 2016 and was urgently taken care of. After this maintenance, the destroyer will join an operation for the first time with her new position. The United States had previously agreed with the Republic of Korean authorities to establish THAAD Air Defence System in this country. The ...
  • Zumwalt On Its Way Back Home
    Zumwalt On Its Way Back Home 1 December 2016
    Having broken down in Panama Canal on 21 November due to an issue with heat exchangers in the ship’s integrated power plant, USS Zumwalt received necessary repairs and now sailing back to its homeport in San Diego. The origin of the issue was determined as seawater leakage to the bearings that connect the ship’s motors to two driveshafts. 
  • Zumwalt Stuck in Panama
    Zumwalt Stuck in Panama 22 November 2016
    The US Navy’s guided missile destroyer USS Zumwalt, had to be towed to a berth in the Panama Canal on Monday due to an issue with heat exchangers in the ship’s integrated power plant. Passing through the lower half of the canal, the vessel had to be directed to a former US naval station Rodman for necessary repairs. The ship’s integrated power system provides electrical power to both the propulsion plant and sensors, weapons and ship’s services. 
  • Zumwalt Guns to be Changed
    Zumwalt Guns to be Changed 7 November 2016
    The US Navy may cancel the acquisition of the Lockheed Martin’s Long Range Land-Attack Projectile (LRLAP), designed to be fired from DDG 1000 Zumwalt class destroyers’ Advanced Gun System (AGS) due to pricing issues. Although the LRLAP and the AGS performed successfully, as the number of acquired Zumwalt class destroyers decrease from 28 to 3, the Navy officials stated that the unit prices of LRLAPs has become unaffordable with its $800,000-cost per round or more. The cancellation...
  • USS Zumwalt Commisioned
    USS Zumwalt Commisioned 18 October 2016
    The newest destroyer of the US, USS Zumwalt, has been commissioned in Baltimore. One of the three US Navy vessel of the same class, USS Zumwalt draws attention to itself by being a mmultirole, new generation vessel. Featuring an electric propulsion system, the destroyer also leaves very low radar footprint. The vessel is equipped with new generation weaponry. The US sees the destroyer as a strategic advantage for sustainability of operational capabilities. Having a larger deck ...
  • USS Zumwalt is on the Way
    USS Zumwalt is on the Way 9 September 2016
    The US Navy's newest and most technologically advanced surface ship, USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) departed from Maine to its new homeport in San Diego on 7 September. The Zumwalt-class features a state-of-the-art electric propulsion system, a wave-piercing tumblehome hull, stealth design and the latest war fighting technology and weaponry available. DDG 1000 will be the first US Navy combatant surface ship to utilise an integrated power system (IPS) to provide electric power for propulsion and ...
  • US Navy accepts Stealth Destroyer Zumwalt 21 May 2016
    US Shipbuilder General Dynamics Bath Iron Works formally delivered the stealth destroyer Zumwalt (DDG 1000) to the US Navy. It is now officially called USS 1000 .  Concept and design work has been taking place on the Zumwalt class since the late 1990s, when it was known as the Land Attack Destroyer variant of the Surface Combatant 21 (SC 21) program. A construction contract was awarded for the Zumwalt in Feb. 2008, when the ship was expected to be delivered in July 2014. The Zu...
  • Zumwalt: too stealth to see 12 April 2016
    The Zumwalt destroeyer is found stealthier than expected as it is 50 times more difficult to detect on radar than other destroyers in the fleet.  It will be even stealthier once the testing equipment is removed. The DDG Zumwalt is so stealthy that it'll go to sea with reflective material that can be hoisted to make it more visible to other ships. During sea trials last month, the Navy tested Zumwalt's radar signature with and without reflective material hoisted on its halyard. The...
  • Zumwalt destroyer completes builder’s trials 30 March 2016
    The U.S. Navy’s next generation guided missile destroyer DGG 1000 Zumwalt returned to General Dynamics Bath Iron Works shipyard in Maine after successfully completing builder’s four day long trials, according to a U.S. Navy press release published by USNI News.  The tests in particular focused on the ship’s Advanced Induction Motor and the so-called Integrated Propulsion System. The DGG 1000 Zumwalt is to be delivered to the U.S. Navy for inspection and acceptance trials in April...